WINC Podcast (10/4): WWE SmackDown Review With Matt Morgan, Cain Velasquez debut, AEW v NXT, CM Punk

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the premiere the debut of Smackdown on Fox this is the wrestling Inc podcast I’m Glen Rubenstein and tonight oh we’ve got a panel four of us a fatal four-way myself Matt Morgan Roz Geary Michael Wiseman here to talk about Smackdown on Fox an eventful night a different night Matt Morgan to you first what did you make of WWE’s big coming-out party I’m breaking breaking news more importantly Raj Gary just concluded the rest of the podcast you guys stay no good right I loved it I thought this it had a big this deadbeat had a very big pay-per-view feel and to be fair I was in the Fox Judy it was like all damn day today here in Florida as where other former WBC Smackdown wrestlers I’ve noticed in their hometowns as well it was a very big feel something big was happening tonight on TV and once it actually aired I dug it I thought it was a good show I love their new setup by the way the new stage looks awesome and it was just humongous that that stage looks humongous it looks super big time I like tonight’s show in general though so Matt were you there you were there for wrestling reasons like they had you talking about wrestling yeah he mentioned this on the podcast the other night Raj well I thought that was for mayoral stuff I didn’t know it’s for wrestling yeah oh yeah each Friday morning though Wow – what just talked about the show hype it up who these people are why people should be watching it wow that’s really cool you know that’s very cool yes ah Raj tonight I think that for some fans myself included the ending really overshadowed a lot of what came before it not only the Cain Velasquez vs brock lesnar angle they went off the air with but in fact the Kofi Kingston squashed that wasn’t even a squash watch you throw the guy around a few times he like threw him once BAM pin done yeah sorry that that was believable that was believable yeah I don’t know I thought he I thought it made him look I thought it just undid so much of the stuff that they did with coal plant a year definitely did I mean just giving him five minutes you know and you could have taken five minutes out of the woman’s tag match just to give Kofi a little bit maybe a hope spot or something and then have Brock you know kill him but I mean just beating him like nothing I just felt all out the door for Cain Velasquez and Brock closer to have a little shake at the end yeah that’s all they cared about in that segment what Kingston look a little bit foolish you know by doing that I mean he just ran straight into it and got dropped and you’re right Raj I think the undid some of that goodwill because Kofi’s been made to look like a strong fighting champion and w/e doesn’t do that a lot with God Kofi so disappointing and they put they’ve been protecting like the trouble in paradise all year like no one has kicked out of that so to have him hit like Brock with it or something right off the bat Brock kicks out you know do something more than just just the way they did in out but I know I’m out waiting on this you guys but this is what I told you this is why Brock is not good for this company I don’t it’s insanity what I just said he’s a draw people want to see him I get it but for everybody else in that roster he is not good news and let me make a comparison imagine if at WrestleMania in the main event right tonight was as big felt as big as WrestleMania the attention on it right imagine if Becky Lynch came out there with Ronda Rousey and Ronda did to Becky what rock did to Kofi and then Chris cyborg showed up at the end people would have been throwing whit they would have lit their garbage on fire and thrown it in the ring yeah yeah but yeah cope he’s not exactly Becky but I mean he has you know he has become one of the top guys on Smackdown the difference is I think though you know w/e sees this as a more mainstream opportunity right Cain Velasquez much like they saw Ronda Rousey as being that kind of bridge to UFC but also now with the partnership with Fox it’s even more important they have guys like penises on them and so from a business standpoint you know from a wrestling standpoint I hate it but for me from a business standpoint we don’t know how this is gonna play yet honestly that was that was exactly how it should have played out if we’re talking business and we’re talking mainstream and we’re talking all these mainstream eyes are on this network right tonight that was a big deal that was also a big deal with Tyson Fury that was awesome I thought if your I love Tyson Fury yeah carick pointing out that he’s saying all this does is say the UFC guys are the real fighters our town sucks wouldn’t you did kind of feel like that they kind of are the real fighters so here’s a question of what Fox wants right it’s that this ending of it and I think what they run the risk of is if they turn off enough hardcore fans look at the competitive landscape right now look at the fact you’ve got wrestling every freaking night of the week it feels like there are so many options you’ve got Friday nights when some people have other options and opportunities for what they can do this isn’t like a Monday or a Wednesday what I’m saying was they’re not going anywhere going anywhere they’re sitting home watching Fox know he spanked and they’ll ask for another one the courts aren’t going anywhere we’ve proven it already they’ve given us craptastic television for how many years before they finally started pushing these younger guys that’s violence and the shields and the Daniel Bryan’s and the punks before that when Sheamus was like the next up-and-coming new town that was one who’s at its worst in my opinion and they kept feeding it to us and nobody was leaving the Corvette and that’s what they were calling you and they were saying him out when you want to come back to the WWE yeah we’re good I thought it’d be a smart move to be loyal to Dixie Carter but no I think it’s a risk though because they need to deliver a number bigger than what they’ve been doing on USA and to do that it’s the trade-off are they gonna get more casuals more newcomers then they’re gonna get people that perhaps don’t tune in next week right do what Mike will do you think so I I think so and this is the Fox partnership again at play you talked about Matt you’re doing studio time at local Fox affiliates happening all over the United States right now I was at lunch they had Fox in the TV and they were playing a video package from the Performance Center they’re drawing into a specific crowd that is more likely to tune back into a w/e product than what I think aw is drawn by being on TNT and and yes a very great audience they had early in the week right but it’s a different kind of audience as has been proven by the kinds of w/e pay-per-view buys versus aw Dubai’s and so on and so forth so I think they’re trying to appeal to a different demographic yeah I have to say I thought it was a fantastic show up until then me too I loved it yeah you know I mean I thought originally you know I thought this show is gonna do four point five two five million viewers because I thought they would have Undertaker and sting all throughout the show you know like packing it with legends and and they didn’t do that I don’t think the ratings gonna be as as that high now I think it’s more probably more than the four million three and a half to four million range but I think it’s better I think it’s better not to show all the old guys as the top stars you did that what you can find you had the rock which I felt like they should I held that off too later in the show I don’t see why they throw it early on and then people just too now but um you know and then the rest is show it was the young talent that that got the the spotlight so I thought that was way better I like that they’re in even Schoeneck Man segment was great when I was I actually like that I hate that storyline but I liked that yeah the only thing I mean if I’m if I’m nitpicking the only thing I would say is that the Roman rowing match went a little too long I thought I thought they could have cut away from that added to the Brock and Kofi match but that was that was about it I thought it was a very fast-paced easy flowing it should look great the set was awesome it was it was a good show and say what you will to w we went with their very first match on Smackdown on Fox was there women’s tag match featuring the four horsewomen so I thought that was a really cool thing too that they opened up with the women’s match that’s very strong it is I like they they didn’t harp on it like they’re not like the first-ever sports matches of women’s match you know when you do this history it undercuts it it could be says this is a gimmick we’re doing this for yay Pat us on the back instead of ya know this is the norm now this is a normal bleep this is right hey hey e w same thing the first match with