Wrestlers That Downgraded Their Music

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[Applause] very nice what do you want to ask me how I feel huh Dan Dennett a debtor he used to do a little arm head bang to it he actually kept doing that our motion with the new song and it doesn’t go with that at all when the lights came up the old song would go [Music] he would have a sound effect for the lights that come up we need to get Baron Corbin’s lone wolf song back for the former constable [Music] they love the fucking term end of days because even on my list for worst like downgrading and downgrading and this is not pinpointing one particular song all of Wade Barrett’s songs when he was in the WWE if your if your song is end of days in it I’m out I don’t care if you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger I’m done with you [Music] marijuana’s well my Cubano well and that one was great even without words then he upgraded to my time you put the DX singer on it and then he hung out with the Motorhead guys [Music] I understand Motorhead’s legendary but it’s just it got really old really fast and let’s stop pretending that songs better than my time now since last Monday night everyone in the world has been fanned dang going god I wish Fandango became friends with Motorhead because whatever salsa song they gave Fandango after we were finding going for months was offensive it destroyed a character it destroyed a career it was the musical equivalent of Johnny Curtis having to pour milk on his head again they were looking at their Excel spreadsheet they were like here’s my list of faces here’s my list of heels we need to keep Fandango a heel what do we do give them the salsa song now I like the salsa outfit I like Rosa Mendes but it just didn’t work because we loved the Fandango shit why would you change that if you weren’t gonna do something major with it the nakamura song is what I call a tea wfs meme now in everyday conversation my brother said I don’t know who the gook rapper is I go you don’t know the tea wfs meme the guy who ruined the greatest theme song of 2016 what why would they do that this is business just put end of days [Music] I feel like I made a soul packed with gone throw dim ten years ago that I had to put this song on the downgrade of this so it’s here you’ve almost satisfied you’re dead but God don’t we love it it’s not just the chorus ladies it’s tough here something died in here something dying I love that power please where he hears something dying a few times [Music] I think originally I was like why would he even change his song but it wasn’t character change he started having voices and I said he got sleeve tattoos you can’t have sleeve tattoos and have hey nothing you can say so tell us at home which wrestlers downgraded their theme songs they called me [Music]

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