WWE BAN AEW Wrestling Fans From SmackDown?! | WrestleTalk News Jan. 2019


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Speaking of wrestling and video games!
Excellent sponsorship into news stories Segway…
Andrade ‘Team Rocket’ Almas
Zelina Vega has posted a Team Rocket themed
photoshoot with her and Andrade ‘Cien’
Almas on her Instagram page.
Why they have…
I’ve got absolutely no idea.
But I appreciate it deeply not only as a Pokemon
fan, but also for how into it Almas looks.
WWE Raw & SmackDown Ratings
Despite a stellar tag match involving Almas
on Tuesday night, SmackDown fell slightly
in the ratings from last week’s New Year’s
Day episode to 2.03 million viewers.
It marks the first time in several weeks that
SmackDown hasn’t beaten Raw in the ratings
– with the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations
severely affecting Monday night’s viewership.
With the holidays over, Raw predictably bounced
back, up 18% from last week with 2.32 million
Which is still amongst some of the lowest
ratings ever for the show, but not as bad
as the last five or so weeks, so top work.
But far more important are your ratings!
57% of you thought this week’s Raw was AvRAWge
(I thought it was Poor), while SmackDown was
comfortably SmackTastic with 74% of the vote.
Perhaps the answer to improve those TV ratings,
WWE, is to actually debut your NXT call-ups
within a reasonable timeframe.
Heavy Machinery Debut At SmackDown
As part of the so-called New Era, WWE announced
Lars Sullivan, Lacey Evans, EC3, Nikki Cross
and tag team Heavy Machinery be called up
to the main roster.
That was back before Christmas, though, and
the same run of video packages for them on
every episode of Raw and SmackDown is starting
to become a bit annoying.
TIME, EC3, I swear to Go-!
Turns out, though, five of the six have already
technically debuted – with Cross wrestling
Becky Lynch as a UK show one-off back in November,
EC3 and Lacey Evans wrestling in the dark
matches before Raw on Monday, and now Heavy
Machinery’s Tucker Knight and Otis Dozovic
wrestling the Colons for the live crowd only
after SmackDown on Tuesday.
If only ticket buying fans coming from the
All Elite Wrestling rally across the road
could’ve seen them…
AEW Fans Claim WWE Banned Them From SmackDown
AEW hosted an event walking distance from
where SmackDown was taking place on Tuesday
to announce the huge signings of Chris Jericho
and the former Neville in WWE, PAC.
Many fans went to the rally, and then walked
to that evening’s SmackDown – but those
wearing AEW t-shirts were allegedly stopped
from entering, with several tweeting about
how they weren’t allowed into the show,
including one guy who claimed he “was kicked
out of SmackDown for having an AEW towel”.
Fan Benjamin Unbutton even tweeted that security
told him “Sir, you can’t wear that shirt
here, this is coming from Vince himself”
with a picture of what looks like his AEW
t-shirt turned inside out to allow entry.
Apparently this wasn’t the case for everyone,
as another fan pointed out:
“my friend was there wearing a shirt and
had no issues.
another friend saw a group of rowdy AEW fans
causing problems and security asked them to
calm down and it escalated to them being asked
to leave.”
While another claimed they were eventually
let in after changing out of their AEW merch.
Wrestling Inc were actually interviewing Cody
and Brandi Rhodes while news of AEW fans being
turned away from SmackDown came out, with
Cody responding:
“You can’t throw people [out].
If people part with their money to get tickets,
you can’t turn them away.”
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100 thoughts on “WWE BAN AEW Wrestling Fans From SmackDown?! | WrestleTalk News Jan. 2019”

  1. Demontriell Flippins says:

    im already addicted to the Muscle Hustle

  2. Cybeast says:

    I understand why being turned away for wearing another promotion's merchandise, but these people paid for their tickets first. They probably want to wear their merchandise to shock WWE into doing better, but if you kick those people out of the arena you're only increasing people's chances to go their competitors in turn destroying your reputation, it's like saying WWE is for the shareholders, not their fans…quite frankly it's sad.

  3. CrazyAztekX3 says:

    Vega and Almas : "Prepárensen para los problemas, más vale que teman…" 😁

  4. DeadmanInc336 says:

    On top of WWE removing Jericho from the Then, Now, Forever signature of the shows, most of his content online, and moving him to the alumni page. Vince is PO'd. This is the same senile notherfucker who hates "being surrounded by yes men" yet hates not getting his way. This is also the same man who claims to love competition yet goes around and does this.

