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[Music] hey everyone its jack from Quahog comm and it’s my favorite time of the week because it’s Friday it’s time to get down and it’s time to look as well at my rest of the week it’s week number 30 where is the time gone so we got various bits and pieces to look at this week some dull III stuff some new Japan stuff you know the drill it’s all the best wrestling of the week and it’s my top 10 wrestlers of the week and then at the end we’ll take a look at the league table but first let’s have a look at those honorable mentions quite a lot this week to talk about actually drew Gulick and Walter picked up big wins on 205 live on NXT UK respectively Shingo Takagi Naito cancer all the g1 lives that didn’t quite make this this but I still putting in excellent performance after excellent performance the g1 really makes it hard this time of year on wrestlers of the week and also everyone on the Dragon Gate card of the coab a world Pro Wrestling Festival which many are saying is the best show of the year so far top to bottom and I did watch it and don’t worry cuz we might see a couple of phases from that show on the top 10 itself but I couldn’t fit everyone in obviously so I’ve just wanted to give a general shout out to everybody who wrestled at the Dragon Gate Cove a world Pro Wrestling Festival arguably the pay-per-view of 2019 so far of course it was show of the year bloody último dragón showed up in Dragon Gate the reunion of people were crying number 10 this week is a man formerly known as Shane Strickland but now he goes under the name of Isaiah swerve Scot yes as I mentioned you may be more familiar with Scot as Shane Strickland and he picked up quite a few points last year on rest of the week actually thanks to his excellent run in evolve you might also be familiar with him if you were a fan of lucha underground back when that was still making wrestling shows how he was killed shot sorry to just totally break a frame there but Shane Strickland Isaiah snow squad kill shot they’re all the same person and they’re all good at rest he is good at wrestling he just he’s just one man and he’s good at Presley he’s one of the Rising Stars of NXT but this week Scott actually made an appearance in the main event of 205 live taking on drew gulick one of our honorable mentions this week and it was apprehended sailing bout actually there’s been some especially good matches on 205 live recently over the past few weeks and this one was no except there was a unique little story in place with drew guard working the hand and Scott did a great job of being a sympathetic babyface really selling the hand allowing it to affect his offense and eventually succumbing to Drew goo luck I think that was the right call as well you don’t goo luck losing or even drawing against someone even if it’s a newcomer just because he’s still pretty fresh into his run as the cruiserweight champion so well booked well executed great two or five live debut from Isaiah swerve Scott and no complaints here one point but as good as an underdog baby-faced performance as that was from Scott there was a better one this week in WWE and that came courtesy of a man known as Trent 7 on NXT UK it’s a shame to me that most people will only know Trent 7 as one half of mustache Mountain and perhaps the less acclaimed half alongside the younger and I guess more successful in the WWE sphere tyler babe but I think the Trent 7 really brings something to the table as a singles competitor as well and that was on full display at Download Festival which was many weeks ago now but they’re still doing NXT UK tapings they’re still airing the ones that they’ve shot at download it all makes sense don’t don’t worry about it 7 main evented this week’s NXT UK taking on Volta and I believe non-title action but he still took the much very very seriously this is because there was a strong storyline building up to it with Tyler bate having been recently beaten down by all the members of vaulters Imperium stable while 7 was handcuffed to the ring rope and just looked on go Tyler so you know I was proper emotionals there was like Titanic so that obviously meant that 7 was all business normally moustache won’t come out a bit like no no no no no no no or to the WV non official version of sledgehammer that see Faust knocked up for them but this time he was all business marching down to the ring and eventually just jumping voltage during his entrance with a nice low pay through the bottom and middle ropes and again like Isaiah Scott and two or five live 7 was an awesome sympathetic babyface he really took the fight to Volta as 7 often does I remember having a similar sort of March against Johnny moss for WC PW when I worked there and they were just chopping the hell out of each other they were predictably a lot of chops in this match too but eventually Balto’s put over strong by seven and mates look like an absolute beast they did the Kevin O and Sami Zayn finish with voltages powerbombing 7 again and seven gradually selling it more and more until eventually the refugees had to call off the much there was also an awesome visual on the outside of the ring with all the members of Imperium coming down and not interfering just standing guard at the bottom of the ramp just in case anyone tried to you know join in and save trans7 and it was just a great great visual so good stuff on I guess w/e second-tier programming 2 or 5 live and