WWE BLOODIEST MATCHES EVER!! (WWE 2K18 My Career Mode, Episode 4)

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lots of everybody typicalgamer with your daily YouTube license and more its day for you guys get some more WWE 2k 18 some epic action for you today we’re gonna be trying to do the bloodiest match ever in WWE history now if you watch the last livestream you will know we got pretty damn close with the last match that we did we absolutely ruined our opponent and we’re here to do it again King Trey will not rest until blood is shed of his enemies and it is gonna be absolutely awesome today we have a bunch of killer boobs that we’re gonna be using and we’re going to be dominating WWE Raw so if you watch and enjoy this make sure you smack that like but let’s go for 10,000 likes if you want so you do more WWE 2k 18 and if you’re new around here you join the video hit that subscribe button as well let’s go ahead and talk to Todd Todd what’s up Todd my boy Todd over here is my boy Todd right and drew this tonight’s a good chance to get some momentum yeah bro I’m ready my body is ready my body is rent out go view the match card whiteboard alright let’s let’s view this match card whiteboard now we can go ahead and do oh what the flip our 101 matches versus the big show what how is that fair we’re like 10 times smaller than him we can do a middle card promo or we could do we can run it on any of these matches pretty much Oh Roman reigns versus Seth roller Rollins that’s gonna win that one about put my money on Roman reigns alright you know what I feel like we have to fight big show because all week I’ve been saying we’re welcome to the big show so I think it’s time that we actually take them down I don’t don’t change that channel we have singles so we’re gonna do it my top we’re still gonna do it and favorite I guess big show yep big shower saddle the score we’ve never fought before but apparently we’re gonna settle it it’s gonna be settled the score done not gonna have to worry about it cuz it will be settled that’s what’s goin down right here that is what’s goin down right here King Dre vs. Big Show who’s gonna win ladies and gentlemen you tell me you tell me a chat you tell me in comments what you think and we’re gonna see who wins there will be blood I watched a movie last week that’s why all right raaah getting started here okay so we’re on Monday Night Raw we are huge crowd lots of energy we got the Big Show versus King Dre and John you don’t need no introduction here not neither of them need an introduction here this is going to be fairly interesting on how this one goes oh yes fireworks and stuff we win being standing for that all right all right all right let’s see what you got there we go oh oh oh my goodness there we go rolling out me and my homies how about nosy Gotti let’s throw them into the box oh there we go come on come on throw them into the box one more taco oh I missed the first time oh she’s lying back in for a double utilize back in a finishing move nothing compared to me stand up to the big show oh oh she always reverses those I’m to do oh oh Guerra first son my good we’re going for bench we want for the middle run for the bench one oh wow that would have been a good one if we got that that would’ve been a good one okay let’s go ahead let’s wrestle him let’s rattle him this little rascal how did he get me on that one oh shoot oh he just kind of shrugged me aside that was kind of rude of him for that I don’t know it appreciated no bustle crab here you will not put you in a Boston Crab service who’s going to be no that could have been disastrous I got the Big Show’s knockout punch the most devastating again well again get about the box you just counter everything right now right before the Troy show Big Show trying to pin me there what kind of opponent do you think I am you think I’m a little sissy boy think I’m a sissy I ain’t a sissy I’m a manly man oh gosh oh shoot oh my goodness gracious I think you broke something I needed I’m not sure what it was but we definitely this is it Oh what how did I miss that oh goodness gracious please no please no Oh sir what are you doing sir this is very inappropriate I swear I reverse that Oh apparently I did not reverse earlier I do not reverse that I think Big Show’s got the Sun Bureau if you got huge I just got spear this match might be over guys get you back up baby go come on come on one more time one more time baby one more time oh damn son where did you find that one right here I mean go ahead you see what I do to my opponents this is what I do in my opponents all right what should we do – big show up here you get up sir I’m after new special move to you here we go oh oh oh DDT mother truckers Oh stand up stand up one more time stand up one more time big show This Is It this is where you get your news my way boy we gotta win this right now rock music one two Oh are you bloody serious oh boy okay let’s get some more Sam there guys when you have us trained and I as I do when we go ahead and pick the money to finish your come into the corner he comes and let me tip you off to something here it’s coming and it’s coming very oh there we go all right let’s go ahead let’s get hyped up boys let’s get hyped up call me John holy crap sides of gaminguys homie let’s take it one heck of a beating by John Cena okay I count him out count him out Ref you can’t get it back up you ain’t got what it takes to get back up I think got what it takes he’s little he’s a little man in the big man’s body superstar goes for the finisher oh my goodness he’s bet this one’s over one can hope my stand-up big show stand-up big show okay so you reverse with that big shows in position let me go ahead and escape here real quick oh you slide back in didn’t have to use a reversal guess who’s got five core reversals he’s this guy good come on get up you think you think you got what it takes to versus the king I don’t care how big you are this guy’s the machine out of the ring again boys now pick some dirt or not gonna win many matches when you’re down all right let’s throw them back in the right here come on stand up big guy come on stand up big guy I’m looking to be back in the race oh I didn’t mean to do that I didn’t mean to do that here I’m actually in the front back kick get over the physicality of this match is absolutely brutal all right you stand right there for a second I’m gonna go ahead and hop up over here there we go Oh belly flops on you fit in there let me stomp them a little bit this is what I do I escape when I’m scared he’s a big dude I gotta I gotta protect my assets there we go you gotta wear your opponent down take him down when he’s not expecting it there we go let’s get some more spam there who do you think that guy’s do things I got this yeah that it’s a big-time damage Michael he misses the mark oh shoot you might need his pole his eyesight no no he can’t remind all he’s coming back now for sure he’s making a statement here with this attack there we go there we go pick him up pick him up pick him up I’ll have my signature right now oh oh oh snap oh oh I am manhandling him good luck I am manhandling him okay let’s go and get some stand up over here but standing here how are we gonna make this bloody we got to make this bloody boys how are we gonna do this stand up stand up bro stand up we can have you sitting down there have been guys and it’s starting all these super gay brothers there we go there will be blood first you don’t succeed well be blood the clothesline we’re not done with you we’re not done with your big show get outside the ring please man we go then oh there we go the apron all right now we got a hot back outside it’s spicy a little more stem not if he doesn’t get up it’s gonna get a lot tougher [Applause] let’s pick them up oh my goodness gracious hitting the finishing here could end this thing come on stand up welcome to the big show oh that’s it that’s how we take him out we’re throwing him in the ring and we’re calling it a day for a big show he was done buddy outside all right that’s it he’s done boys he’s done let’s go ahead and hit him yeah we go that’s a bloody big show that’s a bloody window for sure easy win she wasn’t even he wasn’t even there for the last half of that match she was not there we absolutely crushed it absolutely crushed him oh boy he was he was doing some work to us at the beginning but the DDT was too much from knocked him out then he got a bloody he didn’t care about the attitude adjustment though did you not care about the attitude adjustment he kicked out from that this one did him in though oh there we go we got a bloody big show that wasn’t on the outside of the ring as well was not good for him that was not a good luck he got ready for victory right he got rekt Big Show just got knocked out ladies and gentlemen picture I thought we had a chance of losing that one I’ll be real with you I thought maybe we were gonna lose that one but there’s no chance King Dre’s gonna lose all right I did kingdra himself he never thinks he’s gonna lose the match aright he never thinks make him bleed to the backs if we gotta hit him some more the next opponent we’re just gonna keep smacking them if we get weapons you can get blood like all over the chat least in 2017 you could so we’re having the bloodiest matches ever that’s what our goal here is so there we go that is what our goal is I think weapons would make it a lot easier but if I hit him with a chair something who’d be disqualified he would my character would be disqualified so let’s go ahead and make our way to the parking lot attendant no interview today for us no sir look at Roman reigns over there I can now special combo people off the top of that truck get to know get to know this man so kind that he gets my vehicle what an absolute absolute gentleman he is ladies and gentlemen what an absolute jump cheers to him cheers them what a savage for those you guys asked me I will be doing gta5 transform races with Samara after this live stream you guys know it live streams every single day subscribe if you haven’t already current list posted notifications so you