WWE 2K19: Impact Wrestling – 10/08/2019

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so yeah in case you heard we’re moving Smackdown to Friday night but yes let’s get things started with fury she my versus Becky and Yasha Oh an impact is basically Smackdown in NXT talent in case you’re wondering it used to be in Xen raw but we kind of switched it around so yeah Tuesdays are going to be either impact or New Japan while Thursdays Thunder will still remain and also ROH but it’s like we change just those shows around [Applause] [Music] the following contest is scheduled for one fall all the way to the rain lightning and the prodigy the natural disasters [Applause] [Applause] this is the one this crowd has been waiting for guys tag-team action coming up I can’t wait Michael like this crowd I’ve had my eyes on this match ever since it was announced [Applause] [Applause] and their opponent the judge and King Mar City Club we’re just moments away from this huge tag-team match guys and I don’t think I’ve ever seen these four superstars more motivated than they appear to be heading into this one Michael [Applause] [Applause] everyone’s ready just like that this tag-team match is underway tag-team action in full effect guys and these superstars are about to show all you folks what it’s all about and a tie-up make no mistake about it this is all about skill determination and power [Applause] you’ve got to believe this one’s over hold that slam ah what impact oh no you didn’t yes she did baby food dag made I don’t think this is gonna be good at all this has got to be dangerous [Applause] no you did it yes she did what a stomp good grief she might have it she better do something fast she fights out but that doesn’t mean the damage wasn’t already done Michael look out look out oh great height she got it harsh impact tag made here we go Byron can only imagine what they’re looking to do here just inflicting so much damage to the body nice she goes to the cupboard digging deep for a kick-out she’s still in this one she’s beginning to take some heat here you can see her partner wants to get tagged in here she really needs to make a tag here guys there’s no way she can continue like this and expect to win the match there’s just no way well she really can’t afford to take pawned home well you know what this is you can see the confidence just beaming from her right now Wow impressive you can say that again I never thought she’d break free from that one oh man she’s rolling now in May of 2000 that’s the impact this is all but over [Applause] she’s show signs of life she’s showing a lot more than that on she gets out of the way looking a little dazed here that’s definitely not look at herself right now qahal I think only a group is treacherous as the welcoming committee could bring Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair back together Natalia’s power set the tone for the match and gave her team an advantage that was until Carmela’s overconfidence let the irish last kicker turn the tide and get back into the match and then it was elementary from there and the Irish born superstar Naomi did an excellent job of making sure any quote-unquote committee nonsense costed Rosa max1 speculation Carmela locked in the disarmer there was nothing for the Staten Island princess to do but the tap out looking for the way running dragon Rana incredible there’s a pin now the pins broken up I can’t believe it stop she’s on the defensive now I can tell you this is not how she envisioned this match going guys we won’t tell much longer she can go off he’s turning the tables hey ain’t turned yet still got some work to do she is on fire oh fuck it up getting flattened yes she’s gonna be feeling that one for a while look at the look at her eyes oh man he’s in the zone now she’s getting absolutely assaulted now [Applause] that’s all she wrote fell asleep now get off the tag there now to give you whiplash the tag team competition right now is as seated as it’s ever been since the Attitude Era everywhere you look there’s another tremendous tag team combination we know it’s coming here she better do something fast we’re looking at complete domination here she somehow breaks free but you have to water running dragon Rana and she goes for the cover one two and there’s still plenty of fight left nice kick out nice kick great elevation not every ounce of that one this could be over oh man what light drop we’ve got to cover she’s got a tremendous amount of resilience so I think she’s got some something left here the size of this girl’s part is simply immeasurable quick thinking to avoid that one not so fast beautiful technique and she’s knocked off her feet I think that was caught her by surprise Michael I bet you feel foolish riding her off now she goes for the cover – barely at two-and-a-half I can’t believe she kicked out there I think this face destroyed victory is on the horizon yeah few superstars are as acrobatic she goes for the cover – you can’t teach the type of tenacity we’re witnessing here on real wow I thought this was over go what impact tag made here the world we’re gonna see BAM Billy to going to clubs oh it’s over going all the