NXT UK now let’s move over to that show I was talking about in the honorable mentions dragon gates cove a world pro wrestling festival 2019 maybe the show of the year and let’s talk about those lads from the re d stable the stable that park is a part of they’re basically the dickheads the heels of dragon gates my number eight this week is a member of re d red big are Shimizu that’s big letter R Shimizu not awesome it’s ooh that sounds like a tech in character no no this man is a serious heavy hitting professional wrestler he doesn’t mess about with sword than that he was part of many people’s much of the event on many people’s tag team much of 2019 so far as well which was basically a three team tag-team match so we add like one member of each team in the ring at the same time it was kind of a triple threat tag team match with elimination rules as well so there were two Falls to get the victory so big I was teaming with his regular type partner ater against tribe Vanguard and Ishida and doei and basically this match was kind of a nice mixture between sensible technical wrestling on a spot fest all wrapped together and all wrestled at a frantic pace it was the very I guess pinnacle of the Dragon Gate style and honestly if I could I would have included every guy in the match on this list but it would have taken away from too many other great performances elsewhere in the wrestling world so I have decided to include big R because he was on the winning team picking up the open the twin gate championship Dragon Gate tag team titles alongside his partner and speaking of his partner let’s take a look at number seven number seven is big arse tag team partner and now also co open the twin gate champion Aitu orator I’m never quite certain where to pronounce it he looks like such a dickhead doesn’t he great stuff he’s the little man of the pairing but that doesn’t mean that he’s like a coward or anything he can wrestle his ass off as well in fact he actually picked up the winning fall for the team at the end of the March and I think pretty much this was probably the best hug team of 2019 I’ve rocked my brain trying to think of a bear one and on balance having watched it I think I do enjoy it just a smidge more than the young bucks versus the lucha brothers a double or nothing obviously I was there live for that one which helped add to the excitement and everything but even taking into account I think this tag match was probably a little bit more a little bit more I guess in line with my own tastes I like a spot fest now and then but I do enjoy good storytelling to you and I think this much may have had the double or nothing much trumped when it comes to storytelling Dave Meltzer summed it up pretty well let’s read what he had to say about it in the observer he said this was very much like a young bucks versus Pentagon in Phoenix star March but more athletically explosive yeah maybe I can see where he’s coming from harder hitting definitely less craziness and flying definitely but the conditioning of these guys was something to see even with the brakes in Attard this long full speed ahead the pace never slowed and I think that is a big reason as well why it is probably my favorite salty match of the year I’m definitely forgetting like an obvious candidate as well on like let me know if you can think of any in the comments section down below please no but six is a very handy one and not only is it one of my favorite wrestlers around today Park it’s part flash at the it’s park there but also if you look there you can see more updated pictures of big R and ater because I couldn’t find like new ones to you it’s okay that’s what that’s what the lads look like in 2019 it’s okay but Park now finds himself in a very interesting position he main evented this excellent wrestling event and basically he is no longer the open the dream gate champion he lost the tile and I think that makes him one of the most interesting wrestlers in the world today in terms of his positioning in the wide arresting landscape said the word wrestling a lot in the past few sentences haven’t I the reason why I say this is because yes while in Dragon Gate parks title reign was wonderful and served a purpose and every time Archie had was excellent including this one outside of Dragon Gate it was a bit more of a hindrance we couldn’t really see puck to his full potential personally like for example checking out matches he had on the UK scene when he came back to England after leaving Joey to be because he was driving gates top champion you knew he wasn’t gonna lose he was only gonna win or there was going to be a screwy finish of some sort he was never gonna take a pinfall or submission and that did rob a lot of his matches of a satisfying conclusion and also of course we are that hole thing with aw where he was supposed to rest the hangman page at double or nothing and then all those complications got in the way and that never happened either now that he’s not champion anymore that will hopefully give PAC a bit more free rein in the wider world of wrestling and hopefully we can see him March up against some opponents where there’s real suspense – as much as once a game because apart from the title defenses in Dragon Gate I do still feel like maybe the fact he was champion did Rob the rest of us of a little something this match was fantastic by the way every single one of his title defenses has had such a big much feel every single match feels