WWE and AEW Lead a Huge Week in Wrestling

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hi I’m Garrett this is paste last week was probably the most newsworthy week in wrestling in literally a couple of decades now since WCW folded it’s sort of absurd how much huge news happened last week obviously you had the debut of all elite wrestling on TNT on Wednesday Oh their weekly TV show dynamite WWE moved Smackdown over to Fox on a primetime broadcast network probably the best time slot pro wrestling has had in America literally since the 50s also you had NWA power debut with their TV tapings here in Atlanta ROH crowned the new champion and then that same champion got fired from his home promotion in Mexico which is kind of falling apart due to a family squabble so there’s a lot to cover let’s jump back into it real fast with aew so dynamite aired on Wednesday night on TNT at 8:00 p.m. it’s gonna be a weekly show the first episode did really well in the ratings got about 1.45 million viewers did really well on the demo it handedly beat NXT the david obie show that they launched to run opposite aw so it was a very successful launch by anyone symmetric and from a storytelling perspective they did a really good job of focusing on the two main feuds going into their first pay-per-view full gear those feuds are Jon Moxley the former Dean Ambrose from WWE vs. Kenny Omega who laid Omega out through a glass table after interfering and omegas main event match up and then Cody Rhodes versus Chris Jericho for the aw world title that ended with the debut of a new stable basically Chris Jericho’s gonna have a stable of heals backing him up including the surprise return of Jake Hager aka the former Jack Swagger from WWE also in that stable you have Santana and Ortiz the former lax from impact I’m not sure what their name is gonna be yet in aw and then also Sammy Guevarra so it’s a first time Jericho has ever had like a heel stable of his own and it’s a good make up of you know the tag team specialists like the young snotty Punk heal up start and then like the huge muscle guy in the terms of swagger with Jericho as the champ at the center so Jericho and Cody will be wrestling in the main event a full year at the end of that episode of dynamite Jericho’s crew had laid out not just Cody but also the young bucks and Dustin Rhodes so you can kind of see the sort of a faction war there between Jericho’s guys and the elite plus Cody’s brother Dustin they can’t use the name war games obviously because w/e did acquire that branding despite Dusty Rhodes being the one who came up with that match in that name but it feels like they’re probably building up to some kind of a big tag match like that with the two five-man teams going against each other elsewhere on that episode of dynamite they crown their first Women’s Champion Rijo from Japan beat nyla Rose in a long match that wound up becoming really good by the end the crowd really got into it it was a really good episode of dynamite overall I think if you’re looking for an alternative to Debbie w/e something that feels like wrestling used to feel in the past from a storytelling perspective but with the dynamic high-flying action of today I think people would have been happy with that first episode of dynamite it’ll be interesting to see if they’re able to maintain that momentum going forward both in terms of show quality and also the ratings WWE countered with an episode of NXT on Wednesday that had limited commercial interruption that was basically promoted like an episode of takeover one of the periodic and XT pay-per-view style events with the main event of champion Adam Cole going against Matt riddle and although that was probably the best match of the night on Wednesday and probably the best TV match of all last week NXT simply wasn’t as entertaining of a show as dynamite it had better wrestling but it didn’t feel nearly as important and it just sort of felt like more NXT whereas dynamite did feel like a something new and like a real alternative and in the ratings not that we’re gonna care too much about ratings here but when it goes head-to-head with another show like that it is interesting to see how NXT which is a dub UWE show although granted they’re third tier brand their promotional brand couldn’t match a WS premiere the ratings were much lower almost half of what they got I believe it was half in the demo which is all that matters for advertisers so if you want a view Wednesday night is some kind of a war you got to give the first week to aew elsewhere last week debby w he had a very mixed week they had Raw on Monday as always and it was a fairly typical episode of Raw that mostly served to build up not just the hell on the cell pay-per-view that happened this past Sunday but also the crown jewel event that’s going to be occurring in Saudi Arabia at the end of October elsewhere WBE the the big news for the week for them to really – big news items for WV as I said earlier Smackdown premiered on Fox on Friday night it started with a segment with the rock making his return sort of a late advertised return it wasn’t known if he would be there or not until Thursday or Friday and in his segment he sort of gave the rub to Becky Lynch aka the man who they’ve been pushing hard as their top star the last several months in a segment were they both pretty much verbally and physically beat up King Corbin who is sort of a punching bag for the fans and everyone else at this point Smackdown was a very hit and miss show as you typically see with a POV II had some good entering action but you had some storytelling decisions that really did not make a lot of sense especially if they’re trying to win over a brand-new audience who would be interested maybe less in wrestling and more in a real sports presentation it did end with a huge angle with Brock Lesnar beating Kofi Kingston for the world title after a single move it was like a five second match people are very upset about that Kofi had the six-month reign where he was booked like it took like a complete killer and now here he is losing to Brock Lesnar immediately after a single move and then disappearing while they introduced Cain Velasquez from UFC as Brock’s next challenger Cain Velasquez of course was the MMA fighter who beat Brock Lesnar and UFC almost 10 years ago now sort of embarrassing Brock Lesnar in the process and now they’re gonna