way up she might just be running on instinct at this point go to fresh the Pens broken up I see where she’s going with this she might have it oh look at that did here this could be it she didn’t think this is the beginning of the end Michael she’s a force of nature leaving destruction in her wake which she gets in attack mode look out she’s countering nicely now yes second ago she was almost done we’re looking at fleet domination here you gotta believe this one’s over Jagr me here we go Byron can only imagine what they’re looking to do here shoulders go-to oh nasty impact this is [Music] she goes through the cover they did it Wow what a match Inuyasha take the win and here’s a look back at some of the action from the previous match she’s taking care of business highlight for one superstar low-light for another man this was great and here’s how she finished this thing here [Applause] could have gone either way there for a while that’s a big win right there anytime you can pin another WWE competitor shoulders to the mat to the three-count you should be proud Wow next up we have the knuckle Buster’s taken on Street Fighter 89 [Music] [Applause] [Applause] the following contest is scheduled for one fall on the way to the ring at a combined weight of 625 pounds Alex look graves and macho my the brain buster [Applause] as we get ready for this tag team match byron tell me who do you like in this one come on Michael you know I can’t answer that look at these teams they don’t have what it takes to be the most dominant team WWE has seen in quite some time there’s almost no way to confidently pick one over the other [Applause] [Applause] and their opponents at a combined weight of 390 pounds this smackdown Tag Team Champion God and Cody the enforcers [Applause] biron how big is this match for these two teams here tonight well Michael the tag-team division is white-hot right now so while a win will obviously be huge I can tell you that a loss would be absolutely devastating given the competition right now a loss tonight would be a huge setback [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] both legal men are in the ring and set to start things off here we’re ready to go when I think he might have it is he done Wow he got out of it yeah I’m not so sure he had it fully locked in [Applause] he’s not looking like himself here at this point it’s all about how he responds and potentially rebounds well this certainly escalated in a hurry I don’t think any of us expected to see him fall behind so quickly what a stop good grief when a superstar is in a tag-team match and has endured heavy amounts of punishment they must find a way back to their corner to tag their partner something that they have to try is doing create separation between them and their opponent that space because his superstar the ability to move and catch their breath he’s lucky banged up here guys and it looks like things are about to get even worse for you touched on this before part of a tag teams ability to be successful is their ability to endure punishment and make their way to their partner when they need to tag out one way to do that is to create a separation you spoke up so they have some space to gather themselves in time to make their way back to the corner you’re absolutely right Michael what’s the use of having a tag team partner if you’re not able to get to them when you got a tag out of the match getting that separation is key and breaking any momentum your opponent’s could have may be the difference between a win and a loss maybe even more elbow face here we go that’ll hinder your modeling career Oh are you is this really gonna happen is he done buffoon the end may be near nice shut it down and accounts broken keeping the match alive it’s not over yet what a slam roads are your spine an attack team contest a superstar and partner lock up against another duo unless there’s a special stipulation added to the match the traditional rules of a singles match apply in terms of winning the match via pinfall submission count-out or disqualification comes in off the tag debilitating elbow drop in a standard tag-team match one competitors in the ring against an opponent and their teammate is in their corner standing on the ring apron I should also point out that the competitor in the ring as far as the referee is concerned is the legal man only the legal man can attempt to score fall over an opponent or be defeated by an opponent I’m gonna lock it in here most of the truly great tag teams in sports entertainment created a double team finishing maneuver a spike piledriver from anderson and blanchard the heart attack right now michael showing off some of his speed there he’s starting to feel it here well he had the expect to take some punishment here right I mean it’d be crazy for him to think he was gonna walk away from this match completely unscathed quarry a few moments ago you mentioned some of the great tag team finishing moves in sports entertainment history don’t forget about the 3d from the Dudley Boyz so the double dropkick from the 2017 WWE Hall of Famers the rock and roll Express in tag team action like in singles competition once the dual