like a boxing heavyweight clash for the top title it feels really legit especially with the national anthem is playing beforehand and everything and just his general body language and psychology and the buff but he’s a proper really good wrestler like one of the best in the world that that also helps a little bit as well number five will Osprey now right okay so Osprey out of March with his chaos stable mate and faction leader cuz it’s go corner in the g1 climax one of the matches I was most looking forward to in all of the g1 this year it was really really good it was a really good match but right and it might be surprised to hear me say this right and I would like to again clarify I thought this was a brilliant match a really really good match but melts has been saying and a few people online of it there’s been a lot of different opinions but let’s talk about melters because he’s the guy with the star ratings here you give it I think five and three-quarter stars and said it’s one of the best matches he’s ever seen I really enjoy once a game really enjoyed the match great performance by both men I didn’t think it was that that good light was really good one that it wasn’t like my favorite match of the Euro anything but I can work out if that means that I’m just a peasant who doesn’t appreciate good wrestling when I see it it’s throw me in a bit of an existential crisis guys but yet the storytelling he was spot-on the athleticism was absolutely spot-on of course and it was two of the best wrestlers in the world having a fantastic match against one another so on a positive note that’s why Ospreys got some points this week it was a wonderful March I do highly recommend you check it out I just don’t I just don’t think it was one like the best matches in the history of right I don’t know I thought was really really good really really good stuff I’m so scared he’s gonna attack me when he next sees me moving swiftly on to number four his opponent Kazuko card at the Rainmaker now a card have won the match after just a stunning sequence of counters and reversals the closing stretch and also I think there was one point where he reversed the Stormbreaker by kind of just floating out of the powerbomb set up and just landing on his feet in an unnatural way it was like he’d almost been photoshopped and just cut out and just rotated and landed on his feet sort of the sort of athleticism I guess that you don’t really often see from her Carter even though we all know he’s got it in his locker when he hits that a dropkick and everything he doesn’t like flip about or twist about in the air Murch and he did then and I was like bloody hallo Carter that’s really good stuff I mean you don’t wanna see him do it in every much because it’s not really his game but for him to bust out something like that once in a while lovely stuff but yet Okada did win the match after several rainmakers to his smaller opponent and I would have had this much right a little bit of fantasy booking going on right now I would have had this much be a time limit draw obviously I’m biased in favor of Osprey because he’s one of my favorite guys in wrestling right now but I just think that would have really added to this because every single Okada Osprey much in New Japan so far has been the same story or spray almost getting the win but a carnage is being too strong and every time Osprey has come a little bit closer but it’s the same story at the end of the day and I just think maybe if this has gone to a time in the draw bar could have led to some pretty pretty groundbreaking storytelling going forwards but that’s just nitpicking it was still a really good match Okada picked up the victory and I can’t wait for his march against Kenta I think that’s coming up tomorrow that’s gonna be pretty good stuff mr. New Japan against mr. Noah mr. Noah sounds absolute mr. Noah gonna build an ark ends ago on me but ya know mr. New Japan against mr. Noah it’s gonna be intense no.3 the new open the dream gate champion and potentially the new ace of Dragon Gate Benkei what a week for him biggest week of his career so far so Bank hey Russell Park Arnaz you’ll have worked up I now took the open the dream gate championship from him and he is now the top guy in Dragon Gate he’s the top babyface on the scene he’s vanquished path we’ll see what Park does in retaliation I guess but for now this is very much been Kay’s moment was it the best match of the week no it was one of the best matches of the week in my opinion but it was good enough at least to justify the big tile switch often if these big titles switch has happened and there’s a big shift in the landscape of the roster I think often if the match is a little bit of a disappointment then it can ruin the whole thing in this case it was easily good enough to totally justified switch Benkei was the picture-perfect resilient baby face and even though it wasn’t like an elite elite level five-star march or anything he was still very very good and a great emotional moment there was some huge spots as well for example Benkei like hey impac with a running spear through the ropes almost like biggie but maybe even more reckless in a good way Park doing a shooting star press onto a stack of chairs with Benkei trust underneath Benkei may be the signature moment of the March Benkei no selling a superplex popping up to his feet which drill him pack with the spear now that often would make me go like oh you’ve just know sold a