Kody and Sammy Guevara the the referee was a woman and they didn’t harp on that they didn’t say anything it was just it was just there so I I prefer it that way it I think it makes it seem you’re more in tune and in touch yes he does have a habit of / promoting their own trying to reach out and do community service and work with all these different nonprofits and so I’m glad that again it doesn’t feel or PC corporate talk it was just that actual thing that happened right they resisted yeah yeah so tonight did open with Becky Lynch the first performer for super star we saw come out into the ring for Smackdown on Fox she was interrupted by Baron Corbin and they were both interrupted by the rock a pretty good promo face-off I think the rock put there and over a little bit while cutting him down massively giving him the new STD Chan that we’re gonna be seeing and I’m sure the weeks to come Matt what do you think about this decision that Brock our that part me that Marin that Barron and Becky are the new talents WWE wanted front center tonight for that segment good good that says great use of Baron Corbin Baron Corbin held his own I thought too by the way it’s fantastic dude what the hell like we were just clowning him with me what he was wearing for a you know how long ago about six months ago I think and then I’m not joking it seems like right after that literally like two weeks after that this dude comes into his own starts getting better in the ring his promos we had always been improving they still are he’s awesome but his heat is just out of this galaxy goodie and it brings us it in tonight he looked he look like a huge star he belongs out there with him and it looked the part I didn’t think I’d be saying this but anytime soon but corporates got an entertaining like he is he is entertaining that for a while it was just like I want to change the channel but I got to keep watching this and but he is he’s gotten good a rock had some great lines he called he said the Baron Corbin looked like a broke-ass burger quick King on crack and and with the cape and Crown he said that Baron Corbin dresses like a 34 year old 35 year old virgin at Comic Con so I’m sure the comic-con crowd wasn’t too happy about that but looks part of the comic-con crowd there now right he can get away with it because he’s beloved by all fans and in every joke he makes his funny this is delivery yeah you know Cedric said that it wouldn’t be that be funny I see some people online decrying the fact that our new crowned King of the Ring is already kind of being put down so quickly on the biggest show of the year for Smackdown WI but it’s different I think to your point Matt to your poi Rhys he’s so entertaining right now he’s drawing that kind of heat you want for a guy like that in that position he’s getting the right reaction and so I think it plays into his character so I think it takes nothing away from him because his ability to be entertaining in this role overcomes being put down by the rock and it’s the rock I mean you could just share ring with the rock that just does something for you even if he gives you a rock bottom you know yeah yeah I mean I think it would be cool if someone got to you know put the rock down or lay him out you know that would be cool it would get a ton of heat on someone if you did that with a gosh you know I adore last time I remember seeing it was Punk hit him with GTS and I remember like wow that was pretty freakin big they just let him do that alright but they had a program like they were actually wrestling but but for his special appearances yeah but um the I mean the rock you can’t I mean he’s always entertaining this segment was just it was awesome Becky got the rub the probably the only probably when rock is in there even with Becky is that the rock is just so charismatic that no one is even close and and Becky just you know it’s not you know it’s not even close but that’s the thing I mean nobody can expect to be I would argue okay I’m saying this although Steve Austin in there nobody is and so reckless to everybody she yeah up he’s that he’s that that’s why he’s most electrifying man in sports-entertainment that’s sound corny and Hollywood she I thought held her own better than most have yeah tonight thought she was a better dance partner for him than a lot of people they put him in segments with definitely and I think that’s a testament to that they have elevated her I feel like you know there was that period where we all felt like Becky was the champ and she wasn’t quite the champ we wanted her to be like she was bringing it but they didn’t put her in the right spot and she feud with Lacey Evans and it was kind of weird and I think since then and since they broke her away from Seth they’ve done some really smart things with her and made her look really good and even stuff like she was on the show with Stone Cold Steve Austin in a matter of a couple of weeks she’s spent time on TV with Austin on TV with the rock and I think she looks as big I would say maybe as she has in a year yeah yeah the stuff was Seth killed her and killed him even whereas I would argue but yeah she’s back she’s I mean she’s the the female face of SmackDown if she does not get drafted there I mean I would bet a considerable amount of money bitch she is on Smackdown for the foreseeable future given how much they believe in her you don’t give somebody that spot tonight unless you’re invested in them to open the show so we went from that opening segment into Sasha banks and Bailey vs. Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch um most of these matches were pretty fast paced tonight I thought this one was a good showcase Matt what did you think of this good good show exactly just that good showcase everyone get in there bleep and if you will and just that it’s exposing them to a new audience yeah it’s really cool today at the Fox studio way they do a go trivia game with pictures we had a like and it was a picture of Charlotte Flair like doing a moonsault off the top rope and like the hosts who don’t watch her ass like oh is that that’s where that’s where Claire’s daughter like they don’t ever watch and it was interesting to hear their take I like who was who what was what they had no clue about anything yeah Charlotte Flair and so it I think having her out there again she continues to be and then we talk about Becky we talked about Sasha’s new gimmick quit stealing my blueprint other other and Bailey making this heel turn right but at the end of the day I just think Charlotte is still a head and shoulders above them all um ROG how much money would you bet that Charlotte goes to Smackdown I mean that makes all the sense to me and I think Sasha should have gotten the win here unless she’s winning the title I mean she’s challenging for the title this Sunday we have three three matches announced so far four held in the cell with the pay-per-view Sunday by the way she’s gonna losing it all right he Sasha yeah I mean she’s kind of been getting you know the lower you know the lower hand I guess and all these exchanges the past few weeks either she’s winning but Becky does seem like she has some steam I don’t know if it’s no the right time or you’re kind of not burying Sasha but you’re not taking advantage of her yes whatever you want to call I’d say edginess I thought she was pretty edgy what she came she’s come back yeah they’ve it she’s cooled off and Deborah W has a bad habit to do with that and if you don’t want to cool off on her if she was coming off as a star and her and Becky the two biggest stars right now and to just beat her at Hell in the cell I think it hurts her a lot more than her Becky and I think you could keep Becky and Sasha going if Sasha wins mm-hmm I think there was a chance for her to win the title last month at clash of Champions right cuz it seemed like coming back real hot she gets the win it cements her as being back and I think it’s finally didn’t because of the way that match played out being fought across the arena so not a problem with that but Roger right she’s got a win Sunday because you can’t bring somebody back with that much momentum and not give them that kind of comeuppance moment and I think honestly we’re talking about Becky being so great right now but I think now’s the time throw there a roadblock in her way right like we all are behind Becky but give her something to fight for and Sasha banks even if she doesn’t win it back from Sasha Sasha wins the title on Sunday and carries it on for the next couple of months and they continue this feud I think it would be good for Becky as well well the math makes sense so Charlotte tapped out Bayley tonight to win this they were talking about her perhaps earning another opportunity at the SmackDown Women’s Championship I could see that getting added to the card if not at Helenus hell maybe next Friday on Smackdown that gets added Charlotte gets the title Becky moves over to SmackDown after losing the raw title and we got a