never miss the live stream again hit that Bell alright do it you already know what it is do it and if you join this hit that like button as well helps outlet lets me know if you guys like the game or not I don’t know it’s like button let me know let’s get it let’s get it King Dre doing some nasty work I want to get a lot more PC like have them all the moves I don’t have unlocked like I want to get like the the spear and I want to get like a bunch of other stuff but I can’t get it because it requires a ton of BC and to get VC you have to play a lot of matches or I think you can probably buy VC I don’t know why they probably would let you buy PC we’re just guys say the crowd is rounding tonight better put on a good show for them alright thanks man do I have to look at the board I do have to look at the board oh my let’s be the match card let’s see what we got here lovey see what I got King Dre and Mark Henry versus Seth Rollins and Heath Slater do I have any other options or is that just pretty much it I like o Big Show has his own oh that’s big castle I almost mix that up I almost mix that up can I do a promo as well order to schedule problem you need to reach fan oh so you have to do the matches I thought we could just schedule promos like but no apparently not apparently not when we return it’s a battle where the participants all in look like a talents first why he disrespected keys pray like this Kid Rock wait why are you disrespecting Team Dre like this look how tiny my dude looks the goat ID he looks why is this a thing I’m very upset I’m very very upset you don’t think you can buy VC I don’t know if you can how else would you get be VC how else will they will they sell the loot crate’s that or whatever I mean there’s got to be a way for them to make some some cash off that right Lagado shout-out to video games or ppl parker TG design a t-shirt because you get VC for sales and change it regularly to get more VC please change your match win celebration it looks a bit scary I agree with you all Parker thanks for the tip by the way as well appreciate that look at Kings red coming in here we got like everybody coming out we don’t really need to see their interest we want to get into the action I know you guys do I know I do so let’s get right to it we don’t need nothing else me a big big Henry here big ol Henry oh my friend we what’s gonna win do you guys think we’re gonna have what it takes to get the to get the tag team duo champ or what do you guys think it’s our first tag team match ever Oh Seth Rollins he’s not gonna be very happy about this win oh I can wonder away with his huge tag team I just punted these bags better than this we’re about to witness tag-team action at its files okay okay oh I did a little bit early oh we should get a chair or something oh no no SAP SAP please calm down Seth remember we went to grade school together alright I gave you a box of crayons in second grade and that’s not you on the special stupid something so nice for you all that matters out of here become a domino every is the end of my stag damn ranks I wouldn’t be surprised to see his team jump at the slightest music or their opponent makes in their knee and pipe goodness gracious to throw them into big Henry Mark Henry I call him big Henry it makes sense called big 100 that’s a bass line here we go you still got it thank you very much you can’t put a price tag on landing that perfect strike that’s great that is great all right let’s throw him against hope Oh ow throw me back in the ring throw me back oh that’s not back in the ring that’s very inappropriate behavior sir sir oh please stop that hurts that hurts and that’s not nice oh now you’re making fun of me a little bit now you’re hurting my feelings [Applause] what are you gonna do this is one of the most complete competitors you’ll find in sports entertainment really gonna decided universe knows that when set another you come back here set the main back you stop whoa suplex oh that’s not a suplex Oh any counter debt oh they’re all right maybe just stop hurting me for a second oh I need tagging Marc Marc I need your elephant place I mean you’re out March duck in the fireman’s carry down and I can tell you another pleasant trip oh geez I’m technically back in the ring right technically okay pick me up or else I’m gonna lose that’s not cool that’s not cool dude stand up stand up oh we’re good in this match he really needs to make a taxi all right yeah I’m okay they’re wrecking you right now sometimes there are positives you can take those beating like this okay hot tag move towards your quarter when project press trying to perform a hot day contact will fire up your partner and temporarily allow them to run wild on your puns after performing hot day you will be temporarily incapacitated oh I’m coming for you bark oh he’s in trouble here oh shoot mark I need help please my oh this isn’t where I wanna be don’t tag him oh let me come back I have the comeback thing I want to take there we go that’s it up with that baby can get help on that baby one more time there we go comes I didn’t know what just happened Easter dunno it’s just how he’s gotta get up but he’s got to get up now he might help on this did you just counter that dude hot bag what bag my bag is Mark Henry yeah bite me buy me Seth oh no he reverses it he knows he’s in trouble what I need strike from the king slaughter now here’s Larry pin it down no no mark mark okay referencing you the reference in here doesn’t show any signs of getting up here guys over he’s taking one Mike of a beating Michael there’s the switch he Slater is in tag New Orleans to be right now yeah you’re not gonna win many matches when you’re down know what we’re going over to her boy and Byron he’s still down after that one yeah it’s a big-time damage might get out of here oh boy we have no Stambler boy wait you can tag me bro come on tag me tag me he tries to pin him I’ll have to take him out he’s played back many sites this this is Mark Henry’s chance mark every go to mark every coming back as Mark Henry comes back a match you’re starting to dwindle this is not the time to be a hero oh my gosh mark what are you doing Jim to get his partner in there and take a break this match certainly isn’t trending in the right direction for him he’s gonna need a change in momentum boy and fast oh boy oh no oh no Scotty oh no still trying to get back to his feet here he’s clearly in a bad way right now I keep getting into the ring back sit him here we’ve got to make sure that mark doesn’t give up the pin he did he behaved me good tag me wouldn’t surprise me at all not after the beating he’s taken he’s sure looking like the mark stand out man right now oh my gosh what do you feeling just fine that means just tagged me in missed by a large margin on that one Peggy’s pin he’s to put where [Applause] there go I’m as opposed to the easel if I can get oh that was really scary what Marcus this is Mark Henry’s chance try to find me try to find me set I’m gonna walk around the set Oh Oh set just a few still down Byron oh no our tag team is not doing well right now boys might just be out guys I agree our night team is not doing very well right now he’s later in a tough spot here this tag team match is dangerously close intended to get him out of control for him how are you biting in six out you know ones there we go can’t be [Applause] wait wait mark let me go run to my side [Applause] 70s they’re doing a great job Tony now I really messed that up he may be the rest camp of human brain how does he wear see though I keep going like this he doesn’t appear to be in a hurry to get up here oh it’s just all in now it’s just all in the ring boys oh he just knocked me out well out inserted multi man match type superstars have a chance rolling out of the ring after they’ve been knocked out press X you received to recover early America you’re showing us how to get it done nothing I’m recovering Mark Henry I think we’re gonna lose I shouldn’t have never tagged you fumes here does he have enough leptin in the capital I don’t think Mark Henry’s got what it takes to survive here oh no no please don’t put him yet oh oh there we go there we go we good I think goodness match where the finisher could be used at any moment here [Applause] [Music] tecna’s hanging don’t break it don’t play jump for it you’re absolutely right Cole there’s no way around it a tag mark hang biro why are you like this why were you born like this oh my goodness they’re a great example of teamwork right there go go go go you got this yeah here we go come on why are you gonna try to beat my boy in there how’s he gonna reverse that most reverse that I didn’t try to pin me guess it’s gotta be there we go all right all right you waymark I got this I got this thing called somebody shot him up but he’s off and running I don’t know what that means but oh boy I can’t move right now stabbed nothing back [Applause] man how about this oh just starting to fatigue here his hopes of winning this tag-team hottest Reapers everything this Advil 7 is right now there’s no reason we shouldn’t made a tag by now the truth is though he’s in far better condition than his opponent which has to account for something going forward here how come I can’t oh I was gonna have my camera okay oh my gosh of course Seth will into the heat they’re gonna win mark head we didn’t help me at all I just wanna throw that out there it was a useless partner I want Seth Rollins is my partner here [Applause] whatever but you know you gotta take some else to get those double use yeah it’d take some else to get those Tubby’s i reversed the first part of his finisher but not a second part oh man he crushed me with that one oh and then he just came in to absolutely destroy Mark Henry my goodness gracious that was unexpected now his unexpected Seth has no mercy he really doesn’t he’s using all his bony parts on you that should be illegal he wrecked me he wrecked me alright let’s get out of here let’s get out of here we got destroyed we had destroyed it I feel like Mark Henry he waited too long to tag me oh I I don’t know if there’s a way to force