    But on a side note, I can't grasp or understand why these marks want AEW to fail and WWE to remain stagnant and stale. 🤷‍♂️

  5. Daniel Zuk says:

    If u 3 wankers had read my comment about aew shirts being banned you would have seen I released this news a few days ago. Ut of course our comments aren't good enough for u 3 ppl…sad.

  6. Daniel Zuk says:

    Dumbass cody…security has final say in that matter.

  7. peter gildersleve says:

    the game is ipone only, and you could not pay to buy a crapple device

  8. Bone Martian says:

    Vince is a baby and should actually make good business decision

  9. Destdrom says:

    vince should just partner up with aew and cross promote that way theyll both get big

  10. Fluffyudders says:

    Muscle Hustle want to work with Wrestletalk??
    Does this mean….
    Wonder Oli for Muscle Hustle confirmed?!?!!

  11. TheAznboi17 says:

    This felt like a giant ad with 2 minutes of the video talking about a game

  12. Bunyan420 says:

    I love The Muscle Hustle i have been playing for awhile now but thanks for the free 25 gold Oli

  13. doogan chode says:

    I can't believe you guys go off ratings. It's all bullshit, it's an indicator and doesn't accurately represent viewership.

    Besides wwe has sucked for 13 years

  14. Dudeious Maximus says:

    does it say on the ticket for wwe raw/smackdown shows what you can or can't wear?

  15. The Rey-Train says:

    "On Choose-day…" = "On Tuesday…"

  16. kanekan slaugh says:

    I doubt it, bullet club and other merch is used all the bloody time.

  17. Cowboy Casanova 187 says:

    Stop trolling us WWE debut the guys already!!

  18. daniel 25 says:

    yea kick them out

  19. boboida1 says:

    for the first time I actually downloaded a promoted content 😀

  20. OutrunMadcow says:

    Is that legal?

  21. Edward Logan says:

    1/5 of the video is an add for an app

  22. justa nime says:

    Lol n smh if the aew thing is true then vince is stupid imo, all that does is add fuel to the rising wwe hate, i mean come on wrestling fans will watch n enjoy wrestling where ever it comes from, stuff like that though will turn fans against u just saying

  23. Ashkihyena says:

    Vince is a petty piece of shit, I would say he should be ashamed of himself, but I know his bitch ass doesn't know what shame is.

  24. Cassius Felix says:

    So if you a fan of anyone else you can’t go to WWE events?

  25. Freddy FuFu says:

    YUGE MISTAKE by Vince

  26. Cassius Felix says:

    This is just getting AEW over and more people talking about them so they are probably just sitting back and laughing at all of this

  27. Cassius Felix says:

    WWE is just butt hurt that they have to deal with everyone leaving them for other promotions

  28. Sexual Chocolate Robbie says:

    Finally OG Oli is back.

  29. Abe Kebe says:

    Stop making wwe or vince look bad. It is business and they probably kicked out the vocal AEW fans who were most likely intending to start something. Actually they weren't even kicked out they were just asked to change their attire…

  30. Corey Shelp says:

    Cody rhodes is vinces real illegitimate son…

  31. Remy says:

    I think this petty nature from WWE and other wreslting promotions needs to stop. WWE shouldnt be afraid of the worlds "bullet club" or "AEW" from being mentioned or seen, nor should they be afraid of competition. Competition breads a better product for all. The fact that WWE and Vince are scared of any competition shows that they know their product sucks.

    That said AEW cant keep this petty anti-WWE thing going, it makes them look bad as well. Sure WWE are not that good and were idiots for how they used Cody when he was in WWE. But the continuous WWE jibes just make them look immature and pathetic.

    I look forward to AEW and WWE improve their product. If the petty nature from both sides continues I wont watch either.

  32. I Know The Truth says:

    WWE > AEW

  33. Mike Mitchell says:

    They didn't kick them out..they just had to cover the shirt. I live in jax I was at both events

  34. Dana Eckel says:

    WWE should embrace the AEW, just be like, “Come buy the swag and look all cool, and here they are watching the best damn program in the world.” Rather than ignore them, throw down the gauntlet and flat out say, “Bring it on!”

  35. Charles Vega says:

    Fuck muscle hustle get to the damn news Oli…segway !

  36. Pilly Idol says:

    You know they could just drop the so called "live" aspect, they could blur the merch out seem in the program, like they do it for older shows with the WWF logo or other logos, this is just petty i.m.o

  37. Kyle Kubaska says:

    I cannot wait for AEW!!!!!!