superplex but in rare instances when the story time demands it I can forgive that sort of thing and actually it didn’t Hance the drama of the match there was a great moment in the ring afterwards as well with Bank a being surrounded by members of the roster posing with his new title and just seeming every inch the new ace of Dragon Gate which is very interesting to see given those stories and these rumors that Triple H met with Dragon Gate officials recently and if they try and break into Japan and maybe serve like an NXT Japan or something maybe they’ve got their eye on Benkei is one of their stars of the future that is wild speculation for me there but we’ll just see what happens number two jon moxley the death Rider oh my god Moxley has been on an absolute tear recently and that continued this week with two brilliant matches in the g1 one against issue II warned against Takagi I’ll talk about the tough argument first really good March both really solid guys excellent March in fact but let’s now talk about the one with issue the one with is she was such a good match maybe maybe my favorite match of the g1 so far it was a wild brawl they went in the crowd they went all around the arena they were hane each of those weapons there was a table spot there much in the ring was great as well it was stiff it was everything just imagine a Moxie versus issue much as we all were when the g1 participants were announced let’s just imagine what that much would be and imagine it being about as good as it could possibly be but what this much was it delivered on every level everyone loved their five stars from Meltzer however much stock you put in his opinion but I like the fact that machs he’s now got a 5 star match under his belt and yes fully deserved I loved it and then as much against ACOG he was good as well later on in the week also his promo stuff backstage has been excellent and hilarious and very aggressive and threatening at times he actually grabbed some reporters by the collar Jerry most recent press conference to ask them who’s gonna win the g1 and they looked genuinely terrified I dunno if they were briefed that he was going to do that actually but it all helped make his character just as compelling as it can be and it’s so refreshing to see Moxley is still at the time of recording undefeated in g1 action does this mean that he’s gonna make the final I don’t think so I still think NATO is gonna make the final and possibly meet a bushi although kenter’s looking pretty strong as well now and even though my original prediction was at bushi I’m starting to think maybe nyos gonna win the g1 I don’t think it’ll be Moxley anyway but I’d love to say it you just love to see that he’s been great so far but he hasn’t been my MVP of the g1 that honor goes to another man who we’re going to talk about right now so this week’s number one and my wrestler of the week for the second week in a row it’s none other than the stone pitbull Tom a hero ishi like Moxley he had two great g1 marches this week in fact this might have been part of the reason why they’ve eclipsed the Carter and Osprey on this list because of Carl Ross Sparrow anyhow that one match against each other whereas marks leonitia both other chance just from the way the dates lined up but with had the chance to have two excellent singles matches this week issues were against Moxley obviously and one also against set c and i to who I think will probably win the g1 now if she lost both those matches that doesn’t Meyer because there’s performances in both were absolutely spellbinding his match against Knight it was really really good sort of an archetypal g1 main event March with both guys throwing everything at each other they’re kicking out of big moves reversing stuff and eventually one of them pulling out in this case Knight so pulling out the big victory but his march against Moxley as I’ve said was something truly special the story of the match really was like a she having a dig really deep and do everything to try and put this guy away this rabid monster in front of him to the extent where he layed Moxley on a table went up to the top rope unto the diving splash to the outside through the table which is not taught mahira ishi behavior whatsoever apart from him superplex is now and then I don’t think I can record he doesn’t fly off the top rope certainly not but he did so to try and beat Moxley it wasn’t enough but even though if she’s been losing matches I still think that he’s been the MVP of the g1 so far and potentially probably even will be the MVP of it come the end of the tournament imagine if he won he’s not going to he’s never gonna win but but imagine if he did now without any further ado let’s take a look at the league table the same top three this week Osprey Tabuchi I’m GOG garner but look at Ishi storming off into fourth place Okada moves up as well after sixth place level with Volta pack moves up to 8th level with Jay white and a little bit further down as we’ll see in just a second Jon Moxley has broken into the top 25 what a year he’s having despite having a pretty torrid first half of the year until he left WWE it just shows how excellent he is when it went when the chains are off guys when the bloody chains are off thanks very much for watching and let us know what you think in the comment section down below you can follow call a holic on twitter article to holic and on facebook at 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