them to tell you or something but I could not get him to tag me for at least like a good portion of that match and then at that point Mark Henry was already done for he got tag team like five times I tagged him too late as well you know you live and learn first tag team match do ya do you got to live and learn yeah I lived and learned Kings write very humble in his defeat the opponents were good and we got to keep working up our hierarchy our personal hierarchy you know and just continue like that I think that’s the best way to do it no mercy typical loss come here big fella play become a legend that’s what’s up TG yes Keith I agree that is what’s up all right we got raw week three let’s go talk to Todd let’s go talk to Todd and see what’s up you know you win some you lose some tough loss last week let’s talk to our girl over here there we go Renee come on Renee gave us that Renee juice that Renee juice we need to talk to the people directly after that else you know would you take an L the most important thing is it’s how you recover that’s a big part of it alright so just where it’s gonna say anything we want there we go that about sums it up see you say whatever you want to burn a burn aids Renee will spin it the perfect way for you and she’ll turn you into a WWE legend a WWE Superstar if you will be humble exactly Joshua you got to be humble in defeat only not when and when we gotta be the cocky King Dre in defeat we got to be humble that’s just how we do it you know we’re putting on a show here at the WWE so we got to be amazing in all aspects right do we have to talk to you radius lights good chance to begin some momentum all right man he says that every night now he doesn’t have any more custom lines that’s it King Drive versus Bo Dallas we also have Roman reigns for that promo and and looks like I could have been in like 10 promo spots oh dean ambrose vs roman reigns that’s gonna be a very fun match too bad we don’t get to watch it what’s the next warzone stream probably soon i’ve been streamed war zone on the roster today again you guys for watching and enjoy this video make sure you smack that like button in three two what like spike boom baby that’s what I’m talking about whoa it’s getting hot in here boys it’s getting hot in here it’s getting hot in here are you looking forward to playing Red Dead – Oh a hundred and ten percent you better believe it I’m looking forward to playing Red Dead – King Dre will rise Kelley I am a hundred percent with that sentiment I am a hundred percent with that sentiment we’re gonna watch watch as we destroy our opponents here and Monday Night Raw Monday Night Raw my friends our opponents as no chances Bo Dallas or doubts our opponent he has no chance we’re gonna make him bleed I’m gonna make it bleed as Oh blood leave your blood what’s going to happen I just be ready for anything sometimes oh my goodness Oh bozos interrupting me Oh Oh goodness gracious can we choke them out or something oh here we go oh really you gonna do me like that how does he counter it instantly what the flying fudge oh fudge that’s my face his clothes my face Oh miss gracious all right how did he he just came back and gain all the percentage that I was up that’s nonsense I feel like this is a he’ll match or not he’ll match the sudden this is a very one-sided match at the moment I’m gonna have lots of difficulty vs all these guys my character is not very high level right I’m crushing elbow delivered oh of course he counters that why not pardon me oh there you go all right we’re doing this in the rain buddy I’m just kidding you’re going to the corner post Oh how does that feel now no ring I just want to let you know how it felt Devon can erase you yeah otherwise he’s looking at a count out eight ref stop counting oh that’s just nonsense wrong are you gonna just not stop how you gonna stop counting after a minute oh oh swinging around the Rosie oh he’s gonna want to make sure this doesn’t snowball let’s go ahead and put him up over here to make sure oh wow the tree of woe momentum absolutely swinging one way that’s what he wants to always yeah let’s go you’d be making a very big mistake mark my words let’s go ahead oh let’s put him up top thumb up top boys we got to get him ready for this oh shoot oh I like the tree about the bow a lot more now than I did before in the previous wwe’s I gotta say oh he’s countering that mothertrucker oh he’s one step ahead on that one damn okay oh you know what we got counters dude though bro we got candles to go get it you got kin arms to bout oh is that to the face I’m it where is that where’s that that I’m hitting him oh this is gonna be oh my goodness gracious oh it doesn’t stop the heat doesn’t stop please Angelina three elbows in the road get finessed on we might be a little bit too far away from move that one fails to cause a sale a great idea by him too bad it was awfully executed though that’s very mean the way you said that commentator person okay I hate that why does it sometimes go to that system look I have it set just so you guys know where is it match options where is it game play settings I have it set to submission minigame it’s on the buttons and it keeps taking it to the sticks of course I don’t expect it to happen he gets it with a reversal oh boy reversals and Bo Dallas oboe oboe you can be my bow just stop just stop that’s nice that’s nice of you and he gets out of there it looks like he needs to regroup get his thoughts together if you’re basil Oh what the heck he’s got a really load of energy me get some cigarettes bringing it back into the ring in the ring bro back in the ring again he’s lining him up Oh what the heck what I am so upset why did my signature go through counter here oh no no no no no bow no finisher for you how about you finish it for me let’s go ahead let’s put him up there oh shit whoa I’m afraid to think what’s gonna happen next that’s taunting stand up stand up stand up oh there we go attitude adjustment baby that’s the attitude adjusting right – look at this Cole Wow oh my gosh we sent him packing we sent him packing that’s where you get fans that’s what you get when you watch a team grade you get a watch King train match this is what you should expect every time guys when you have as trained and I as I do get to a point where you can see the finisher coming your Ford actually comes and let me tip you off to something here it’s coming and it’s coming very soon look at that we’re just flying around the ring we’re just flying around the ring right now I already still down after that one yeah it’s Michael okay this why does it do that I will never know I will never know why does that give it at their all that Italy’s they don’t quit in them to know that is the reason that I’ve failed half of those battles because I don’t even expect it expect me to change up I don’t like the look goes on here folks oh boy stop time to get up guys perhaps [Applause] no bow no no no bow everybody was kung fu fighting bum bum bum bum bum awesome plan starts coming together stand up stand up you think this is a joke though it’s not a joke do you need to mother trucker Oh stand up on the time year nobody gets up from that coal let’s go ahead and take them out for a walk attacking with the knee which is dipper pretty oh my goodness rake it down with authority I think I should be did you see you make him bleed it’s not submission hold up we’re gonna make him bleed Oh what the heck nah man what a head knocked right off the Egbert and where he’s done the way I wanted this he might be out pull oh come on specific answers Oh Mike to me oh he just made me bleed oh he just made me bleed oh no sir no sir do not do that to me let me go ahead and pick him up though [Applause] he reversed it again are you bloody serious with a 180 boat Dallas the reversal he went in the Ray the outside dead in the rain you made me bloody now you got to pay the consequences you’re going back outside by the way look at me James Ray’s bloody no one believes me nobody makes me bleed my own blood anymore that’s it well now I must show you what true power is like mando give it the tresses tonight it’s too bad one of these superstars how do I do I lose together he might have shit I didn’t mean to do that I didn’t mean to do that make them believe Carmina come on why won’t you believe why won’t you please he got him there just look at this bowl you stopped looking good here Byron come on come on get up now oh Jesus absolutely has to get back in the room you know their way around it ninja roll that’s it that’s it showing very good life here put him by the way he comes back from this there we go that’s it one more time DDT why won’t you bleed it’s July won’t you please Oh guys you got to make Bo bleed I can’t have this nonsense around here oh man what a hit knocked right off the apron okay let’s just check real quick of abilities list not ability special moves is there any way to see your own G’s skill list everybody was skull-crushing boots before a big boot to the opponent leaning against the ring post Oh a lot of stunts and leaning against the ring post oh that’s not the same one is it remove the turnbuckle pad exposing oh this might be the end of the road for Empire well if you can’t get back to his feet you’re absolutely right there we go let’s go ahead and just remove a few of these the way I see it this might be a good time for the finisher you just go ahead and remove some of these post voice you don’t need these posts right that point this juncture the match makes the intention unmistakable going to put the note on the corner now oh shoot oh I just forgot that you can’t do it in the corner if he’s my mistake my apologies oh shoot oh shoot Oh No we just rolled out enough I could just roll out instantly oh oh wow first encounter so on to a frickin bench or something oh fudge that’s my face dude okay I counter that but let’s knock out that oh geez come on dude don’t do this out here not out here not like this back in I’m so confused how I do it catches in the perfect spot oh okay I’m bloody but Bo’s gonna be bloodier in a second here hey if I go around him and then whip