nails their opponent with their finisher that should signal the beginning of the end it can take a long time for a tag team to decide on a double team finish [Applause] and it should be something that could be administered to any opponent that’s what a finishing move is truly effective and since we’re talking about tag teams remember you and your partner have until the referees five count to execute the movie an ax handle finds the mark we’re going to lock it in here is he done he fights his way free but how much energy did he exhaust fighting his way out [Applause] he’s looking at it oh the tide might be turning when this guy’s on look at what impact I knew is only a matter of time devastating elbow vicious right that might just be the final nail in the coffin is almost no rebounding from a strike like that [Applause] I don’t think there are two teams I’d rather see square off against each other right now this is amazing brainbuster this one is over a tap-in attempt a kick-out and you can see the frustration starting to build my head old man here he goes what slam this one’s over guys the shoulders are down the pins broken up I can’t believe it [Applause] look at that he’s got to capitalize that first impact oh hi beautiful technique I’m not sure how much he has left oh boy he is rolling [Applause] brainbuster game set match this war is over by such a tough target yes he might have it nasty truck Wow I’m just as surprised as you guys are such incredible impact he breaks the pen [Applause] no reverses it look at the height it’s starting to look bleak for now unless this thing turns around here this tag-team match is all but over sleeping with the fishes he’s got the shoulders down [Applause] this is what makes him one of the best in the business no doubt he goes that was impressive Cole a fez knee drop sheet he’s making a statement here with this attack look at the baseball slide hurricanrana nicely done oh boy he is the guys is a bullet there this could be all she wrote now victory is all he’s got him covered what a tag-team display that bastard version underneath are we doing oh I can’t believe this who can forget this he ain’t playin here no doubt about it he brought his AGame as you can see here [Applause] and Cody the shoulders were down for three and this one’s in the books hey this isn’t just about going out there and making sure everybody’s entertain you’ve got to win your matches and that’s exactly what happened here a will to win was on display what a great tag team match thanks for watching everybody coming up next we have Queen Elizabeth taken on Tifa Lockhart [Music] [Music] the following contest is scheduled for one fall making her way to the rain from washington d.c the Queen Elizabeth as we ready for singles action Byron what can you tell us about these two competitors well I can say that both of these superstars come into this match incredibly hungry to prove their dominance here tonight but as we all know only one will walk away with their arm raised in victory [Applause] [Applause] and her opponent from parts unknown Tiffany [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] ladies and gentlemen it’s now time for one on one action and Michael sounds to me like this crowd already picked the one who they want to win this match [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] sicles action is underway and in this one I wouldn’t attempt to predict what’s going to happen I just be ready for anything sometimes that’s all you can do parce impact [Applause] oh my god what an elbow bringing it back into the ring [Applause] she’s not looking good here guys man she’s got to get herself together here haha take all the wind out of you she goes for the cover with authority not yet too early nice crossbody she’s absorbing some offense here here’s what we’re going to see what she’s made of pump the brakes a bit Cole I know exactly what you’re thinking and I can tell you with all certainty she still had plenty of gas left in the tank how’s your response – this is going to be very important moving forward and Lee cannot let it take her out of her game plan big reversal for her there leapfrog drop down so that’s the impact she goes to the cupboard and she kicks out with relative ease she’s still in this one they go and she goes down hard I don’t leave a mark look out there she goes ah and she gets out of the way you can see the confident just beaming from her right now [Applause] Dodge’s that one looks like she watched a beater inside the ring very food so impressive a high-risk maneuver and alerts from that top turnbuckle going for broke you gotta believe this one’s over they had to do it she goes for the cover [Music] unbelievable this signals match is over here’s another quick look at some of the highlights look at her go and the Queen Elizabeth herself walks away with the win this was another great moment and finally [Applause] here is your winner the queen the referees three count ends this one and there’s your winner folks that’s the kind of wind that makes you feel good about yourself guys it sounds like we can all agree that was an extremely impressive win all right and no this isn’t the main