pretty good storyline right there between Charlotte and Becky yeah between Charlotte and Becky on Smackdown I know but think about what you just said though matters no no I love that yeah and ending tonight the ending tonight makes me think even more that Fox sees this as really Sports emphasized in the sports entertainment they want athleticism they want credible competitors Charlotte versus Becky is the most athletic female match come on definitely that for sure and I love why I told you guys I’d watch that match 900 times in a row I don’t know if everybody else would I don’t know yeah they just got out of storyline together I also think you run the risk right now too of w/e putting all of its emphasis on the four horsewomen and rightfully deserve it for those or but also the rest of the division exists and there’s a lot of great talent out there and I want to see that brought to the fourth I mean you have the women’s Tag Team Championships you should have some other feuds in there let’s bring that up a little bit don’t you think that happens though if that happens and she goes to SmackDown you now have Becky and Flair on smack that row is now opened up so I can run that place you know who else does she have it lacy scaly turns face again yeah did she get one roughshod over everybody she might even be a face we don’t even know I was gonna say the way they haven’t fully turned Bailey makes me think that’s the plan right because she’s not very HeLa still for a heel and why wouldn’t you turn somebody full if you’re gonna turn him right back I think it’s a lot of great talent too I mean you talked about in Berman has been on and off the main roster scene for a hot minute and I think she’s great I think Oscar right I know deputy Louise never really wanted to double down on her and her line I don’t know why and and she I mean they literally took the title from her a week before mania this year and it broke my heart but she’s fantastic as well and I think she brings in a different kind of you know a different a different kind of persona that we we don’t have and he’s charismatic so much broma time she doesn’t speak very good English but she’s still crazily famous Kyra saying oh yeah you know I mean she’s someone that hasn’t gotten you know a real chance yet at all and so and she’s got a very cool sympathetic character she’s just a natural babyface who Jeff Hardy she’s a Jeff Hardy babyface to achieve totally let’s take a moment thank the sponsor of this episode which is aew all elite Wrestling the revolution continues with all their uh part of me let’s do another take of that Wednesday’s on TNT the revolution continues with all elite wrestling dynamite it’s the most exciting professional wrestling in the last decade made pro wrestling fans by the wrestlers themselves eight WUF oz higher hits harder and with their all inclusive roster of superstars they’re breaking all boundaries this week it’s the opening round of the tag team tournament with the young bucks against private party live from Boston all elite wrestling dynamite aew Wednesdays 8:00 p.m. Eastern 7:00 p.m. central on TNT and of course it also runs on a 8 p.m. on the west coast if your cable provider or satellite a streaming service does not carry the feed live Matt aw this past week are you looking forward to the tag tournament coming up hell yeah a private party versus the Bucs it’s gonna be great dude I wish I was on the first show like that that’s gonna be amazing that’s gonna be an amazing tag match and those guy private party this is gonna be a making a very big making match for them yeah Raj what are you looking forward to on on this next episode we’re gonna see the fallout from the heal stable that emerged with Jericho and his team at the end of the last the first episode yeah and also just announced today it’s gonna be Sammy Guevara and Chris Jericho versus Dustin Rhodes and hangman Paige oh wow so you know that’ll be awesome Chris Jericho in action again so I mean that’ll be really good at young bucks there first and not singles but their first tag match you know without the the six-man tag that I’ll be exciting the tag you know the tag to be the tag tournament moving on so it’ll be a it’ll be a loaded show absolutely IEW all elite wrestling dynamite Wednesdays 8:00 p.m. 7:00 central only on TNT and this week the young bucks against private party live from Boston Wednesday is 8:00 p.m. 7:00 central on TNT and we thank them for sponsoring the wrestling and quad cast back to tonight interesting online people were talking about this going along with the sports feel Erin Andrews got a lot of screen time tonight yeah she was awesome she yes you could have gotten a better mainstream you know host Koho former host you know to come out there and do an amazing job the way she just did you talk about wrestling to you know who is really good did you guys watch the blue carpet yes the the blonde lady she works for Fox she was kind of go beetle no she like was talking to the Bella Twins if someone in the chat knows please throw her up but she was just a natural she reminded me of like Cathy Kelly Renee young I mean she was uh she was just a natural she was awesome in the presentation tonight I mean let’s talk about this the presentation tonight made Raw on USA look like smackdown on UPN I mean those sets tonight the pyro the entrances first thing my wife said she goes how do you think USA is gonna take this I was like USA look good to with the new set it didn’t look good gate boarding ramp charissa Thompson that people are saying yes that’s who it was charissa Thompson andhe on the blue carpet she was she was amazing but um I mean I like that the sets look different you know in the past they have basically the same exact set and then they one is blue and one is red so I like that they look different I think they both look good but yes Mac town does look better and it should I think that Ross set was interesting you mentioned the skateboard design right that skateboard design is something they haven’t done before that kind of roll over the front that waterfall was cool but what I also know some Monday night was some of the guys when they would come out especially the bigger guys they kind of made that set look small by comparison I felt like like tonight’s set felt big and when you saw and rains the mountain the pyro hit it felt like a big event and I honestly felt like Ross set was still unique and I think that was cool but I did feel like it felt a little bit tinier than what we typically get from a Ross I don’t know if it’s just the screen was lower or what that was but did you notice during rains entrance the angle they played it on for real quick as he’s walking oh it kind of looked 3d ish yeah yeah hmm I don’t know I thought it looked very different it like they were trying to go for three I don’t know they definitely use some new camera angles I noticed it there and a few other times with the show to kind of give this show a more dynamic feel than what you you kind of can get with some things and I thought that was cool I mean they even brought into 3d graphics they used for pay-per-views which which was neat if I’m NBCUniversal I was on the phone tonight saying we are going to have an All Hands meeting midnight Eastern time tonight with the raw production team saying what can we do Monday to not look like a High School Musical compared to Barbie but outside of the set in the stage the show you know after the beginning was still kind of it’s the usual dub w/e show right it didn’t feel different the booking felt the same no they were took the did you see the Shane McMahon and what Kevin Islands went to commercial break and they came back when they did they put it back up on the screen shane mcmahon vs kevin owens that’s nick right right so yeah so the graphics and stuff came from you know they’ve changed that a little bit but as far as making one of the younger talent looked like a superstar and like really doing that push for one of the younger you know what i mean like the problems that have been playing oh yeah yeah it looks great you know they’ve upgraded their look and everything else but outside of that the flow of the show how it’s booked that all that was still regular smackdown for people who are expecting a big change on that front we didn’t see it tonight well and especially in the wrestling side of things right they didn’t mean you talked about we talked with the women’s match earlier there was a lot of wrestling in that but the Roman reigns Eric Rowan was yeah it was a wrestling match but they kind of were fighting outside a lot a lot of interference and so if you’re looking for a more what we would call I don’t know pure wrestling product say whatever you will about that you definitely didn’t get that here tonight you got more to your point typical w/e style booking typical to every style matches good high-energy stuff and I thought it played well on TV tonight but yet nothing dramatically different yeah in week