them like this no that’s not oh no oh shoot that’s it he’s going on that trip Oh should we kill him should we finish him no he’s taking one heck of a beating Michael I just I need to go the other way I don’t know how to do it though I don’t know but sure go everything else but I don’t know how to do this oh oh you just counted me there oh he just counted me there don’t even give me a chance to tee – I shouldn’t have way this mission I’ve waited [Applause] I can’t believe I just got that okay we got to finish them up you got to finish them off boys boy this has just been pandemonium oh really let go of me right now we got to finish him by this man [Applause] I can’t believe this one’s still going on especially after the beating that’s been delivered okay let’s hold on for a second here let’s just read one thing again where’s my skills list so I got fired up skull-crushing booth hold r1 and press triangle while your opponent is stunned and leaning against the ringpost I think that’s the one that’s outside right how many pencils ink oh yeah he’s on Dream Street I think he might be dead all right well I’m bloody he’s not in the ring I got to finish you off buddy let’s say that it wasn’t a wise move for this superstar to step inside the ring with an injury but it’s not sexy vote doesn’t have anything left in his like brains gonna have to get back in the ring here guys running out of time there you go come on stand up this is it for you I’m sorry buddy he’s calling for it Oh 5 star match there we go that’s it both I’m sorry I gotta get the five stars one two oh my gosh look at the blood of it provide face oh my goodness gracious the blood coming from my face the DDT Oh outside the ring another DDT oh then he was about to mess me up there I don’t know how I didn’t lose look at us all bloody oh bloody again I didn’t change that out this I see I don’t know why he does that all right I need to change it I don’t know why he fans himself it looks very feminine and it looks like I accidentally chose a female’s celebration so we’re just gonna disregard that all right we’re just gonna disregard that just just disregard that we’re not gonna talk about that any that is not what we’re talking about anymore all right Cheers we’re not talking about it rip his career I think we gave him an injury to be honest I think we give him an injury I’m surprised he didn’t bleed you know you could break the ring I think you have to have like two heavyweights for that don’t you how do you put somebody on the ring post how do you do that okay so I know how do I know how to like throw them somewhere once you have them held but how do you just place them somewhere like lean them against something you guys know let’s go ahead and talk to this guy over here Roman reigns is always here he’s okay buddy catch you on the flip side I want to see how to do it though like how to place how to oh great oh well I think that’s not working my obvious other computer is not working boys that’s it for it it’s decided it doesn’t want to live on this planet anymore oh it is stifling hot kill it with fire kill it with fire you have to grab him outside of the ring while you’re standing up pull him over by the ring hosting up so how do you host somebody up i press circle but circle is hold r1 to do it yeah I know how to grab him and I know how to whip them against something once you grab them but how do you just like place them analog stick down I tried Irish flipping them against it you can lift them up on the post or just lean them against the inside okay let’s go ahead and go to Todd moly Oh can we talk to you does he have a quest for something for us I was gonna ask you a favor oh sure what were you thinking well last week we missed jumped me from behind my back hasn’t been feeling right since nothing major but still not great I was hoping you could find him backstage or beat him up a bit I’d do it but I’m still a little heard they want to make it any worse he jumped you that was pretty weak thank you so much all right let’s do this win this match you’ve just except a cyclist I quess will begin on the next week’s show Oh interesting okay Roman reigns I got you bro all right you’re back Crips a little bit that’s okay I know you’re a little soft let’s go ahead and talk to Todd Todd why does he always say the same thing always Todd hides a robot I’m pretty sure Todd’s robot we’re fighting Darren Young versus me King Dre we must make him bleed L to is to place them talents versus Darren Young oh I cannot wait just Irish with him until the ring post outside uses the last time you played I tried it this time but when Irish whip them into a he fell over he didn’t like lean up against it that’s the big problem like I just want to put him like nicely against the ring post and be like there you go buddy I’ll be back with my boot you just stay there five-star cuisine coming ahead with my boot that’s what I want to do that is what I want to do all right we don’t need to see his intro either we just want to fight fight fight fight fight fight fight I like everyone the crowd has like Seth pick and roll and sure artoo puts out 2 and x2 pushing towards with oh ok so X are you guys think X X if I was okay I gotta figure it out we’re gonna go get started though for the time for talking is behind us now these two super students will test one another’s abilities and will like there’s me for being the best watching these goodbye 1g fall and listen to the San Jose crap oh oh oh oh my Shannon inspiration WWE or he’s gonna counter that we chose there you oh dude I just rolled out rolled out me and my homies is he gonna counter that one oh yes yes for sure yeah you can always tell when he do they do that [Applause] oh yeah and that’s a fancy move though oh my gosh he got me on the negative which means that guy needs a chowder right Jared yah Darren Young absolutely crushing me I can’t do anything for another like a minute oh great see like if I did that that’d be great Darren Young was rated try to get it it’s very improved what you’re doing how could he walk his leg has been beaten and battered here I’m gonna win by default we may have a count-out here guys it certainly looks that way Michael look at the ref just stops counting why do you stop counting all right we’re going back from the right we don’t want her to lose like that that is cheese there you go see we’re a nice guy we’re a nice guy dude he knows we got you this outside the ring exactly I don’t want to do it outside the right I could have I could have done it outside the ring but I didn’t want her pays for that one ring around the Rosie we pocket full of knee blows oh dude Oh opal that knee huh oh that need fists in the air like I don’t care out snap here we go oh there we go oh and his neck did not look good there his neck did not look at it there down with authority they’re delivering the powerful axe handle oh wow nice weapon there whoops not even close what was he thinking he has a one-man gang in there no Darren Young you don’t got nothing he’s looking DDT mothertrucker though oh he’s bleeding she’s bleeding already sad black and blue tomorrow he’s chasing said time to get up guys Jackie three types playing a little yack increíble Oh a little bit just record that move though that’s a spicy move oh can I can I roll out oh yeah yeah breath holding back but I pulled them back I got this give me a second Oh Sydney a second now back to the ring oh well we’re not done here we’re not that oh you thought you we were done here oh we certainly ain’t done here guys when you have us trained and I as I do yeah and finish you’re coming before it actually comes and let me tip you off to something here it’s coming and it’s coming very soon oh oh I did the wrong move I don’t know how I did that there we go okay right off the apron why am i bouncing up okay we don’t have any stamina or else we would do our move right [Applause] what great action we’ve had in this match here we go let’s grab him okay we’re gonna bring him round here and then we’re gonna whip you into the corner here oh come on really are you gonna counter that the disrespect for a man know what’s going on right now in this awesome lunch oh shoot no no no up his boomerang means with the post oh no you’re not gonna do the dangerously close to getting counted can you pick up please Michael I picked you up you’re so cheap if you leave me out here oh dude that is mad respect I’m gonna give you mad respect for that one we’re gonna put on a show here buddy back in from the floor I didn’t mean to do that inside the ring now oh and he’s still down Byron they just definitely aren’t looking very good for him right now let’s pick him up throw them out nah man what a head knocked right off you go I’m gonna go ahead and grapple them oh and there is no reversal from Darren Young come on now Scotty he’s sending a message to the entire company give me a second here I get soft we’re just gonna whip him into the corner there will be blood Oh seems like these guys are letting it show I’m so upset doesn’t show any signs of getting up here guys no you don’t know heck of a beating Michael oh my goodness gracious we need to throw them outside the rink oh I didn’t even mean to do that I don’t know how I did that that was pretty good he didn’t do that oh really he’s not good here oh not outside to win this thing is gonna need to make some changes here there’s no way you can stay in this match if he doesn’t find a way to fend off this attack yeah but the guy can she’s still in better condition than his opposition right now Oh huh fun news Scotty oh we have to finish this thing around to finish it let’s use one finisher here let’s use one finisher right here there we go oh that’s one finis ago I think he might be dead all right come on dude I know I know you’re bloody but we need to do this for the fans okay [Applause] totally not for me totally for the list looking good here Byron no he’s got to get up and he’s got to get up now [Applause] if this scenario they all and the finisher here this man went over let me do it yes yes yes here we go oh we’ve got his face against the post oh my goodness