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the white shirt is out so you know what that means it means that wb2k dropped another thing here right before I’m getting ready to go to work so that’s what that means we have the WWE 2k 20 micro trailer we’re gonna take a look at it I’m gonna look at it just straight-up as is and then we’re gonna go through everything so I’m gonna give you one of them silent reaction joints so we can kind of take it in and then we’re going to take a look at like literally everything I’m dissecting this I mean image I’m pretty crazy okay let’s do it I haven’t even started the trailer yet and I can already see we’re doing the mixed tag thing so I feel like we’re gonna be doing that a lot this year anyways let’s go ahead and click this play play we never thought it was possible that someday we’d be WWE Superstars ourselves but if I’ve learned anything it’s that nothing is truly unattainable Congrats on the Hall of Fame we were just telling POC all about how we got started we’re going to make a list of everything we’ll accomplish some day when we become WWE Superstars we think I don’t I bet you’re here for Bret Hart hey I’m ready for people to know who I am I’m with you through good and bad we’re a package deal package deal you have to be realistic look I will make it it’s on our list in this business there’s only one surefire way to cement your legacy and become immortal the Reaper is waiting to drag you through the fires of hell the ocean of reincarnation come out here and accept my challenge if you’re not gonna give me a title match then I’ll just have to beat one out of you you just risked everything for me show them why you belong here okay if you want to keep running your mouth then come over here and do it to my face you can’t recast me what happens on a train running friends I have no idea that trophy could be ours don’t hold back I never do I respect your loyalty that goes a long way in this business this [Music] boys I think I saw Undertaker with a bicycle I think I saw Undertaker with a bicycle okay let me mute this and we’re gonna take it sort of just like scene by scene here as we try to break down everything that happened here just so I can get an idea I saw some things of course xpac I’m guessing that’s lies back at the game it’s good they’re able to get employees acted I saw Undertaker with a bicycle live stop so let’s break it down here so the first couple of scenes is nothing too crazy just feels like a ladder match maybe a mixed tag ladder match which kind of confirms that you can do matches that or you know I thought maybe the mixed tag would be sort of just sat guests regular tag matches but it looks like you can do stipulations in them so at least that’s pretty good you know you can do ladder matches Till’s to use tables I’m guessing with mixed tag so that’s nice I’m guessing we’re going in the Hall of Fame or at least you know maybe it’s the Hall of Fame backwards you know I mean like hey we’re in the Hall of Fame and this is how we got here that sort of thing Lita and xpac hanging out in some sort of hotel lobby gear one of the things I’ve really wish is like all these things like the hotel lobby and all this stuff I wish you could like play in these areas you know like that would be insanely dope is to be able to go into these areas and use these areas that would be awesome I don’t expect it but it will be awesome now I got this list here of things that they wanted to do I don’t know if we’re gonna do all these things in this game but I assume we are I assume it’s like almost like a faux checklist for all the things we’re be doing in my career I so star in a WB action movie we get to be in the room come up with awesome wrestling names team up with Mickie James get my own action figure compete on NXT win a dance-off wrestle Lita find out what’s in Undertaker’s urn okay there’s a lot of crazy stuff here oh my god what if Undertaker’s urn is that hell area what if we open Undertaker’s urn and that’s what takes us to that that big skull arena and stuff I think I just figured it out and then the last thing here was getting chucked into the WWE Hall fan this is a really weird list I feel like this list would be a lot different for people starting out it’s like okay we’re trained as wrestlers and now what do we want to do when we get to the WV buy a house get a car start a savings I feel good yeah thinking what a dick Safavieh on that list but I guess it would be a lot a lot less fun if you don’t pay your taxes I get a 30-year mortgage start worrying about events is matching a 401k this is what I’m talking about man this stuff right here this reminds me Logan uh-oh here comes drowsy movie Logan I feel like you should be Oda but I want to drive the car let me drive the car some sort of 20th annual Winterfest and it’s going on during the Tokyo Dome what are you trying to draw zero people you dumbass who’s the promoter