four it’s gonna be kind of the same Smackdown just with a facelift pacing though tonight I liked that nothing went on or most of it didn’t go on longer than it needed to tonight very fast-paced I thought Rowan versus Roman did that did go longer but aside from that though I think that they didn’t have a point they didn’t have time to do it are we going where are we we are at Shinsegae Nakamura with Sami Zayn versus Seth Rollins now there was a firefly funhouse before this match and the fiend in interrupt and attack Seth what did you think of the the Fox crowd this mainstream audience their introduction to Wyatt tonight good you didn’t think it was good I didn’t think it was the best fire five fun house but for me he should have been you should just riche own the the pull up your pants and do the muscle man dance one again I think that’s the gold standard for fire five fun houses yeah because I’m really jazzed for Hell in a Cell when he does the muscle man I tell you there’s a there’s a picture on Twitter of the Fox executives at ringside when this was happening and that’s just like so confused the attack was cool yeah look like a dope by night looking behind him you know he’s that the it’s exactly in the happening Lawler just turn around don’t just be staring at the ring just turn around look behind you for a second I’m I’m worried that they’re gonna have Seth beat brave because Seth has looks so weak the the last month he’s just been beaten that every turn that just how dub dubby does things hey mom you’re freaking money I don’t think it makes any sense in the world but I agree why it’s shoulders are gonna be pinned to the mat for three seconds is what you’re saying I hope not but I’m worried that they might do it because of just how bad seth has looked they made him look well they might not okay I could see them doing something where they end the show with some kind of confusion something happens somebody comes out and it everything I don’t know something we activate if he does you know Cain Velasquez comes out and attacks the fiend nobody attacks defeated me hottest being on that damn show that brand they can not know look if I if I’m booking it brave beats him in and I semi squash you know I don’t know if you’ve heard us talk about this before on the go but like I was saying they should not have booked this with bright brain should not be anywhere near the World Championship not good enough because it doesn’t fit his character it doesn’t do anything for him whatsoever is he gonna wear the title see I’ll throw it over your shoulder what the hell’s he gonna do with it it’s gonna look stupid and England sense take some it takes to another L more importantly as well this is not this is where they booked themselves in two corners Allah Sasha versus Becky as well those two should have been touching that early either yeah I mean I think I yeah I think it’s an interesting take mat it and him what is a guy like the feedlot has even won a championship right the golf chaos like I’m saying that bigger than that title I think yeah he just lays a Keith this persona that kind of I think it’s bigger than the show I think you’re right even you could play it where he wins the title and whatever he’s Bray Wyatt being giddy going on a weird weather segments he has it and then when he’s the fiend he doesn’t I could see that working mm-hmm with any Bray well yeah you know just a Bray happy firefly funhouse guy he’s got it but then I see a fighting champion you know I know I think it’s a thing he needs to torch it is death I don’t think it matters for Seth I think seth has been so a giddy gee golly whiz guys that b2b we’re so great I think if he loses it’s fine but yeah the feed is a weird choice to be champion okay do you guys remember that John Cena Brock Lesnar match at SummerSlam were just destroyed for 20 minutes that’s what they should do this Sunday with it was a great way he was like out there like that same night he was like alright I’m taking some time off and the next I he was back on Raw yes but I think that would be a powerful way for Brady win just kill him for 20 minutes and then pin him oh yeah let’s see yeah so we got the ladder match tonight Kevin Owens versus Shane McMahon loser leaves town or loser leaves WWE I’m still not convinced we’ve seen the end of this say what happen well Kevin Owens won he got on the I got on the ladder got the briefcase Shane I gotta go props he that was the best coast-to-coast he’s done as far as hitting the distance you look bigger than night I don’t have you guys caught his body he looked well maybe Shane’s going to NXT now you know he’s gonna be off Smackdown he looked I means there is noticeably like 5 pounds of muscle game like I’m not exaggerating he’s been pretty big fro I mean he’s uh he’s pretty jacked maybe the network did something much bigger don’t sell a short Glen that was his patented coast to coast yeah but no because normally they have to trick it with the camera he doesn’t get that last 2 or 3 sometimes but tonight that’s a bump that is it oh yeah popping way to happen also I didn’t like the timing on the commercial breaks that’s on the guys in that ring too I’m surprised they went to commercial break right after Shane hit the top rope to the outside you know elbow drop through the table spot the best part of that is not really the elbow drop it’s always the fans reaction to it and they couldn’t get any fans reaction to because they break the commercial break as soon as he hit it and then they come back from commercial break and next thing you know Kevin Owens is on the top rope jumping onto the outside ladder as Shane was prone laying on and busted ladder in half right Michael Cole’s really quick excuse was we’re back from commercial breaking I can’t believe Kevin Owens is back up commercial break has is you know we went to commercial break now for almost seven minutes Kevin you know say something so that elbow that Shane’s through meant something you know and I mean that Kevin had to dig deep to come back or is that instead it was just like Kevin Owens is back up on his feet and jumping off the top rope with his flying wheel on go through the freaking you know Shane on the ladder there that was a nasty bump yeah they threw a lot in this match every Shane hit that the elbow from the top rope to the outside on the table this was a really quick did you see the fans reaction to that the the frog splash dude ashamed of the through the ladder oh that chemica yeah man jury actually great camera shots w he’s been getting of the fans giving legit reactions yeah I mean this was a fun match it was uh was everything you’d want it to be and it wasn’t too long it didn’t drag Shane look good Kevin Owens look good and the right person one very big commercial break but yeah but it was it was it was fast paced and they hit all their big spots – so you if you’re a casual fan you tuned in you’re like holy crap wrestling’s awesome right yeah yeah I thought all in all that was an OK match so yes Shane Kevin Owens fired Shane at the end of that over to stunner dropped him oh the ring we’ll see we’ll see if Shane shows up Friday on next week’s SmackDown or maybe Monday on Raw or maybe he wrestles in the next email future NXT champion Shane McMahon hey it could happen I think they’ll probably keep them off TV for a while I think they’re gonna respect the respect the step since is since it is Fox and I think they want to make sure it means something so tonight being the debut on Fox oh no no local enhancement talent for braun strowman instead we get braun strowman the MS and heavy machinery versus Dolph Ziggler Robert Roode Randy Orton and AJ Styles now everybody hit their finisher it seemed like in this match but this was really about Braun getting into it in the audience with Tyson Fury and getting a definitive win scooping up Ziggler for the power slam a power slam at the end there I see well I didn’t like bending with came glass because I thought the Tyson Fury thing like that I’m all about that the exhibition match with those two Tyson Fury is the one who sold that angle by the way it wasn’t Braun Braun yeah goofy huh I find a lot like fake laugh thing was I don’t want to see that I want to see the monster pissed off that just another monster standing across from him and calling him out Tyson Fury is money it is yeah I mean he was a natural out there I mean he looked great he looked I mean the thing I like about Braun kind of laughing it off is it made it look more real like it looked more shoe dish like it didn’t seem as like they’re working an angle like Tyson Fury legit got pissed and bran is just trying to play it off cuz he knows you’re not supposed to you know he can’t attack a celebrity you know like in in real life that’s probably what would happen is that he would you know he’s not gonna get in a celebrity’s face you know his fence would be pissed so I mean isn’t braun strowman’s still is he he’s still a decent guy in our minds but he can’t look