event but we do have 24/7 championships I met title defense match right now we have a Shou priests taking on the current champion L blaze [Music] [Applause] [Music] the following contest is scheduled for one fall in the score the WWE non-stop championship [Applause] guys we have two of WWE’s most exciting superstars ready to square off here and there’s nothing quite like seeing two superstars settling it in the ring and one-on-one action Michael [Applause] [Applause] one on one action coming up here guys and I’m willing to bet this will be one we won’t soon forget totally agree Michael when you have two superstars as hungry as these two competing in the ring you can bet it’ll be memorable [Applause] [Applause] making his way to the ring from every man’s nightmare weighing in at 205 pounds [Applause] introducing the champion from Mexico weighing in at 154 pounds he is the WWE non-stop champion know each other [Applause] this is all the makings of a legendary night this should be an incredible matchup I mean both men of extensive offensive repertoires lasting endurance and his shoulders are down kick out have to put in a little more work than that vertical suplex nice a wonderful technique [Applause] oh man right to the our hyperextend your elbow [Applause] and look it from [Applause] going to put this thing away great agility the champion into the cutter he’s going for the pan pinning predicament a kick-out after one what a kick-out oh good god burn it Frankensteiner okay sir now that got those shoulders on the mat and the chant kicks out too soon [Applause] the challengers taking on some offense ouch he’s going to want to make sure this doesn’t snowball out of control well he had to expect to take some punishment tonight he don’t step in the ring with this guy and walk away completely unscathed you seem more motivated than ever heading into this match which makes me think he still has plenty of fight left in him for a kick-out he is not gonna go down without a fight Michael well what impact going to the top high-risk he’s playing with him now he’s close to being done here look out he’s gone he goes for the cover and the champ kicks out now in the world nobody controls the pace of a match quite like this guy faceplants he’s really looking to prove a point here kick out still too fresh oh boy he is rolling he’s looking at it but he’s got to capitalize now [Applause] cross the shoulders go what impact this just might be really be victorious and the champ kicks out just needs to do more damage [Applause] man this has been a great matchup [Applause] I knew it was only a matter of time bringing it back into the ring can he score the pen what is keeping this competitor going he needs to change something fast guys Oh turns it around and there’s a kick-out at one Wow jarring impact look at it on this Jam your leg in a bad way jam your leg in a bad way at what point because those thoughts creep in of what do I have to do to put this match to rest I don’t know I don’t know as a WWE Superstar if you ever have those thoughts of self-doubt deep trouble hair look at bust the back of the neck out when this guy’s on Lookout look at this two packs enemy hits this the runny meteora there’s no way the champ can lose now this might be it oh my the champ to the top turnbuckle Oh I can’t believe everything that’s transpired thus far it’s been so physical [Applause] here he goes that was beautiful here’s this Baltic Michael and you could put this singles batch in the books now let’s take a look back at some of the check this out I remember this part very well he’s getting after it here and this is how he ended it here is your winner WWE Champion each other talk about having to dig down deep to pick up the win you know it didn’t happen often but I can attest being pinned is humiliating what a matchup that was truly incredible [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] the following contest is scheduled for one fall on the way to the ring Wild Thing and sweetness look [Applause] [Applause] now as we have two of WWE’s most exciting teams ready to go here tonight in tag-team action and I can tell you that the entire tag-team division has eyes on this match right now that’s how big this one is [Applause] and there are common primetime and the American Dream American [Applause] ladies and gentlemen we have tag-team action coming up and given the state of the tag-team division right now and how incredibly competitive it is this match might just make or break one of these teams [Applause] [Music] this is it tag-team action underway here guys and given the athleticism of these women this one promises to be can’t-miss specifically targeting the leg oh nasty impact tying up the legs now looking for the surfboard oh my goodness this hurts here we go she’s starting to sweat a bit and she escapes the submission not a lot of people could break out of that one Michael suplex she’s on the defensive now each burner partner making a great tag team will see what they’re made up here again a tag is made here comes the double-team what do they have planned here goodness what impact there have been times in sports entertainment when unlikely duo’s