  38. Kyle Kubaska says:

    Waiting for the AEW chants start at WWE events

  39. Brooklyn All Day Baby!!! says:

    Vince McMahon Is Scared Of AEW.

  40. john Smith says:

    By Vince doing this it makes me want to buy front row tickets to raw and smackdown and hand out AEW T-shirt’s

  41. RageAgainstTheMachine RageAgainstTheMachine says:

    I'm glad AEW came into existence! Now he being Vince McMahon can't Fuck over the Wrestlers because they can go somewhere else and work!

  42. william mcintosh says:

    It didn’t happen lol

  43. ZEpicTeam says:

    Clickbait af. This was proven to be untrue

  44. Little Rudeboy says:

    Raw is ruining WWE

  45. dch h says:

    AEW looks terrible

  46. Akia Mendoza says:

    Almas should've been Giovanni

  47. Kate Ground says:

    Are people that desperate for competition to make shit up you cannot wear any gear from other companies this is not just an AEW thing

    also I WWE are not worried about them they don't have TV as yet and unless they have a billionaire running it funding it they will not be an issue for years to WWE people need to worry about TNA and ROH before WWE if they do well those companies could be trouble

  48. Hamman Samuel says:

    New era is code word for impending main roster burial of over NXT talents

  49. james dixon says:

    Funniest part of this was that Cody and Young Bucks shuttled people over so WWE wouldn't be mad,Only to have WWE turn away fans..AEW did respectfully thing and WWE was petty.shows who the Children are😂😂

  50. J. says:

    Heavy Machinery should definitely be on Raw….. Not SD Live 🤦🏾‍♂️

  51. Jose Hidalgo says:

    Vince giving brock a handjob is a anger management treatment

  52. CezrDaPleazr says:


  53. Lydarius Vaughn says:

    Bad move Vince, next time don't kick out wrestling fans over merchandising

  54. John Stanko says:

    That was Almas? looked like Rusevs brother

  55. Efrem Jones says:

    So if I pay my hard earned money for a WWE event, I can't attend if I'm wearing an AEW shirt? Fuck outta here! Looks like I'll be going with AEW, where they still believe this is a free country. Eat a dick or die tryin' Vince.

  56. JAY YHWH 316 says:

    I wonder what the WWE would do if everybody wore AEW gear to an event… Everybody ought to get together and start a hashtag on Twitter / Facebook or something encouraging wearing AEW gear to the next event in mass to stick it to the WWE.

  57. TheMongoose272 says:

    Smackdown promised to change things up just a week ago then went right back to the same bs

  58. Dave M says:

    Where's the Skip button for Ollie on the game ad?

  59. Irtaza Dewan says:

    The reason why Vince is shitting this much is because AEW is funded by a billionaire Shahid Khan

  60. Minoxidil Beard and hair products says:

    Why didn't this give vince a stroke why!

  61. Rich Money says:

    WWE needs to stop announcing new wrestling and just let them come out nowhere!

  62. Richard Newton says:

    Cody is a wrestling genius and has wrestling in his blood and family. On the other hand, I think HHH does an amazing job in the wwe and especially nxt. If only them two could over run the wwe, it would by far increase in ratings/ better product every week after that.

  63. DOWN x SHIFTED says:

    It’s true I was at both the rally and smackdown and they were kicking people out wearing AEW shirts or apparel. Even if you were sitting in the top row never to be seen on tv

  64. BHARAT says:

    Please stop this support bullshit in the beginning of video. That is annoying. Very annoying. That's why I haven't subscribed yet. Did you get this morons.

  65. Boi!!! says:

    Just to show once again WWE doesn't give a shit of their fans

  66. Ly Kimlong says:

    EC3 will debut at the rumble. Surprise entrance at number 3.

  67. Dangerdude 88 says:

    1:46 😂😂😂😂 that silent moment

  68. Diego S says:

    So basicaly Vince is ripping off people by not letting them into their shows after they bought a ticket, because they wear what they want. That´s is free speech censoreship, this should be ilegal!

  69. FX-Atarien says:

    WWE is afraid of AEW.