like a jerk he just because he kind of gotten Tyson Fury space first yeah right Dagon eyes it was also the production moment here too that thought was great was the ringside security Saluda to fury I mean they were just on top of him in a matter of seconds and it made it look super dramatic and he’s sitting there fighting through 20 guys trying to get that was a really cool moment too and I think sold to your point Matt the intensity of what fury was bringing to the table there yeah a kind of mind me of Lawrence Taylor and Bam Bam Bigelow you remember that angle when he secured he just swarmed it and it just made it look so real because of it what I liked about this and it kind of proves the point that you know with with Brock and Kane you need a title in this they could do this match at crown jewel Tyson versus braun strowman huge payday WWE get everything they wanted out of it you don’t need to have a belt involved in something right you don’t yeah but Tyson he could he could I mean he looks more like a wrestler than came Velasquez I mean Cain is a legit bad dude well but but as far as you know in wrestling a lot of times that doesn’t matter Haku was probably the baddest guy ever in the biz but you know he had a you know a ceiling he even came through tainment I’m sorry yeah it’s not even close so he’s gonna show you I think Gary brings that just off of his size in his presence and he made me go back to loving about look watching boxing again he’s why I went back not Deonte Walter yeah he was I was like this dude’s promos are freaking awesome he’s got charisma he just gets it and that’s the thing I am not against bringing in other athletes I’d win the fridge showed up in WWF back in the day yeah like I’m not against that it’s it’s to be very clear of my critique of the ending of this show it’s about just doing away with all of the goodwill and and credit that you’ve built the equity you’ve built in your champion and what they did with Kofi that’s the issue we’ll get to that yeah oh the fridge the fridge I still think well what do you guys think it was the best celebrity involvement in wrestling for me it’s either mr. T or Mike Tyson but that might be too it has to be it has to be knows it has to be me it was mr. t but the fridge pulling Big John Studd over the top row was huge yeah I mean aside from the obvious and drew Carey I have to go you know I mean Jay Leno Dennis Rodman oh the list goes on and on no I think mr. t mr. t absolutely belongs in that ring looked the part elevated it but in a non wrestling world definitely Cyndi Lauper still since he loved her you’re a scoff at Cindy operator do it Michael Michaels too young to realize this Michael the reason why we watch wrestling what did we determine what it was Roger was 30 33 percent was cyndi lauper the reason why in the 80’s wrestling became some whose rock III it was Cyndi Lauper and I can’t remember what the other third was mr. t mr. t there you go oh the mr. mr. t was in rock III so it’s a little kind of yeah that’s a twofer what about you Michael Oh favorite athlete of all time you know did an article on this I’m kind of member some of the the names I put on that article a few months back you know that I won’t see my favorite but one of the my earlier memories is a butter bean and I was younger yeah yeah yeah right whole thing he did with Marco and I just thought that was as a younger younger kid at the time it was like oh this is cool like this these worlds collide kind of thing yeah did you see Mark Murrow yeah Marc Mero Marc Mero I don’t know like Jim need heart we don’t pronounce names correctly on this podcast me magic sound like it’s fading yeah yeah recap this someone’s gonna use this to cite on the Wikipedia that here’s proof here’s verification honestly the reason is gross over athlete of all time they’re right let’s just call like it is Mark Henry right he’s one of the greatest ready cuz leave me get a long career in wrestling world Strongest Man it’s hard to find I mean that kind of crossover happen we’ll get to more about this in a minute what Cain Velasquez but that’s something take something special to be your champion you’re forgetting Brock Lesnar Oh her by far is this jury still out jury’s still out almost third angle though Kurt Angle Ken Shamrock could have been yeah yeah he still can’t be still wrestling never know he was so good they were pushing him over the rock if you remember oh yeah he’d beat there he was beating the rock most of their matches so yeah braun strowman when that’s night got into it with tyson farriers broken up backstage it’s a 24/7 championship this should have been the turn where we knew maybe something’s amiss with this Fox interference DJ marshmallow pinned Carmela for the 24/7 this this this is when they need to pull the reins in this is what I’m talking about this is the crap I couldn’t explain this to a man-shaped fan could you Oh DJ blue nobody know that is I don’t know I’m the mask singer this week they were guessing him a lot he’s been a frequent guess you know when people were trying to guess who that’s the first time I ever heard a DJ marshmallow I had no clue yeah I think to like you know twenty-four seven titles been used in this capacity for so long that I think the gimmick of seeing a mainstream celebrity win it they’ve done that already and I don’t think it added that much to aim higher they have if you freakin marshmallow if you can have a celebrity in it have it be a celebrity someone that be below the biggest star you can get when you’re in Los Angeles all day not shooting live pre-taping something backstage if DJ marshmallow is the biggest name you can book resign just resign from your job get in new industries take up farming you’re not cut out as a producer or Talent take up far be the ultimate insult if you’re no good at your job go be up we need more farmers Glen come on dude I’m just saying you’re in the wrong line of work you could have gone out on the street corner in LA in the middle of the day and found a bigger celebrity than DJ marshmallow I mean you also had Kurt Angle Mick Foley etrian oddysey deejay marshmallow if you’re listening we’re sorry marshmallow I’ve never heard your music I’m sure it’s great I mean you’re no Dolly Parton but who are you yeah but you’re not that you’re not even you’re not even the most famous DJ that wears a mask deadmau5 is way more popular and way more well-known hashtag take it home Glenn this is Fox this is my beloved Fox the home to married with children the home to my beloved 21 Jump Street the home to the adventures of beans Baxter the whole Claire Wolcott II but home to the x-files the home just terminator there Sarah Connor Chronicles the home to Family Guy the home to undeclared the home to rock live are you looking at Wikipedia right now see how many I can keep naming the home do in living color alright alright we’ve got a lot to still get it watches gentlemen anyhow um lumberjack match eric rowan vs roman reigns credit to the WWE in treating tonight like mania and getting all the talent out there i have to say that was cool to get as many guys on camera as possible there yeah that’s the WrestleMania motif right put all the guys in that we’re gonna lumberjack matches multi-man matches five on five yeah it’s cool for a night but you can’t do it every week yeah you just know who’s not important by a lumberjack right grizzly yes that’s all it says I remember like they had something like that when I was in Smackdown it was a stone cold and when Brock were kind of going at it setting up Brock versus Goldberg for Wrestlemania 20 Brock stole his four-wheeler oh yeah right Cole came a guy like that to get it back or whatever and then the whole Smackdown locker room like lined up at the entrance and like Brock had to like walk in between all of us to get to the ring we were pissed at him or something like that meanwhile I was just on his team like three weeks earlier about that he’ll digress I feel like if I remember feeling like a scrub being out there didn’t mean because it was like you were like Bobby Roode chasing for the 24/7 title did you remember that feeling right could you dropped out of that mat when you were there can you be like oh dude you’re happy not you’re privileged to be there dude no you can’t do that yeah it was like when Tosca was chasing for the 24/7 title it was like oh no the she’s this is the level she’s at now so there’s something to it they because if you fancy it then the rest of them cells feel and there’s some people that can serve in those roles I mean our truth has been great as 2014 yeah and he’s embraced it but yeah you can’t just put people who aren’t and your main event out there to make them look like cannon fodder so this match went on for a day and a half it’s still going on perhaps they just got away from it no Roman reigns won this human dead so him and Daniel gonna beat Harper and Rowan are hoeper and Rowan on Sunday that’s the third match that’s the only other that’s the