oh goodness gracious Oh Darrin Oh Darrin oh I am so sorry Darrin oh he is a broken man back at the outside I am King Khan just look them over here there should be more blood now where’s the blood you’re gonna have to get out of him boys he’s gonna count it out one though yeah with a nice reversal oh no he’s gonna try to do something fancier just note nothing fancy bro nothing fancy only one place to go scary yeah down oh that’s fun oh well Oh can I can I come back with my come back go oh there we go everybody was telling me for you by eating bum bum bum bum bum the tide was already Tristan Eastern a plan starts coming together [Applause] DDT time DDT time blood stand up stand up that said this is this is how Darren Young Falls how dare do is it that there’s no more man left here there is no more man left this is what makes him one of the best in the business oh my and there’s the reversal from Darren Young hum oh no you’re not reversing channel hits the mark oh I thought I was close to five stars I’m not okay he might just be and we got one more DDT honors big stomping his face holy shoot oh do come on I don’t even get that off this capacity crowd starting to sense the end is dear are you really trying to piss me again a pan get out of here all right let’s do a signature on him one more time oh wow he just kicked me in the back come on Pig now come on what was that he delayed so much I took his birthdays damage here hug him he is doing some work to me right now though he’s doing some work to me right now he is not playing any lands a nice counter oh that’s it DDT 400 should we simply pet him send a packet he’s not getting home guys said a packet like it one more attitude adjustment here we go he’s had a few adjustment stand up stand up last attitude adjustment for you bro he watched it one more time there we go oh there guys he may get the three-count right the one rep put us in here oh yeah there was no chance there was no chance look at me I’m struggling to stand up but the bloody match right there he was bleeding everywhere there was nothing left in the tank for him DDT after DDT attitude adjustment after attitude adjustment he got some fancy moves off on me but I countered most of them he got crushed oh man finish him you guys know it Mike Kay Dre was a little out of gas right there but he he powered through it he won that match and he showed he showed the WWE Universe what he’s made of absolute steal that’s what it is absolute steal what I want I wish that you can make their chest bloody but we’ve had some really bloody matches though we’ve had some really bloody matches definitely with a lot of bloody matches we won that one easy-peasy though turned to scrub he deserved it do Minster that’s what I’m talking about we did it for Team answer and then we got a mission when we come back here for step or for Roman reigns I won’t Roman reigns’s signature in furniture I was playing with him for fun and his are dope in this game man of course he has a spear as his finisher but his signature I haven’t seen him use ever so it’s pretty sweet it’s the one we like puts him up behind his head and then drops him you guys know what I’m talking about you have know what I’m talking about are you in the stream with Samara later we didn’t be playing the transformational races that are in GTA 5 came out today they are apparently are really fun so we’re definitely gonna be checking them out shout to a few of you guys here we have elite gamer youtube shout to you for sponsoring appreciate sport welcome to TG Lee thank you so much l Parker as well Luke Owlman shouts all you guys how do you like the B to B I’m liking a lot man I’m liking a lot finally superstar withdrawal with Greece was brawl with again miss wasn’t miss bunny was stung by eating fast as light me it’s not the mess is that the Miss without his thing on I think it is you can’t just brawl anybody right yeah no that’s him all right sorry buddy just come in with a punch that I had come on miss we gotta go for a walk buddy we gotta go for a walk oh we threw him into a wall oh the counter though the counter though oh damn he’s countering my counters look oh I’m countering his counters some classic zone WWE brawling going down can we put him on a table but we certainly can I’m sure oh wow we both okay let’s grab the chair oh come on let me grab the chair just hold on this I knew you grabbed the chair Oh bro what the heck why is that in your repertoire you don’t want that in or what repertoire how can I pick up the chair come over here bro I got something to show you I have a secret to children oh I didn’t mean to do that do that pick up a chair oh shoot there goes the counter oh snap that’s one of the few counters that got off on him that’s a good one too because oh wow what is this cat scratch fever that I’m doing boom I got try throwing him off the top of the truck does that sound good guys not like do my finisher on him not not the little lame throw off the top of the truck you got to take advantage when you got that negative stuff cuz that stuff is so useful for you see if we can signature him right real quick he’s gonna counter one of these oh there we go see I knew it yeah oh come on you didn’t throw me you’re gonna go for a little jog here gonna go for a little jog a little yog if you will oh wow I could knock out of that bass enough my name is but I’m gonna do to me you attacked Roman reigns what do you think was gonna happen he has security I’m his bodyguard all right we’re going up top what up top get something out of the trunk of here there we go what’s in here Oh a baseball bat lookie lookie what I got lookie lookie what I got did I get special moose and I get throw them into the car or is that not my thing yet no we have semi-trailer finisher we can definitely use that well on top of a semi-trailer press triangle when prompted perform your finisher requires one finisher at least 50% of a single bar Stanley hey come over here how do you get on top of the car can really drop the baseball bye-bye everybody was kung fu’ by 18 all those kicks were fast as lightning all right come upstairs I just need a bit more stamina I’m gonna get that buy it you want a nice little snow walk up here hope you don’t mind I like to take my time go for my little evening stroll oh you can come visit me up here this is my lair this is my home I am king up here I am king miss you do not know what you’re walking into I would be very cautious if I were you well his I don’t know if this is a Miss is not gonna like this oh there we go that different that’s it from oh my goodness gracious Oh Mike Oh I was not dead what is the curd how was he not done for how on earth is he still kickin it I assume I finish off the truck off the bloody truck oh snap there we go there we go look the noises he makes why does he make those noises what else have we got here we got a couple other things we could play around with them with oh no he’s gonna go ahead and reverse those out I really I’m just gonna fall over you think that’s professional you think that’s cool miss how is he not dead though I did my food sure I did might finish her literally off the top oh oh your boy just countered it oh okay I don’t know my signature is out here I thought it’s something oh there we go WL stand up stand up stand up stand up or we’re going around and he doesn’t even see us oh oh oh that’s it from I think he’s done I think he’s done I think he’s done for we did her finish her off of the frickin trailer and it didn’t stop him how insane is that you think that would be the end of the the match right there you throw it you frickin military press him above your head and throw him off the trailer after falling off a truck he gets up and chops him exactly how does that even happen how does that even happen oh my gosh alright let’s go on to the next match here we have baseball batted him threw him off the trailer did a bunch of moves on him miss strong man miss strong oh there we go no problem Roman reigns you really got him thank you for your help I’m not sure r-truth will ever be the same after that felt bad before him but then I thought about it what he did to you and I put those feelings aside that wasn’t bet me and my best but hopefully he learned a lesson you must have you must have knock some sense into him there we go look at that you got some popularity we got some popularity get off him security let him finish the job [Applause] err advance reversal and grapple move one one seven great very specific grapple move one one seven good Jen would you Roman reigns so you like you I don’t got time for this move along what we were just friends we’re just kicking it we were just good old pals and now you you dismiss me like that I think that’s very inappropriate and very rude can I talk to her look I’m busy running this company right now oh I’m sorry why are you laughing are you laughing you weird oh gosh I thought she just duplicated I thought she was just she just duplicated all right oh you know we have to have a beef with you mark I have a beef with you mark you know I don’t think you performed 100% of the last that last match over there do an RKO off a truck onto a box do you want me to die with the opponent is that what’s happening do you want me to die with the opponent how’s your day been so far you’re good typical daily how’s your day man you’re my premiere source of entertainment I’m glad I could be that source buddy shall be rishabh I think I hope I pronounced your name right love your vids keep it up thank you mr. B pan to time as well shadow all you got it dies you’re way too nice yeah I don’t wake you I like it though I like it we got her a nice little friendly Canadians here I’m Canadian but I mean you guys bond knock created more needs to be done to the MS what would you like me to do winters we border like killed him oh-oh-oh superstar shake up whoo so we got all three of those coming to raw and then those are going to smack down over there look at that’s bop boo be rude will be rude what are you doing oh hey new yeah are you man hey glad I caught you while I’m still here tonight I didn’t think you