have formed and over time they develop and bond and become an outstanding tag team combination the team that immediately comes to mind is the powerhouse duo of Cesaro and Sheamus after their thrilling best of seven series I wouldn’t think they’d develop into a top tag team I don’t think anyone thought Cesaro and Sheamus would develop into a premier tag team overtime the superstars realized that they were better as allies than his enemies and when they combined their incredible strength the results were something that couldn’t be ignored it was really unbelievable to witness I think we know what this is going for the big one beautiful technique she’s got a good there in order to be a premier tag team a superstar and their teammate must have that continuity with their a well-oiled machine inside the ring I’m talking about classic techniques like cutting the ring in half isolating your opponent relegating them to York here we go I knew it was only a matter of time look at that look at her go oh and she gets floored by that one yeah there’s no staying on your feet after something like that a second is all but over and you thought the first one was brutal sugars onto that now they’re not done yet not even close not yet too early he’s had enough and that’s it this one is over whatever tag-team is how the doctors of mayhem multiplies here’s the proof that’s a woman on a mission man oh man look at that almost forgot about this one she left it all in the ring and I expected nothing less here are your winners crying time and the American Dream American Wow now that’s a commanding win to get the pinfall victory over such a high quality opponent is incredibly impressive Michael folks are you just tuning in just miss one of the greatest tag-team matches I’ve seen in years all right folks coming up is the main event all right it’s time for w cruiserweight championship match it’s between Akihiko and the current champion himself skullomania [Music] [Music] the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the WWE cruiserweight championship [Applause] [Applause] get ready guys big-time singles matches coming up here but I can assure you these two superstars have been waiting all day to get their hands on each other [Applause] [Applause] we have one-on-one action on the way and this one should be nothing short of amazing I don’t doubt that for a moment Michael in fact I would go so far as to say this match might just steal the show [Applause] [Applause] introducing the Challenger from Kobe Japan weighing in at 185 pounds the bruiser introducing that champion from Japan weighing in at 136 pounds he is the WWE cruiserweight champion this is all the makings of a legendary night [Applause] [Applause] you can feel the electricity running through this arena this is going to be some battle one-on-one mano mano and man I never get tired of watching these guys compete oh what a thoughtless dirty when I strike right on the mark taking out the arm great strategy Oh huge big food [Applause] the incredible impact he’s got him covered it’s going to take more than that to keep his shoulders down yeah this early no chance you gotta believe this one’s over torturous need [Applause] wanna stomp good grief he might have it is he done any escapes this submission and good thing that could have been disastrous Irish whip [Applause] taking off his feet here and it’s moves like that that make him so dangerous vicious need Davi a vicious head crank look at the torque continuing to punish them Challenger starting to falter with East outch submission time looks like he’s starting to lose it here he works his way out a bit of a Houdini job right there harsh impact lightning-fast reflexes but what incredible power wow what a vertical suplex oh he’s able to reverse it they with the food hold on guys this isn’t good no question about it cold into a sidewalk slam Oh awesome a bad place to be for the bank move common way for look at this he let it go curious decision there Michael I think this is the beginning of the end he’s a man daily got every ounce of that one this could be over let me tell you the human body was not meant to be slim well I thought he was a goner nobody controls the pace of a match quite like this guy and that one grounds him I didn’t realize he had such a glass job he’s looking that has got to be it the cover how does he keep doing this this is amazing oh boy he is rolling he has him right where he wants him here he go the champs in a real bad place right now there’s the cover can he do it there’s the ping-pong in the victory then we have a new champion folks here’s hit it he don’t sue knowledge of the match I remember this part very well he’s getting it done here remember this and I always enjoyed watching it before here is your winner and the new WWE Champion bruiser took it to another level to gain that win I don’t make the matches but if I did I’d put them right in the real ASU for an amazing impact wrestling matches like that hopefully you join us tomorrow for connect II really hope you’ll enjoy the show as always good fight and good night see you next time [Applause] [Music]

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