non Helen to cell matching now so far it’s Roman and Daniel Bryan against Harper and Rowan I think Daniel Bryan turns on Roman I think it turns out that he was I still think it turns out that he was the one that was behind it the whole time the whole won’t attack yes yeah and I think that’s why Roman got the win here tonight and they’re they’re gonna get beat this Sunday like Romans gonna take the take the L ROG math that’s the case Seth is gonna beat the fiend well you got to make exceptions here daddy to Roman reigns looks really you know he was out there and and I like what they’ve done with him recently so it’s okay if he loses on Sunday and I think in this match it would be fine you know there for a while he was unbeatable I’m glad that they’ve kind of put him back anymore really liked him more I like him more like this he’s getting on the people over dude he’s a workhorse man in the ring he’s really good yes and I think people are getting a chance to see that how good he is in that ring cuz they’re taking all the heat off him of being shoved down their throats and you different they’re starting to see why why he was the chosen one dude his money he looks like a million bucks he cuts a good-enough promo and to be in the main event it’s not great but it’s good enough and his in-ring work is really good very underrated still to this day I would argue and he’s better when you let the reins off him a little bit for promo work too right like the script yet it was strengths I don’t think so yeah and then we come to the main event after Roman reigns won this match Brock Lesnar versus great Christian Mike you don’t like John Glenn’s a dramatic introduction and that’s the rest of the story this exchange we just had here this was longer than the match itself yeah Albert Bell oh yeah it was what was it Brock put down Kofi for lack of a better I mean one f5 cover for the pin in the win 11 seconds the seven-second on the record is that his record then I thought that was the quickest win of all time was like six or seven seconds I think this must be Daniel Bryan lost the title to Sheamus and like I think that was like nine seconds so what about the rock over Rowan well no for a championship match this mountain record I think there’s been shorter matches before but for a for a world championship match I think this beats Daniel Bryan and Sheamus for the shortest ever I mean you can’t get shorter really you can’t get shorter than this Bushwhacker lue coming through at the Royal Rumble Santino I think Santino beat that record yep new WWE Champion Brock lesner and then ray Mysterio comes out oh but he’s not alone now me like apparently a lot of people on the Twitter thought it was just fun Dominic but no is UFC heavyweight Cain Velasquez by the way not a good thing I’m sure cable absolutely get confused Huglin do you come by the king Velasquez and Dominic that’s what people thought because we’re used to seeing ray with Dominic it’s true ray and Dominic bring Kane just rain Dominic would have been like what you’re looking to get your ass thrashed twice no no sense you know I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t like that about the segment I think so it’s cool that Cain Velasquez came out there but I honestly thought him walking down the ramp dramatically it raised music hits he pops out there Dominic’s with him he points and Brock Lesnar’s like ah you know whatever laughing and then behind him shows up Cain Velasquez I think that’s an oh my god moment I think Cain Velasquez dramatically walking down to justice me I mean I’m being nitpicky here I know but I think it took a little bit away because it just cleared the pace of the second you’re saying you would like Cain Velasquez to appear behind Brock like why it kind of does kind of gimmick sure I mean you know no lights go out or whatever but all of a sudden it just pops up behind him and it’s like from the crowd or something one up like that in you know because I think coming out with Ray just almost thought it made him feel like he’s raised buddy and I know he is well you know what I like Kane just to be out there behind him just like and for Ray though it isn’t true that’s true yeah really Percy even ray introducing a UFC fighter that maybe some of these people don’t know yeah but Ray could have done the whole like you know pointing weight behind you you know and then behind him is Kane I kind of agree it was kind of came wearing the the knee brace also it felt kind of I don’t know like like Brock is scared of a guy that’s injured when you built him up too you know I don’t know I just felt like he should have had that knee brace offer I don’t know if you could put under your jeans or whatever but there’s nobody right that’s the point Brock should be scared of nobody came Velasquez surprises him and that’s why he’s like oh my god you know I don’t know yeah but regardless of how it was done Brock being afraid of Kane makes all the sense in the world because Kane beat his ass see I mean he he gave him a thrashing in that fight what is why is that that big shiner here I think there’s a big mark may he remains to this day yeah yeah so you know we were talking again about entertainment and you know Brock looks ripped Kane yeah I think he’s wear shirt or something I don’t know he just does not look you know it’s uh that’s the thing with UFC guys don’t always look right shirt off Ross show them how it’s done show my champion somebody tweets at Cain Velasquez yeah the UFC fit is a different kind of fit than a pro wrestling fit right both are athletes but you’re focused on something different UFC and unfortunately when you make that quick transition over you haven’t developed that same look because you’re more focused on being lean and the dad bod came that was Peter ba he came when your team shows this to you just know we had nothing well it’ll be interesting to see where they go cuz Cain has very limited wrestling training he’s done only a little bit at the performance center he’s wrestled a couple matches for Triple A he looked really good but you know it was short spots in a tag match so I don’t know if they’re building to Survivor Series WrestleMania seems a long ways away to that now but yeah I mean they could do something you know a quick short match and then build a return match kind of similar to what they did with Goldberg was estranged that Goldberg was at ringside anybody else think that they flashed to him after right before right after he won and I was like is that where they’re going with it yeah it was that strange yes mm-hmm I mean you know it’s back to what we were saying like all the legends that were supposed to be there night undated advertised Undertaker Steve Austin kind of did the intro but you know wasn’t on camera ultimately I probably worked out for the best because it focused on the current stars yes I always take that just maybe they were teasing Goldberg and Lesnar for a minute before Kane came out so I thought that was just a weird production thing yeah maybe Baron Corbin can loan Kane a vest yeah yeah it’s interesting they’re putting Kane in such a big program and I guess that’s how you’d have to do with them but with very limited very limited training called stealing a pay-per-view yeah yeah yeah awesome smackdown on Fox good show good good show but again if you’re looking for big changes systematically in WWE it doesn’t look like they’re coming just upgraded look good Blair a fix and that’s a big dope a but well long we’ve been on now we got to be fair here the rise cuz we’ve been on there you know what’s for how many years about not changing anything aesthetically about their presentation to show their stage the ring no more saying how do they change it is the wing changed as the the lighting changed it’s a sound stage change something needs to change in this business in general right and I keep thinking has to do with something with the aesthetics so this I thought was a step in the right direction this did not look like the normal Smackdown except yes it was blue everywhere so yeah that part but the stage I thought humongous it just kept drawing my eyes to it I thought it was cool and I like the energy in tonight’s matches everybody was on their game I thought tonight still a bit more pep in her step everyone definitely and the crowd as well felt like treated it like it was a big deal no okay fans a reason to tune back in next I was always super important you do wrestling shows which is you had a great hook at the end whether or not you liked it it’s still a hook right a guy shows up and we stack wrap out of your new champion and you’re advertising the draft there’s a pay-per-view on Sunday so I think also it’s good that good show tonight reason for fans who checked it out once tonight to tune back in next week mm-hmm I didn’t a yeah same here I give it it definitely a did you see the Lakers jerseys in the background my line they’re retired Lakers jerseys up in the rafters there no no pretty friggin