wanted to see me I want to say power shifts quick me in the business you had a busy last month and I started to ask myself questions questions wondering if maybe I misjudged you you should have paid more attention to me that’s what I’m gonna say to him in fact I was I kept an eye on you but things happen my attention was needed elsewhere I think we need to make up for lost time remains to be seen anyways I’m willing to listen Oh what’s he gonna say now don’t walk away what kind of conversation is that what what do you want me to do talk to Stephanie McMahon or Mick Foley overtime rain falling hey buddy how are you buddy this used to be Socko right hey got a sec yeah man tip blades talk to me buddy earlier tonight yeah you said beside with YouTube’s good we’re pitching each other the idea you talked to taking on a bigger role here I think you’ve proven yourself pretty good last month I appreciate that thanks a triple H was saying you could probably get some interesting opportunities thrown your way the new stuff and can feel taken very well sounds mysterious no doubt showing the chops before this would be different I mean it will be just sitting outside your comp and to see you ready for this yeah bro I’m ready for this we’ll build on that all right we’re gonna build on that bro we’re gonna build on that built it like Legos build it like roblox built like Minecraft bro that’s what we’re gonna do speaking of Minecraft yesterday Jim minecraft make sure you check it out also GTA 5 WP modded door a while ago check it out link in the description below you don’t want to miss that if you’re been at WWE and gta5 crammed into one I think that’s a good that’s definitely a good um definitely a good one to check out change your celebration all I have to do that stuff after cuz going through the menu is gonna take like 10 minutes and then y’all are gonna hate me for doing it and I’m gonna hate myself for doing it so I talked to Todd in dead Mugen Nealon Mulan Mulan yeah what’s up buddy don’t say ready for you now not in your game tonight how you wouldn’t believe how on it I am definitely a few thousand pieces what’s the plan promo time alright alright dude whatever I’ll go promo yes score a hundred on this promo oh really let me score a hundred on the promo it’s pretty hard that’s what’s up James shout to you tell them like these nuts you should tame the Phoenix in arc oh that’s a good idea you’re the best thank you James appreciate that best youtuber ever thank you out there you guys are so kind guys can make me grass yeah it’s gonna be here hit him with one of those real quick yeah I hit him with surprise ones so they don’t expect to hit that like but like spike boom baby that’s what I’m talking about alright come on now I’m so hot in this room right the first time and probably not the last time is something competitions everything everything I cannot live without the fight competitions everything when I’m out there in the rain universe disappears only world crowd the beating my opponent hammering of the hearts all gone there’s only grappling with the person in front of me I relish the moments when I brag strapping bow is the best thing to do it was described by was the best I could do oh damn okay okay okay as a group and spend the rest of lose compassion at the fight for every inch of my progress their struggle meant I took it all seriously at the performance center and next to you Oh oh did I I think my main bad choice there everyday I didn’t use a blessing well don’t hang my close friend so I guess so oh we got so close we don’t get 100 oh we got 201 there’s oh my god anyone in this capacity arena is behind that statement partner there we go see that people’s by it other people’s by you I’m the one number one number one number one number only one yeah I love this loading screens my favorite part WWE 2k 718 is loading screens always Getty baby shout to you bro shot everybody in chat love thumbnail that’s what’s up winter’s night that is what’s up love watching the videos Thank You Cameron shoutout to you you got a new Twitter shot as soon as well slap my laptop is just decided that doesn’t want to live anymore so there’s that that is for our knowledge right there alright look at that oh he’s like you did a good promo man thank you but appreciate that any critique what’s more of that sage wisdom consider county arguments counter arguments now I can turn them they think what someone might say if they were to run out and try to school with your promo it’s worth knowing counterpoint before you hear it since we already have an answer good advice bro thank you me and appreciate that oh don’t tell me how to go to the parking guy now go to the parking guy not again oh look at everybody over here just chilling bowling hey I didn’t say anything I’m sorry sir I’m sorry that you thought I was defending you in any way my apologies there we go all right shout to your son Diana Lynn thanks for watching the videos appreciated you do best you’re the best alright let’s grab my car come on what kind of car to be got like a 1 upgrade my car it came aka Mather shanty bro for that soup chat as well as JK more or can you do art will be do an arc soon we just want to take a little break on it you know we’ve done a lot of things in arc we want to give other syriza a chance you know let me give the others a chance so I think we should do one more match here try to make it the bloodiest possible we’ve already added a bunch of bloody matches I feel like we gotta step it up you guys step it up you want blood everywhere not stop fake blood real blood v fake blood all fake blood but it’s all Gucci in the Louise floor let’s see what they got planned for us let’s go to todd todd todd todd todd todd were you at todd where we were at todd were you at todd where you where you at table my name is Todd your name’s Todd we’re all tots don’t be a Todd all right Todd what’s up don’t say oh we’re blasting into you can definitely talk to talk and going down on that from Vince on down but we need you to walk the walk tonight putting you in a battle royale with a ton of guys we think they’re make it to the next level myself included naturally to try stand out in the crowd I mean a battle royale bro oh my goodness gracious you can’t just drop that on a business is one of the most dangerous matches at all why do I look so light on it six-man battle Sheamus and I can barely contain myself oh my gosh oh I don’t know if this is gonna go well I don’t know if this is gonna go well I don’t know what to do I didn’t expect us to do a battle royale right now I didn’t expect us to do battle royale oh boy okay let’s do our best here we got a win that’s all we got stay in the ring make sure we don’t get knocked out and just if there’s a battle royal at high pitch at though let’s get that battle royale live you just skip all all the scenes at once or do you have to go each one by one oh boy we do don’t we oh we do skip all of them Oh Battle Royale time baby Battle Royale time oh gosh y’all going into the ring they’re all going into the ring oh geez it is not gonna be good this is not gonna be good oh goodness gracious this is gonna be hard to master do you guys think I got this you guys think I got what it takes he’s not ready for this well I am ready my body is ready oh we’re gonna take down everybody in here oh goodness here we go with six of W standing outside here tonight in Arizona but it’s even hotter inside for this one using his knee now oh shoot I’m running away I’m run away Balsamo and Joe we’re friends dude you’ve strike Samoa Joe we’re friends remember I helped you out there at least it’s easier now a couple piano continues let’s discuss about Joe briefly smell exactly you’re going to help him here tonight no no no has no tactic that all compares two members of the WWE the Tories victorious oh come on he kicks him right in the gut Oh elimination some positions will allow second superstar join elimination attempt by pressing X superstars can eliminate can’t elimination by pressing l1 oh my gosh of course he escapes oh goodness gracious ribbon down with such power guys oh there’s a lot of fighting going on right now oh no here someone not gonna share that’s it goodness gracious just making his presence felt there we go Oh everybody’s on the floor voice just play unmitigated strength everybody’s on the floor oh no really how you try to do me like that job I Samoa Joe [Applause] all boys all boys I’m escaping what he’s made of with so much mass in the ring at the same time bodies have a way of getting beaten it out of him that’s exactly what’s happening so he’s nobody touching in the corner oh gosh oh please you can’t stop just save stay in the corner mojo is Dickenson but though let’s be honest he caught him slipping this is not going to end why my little minimus oh no no he’s gonna escape how on earth do they escape so easily from me looks like trouble here Byron I don’t know I guess that all depends on who you’re rooting for there we go all right I’ll be a chair maybe chair onion stamina homeboy he is rolling leave him alone help him out oh no I can’t holy shoot you can’t back me oh no oh no no we’re just chillin on the side of the Ring boys I’m forgiving just children on the side of the Ring Oh chill for a second ah Samoa Joe [Applause] he’s absorbed a lot of punishment so far guys but getting him over the ropes into the arena floor would be no easy task I can assure you that he’s incredibly just throbbing with the blokes pushing his career and rightfully so are you bloody serious well we gotta restart or else we’re not gonna win I don’t think it allows us to play that one unless we do restart you can make a case for any one of these six competitors winning this battle royal well said gentlemen and it sounds to me like this is the match this Glendale crowd has been waiting for oh goodness gracious and he delivers a need [Applause] hey can y’all Mark Henry stop jarring forearm check it out Mark Henry what do you expect is Mark Henry please know in the ring at this time or six emojos entertainment our instance he’s going to want to stay out of the way in the