World Class Championship Wrestling – Boom years 1982-1986 | The Untold Story | part 2

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developed and booked by manager and behind-the-scenes booker gary hart world class most storied feud was a legendary and long-running battle between the Von Erichs and the Freebirds which began on December 25th 1982 during an NWA World title match between Kerry Von Erich and champion Ric Flair at the Reunion Arena in Dallas Texas after several of Flair’s title defenses against Kerry ended and controversy with the champion retaining the belt by various illegal means including an earlier match which involved a corrupt referee Alfred Neely the promotion had finally booked a rematch between the two in a steel cage to prevent any interference and announce a right end poll in which fans could vote for the wrestler they wanted to see serve a special referee for the match Freebird michael hayes whose popularity and wccw at this point was second only to the Von Erichs themselves was selected to officiate and his tag-team partner Terry Gordy was at ringside to guard the cage door however when Kerry refused to pin Flair following unwanted interference by Michael Hayes the Freebirds turned on von erich with Gordy slamming the door on Kerry’s head backup referee David Manning banished Hayes and Gordy to the dressing room and the match ended shortly thereafter with Flair retaining the title yet again as Manning stopped the match due to Carey’s inability to continue shortly after Gary Hart left WCCW due to money issues with Fritz the Freebirds wanted to follow suit but Hart persuaded them to stay in wccw the freebird Von Erich rivalry was one of the most violent feuds in modern day wrestling history and continued off and on for much of the decade persons Adams gorgeous Jimmy Garvin and members of gondor rock bars devastation Inc stable were also involved in the freebird Von Erich few directly or indirectly during the course of the angle the official last match between the Freebirds and the Von Erichs took place in April 1993 in Dallas so you think you’ve seen it all think again terrible [Music] three steel cages stacked 40 feet in the air mission high-risk cripple dome of Terror ultimate goal make it to the top triple drone on terror so you think you’ve seen it all well think again be a part of wrestling history is alive Buddy Roberts was involved in several conflicts in 1983 with iceman king parsons including a match from which roberts lost his hair in a hair verse hair mount despite winning the match persons who lost a match managed to grab the infamous Freebird hair cream and rub the contents onto Roberts head this prompted Roberts to wear a wig and headgear to cover his bald head but his hair grew back in his time span of six months a secondary Feud was formed between Jimmy Garvin against England’s Chris Adams Adams face Garvin for the first time on August 26 1983 at the Dallas Sportatorium both wrestling to a time limit draw afterwards both Garvin and Adams exchanged insults calling each other a coward with Adams challenging Garvin to a match on October 7th as Garvin was about to face David Von Erich which was the last match ever between the two the angle reached new heights on October 21st when Adams disguised himself as a masked Avenger and faced Garvin playing possum Adams surprised Garvin with some rustling moves and then he threw Garvin to the ropes Chris super kicked him which stunned the Sportatorium crowd afterwards he was unmasked to reveal himself as Chris Adams which proved to be a turning point in Adams tenure in world-class elevating him from mid car to main event status sunshine who used to be Garland’s valet joined Adam side two weeks later and with sunshine in his corner Adams defeated Garvin for the American title November 24th at the Reunion Arena the first of five NWA American / world-class heavyweight title reigns for the British star Adams and Garvin traded the American title on numerous occasions and engaged in mixed tag team matches involving sunshine and precious it was said to be among the first mixed tag team matches in modern wrestling history and would pave the way for future mixed tag team matches including one Adams promoted himself six years later involving two of his ex-wives Jeannie Clark and Tony Adams and his protege Steve Austin On February 10th 1984 at the height of the Von Erichs Freiberg Wars David Von Erich died from an intestinal rupture caused by a stomach ailment just after arriving in Japan for a tour for all Japan Pro Wrestling although Ric Flair asserted in his autobiography that most people in wrestling believe David died of a drug overdose with bruiser Brody flushing pills down a hotel toilet before the police arrived David’s autopsy report indicated no drugs in his system and that his death was definitely caused by acute and titus his death was front-page news in the dallas-fort Worth Metroplex triggering an area-wide outpouring of shock and grief among fans and was the beginning of the Von Erichs decline and fall his death prompted a few changes in upcoming events David’s funeral took place two days later and an estimated 5,000 fans paid tribute to the Fallen star one of the largest funeral gatherings to take place in the Metroplex at the time a February 18th 1984 telecast of world class Championship Wrestling was dedicated exclusively to the life of David Von Erich with wrestlers Michael Hayes Jimmy Garvin Harley Race Chris Adams and Ric Flair paying tribute to the Fallen Hero Bill Mercer and Mickey grant also provided footage of David’s earlier time as a high school basketball standout and had an interview with fritz Kevin and Kerry during the broadcast the Von Erichs who took David’s death extremely hard to not compete again until February 27th when they teamed with Adams to defeat butch Reed Jimmy Garvin Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy David have been seen by many in the AWA as potential world championship material according to Ric Flair David had indeed be chosen by the NWA to become the World Heavyweight Champion and flair also stated in his autobiography to be the man that had David lived he would have had the potential to be a long-term NWA champion on May 6 1984 as a tribute to his late brother Kerry Von Erich finally defeated Ric Flair after a hard-fought 14 minute battle to win the title at the first annual David Von Erich memorial parade of Champions supercard held in the Texas Stadium in Irving however because Kerry had already had a reputation within the industry for being unreliable due to substance abuse the NWA only allowed him a brief title reign he lost a belt back to Flair in Japan on May 24th in another hard-fought match the match which did not air on television initially allow world class to use an angle in which Flair cheated in the match and claimed the referee was a sumo official who did not understand the rules of pro wrestling Flair won in a clean pinfall over Kerry in fact was officiated by veteran all Japan Pro Wrestling Joe Higuchi who found David Von Erichs body the previous February and was also the one who alerted David Manning of his death afterwards Freebirds left world class in the summer of 1984 and except for a few appearances to not return full-time until December 1985 Jimmy Garvin and precious also departed WCCW during this time to join the AWA an unusual three-way feud and sued during the summer of 1984 involving killer khan originally brought in by the Freebirds and their quest to destroy the Von Erichs fighting the Freebirds and Von Erichs after Khan was bought by general skandor akbar during one match at the Sportatorium Michael Hayes and Kevin Von Erich took turns attacking Khan shoving each other away in the process [Music] [Music]

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