  70. Larmont Little says:

    AEW need to aquire under contract is CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio, AJ Lee, Tessa Blanchard, Shinske Nakamora, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder, Bobby Roode, James Storm, Appolo Crews, Bray Wyatt, Bo Dallas, The Rival, Curtis Axel, Fin Balor, Luke Harper, Eric Rowan, Amber Moon,Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, Sammy Zayn, Kevin Owens, Tony Nese, Luke Gallows and Carl Anderson, Heath Slater, Rhino, Aiden English, The Vavillians, Velveteen Dream, Chad Gable. (No Eric Bishoff and Paul Heyman, Hulk Hogan and Brock Lesnar) Reach out to Jay Lethal, Alex Shelly, Awesome Kong, Chris Saban, Chris Adonis, Da Pope, Taz, Madison Rayne, Mr. Anderson, Shane/Gregory Helms, Taylor Wilde, The Great Sanada, Traci Brooks, Velvet Sky, Travor Lee, Lei'D Tapa, Doug Williams, Amazing Red, RoseMary, Austin Aries, America Most Wanted, Low Ki, Tara, Taryn Terrell, Katarina, Angelina Love, Gunner, Desmond Wolfe, Mike Tenay, and Moose

  71. In Yo FACE says:

    Thanks for the gold Wonder Oli 😀👍

  72. Bryan Tucker says:

    @Oli Davis when are u ever gonna give me a reply?? I have asked for nearly 6 months, also for a bday,present, xmas present, and my daughters bday. Cause she watchs and loves WRESTLE TALK..
    Come on @Oli Davis Luke and Laurie el fakidor.

  73. Bryan Tucker says:

    Plz, make a comment or video saying how fake 99%of this news is… Making yall look bad, to have the fake news keep playing. #WE LOVE WRESTLE TALK

  74. believer1980 says:

    What probably pissed off Vince was 1) Chris Jericho joining them. And 2) all the promises to look after the Boys and Girls with equal pay and health cover ,it is almost as if they are trying for a union, and big Vinny Mac will hate that. As we know that will be a better deal then what WWE normally offers, and because of these perks he might lose a lot of mid card stars that are being badly booked, like a lot all the NXT call ups.

  75. Trill Ville says:

    Damn they look so cool…I wanna join team Almas or is it the New Team Rocket too….

  76. javier orellana says:

    Royal Rumble

  77. Carlos Maldonado says:

    Rip Wwe .

  78. David Janeiro says:

    Worst cosplayers of the Year award goes to

  79. David Janeiro says:

    Is muscle Hustle the name of Vince's new pay-per-view

  80. xdeathknightx says:

    As an android user and member of the swaft nation that wants to show support, it would be good to also link to the play store if it works the same way.



  82. D R says:

    I gotta remember the name of the channels I go to.  This one anyways.  I just see a headline.  Click.  And instantly regret it once I see this guys annoying fuckin face and voice…   Note to self…   ITS WrestleTalk…   WrestleTalk = Shit

  83. Jay Cobe says:

    Its like going to Elton John's concert wearing Madonna's T shirt.. Calm Down AEW!! 🙂

  84. D Sword says:

    Wonder how come you guys don't cover MLW, Lucha Underground, or NWA promotions? You guys should cover all promotions more…just saying…

  85. wampus cat says:

    Dude… Raw gets a boost because Monday night football is over

  86. Nick Corvello says:

    Oli, I had to stop the video right as you mentioned the promo code to download the game THROUGH the link you provided and used the promo code and went through the tutorial. Looks pretty damn fun. Gonna check it out some more later after I catch up on Wrestletalk news 🙂

  87. bad boy says:

    Plot twist. Aew paid that individual to go and make a scene in there. Get noticed. Which it did. So ya this aew is scary going up. Vince be shivering 😱

  88. Lawrence Malloy says:

    This is fake

  89. IndiaRocks says:


  90. KIP LEVY says:


  91. andrew h says:

    Ur video: 1) stupid song. 2) promote a mobile game. 3) ratings for WWE. 4) BS about AEW thumbnail..

    5) The biggest: an obnoxious TWAT hosting.

    I mean some people who post on YT are wankers but ur King of them all.

  92. outletboy says:

    Destroy wrestle talk

  93. Iking Little says:

    This is the most Made up shit no one cares about awwwwwww

  94. elmagnificodep says:

    Banned fans are heading to AEW. Rumors confirmed.

  95. Richter von Ihnagod says:

    What a crap game!, came on! What are you doing? 👎

  96. Milton Hackett says:

    WWE shouldn't ,that's the only money they are going to get ! The numbers can't be lower !

  97. Roy Bramlowe says:

    Pathetic WWE it's a tshirt

  98. Dave Duffy says:

    Awe need be like smackdown

  99. CezrDaPleazr says:

    Skip 1:30 for news

  100. BOB TV says:


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