WWE 2K20 News: EASTER EGGS YOU MISSED! New BACKSTAGE UPDATED Areas, Training Facility & More!

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what is up guys welcome back to the channel in to more latest WWE 2k 20 news I said they were gonna be talking new confirmations a brand new entrance that we ended up getting of Adam Cole or some Easter eggs already and some of the things that we are yet to cover and that you might have missed from recent reveals because we got in a couple of busy days for sure before we get into it don’t you guys already know make sure to elbow drop it and make sure that those bells notifications are turned on to not miss any of the coverage nonetheless let’s get into it so start off with the obvious today WWE games ended up giving us a brand new entrance and that is for the current NXT champion Adam ko which looks really good but I do gotta ask it seems like Adam Kobe taking some extra vitamins cuz my man is swollen right now he definitely looks a bit more bulkier than last year or at least more shredded it makes me wonder if we’re gonna be seen at stuff like this for other superstars to where the models are a bit more bigger than last year I literally cannot wait to see how Kyle O’Reilly looks because last year my man was ripped going away from the viseo and actually concentrating on the audio there was some very interesting commentary line where Michael Cole saying that that is an awesome last name which Baron Saxon asked him if there’s any relationship between them two and then Michael Cole ended up by saying greatness runs in the pack so loved the fact that they actually made a reference of my Coco and Adam Cole having the same last name at least in their pro wrestling character can’t wait for WWE to just make it a real storyline next thing you know Adam cause you’re out there to smack now and Michael Kors calling him his son overall awesome reference and I love that they include those commentary lines moving on to some of the new confirmations that we got is specifically from the my career trailer as we got to see the first look of Candace larae Lita Matt Hardy Maryse Pete Don and Selena Vega as a playable character yes there were other superstars that we got to see like real Ripley and so on but this six new superstars were the newer addition to the already confirmed roster it’s also cool to see that we’re gonna be getting alternate version sir superstars like Matt Hardy and even leader would address I mean I hope that that is one of the alternator tires out of all of these confirmations definitely Selena Vega being a playable character it’s one of the highlights because she was in last year’s game but she was only a manager to add to this list WWE games is adding more roster members into their official roster reveal and two extra latest confirmations are Miriam and Matt riddle which are making their debut into the series alongside multiple others that we’ve been discussing but it’s a mother bit of confirmation throughout the MyCareer trailer we got to see a lot of arenas and interesting Easter eggs which I definitely want to discuss with you guys first off I wonder if we’re gonna be able to play in the Hall of Fame arena that we got to see that would certainly be a welcome addition taking it to real life we ended up seeing both of the protagonists from my career paying a visit to Bret Hart Hall then we got glimpses of actual training facility and I kind of mentioned this the fact that we’re getting this uppercut scene probably means that you’re gonna be training in the hard dungeon which could be one of the special arenas that we get to see this year and we got a glimpse of not just one with an academy arena and then again what really looks to be like a training facility written on the ward sets it’s not torture if you’re paying for it so clearly they paid to train us to be a pro wrestler and because we’re gonna go through it in my career I’m really hoping that just like the Indies arena from before in 2k 19 we get to play on these as well it feels so much certain that we will we also get a glimpse of once again what’s to be the boilers room which has a ring of fire and I wonder if it’s going to be interactive I hope that it is another interesting thing we got to see the broken Matt Hardy or whatever this version of him is so we’re expecting for him to open some portals for us then we got to see Kurt Angle in a suit which could mean that we might go through him as a general manager in my career we also got a look at what seems to be the cemetery arena and the male my player being laid out I really wonder how big this arena is going to be if we’re talking about a cemetery we got to see another in the arena the Winterfest the day that this is from 2015 so it’s clear that my career is gonna spam from a lot of years we got a whole new day special arena new weapons being used and the super showdown pay-per-view arena confirmed there seems to be a specific cutscene that is for contra signings which we’ve been asking for something like that for us to be able to use so I’m hoping that this is one of the many contract signings that we get and hopefully able to use outside of my career we got a 5 man entrance being confirmed so that’s gonna create for some awesome factions for us to be able to use in universe mode and I really hope that this is an option that we get based on some of the cutscenes you can see that the backstage area has changed and at least the lay down and the look of the hallway has been fully updated so that is good and last but not least some of you guys actually ended up noticing this Easter Egg and that is that Ric Flair is officially retire and he opened up a farm and he Sully’s choku Mel as you guys can see right on top of it it says nature for dairy and instead of the wool it has changed up to move you also get the vitamin A and the vitamin D that you need brother and it’s only 1% milk fat of course you could also see the male character rocking a Trish Stratus t-shirt anyways guys that is what I got for you in this video if you enjoy don’t forget to elbow drop it and hit those notifications to be fully up today on more coverage and trust me there’s a lot much more calm wind over 200,000 subscribers am I to T ow dig it you

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