early going and come my gosh energy for this for people now for some competitors part of their strategy is to demean their opponent a move like that house at all oh my goodness gracious by a clothesline stand them up fan them up no nope nope nope nope that’s not what we want there we go we’re just gonna chill on the side of the blacklist you’re on steroids they really are can I help them out going through this guy out with them Samoa Joe looking a little startled right now back there when you combine six of done TW reasonable now you help them forces into one – top news for everything everybody gets at least a little beat up in a battle royal that’s just the nature of the beast no competitor out but things don’t seem to be going in his favor here tonight please don’t count me out in a bad way here to be expected when you combine six of DW I’m gonna chill in this corner over buh buh buh buh how about you leave me alone and don’t try to knock me out moves like that cut your opponent more than hurt them outside the ring he misses the mark oh they’re gone knock – no right his eyes not about nearly compromise had knocked him out go got a double-play my number he’s just gonna throw me over he’s gonna throw me off a brutal clothesline catches you the perfect spot are you gonna try to do me like this oh no oh my goodness oh no some Oh Joe gonna happen now Oh what the heck all right let me recover oh my I’m gonna stay over here he’s till every day over here kick it right here you stay in the corner my my own business and 1v1 1v1 I’m ready impressive by the time records have more Henry’s name next to them and for more than 20 years Mark Henry has been an unstoppable force in sports entertainment now how do I help them out I don’t understand how to help them oh oh my goodness all right some mojo Mark Henry this is your beef is your beef when I said this is your beef oh my first few rows I said it’s your be restarted bellowed he can’t be happy with how this is going right my god he’s absorbed a lot of punishment so far guys I’ve observed the most punishments into the arena floor will be no easy task I can assure you with I’ll shoot this point they both evenly matched maybe I give them an edge by just making Mark Henry go so those friends you please Mark Henry’s I’m just typing myself up any motions Mark Henry and Mark Henry’s entrance theme is not just a powerful but it is when that music hits samargan mark for Fran side I didn’t hurt you mark mark I said we’re friends now what now what you gonna do now what you gonna do mark so now I got to do this to you now I got to do this to it and now you’re gonna be upset because I have to do this you know I’m sorry alright alright apparently you don’t want to get eliminated that’s cool I don’t know how to eliminate oh you know I’m gonna cancel here your be free be free be free somebody’s oh just messing with his opponent’s head right I’m just getting I’m just getting out please please please please please there you go Joe coming okay so Joe see you got that oh oh but now mark is Nadia leaking oh I just keep our team here batted me together ballsy delivers the back oh snap sumo Joe coming in hot with the with the Flavor Flav oh snap oh how did I get too late on that one he’s an all on the trouble set this is very upset maybe too much friend to handle with so much mass in the ring at the same time boom I got a way of getting beaten and broken and that’s exactly why come on I stop right nice nothing I stopped it don’t do this don’t do this don’t do this don’t do this that’s it we’re taking out these superstars are looking to prove something here tonight guys okay we gotta take out some mojo first he’s so jacked Simone joked Joe is the most Jack dude of all time responsible get oh you just flip me okay mojo very inappropriate response I don’t want you both though I don’t want you my chief isn’t with you about my beef is not with you sir spot my beef it’s not with you sir clothesline that’s perfectly placed and how you land the big show of course he gets the counter on me no I think this man meets business man I gotta go god I need a perfectly play strike that’ll send a message to your adversary all right jet pack and do oh oh just use the send of Mellish stuff thats mojo how do I switch it grab some mojo gremlin I show my seduce O’Neal how do you switch targets oh gosh Oh ass baby pose to be expected when you combine six of doubles gonna go chill over here this one match this is certainly trending in the wrong direction for him guy he’s gonna have to win this bout out the good news for him is that he does know here who have taken too much offense up to this point but that can obviously all change here oh really oh you think you’re cool don’t you saw that one coming you’re cool don’t you I [Applause] move like that it’s completely Vanessa Samoa don’t really read your opposition of course you think you’re good you would think you can do the one-minute active to finish them off here but down with authority I’m just going to go ahead and talk to the corner Oh No of course oh of course who awaits me is shaken here I don’t think he expected to be in this position here the good news for him is that everybody gets at least a little beat up in a battle royal that’s just the nature of the beast this is all part of the process guys he knew he would take on some offense here tonight why won’t you die gosh darn it Dafoe can you leave me alone like you’re not good Bo and here’s some oh oh oh good freakin rat son oh my gosh now we on fire boys no me on fire fire go ahead some oh and Joe looking a little startled right now one match why are you all coming out it is right now focused on winning this battle Seamus me like you took his foot Shane that’s there for a moment when that happens your side Russian leg sweep haha perfect for this could be it hopefully Mark Henry can recover easy so I don’t have any I don’t have me out right now I don’t have any counters Mark Henry’s absolutely owning some Oh Jordan it’s really not Oh what by accidentally just hit everybody okay so Joe’s out well he’s telling the power source I was over he had he could keep it going Mark Henry you’re a legend or a legend Mark Henry these kills mr. large jinhwan Phil Sheamus kill Sheamus look I’m good I’m good on the ropes I would parently would never recovered like get him on the ground get him on the ground with no gosh no mark mark mark mark please mark mark mark we went to grade school together [Applause] Sheamus is right there my dude oh goodness gracious really you’re not gonna pin me here what are you trying to do get mark Marcus right there oh yes you stop looking good here Byron oh no he’s got to get up and get up now he’s Denmark – get up oh we’re both getting up where’s Mike why not Merc he’s one step ahead on that one here we go mark mark your chance no chance finish him off come on I hate you so much I this is not a match for me to win that field six of WWE’s most alpha personalities match there’s a good chance this one ends deteriorating Oh Michael ater oh my goodness oh oh oh sherry miss well let me get up let me get up no oh no oh no mark mark mark mark oh you won’t do this to me mark I stopped today six superstars Wow no superstar water-salt ever does he’s my stand up stand up if I can get this off I might be able to take him out 1v1 1v1 oh how did I even pick him up well we fired up we fired up a kid by us when still going on especially after the beating that’s been delivered tonight let’s go ahead and throw him out [Applause] I need some air to click these buttons she said what’s better than hitting the finisher here could end this thing okay here I’m gonna let go of them I knew I was gonna lose it so I’m just gonna let him get back in here no Mark Henry did it Mark Henry got a huge that’s nonsense that’s absolutely nonsense it’s absolutely nonsense oh what’s so hard for how you do that to me mark enemies first you were the worst acting partner guys cheering WWE history man this card is just packed with so many great matches this one has definitely of the fans one more time oh really oh you think you’re gonna get me right away dogs fight Titus oh you do this part of you strike with great accuracy I’m coming back in bro I’m come back in nothing I’m gonna take you out with me that’s what I’m thinking so I’m thinking showing an aggressive side here oh really Sheamus felt redheaded personnel editors part of their strategy hated DeVito my pony dog like that says it all oh really all 1v2 I don’t care I got a shirt I don’t like just welcome to my generic I don’t think so Joe’s out please Bo Dallas what do you got against me my my by Chavous that’s it every time every time titus o’neil looking stymied to be expected when you combine setting up market value most volatile forces don’t know where it is right now guys but it doesn’t seem to be focused on winning this battle royal let’s let’s go ahead and think over here he’s too quick for him there don’t want to take out the little guys want the big guys gone mark Mark Henry is a problem [Applause] giveme expected when you combine six of WWE’s non-volatile forces into one match now this is certainly trying out really direction for him guys he’s gonna have to get it together if he wants to win this battle royal you see Mario we’re heading into this match he still has plenty of fight left in it all right let’s try this might be exciting battle royal we’ve seen in years well said gentlemen holdout sounds to me like this is the match this Glendale crowd without waiting for anymore I do let’s say smooth that’s it I’m all about defeating Bo Dallas O’Neal for those who run from with him what pull my beard isn’t here this is amazing what we have here are six of maybe that’s me in the corner that’s me in the spot I don’t get how the targeting system works here it’s really I wanted my on the wrong person I don’t want to be on something else if he takes many more of those he’s going to get lit up like a Christmas tree hello my penis is where I the place you wanna be oh that just getting thrown over the ropes I think that’s our grown boys here we’re here crowd of course mojo but