WWE 205 Live 11th October 2019 Highlight HD – WWE 205 Live 10/11/2019 Highlight HD

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[Music] what would make enemy underneath their moves in the 2018 NXT live on USA to kick-off the evening we fish come back in his career last time out but they definitely avenge we said quote I’m just glad that scow rolled off his game to imagine to put it over he’s not gonna talk about it cuz he that’s the causing a championship they battled on head-to-head we saw Danny bird flood away to make your debut on the show o or on the next occasionally championship re in action oh and of course our main event so much history between those two and will signor mentally well together for the midsection for both or can adverse off is that the experienced team but for doing can be social plenty of them have most of their success like I think you look at every guy in this match I wasn’t Tony nice hitting the moonsault off he’s gonna have to do and he can do it with maneuvers like that right to the face you’ve been in the ring with Danny Danny birches known just athlete in all of Na as well and now the train kick right to the chest birch get below and oh nice and true cool a Kappa owners far away from O’Neal orchid Leo rush to make of Russia’s win people expected him to lose it but good on the run he needs of late has built all of a sudden he finds his partner cool activation to that title and now with that out of the picture tags Dulac and the elbow is the real we’re next II live on USA the mod no laughing matter for Danny birch and a great deal of pain then tag his own like Oh after losing that cruiserweight title to abound Andy Burke’s here this matchup remapped on Smackdown Women’s Champion Holly Lorcan covenant running out he stopped until he took the cruiserweight title boom and there you go now you get absolutely no doubt about as these pull divers unleash my ghoul a situation Danny Borchers legal cuts I now setting them up Burton on the one-two punch of workin and first can they get to the heart still dancin in his victory I’ll wait a minute looking for the double-team amazing here the side inside the treaty on the Vegas go Danny birds oh my god chomp headbutt hits twice as hard and I Danny perch oh dadums and walk in win again well it’s gotta be something satisfying about their throwing up the deuce I’m gonna pretend rotation on this 450 watch the knees collapse would sway the favor of mark and it holds all my littering he has lost the NXT cruiserweight championship what’s Thursday October 31st 1:00 p.m. Eastern something Isaiah for Scott intends to be on any show most champions would be but I’ll tell you one thing about the cruiserweight division it’s and he stepped up as my challenger today and he brought it to me big time and I got caught and it changes the rule then I firmly believe that I talking to lead to this moment so well worth it without his gratitude and soak in the moment could use Leo rush says I got nothing but time [Music] I mean you got the strip but the best thing about Las Vegas loser trash like you have to live here after I beat this local jabroni right here and I’ll go get the hell outta here for good he’s got the entire top floor Bay and other so many changes going on here in WWE sorry de bourree fall in all this exactly for anything else wins one two threes to recall Drake maverick his truck general manager engine his focus to whoever deserves it [Applause] and if the bar is not careful oh wait a minute all been here that hammerlock it that’s academic cuz I said it just a few minutes ago you got a win or the cruiserweight division contending watch this BAM take it as a puppy impact right here Bo Hamill area barely took his head off lies ahead for aria Davari all of the more coming Monday night so we might be out of a GM and disqualification Rick was in a match with Jack Gallaher this had been a cell do this to Jack tell her we’re doing a lack of respect but break it up that’s his always trying to peer on 205 line bell there’s some frustrations and troubled men you can see Kendrick how long has been doing this bring the I that gave him an opportunity and early no Michael McGinnis give you that too almost that radial is even out here would do it whether he would uh him taking it to Zhao on deliberate absolute Kendrick sought to sour notes absolutely Wow and a hurricane rock he’d going look at the eyes at to sit down I now oh man into the steals one more time and he has turned the tables in his favor and I can’t say to the steel stairs inside the ropes pinfall or submission only look at it Oh DDT like the mind applying Kendrick whether you believe that’s unfounded or not you deserve is coming over look this is all legal by the way he’s turning that to Paul and oh I don’t think the Oakland A’s they’re coming here to get marked up scarred up means for their integrant let’s hold on it looks like it is exactly my point if we believe necessary with accurate is our he should do and finally this is that see looking for that ball marks from the kendo stick from now punishment on Catherine and now are more chairs fulfilling you’ll see this all the time of bars of chairs center of the ring and adhered to zawa turned around what did damage to himself [Applause] pay attention to the back of your war already just idle over to Sawa and [Applause] crashing and now flying tender Spence Alex Roy Kendrick what what is he doing oh he’s gonna do it all he’s gonna drag him to our place Tedric into the cover Patrick’s got a kid suggested himself for this I went to the top turnbuckle the Train finish out of nowhere and unleashing and then they took swap to south and beaten the hell out of a white is our mismatch and Jim what is this relationship there has to be a lot more than that surely he had a plan all along tonight massive against Tazawa working for respect [Music]

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