who’s the promoter here the Riley flash Academy huh Riley flash this is where we get a wrestling school yo is that good that’s the mask from the man and WB to bear a blade there may be chicken routine I got the blue version too they go it’s a mess what he come through he’s just like he’s just like baring blades sons what is this why would he have the mask of Baron Blaine I have so many questions what is law oh man there’s so much stuff going on here that I have questions about who is this where are we if it’s not tortured you’re not paying your dues you need to get on the mat right now and get stretched out real good all right so you’re in something in NXT where you facing off against Reed of RIP Lisa that’s you know she’s in the game I saw her get confirmed the other day so that gets you faced her at some point now we’re going down into the boiler room this is stuff I’m trying to see we saw this in the trailer was it’s actually the very first trailer we saw it we ended up seeing this I think that’s what it was we did not see this where we’re like dead or something and I don’t know what’s going this is looks like the swamp from the the bump in the night original stuff maybe this is where we wake up to go to the Matt Hardy reincarnation thing I may be that’s it I don’t even know where they literally just put this in the middle Rick by the way do man’s name is Trey I knew a guy named Trey one yeah we saw this in the original my career announcement trailer so the Papa Shango stuff I don’t know exactly what happens with that Undertaker’s got a bike see I’m glad that 2k understands the Undertaker with the bike is the best Undertaker I’m glad that they get that I’m gonna pull this over just so you can get a better look at look at that look at that see now I’m starting to think because I set it there at the beginning that I’m starting to think that this is The Undertaker’s Erlich inside of Undertaker’s urn is what I’m thinking this is right here honestly or maybe Papa Shango set this up I don’t know there’s a lot of possibilities here okay so now that we see this because we saw this in the gameplay announcement that we saw was it last week that we ended up seeing that where we saw Undertaker and Kane fighting and there was this random circle afire so that that was obviously a my career seen or at least this this area was inspired by this my career scene where I’m guessing you have to fight Cain and they block off your your tag team partner or your you know your female my career player and they block her off with some fire yeah this is definitely got to be inside Undertaker’s urn or maybe it’s from the Papa Shango thing because the Papa Shango skull on the stick and the Papa’s Chagas big skull arena Matt Hardy in the lake of reincarnation that we have not see Matt Hardy and quite a bit on WWE TV so it’s nice that he’s even into here and I’m glad look this is some sort of light thing here dissipating some sort of magic aura Matt Hardy with a big stick let me get a couple of super stars here so we got Brock Lesnar Lana Kurt Angle Undertaker Becky Lynch with what looks to be a you is this like what came was that with the UK stable was it WWE well had the UK stable because this is what is this reminded me of so it totally was WWE 12 because we have Sheamus Wade Barrett drew McIntyre and William Regal and then this year we changed it up a little bit we got Finn Balor Pete Dunn Sheamus drew McIntyre and Becky Lynch at least that’s what I’m guessing they’re doing here I’ve just kind of just taken a guess I’m guessing this is Triple H and this looks like the may young classic Awards so it looks like the may young classic is in or at least that’s what you’re gonna do with her and you get some flowers too so that’s nice so it looks like that checklist we saw I think is like actually a checklist I think we’ll be doing all that stuff in this because it looks like we’re teaming up with Mickie James here and we’re attacking the ikonics with some sort of or thing I don’t know maybe that from the mouthy stuff I don’t know where the Lord’s come from penny we got the oars well we have the universal championship here so it looks like at some point during this we’re gonna win the WWE Universal Championship I don’t know how we’re gonna do it but it looked like it was vs. Samoa Joe’s also I’m pretty sure that fire extinguisher just here doesn’t know where the last thank you slow it down a little burn out all let’s see here let me see if I can take it step by step ah here we go you run into your there in the first frame did you do hahahaha this is what we saw in the tweet we saw the big new day arena so uh we’re gonna be doing some of the new dish wow they got this pop this miscibility the new WB network specials right here there seems to be something going on with the Dusty Rhodes classic so I guess we’re doing some sort of tag-team NXT thing with velvetine dream from what it looks like looks