Witness the SHOCKING Cold Open for This Week’s IMPACT! | IMPACT Wrestling First Look Oct 11, 2019

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in fact plus experience impact wrestling like never before I need a lot of help you pretty messed up last weekend I’m here any what are you doing those company truck me how do you know like the TV told me hello if you ever need anything at all I’ll only ever be one call away and I promise like hey yo get some help last week there was a horrific accident Oh what the hell what happened to Melissa Santos was an absolute tragedy after talking to impact management they demand that I come out here and apologize and issue a statement oh boy GIH wants to his head’s on sami callihan take crown dave pressed and madmen hard sami callihan is gonna get the hell out of Las Vegas Brian you brilliant cake just threw a fan I don’t think you knew it was a fan now it’s got the more better call the lawyers here this is not good he’ll probably cages is this been arrested get in the car we’re gone Clark County Jail yes mom yes I love you I’ll keep you completely updated last week when you got hit with that bottle that wasn’t meant for you it was a freak accident I’d be lying if I didn’t say when you got hit in the head of that bottle that it felt really really good now go bailout we do it for this on October 20th its Impact Wrestling biggest pay-per-view of the year Bound for Glory live from Chicago who is gonna walk away with the impact world championship will the draw Sami Callihan fulfill his destiny or will the world champion Brian cage continue his title rain impact wrestling presents Bound for Glory live October 20th only on pay-per-view [Music] you

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