be bringing him into WWE to recreate that whew on a different scale with a pro-wrestling presentation it got them a lot of mainstream sports attention Smackdown did pretty well in the ratings it was the highest-rated wve TV show and a while it’ll be again interesting to see how that audience holds up as it goes forward week to week and Sunday WB’s we concluded with a pay-per-view that has already gone down and if me this is I’m recording this on Monday afternoon the day after Hell in a Cell and it’s already being considered perhaps the worst dubby dubby pay-per-view of all time and the latest sign of how out of touch they are with their fans if you didn’t watch the show the main event match the one that they pushed the hardest between Seth Rollins the universal champion and the fiend the new Bray Wyatt character who’s sort of like a supernatural evil clown guy or something I don’t know it ended in it was a Hell in a Cell match which so matches cage matches typically don’t have disqualifications and yet this match ended and what seemed like a disqualification at the time they’ve gone back and retroactively Lee said it was a match stoppage decision which typically doesn’t really happen and Pro Wrestling but in the process they not only disappointed the fans in the building and at home by having Seth Rollins basically win the match but they also killed off his finishers by having him curb stomp the fiend I don’t know maybe seven or eight times it seemed and every time Bray Wyatt kept getting back up that used to be sort of the ultimate killing finisher and WB right now one that was so bad that they actually banned it for a few years and now here we go a guy takes several of them and it doesn’t hurt him at all that that’s not really a good way to protect who was supposed to be your top star of course the booking of Seth Rollins has been so bad over the last several months it’s hard to call him their top star at this point the crowd was handedly behind Bray Wyatt last night and was very disappointed when he did not win if you watch the show you probably noticed that it ended with the audience loudly chanting for refunds chanting for aew chanting words that I probably shouldn’t repeat here but that let everyone know without a shadow of a doubt how disappointed the audience was it was basically a catastrophe for WB and it’s gonna be fascinating to see how they rebound from that what sort of course correction they make on Raw tonight or if they even acknowledge that it was a problem they have a history of sort of just blaming that one crowd and still booking whatever they want a book for their own amusement despite what the fans of audio obviously shown them they want the difference now though is we actually have fans actually have a real alternative in the form of aew which didn’t really exist until the last few months so yeah this the wrestling war if you again you want to call it that is definitely getting interesting there are also some other players minor players sort of on the periphery of that world like I said NWA power this is the reboot of the National Wrestling Alliance that Billy Corrigan of Smashing Pumpkins is in charge of they had their first TV tapings here in Atlanta last week that are gonna debut their a weekly YouTube show Tuesdays at 6:05 p.m. on their YouTube channel their top stars right now are Nick Aldous the current NWA World Champion and James Storm Eli Drake Colt Cabana it’s a weird crew of sort of misfit toys in a sense guys who couldn’t really latch on anywhere else people who came from Impact Colt Cabana obviously a top indie guy and he still works the Ring of Honor as well and rock and roll Express were a big part of the tapings I wasn’t able to make it obviously I haven’t seen them yet I’ll be watching on YouTube this week and next week but as a kid from Georgia who grew up watching the old studio show on TBS as a kid I’m really intrigued to see what Billy Corgan had and has in store for us and then finally Ring of Honor really the week started the Friday before last with Ring of Honor’s latest pay-per-view it ended with Roush the star from Mexico winning the world title defeating Matt Taven for the belt and that should have been the big news of the night but then later in the night some shocking news broke out of CMLL the world’s oldest wrestling promotion which is Russia’s promotion he and his brother dragon Lee who’s one of the top young stars in CMM L they were both fired from CMLL as punishment for basically missing a CMM L show for Dragon Li to wrestle in pwg bola also it’s part of a fallout between what has become a pretty ugly war between the family that owns CM LLC mm Elle’s main owner paco alonso died back in june and his daughter sophia was expecting to take over the company but instead paco Alonso’s uncle Chavo lunar authe who actually stepped down in the 80s to let Paco take over he has taken the company back over and minimized Sofia’s role within it and that has led to a lot of dissension among its talent CMM L is as I said it’s the oldest wrestling promotion in the world it’s been promoting consistently since the 30s there are partners of New Japan partners with Ring of Honor they own arena Mexico they’re a huge tourist destination in Mexico City and right now they seem to be falling apart it’ll be really fascinating to see what happens here to see if they’re somehow able to bridge the peace between Sofia Alonso and Chavo ludar off or if she breaks away and starts her own promotion which has been heavily rumored Roush and Dragon Li who were two of their top stars are already being booked in Mexico for other promotions they are going to be facing the lucha brothers spent agon jr. and phoenix at a crash show so it’s turmoil down in Mexico mmm just at the same time as we see the American scene becoming heated in a way it hasn’t been in decades if you’re a wrestling fan this is probably the most exciting the business has been in a long time it’s since 2001 when Debbie stubby went out of business this is the first time we’ve really seen this level of competition and the American wrestling industry especially so keep watching paced if you want to keep tabs on all of that if you want to see what my opinions are as well thanks again I’m Garrett this has been pace talking about wrestling the professional kind which I’m a fan of Thanks

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