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pro-wrestling is not what you think it is this is basically dance acting and live performance art mashed into one but it’s also a safe space for anyone to be themselves whatever the you want your story to be that night you go out and tell it whatever it may be I discovered professional wrestling when I was six years old my first memories the rock versus Brock Lesnar in WV and my dad was like laughing at it and he’s just like don’t this is fake don’t watch this he was upset that I enjoyed it I don’t even care if it’s fake I don’t care at all like what the hell is that I need more I put metal posts up on four sides of my trampoline me and my friends would do it I don’t think they realized that I’ve tried to make a career out of it my dad got a job at NASA and moved down with my family down to Florida after high school I found that WV hall-of-famer Scott Hall and Larry Zbyszko had a school in Orlando I’ve trained at their school for a year I was like whoa maybe this is a calling for me my dad was very upset that I spent all the money they gave me on wrestling school instead of college and he’s like what are you gonna do show up in your stupid little tights just tell him you want to be a wrestler my parents are great but they’re very very normal small town people you know you go to college you get a job you die that’s not ever been me I was very very bulimic in high school I was just like always really struggling with all kinds of things like my mental health was a mess forcing myself to go out there has actually helped long term like a lot I really want to get in the ring because I haven’t been yet that’s it okay pass me I’ll go out go for dive baseball slide out the basis of professional wrestling is good versus evil but in a modern era of wrestling you need characters that are more complex than that and maybe characters that make you question normal I am a bad guy in wrestling and I like being a bad guy in wrestling because it gives me more creativity I chose that to be how I’m gonna define myself that’s like a very major coping method for me is finding something that I’m so in love with [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] for jackson dropkicks I wanted to create a safe space for all kind of professional wrestlers yeah I did want to showcase how talented female workers are how did LGBTQ workers are and how fucking rad professional wrestling is in 2019 when you include everyone the response to last show was overwhelming the fact that there is a loving open-minded environment of fans around you supporting you and cheering you that’s like something you don’t get to experience every single day I think people were genuinely shocked by what we did people were calling us the Alice in Wonderland of pro wrestling or pro wrestling on acid and we love that and I think that the stories worth telling are fucking Brad and I don’t think they’re what anyone’s back at it to be whenever my life is living wrestling I’m very elated the whole time I have my circle of people in wrestling that I love and care about what they say and think if I get the WWE or not doesn’t really matter to me anymore because I just know at this point that I’m gonna be successful when I know that I’m on the right path I mean I’ve had over 300 matches now I am in a ring at least once a week if someone told me it was in a real job I would say I am getting paid money to go perform in front of people and do what I love and you and not to go fuck yourself [Applause] you [Music] you

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