surprised here to be expected when you combine lots of WWE’s mojo volatile photos into one match this is certainly shining in mojo direction for him you go to get it together if you want to join this fellowship I know it’s mojo somebody has to do Samoa Joe Joe don’t worry not the most I want to take you out with me I want you to Samoa Joe Titus you have caused problems in to mankind let me tell you this is a great offense by Sheamus offense boat Dallas is showing at this point Oh nice reversal or reversal on him though that Bo Dallas is looking to do to change his look at this point I don’t think this is the goose back back again Oh Gigi’s back hello friend TJ’s back back back that was definitely learning pool dropped like a bad habit oh he just threw him out just get out of your scrub just get out of your scratch Sheamus gonna sizes up types up we shouldn’t take out the opposite break Jeff Slater powered by superhuman strength so uh absorption is a basic strike right off his feet stand up Seamus stand up Seamus I’m going all in on everybody now I’m going all in on everybody’s attitude adjustment for you and there you go and you make a statement I don’t think I can make it out here there’s no coming back I’m a slam of that magnitude Oh missed by a large margin on that one he’s making a statement here with this attack oh there we go there we go we’re pushing him out oh yeah oh you better believe it oh that’s what you get to twelve by means a showman but I think someone would join the friends anymore oh of course right away right away my man there he goes into the floor I do face but not doing Henry is leaking my dude last time I really liked playing battle oil so they like playing battle royale here as we kick about I really like play battle ramela gotta be honest it’s really fun losing any one of these superstars oh that’s better well what are you trying to do to me about what are you trying to do you’re gonna go outside the ring like a Christmas tree look at this he’s going back to an old friend with that one attack now my oboes bows gonna be knocked out here what can’t even move gosh the same move over and over this is relentless there you go see you later bout oh there we go okay thank you guys I learned how to do my targets now he’s just playing classic offense here look Titus O’Neil’s on the attack now what are we gonna do here oh there we go oh how do I help them out kick somebody out gonna help some I’m gonna kill Samoa Joe there you yeah I’m Sheamus I help them out oh fudge hey there you go no pity now guys how do you help oh goodness gracious that’s how you slam an opponent down with oh there you go Oh me and Shane mister being mean Mark Henry starting to wobble he doesn’t want to let this match Sheamus rolled Sheamus Sheamus I help out of my Halen so much bodies have a way of getting on beaten and rolling and that’s exactly what all pulling to him right now but if you’re carrying a little time to cover here breathing right here breathe breathe in breathe out any money on the debris that out okay we don’t want to early recover we want a normal recovery Oh Sheamus going out wait let’s get Mark Henry out how do I help you no hey ray Sheamus might want to rethink this showboating could come back to haunt and there’s this speed pain Oh Oh see up out of here you think you got that move well scouted look Titus O’Neil’s on the attack now and another one just making his presence of him there there you are Henry’s taking a beating he could be out at any moment now he’s absolutely running on fumes right now oh Jesus I’m caught in the cornucopia where right now but I wouldn’t count him out just yet he always seemed most able to sleep why did you try to do this oh he doesn’t lose focus and stamina a quick reversal by show really really Sheamus what kind of name is Seamus anyway sound like a leprechaun offense give me expect to sound like a leprechaun WWE’s most volatile forces into one man you sound like a leprechaun hey right now guys but it doesn’t seem to be focused on winning this battle royal if his opponents somehow wins this thing you could likely go back to this world as the turning light of the man per second Sheamus not even close what was he thinking just taunt him there that’s just taunting there Oh No of course Oh second why you gotta be like this dude this is what makes you one of the Dana titus stand-up titus he doesn’t look too eager to get up DDT mothertrucker oh let’s go ahead and throw him out no stop it him now Sheamus is gonna improvise because he’s not seen any benefit to his current strategy there you go oh my he’s about to find himself on the early floor which is a little support out of here Sheamus I think a lot of people looked at him as one of the favorites to win this yeah I really don’t want to play mojo in the last one though you guys agree with me I really don’t want some mojo the situation just got real bad for saving oh shoot oh no we’re going in on some mojo now we’re going in oh you just missed the kick oh we’re like in the arena right now with matches with oh goodness gracious oh look at this quarry Oh No just wait and see oh yes his finisher he’s too quick for him there oh no he’s just reversing my buddy back here I expected nothing less cold Oh No oh he just backed slap my hand my back there was very rude of him all right we got a really hope that I can block this oh no oh he’s starting to tired especially one of his toughest challenges in please please please he’s absorbed a lot of punishment so far gone out getting him over the whole arena floor will be done so dead back and forth – no does he has to do everything in this game too much momentum here I don’t know oh my gosh the most tired look she didn’t do his job taken a long time to get up guys perhaps playing a little possum here cold I am playing possum totally oh my goodness there is no backup sword I didn’t realize he had such a glass jaw I can’t stop him no no no no no no no oh that’s what I’m talking about baby oh goodness gracious oh my goodness gracious oh my goodness he was gonna douse me he was charging he was like a bull charging here is your winner big win here in this elimination side match you can tell they took every ounce of pick up that last elimination very nicely done oh man I can’t believe that we got that win right there I can’t believe it oh my gosh that was not gonna go our way that was not gonna go our way but we pulled it out in the end and we uh we took the W right there I couldn’t reverse anything and the only thing I reversed was the one where he rushed me and I threw him over so there’s that winner winner chicken dinner oh my goodness gracious my goodness it’s all cuz you guys shout it’s all you guys thought that was asked and hit that like button right there oh my god he like he’s cheering me what has he got to say about this way to pull all the victory out difficult to win against so many there we go one reason why we don’t put those on very often especially when we’re pulling off for a certain someone who grabbed the bags Victor he told me to stand out I gave it all I had for any superstar it’s no easy task and to go against got bunch of guys he’s the momentum go off quick word with Renee she’ll have some words for you alright go talk to Renee real quick tgd strikes again let’s go talk to Rene Rene what you got for me a loading screen that’s what she’s got she’s packing that loading screen there back pocket she’s got a loading screen shot pockets and loading screen loading screen that’s it I was I was awesome I really like Royal Rumbles they’re hard what this is about please welcome my guest tonight you came on top of the battle rail but an opportunity sums it up oh that was it that’s the only thing I had to say when opportunity arises I grabbed it thank you that’s what went down there that is what went down there ladies and gentlemen this has been one epic livestream I hope you guys have enjoyed it if you did make sure you smack that like button subscribe if you are new around here we’re going to go ahead and do Twitter shoutouts for those who beat you over on Twitter oh and you have some super chats we have April Dover rack or dope rack hate to G me and my husband love you and your videos was wondering when you’ll be doing GTA zombies mod again miss that series shout out to Jakob Dover act as well for sure April you and Jason who doesn’t best that’s so awesome I’ll be doing it soon I don’t been saying that for a serious minute but I want to make sure it’s good I want to make sure it’s good finale and there’s a lot that goes into it a lot of updates happens as well so it’s gonna be coming out soon I’m glad you guys enjoyed the video shout to both of you you guys are awesome we also have so no date Beth shot you Elle Parker says we’re doing a Carrie we press r1 and move right stick to carry them into position you could also lift them directly with our one throw them out with that oh thank you Parker you are they WWE legend I would choose you as a tag team partner that’s that’s what I would need I would choose you as a tag team partner but let’s go ahead and go over to Twitter now so those who retweeted over on that beautiful platforms yes all right follow me slash typical game over 250 retweets we got Stefan D Anthony car nickel and tech-noir match Christopher Garrett John Emilio will typical Sam’s Jarret Roche Austin typical rainbow gamer ninja girl melissa dawson william 5 star gaming witty witty Chris Bashar Francis Nick Nicole Camp our Metallica we have Aaron remember ramier imeem sorry Chris Matt Mary French David Wagner aviator flip modern typical banter and everybody else out to all you guys with Mesa support I’ll be back with some more live streaming action soon we’re gonna be playing GTA 5 but if you want you get some more w2b check out the other episodes if you missed them or the WWE GTA 5 model it could be in the space below follow me on twitter slash typical gamer know when a blast shooting next what a mushroom next that’s gonna be it today though guys thanks for watching hope you guys 2day and peace out [Applause]

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