sweet its iconic I’m surprised they turn the lights off for that but they had the spotlight lid on that on certain angles that’s cool by – only because I was so partial to the Kofi Kingston title run I just love what they did with him and he tripped so hard for me yeah Michael that’s sort of indicative though of Matt’s point like fans will eat up this crap and keep coming back we’re like oh the Kofi thing yeah disrespect for whatever but still overall in a – I mean he was good it’s like dude like Kofi still should not have won so even though you didn’t like him getting squash that quickly I still think he should have gotten squash just a little bit longer but I know for where they went I still thought it was the right the right not to turn them off you’re gonna watch him again yeah it’s true all right I mean that’s the one thing was Brock want people he keeps people interested look what would a good match Daniel Bryan had against Brock even though he lost they told a really good story oh yeah that’s what I’m saying so with Kofi come on like something I didn’t need to be that but just something more than what we got Daniel Bryan had me there personally yeah remember that remember that that was people don’t talk about it good yes but Daniel Bryan was my favorite I think that’s those my favorite Brock Lesnar match and he had me legit had me at first as a gobo he’s getting squashed oh my god this is getting ugly no we’re TV stars coming back and like I literally bought it appliance anchored upsets coming yeah so what else is going on in the world of wrestling oh my a lot first off CM Punk so it looks like he got the Fox Sports gig apparently they’re gonna make enough they made him the offer it looks like he accepted so he’s gonna be hosting that that would have a studios show Jeff Hardy was arrested last night in Moore County North Carolina he was charged with driving while impaired he was released from custody at around 11:30 p.m. that night and there weren’t additional details given citing an ongoing investigation but this is the second time he’s been arrested this year the first time was earlier this year it was in Myrtle Beach and that was not for driving it was just for public intoxication and they released him though no night time you said yeah they did Oh from the jail I think even content mbw releasing no the same night he got arrested they were at least of 11:30 that same thing yeah I’m American you’ve been there yeah and he’s got a history so if they release him I don’t know but yeah he was released that night yeah so Jeff he’s been on the shelf with an injury since April and yeah just it’s been kind of a lot of things in the past with Jeff you know hopefully he can turn his life around and get better but he did he did yeah this is just a speed bump not everybody gets to beat this stuff and immediately beating never go back to look I never relapse right and that doesn’t always happen am i bragging but that you relapse multiple times generally before you finally beat whatever that demon is on some people mean he’s not gonna be recovered and also if it’s sustained but if it’s just alcohol as opposed to you know drugs it’s obviously a lot less serious and the stuff you dealt with in the past so alcohol is a drug but it’s Vico Roger really yeah most people drink you most adults drink it’s not like it’s you can OD on drugs yes these drugs Oakland no you can’t what and alcohol DTS well duh let’s not have any how about that I know I’m just saying like it’s serious it’s all serious I’m just saying like you guys are parents would you rather have your kid smoke a joint or get really hammered but rather than get cameras and we’ve caught with a bunch of percocet and drugs in there’s no legal the difference is with this I’m thinking we talk about what’s kind of going on here is it’s equally serious to the individual but from a societal standpoint this is not illegal as some things I mean I know we talked about you don’t know what you but what I’m telling you I see I think the reason why alcoholism is so much more prevalent and so much more of a problem is because it’s legal it’s more accessible and that’s why that’s a different issue though yeah you know but it’s still these are all Matt we talked about this the other night these are all symptoms of something greater that’s going on with him this is just what he’s doing no and I hope absolutely they gets help for whatever he’s dealing with because that’s the real issue I like Matt’s point here too I think you know really important caught here when somebody’s addicted to something and it’s not indicative of them as an individual it’s a disease they fight with and I think we always have this vision in our mind somebody goes through and does rehab and oh if you you did rehab you should be better but that’s not how these kinds of diseases work and and so I think there’s two sides here right number one always being empathetic towards you to be sympathetic towards individual as they fight with a struggle but also realizing to to a different point here drinking and driving is illegal right now drinking is not but what he did is not a good thing no no one else around him and we know sue I think there are consequences that can be can come from that I also think that we needs to think about what they need to do to support him these things have been happening kind of while he’s been on injury or we even away but bringing you know how can we support Jeff Hardy to get him back to being ring ready and public ready because at this point I mean it’s it’s a little bit toxic I want to bring him back on the ring it you know we dealt with this with you so Stu so and now the first superstars current and past the WWE offers services offers rehab services your options not to come on yes what I’m curious about though so Matt you’ve been very public about your struggles in your recovery and whatnot but for some people it’s not just they go to rehab I’ve won a friend who’s at a drug problem he explains he literally wants to drink still even though he’s been sober for ten years he wants to drink so bad yes to go to a meeting every day who talk about how bad he wants to drink to stay so burning his burning desire is very strong yeah yeah um everybody’s different every my mind was outpatient treatment that helped me the most once I got out of detox and rehab but everybody’s different saying Jeff is still on the road to recovery he still is getting sober even though this happened this is just his pitfall that’s all it is does mean you can’t pick himself back up and he will yeah it’s not I don’t like doing this cause like we’re picking on Jeff here but he’s it this has happened a couple more times I think it seems like this year then maybe in past years so I you know again just raising the flag on he’s had a car accident he’s had other stuff in his past so yeah somebody like him who needs to be he’s an artist that’s what Jeff Hardy truly is when he is a lot of a long time like that and he’s not doing his thing that’s one thing not just him many other entertainers and athletes who are our own worst enemy more bored and we have nothing to do that’s what we’re dangerous as when bad things happen yes Lee um so that’s that’s not an excuse but I want to hang it on this just because something happened to him and we’re gonna move this conversation on after I say this this is still him recovering and this doesn’t mean he cannot continue upon that path just gonna get back and people in the chat by no way am I not saying alcoholism it’s not serious so don’t don’t twist my words we all understand that that’s it well and okay let’s add a move let’s move on let’s talk about Randy Orton and what he did last night yes a wrench Randy Orton last night on twitch well first let’s talk about edge has reportedly bail cleared for a double W in-ring return so he we didn’t mean with that really live we had to lead with and I met okay but like he’s coming back full-time uh whether or not is full-time or a limited schedule but he was good he is medically cleared he’s gonna wrestle again he signed a new contract with WWE holy crap so yeah yeah he’s 46 years old we’ll see well you know what kind of schedule he’ll be on but yeah and just coming back by according to the former front row Brian who has broken lots of scoops in the past including the aew TNT deal so it’s awesome as awesome great news yes to lead the way I’m sure he always wanted to leave the business he’s not gonna make Fulton I’m sure but you know what I’m saying how about leave on the foot he wants to leave on it hopefully yeah so this is coming from front-row Ryan and oh well edge is tweeting no I’m not and no I’m not so there mind you just my dreams we’ll see we’ll see I mean we see a lot of people who deny it and and yeah so on this Twitter right now so he’s saying no I’m not no Danny we’ll see ya ready Oren on twitch first let’s go okay we’ll do Randy Orton well I was gonna say let’s do the aew ratings first and thanks but the ratings