like you get matching outfits with The Velveteen dream you get the dream and the what’s something I said oh I think it’s a tray so I think that’s his name so you get tray and uh a voice-acted X puck is that supposed to be Maryse at first I thought it was Dana Brooke but I think that’s supposed to be Murray’s because I remember her at least wearing something resembling that so mojo has such a baby face here it looks like a twelve year olds talking crap do you look at the Dan oh well you can’t build one by one so fortnight well somebody’s getting out of the ring and it’s from the Mae Young Classic and now really is like I’m gonna be dead-ass rock looks great here by the way it’s the Mojo going after the neck up paul heyman tall you faced off against Adam Cole and that looks to be the WWE 2k twenty my career trailers quite a few things going down here looks like it’s gonna be a lot of fun 2k likes to kind of go crazy with this kind of stuff so I’m glad that they’re keeping this story of my career a little out there it’s more fun to follow along the story when it’s not just like oh I’m gonna pay my dues and I’m gonna become a WWE Champion I’m glad that they take kind of the out there gimmicks like Matt Hardy and The Undertaker stuff and Papa Shango and like while it’s out there it’s still like is within the WWE realm of gimmicks at school now I guess this year we’ll have to see if we’ll get any branching options cuz that was a thing that in the first my career that kind of killed the replayability I guess a little bit was like there wasn’t a ton of branching option so if you wanted to do it again just kind of like the same thing again I was told last year when we were there to capture footage that yes that was a big thing for this next coming year was gonna be more branching options obviously things could change and that could not be a thing I mean like it doesn’t look like it from the trailer I mean like I’m pretty sure we’ll all be using Velveteen dream for the Dustin Rhodes classic and stuff like that but that’s just a little tidbit of information that I remember being told well is there last year’s and before I forget I also got this little text sheet here of some things so I thought would read this off for you guys just so you guys can get an idea to the names of the characters are red and Trey right of course from the Pokemon game and Trey as in being me to lifelong best friends who set out to fulfill their dreams together in WWE this approximately 20 hours okay so it’s 20 hours long it takes place in the near future on the day of read and traced it would be Hall of Fame induction the reminiscing with Deborah VCRs in legends and stories they tell during their Hall of Fame speech oh ok so they do their Hall of Fame speech and then it’s a flashback to their high school years of first matches and getting into the business and doing all the stuff they did around their careers ok at one point read and trade crossed to an interdimensional portal to try to find the Undertaker who hasn’t been seen in years ok that sounds awesome my career is fully voiced again this year adding different performances for 40 superstars in addition to 15 original voice acting roles interact with new voice search stars that you Ronda Rousey the new day Becky Lynch Adam Cole Belding dreamy accompanies a lot at certain points in my career the decisions you make affect the matches read and trade compete in who they team with and possibly even lead to some alternate outcomes explore different choices yeah ok so this kind of fits in with what I was told last year which was like this year is gonna be more branching options they say that all the time so we’ll see if that’s like a like an actual thing or if that’s just like blowing smoke up the ass podcasts are back this year including the buzz in Cole show featuring the return of buzz echo glad you know the podcast thing kind of takes me back to the good old days I remember some wb2k YouTube I don’t remember his name but I do remember that he had striking good looks and the voice of an angel he did a my career series where he did Cass and he did sports segments and man he was a creative genius I feel like he’s like the Picasso you know he’s like the the Michelangelo he’s like the Donatello you know I mean he’s like the Ninja Turtles of this this whole bb2k thing you know yeah I mentioned that he was handsome as hell don’t let’s look at the by the numbers we have 18 chapters a hundred total matches 2,700 lines of dialogue 900 lines of new commentary 270 cutscenes 20 hours of play time 34 goals and one bionic arm Oh Mike yeah I’d Mega Man’s in the game but thank you guys for watching I hope that you guys did enjoy remember if you did leave that thumbs up subscribe you guys are not subscribed to k22 coming you know what it is and I’ll see you guys next time so have a go at everybody suit [Music]

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