WWE 10 October 2019 Brock Lesnar Destroyed Roman Reigns Dean Ambrose & Kofi Kingston on Smackdown

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here comes the paste [Applause] double ad heavyweight champion a four-time WWE champion fate Lesnar is a name vile vile state of mind it has been a magical ride UWE championship and it has been a press club but Kofi Kingston has legitimize his reign as beast fairy tale comes crashing to a halt tonight well WWE Champion Shambu [Applause] producing UWE championship the most coveted [Applause] of some sort that was unbelievable this is at in seconds Brock Lesnar dreams his life’s work crashing down your new WWE champions the man who Lester bowled Monday night Rey Mysterio oh my god I have never seen deer on if it’s a rogue Brock Lesnar and Velasquez is here Lester can’t believe it Lester is shot [Applause] Lester try to get away or retreat [Applause] Brock Lesnar’s in shock he cannot believe it Velasquez staring a hole through the WWE well Cain Velasquez is a true tough guy deal approving commodity and nobody knows that fact I’ve never seen fear in the eyes of the Beast incarnate his moments ago Ken Velasquez with a double leg takedown and then with treating Britt screening from Alaska honor his old rival the man who defeated him for the US and the Beast has got to deal with it big problem and his name is Cain Velasquez thank you ladies and gentlemen for joining us 3d [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh [Applause] Rock is ready for a fight course the lights are are you oh they’re intended trade Brock Lesnar he’s for the Beast [Applause] Buddha virtual champion chair feet hitting the floor introducing the Challenger [Music] [Applause] wouldn’t recommend running when rains finds himself the hunted the universal champion comes into this mess with one goal we saw at WrestleMania the question is is this rolling rains good enough to conquer the Conqueror what’s interesting about this quarry is Roman reigns has not taken his eyes off Brock Lesnar since laser walked through the curtain out on the stage the same focused Roman brought WrestleMania and we’re gonna see a familiar feeling for Rome plexus right out of the blocks any great team Lesnar just so dominating the last three hundred and ninety days of this rain drill he wanted to and win the match but that’s not what this is about – Lesnar a fourth German suplex you know I think lesser he’s ticked off tonight Corey I think he’s got something to prove he gave five F fives to Roman reigns beef lampion which oh no guys Bango action what is Lesnar willing to do tonight the rain should be on the verge of ending the night off for Lesnar Roman reigns has got to be shell-shocked he doesn’t know what hit him but Roman up yet again reigns though avoided our Superman to his knees in the corner rates for a third Leicester penny retaliate reigns hanging onto the cage hanging out of the cage able to escape to the top rope pursuing and the Beast scaling the steel and reigns back in both men top rope Oh God Misha’s elbow dropping reigns and now that does not look that chuckle of scaling to the height at the top of the cage and that allows Roman reigns to recover as they’re trying to hang on for dear life I went punching at a G head for Sanada now Brock is up top reigns has got him the power of reigns just impressive how quick Lesnar got up from that all depends on the owl if rage keeps this up it could well be her an opponent that is ready to go he’s got Lester in his sights reigns is ready intense look at his face commercial championship is on the line no one knows it doesn’t take just several good shots to take down Brock Lesnar once again looking to take Brock out using the more than your best shot I think Roman reigns understands that and roman call for the door to be open he’s got to make it through a to survive and reigns now trying to make his way through the door I’m having an advocate if they don’t pay dividends but you saw the look of disbelief on the face of the champion and on the outside and now Heyman has introduced a steel chair the women because of the smirk on Lesnar’s face he’s about to savor every second of the clunky pocket that Heyman for Spears and these two competitors are still fighting that dip now Roman with a smile across his face because he gets to inflict wouldn’t use a chair Roman reigns doesn’t either reigns has the creek been a long frustrating road for Roman reigns to get booted and ready to strike Lester back to his feet rage Superman watch people moving and Roman reigns realizes it there is no winning there is no escaping this cage is Laura picked off Roman reigns realizes that you’re both men have hit the floor but I believe Brock at home the WWE Universal champion Brock Lesnar reigns is going to be beside himself under stand ibly so but the facts are Brock Lesnar’s beat defending undisputed Universal heavyweight champion Frank’s at the champ on the ropes he may be closer to the hits paint you’re absolutely right watch body here’s another angle you can clearly see Lesnar’s beat – ruling all that’s what the official ruled whether or not Brock Lesnar is still the universal champion Mitchell made the ruling that Lesnar was out of the cage first and I’ll tell you what if I’m Roman reigns there’s some controversy here yeah we’re covers and stews over this match that’s certainly going to be one of the primary thoughts definitely a good judgment comes first I don’t think anybody’s disputing that glory and Brock is the universal champion after the ruling by the official reigns worse for wear an incredible performance by two men tonight but it ends with a spear through the cage as we pointed out it’ll be the body of Brock Lesnar that will make contact at WrestleMania Lesnar retained and again here tonight at the greatest Royal Rumble has got to be incredibly frustrating for Roman reigns reversal champion again controversy

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