to this Randy Orton is a I thought more of a natural segue but yeah aw dynamite the premier this this past Wednesday I mean it spanked NXT 1.40 nine million viewers for dynamite 891 thousand for NXT so it topped NXT viewership by 58% one of the keys was the 18 to 49 demo and here let me let me pull that up it was because that is the prime demo that advertisers look at and in that demo aew was number 2 for the night and XT was number 10 but yeah for the night and a e/wd point-six a trading NXT data point 32 rating in that demo so it topped NXT in that demo by 100 and 12.5% and actually beat Smackdown in that demo last week’s episode of SmackDown and that demo barely 0.68 for dynamite 0.674 smackdown so impressive debut for aw is the highest rated non WB show on cable since Impact Wrestling in April on April 10 2014 when they did 1 point 4 2 million viewers so it’s the biggest biggest TNT premiere in 5 years and yeah just uh you know big things are all around so who knows if it’ll last you know I’m guessing it’ll fall some next week I don’t know if NXT is gonna rise up but yeah we oh great what do you guys have thoughts and you thought smell the roses that’s you know though I don’t want to so quickly say well then next week’s gonna be their second episode yeah then the third weeks may be the third episode therefore the ratings gonna drop a little bit of course they’re gonna drop a little bit I just hope that they continue to be an angsty I just think it’s a great thing all around for that to happen I think the unfortunate thing here for me is that they’re going up against the next C right because in exceeds putting on a great show this week and they put on a great show every week and it’s almost like I wish they were on it they’re gonna compete you know I know it’s not a Monday they don’t consider a war they’re not competing they’re just doing their own thing I wish they were competing with raw because I think that’s a difference maker right there especially for aw nothing I don’t think NXT affects their ratings right I think this week proved that but I think you get a different feel whereas the show they’re going with just to me feel like there’s overlap there and and my question is I think this is awesome for a double uses huge news what I want to know is how many wrestling what is our what is our ceiling here right I don’t think we know that yet what W we kind of know what the WB audience is like and where we can expect those ratings to go to we have no idea because they’re pulling from a different subset of fans and I think that’s interesting and I think it just says maybe they have a lot to go up still maybe they don’t but we’ll find out yeah maybe the replay did 423,000 so altogether that night is over 1.8 million that’s close to what Smackdown does obviously there might be some crossover people watching it twice but NXT fans watching next even switching over to that at 10:00 right some did that do you have the segment by segment ratings rush I do but I don’t know if do we there either I thought they were interesting I thought they granted it can be used to back up some agendas but it was very interesting to see the ups and downs yes I mean the the rate the overall viewership dropped throughout the show for aw it went from 1.6 to start to I believe 1.2 at the end or 1.3 no but yeah I mean I I’m I’m not sure if there’s much else that needs to be said on that end but NXT fluctuations were what I thought were most interesting because clearly a lot of people that were watching NXT tuned over into aw let’s switch back at some point look I I know events looks at those two shows Vince being a showman and sees those two presentations and aew with the lighting and how big the arena is and all the crowd and it looks huge and NXT looks like there’s 50 people there loud but it’s dark and it’s dimly lit and it’s 50 people I mean it looks like 50 people it’s 400 I think they’re gonna be at a full sale sooner than later if these if a.w continues to beat them an aw it just looks like a bigger show when you’re watching it and the atmosphere has a lot to do with it and we haven’t even mentioned this WWE issued a statement yesterday congratulating aw that wasn’t hate this kind of stuff I hate it when they do things like this we’re trying to control the narrative even when they can’t when do they do this when did they congratulate TNA or WCW well this was this was actually even before the ratings came out so WT got their rating and they knew that they were getting beat by aw so they we were one of the outlets that they sent it to this the statement read congratulations to aew on a successful premiere the real winners of last night’s head-to-head telecast of NXT on USA Network and aew on TNT are the fans who can expect Wednesday nights to be a competitive and wild ride as this is a marathon not a one night spring so a little bit yes what you say yes they like to control the narrative sometimes what’s pretty to be nice but really choked oh yes I was like we lost today we’re gonna come out ahead of it before the actual rating Anna he had me at first I was like wow I’m really proud of him that’s pretty big they never ever admit the enemy or the competitor or anything remember T they would never utter those words ever know kind of crazy uh what else do we got tonight Bobby Lashley and Lana were on the blue carpet before Smackdown yeah well now hello is gonna transition to Randy Orton Oh Randy Orton appraised aew on Twitch last night yeah so Randy Orton was doing a twitch last night he’s clearly pretty tipsy the videos on rustling Inc but at one point he was like speaking of Vince that aew was effing cool huh did you watch the show last night oh my god I’ll tell you what it’s that big match field the big show feel and then later he was talking about Cody and Sam a goober and he said Cody and Sami Khedira that kid can do some shit I’d love to work with that kid they had a great match I thought opening the show with that match was a good idea and well-received so Orton uh Orton all praise he can get away with it obviously if Chad gable said that it would be a different story I think he would not have been a fat lumberjack tonight or he would have gotten laid out or something but you know Randy Orton because Randy Orton you know and he doesn’t give a f— and go over the top with it either you mean his own his own company right yeah there’s also an element to I think you’re honestly both of these guys I mean aw guys all these guys just say aw guys any of you guys they all want the industry as a whole to grow here and I think that is what’s different now than maybe even back in the Monday Night Wars which is back then we’re cutting each other for the same audience whereas now people understand we can grow this whole industry together w/e still wants to be the Alpha Company and they will for you know maybe forever right but in the meantime we can help bring fans back into the fold who might have fallen away and so I think that is a healthy level of competition thanks Mike aw NXT proceed you imagine if a.w had run on tuesdays when smackdown vacated tuesday ATW had run on Tuesday instead of Wednesday I think it would’ve popped a bigger rating no the NXT would have been on Tuesday said except yeah yeah this was this is all reaction I mean the reason the way they do no commercial breaks all that was a reaction to a e-w I think it both were on Tuesdays they probably both would have benefited I don’t think so because habits man habit how many people do you see on Twitter Tuesday I watch total divas for the fry snakes because there was nothing on Tuesday wrestling and total divas did its lowest premiere in history and you’re welcome yeah you were the guy that watched it to watch live TV period there right if the challenge isn’t getting people to watch different nights it is I’m gonna watch Netflix instead of watching live TV that’s not the difference here and Glen to your point yes this we this week NXT would have probably done a better rating on Tuesday nights but with basketball season coming up it would preempt aew constantly because basketball the one where they throw the ball into the basket that’s where you kick you kick the ball into the basket in the polls oh so with the foot the football but am I really talking to you doors in your color in that action figure in did you ever think when you were 43 years old mayor of a small flirty in town having discussions like this on a Friday night [Laughter] basketball why don’t you tell us about your history man anyhow Matt Morgan you have nothing to plug you just wanna go to sleep yes uh michael wiseman you got anything nothing to plug follow me on twitter at the rwandan i’ll be back on the Winkley on Tuesday with Nick peace Roger got anything we’ll be back here on Sunday after Hell in a Cell totally forgotten in this week of craziness is that we got a pay-per-view on Sunday uh I’m going Rubenstein you can follow me on Twitter a Klein Rubenstein and well just be ranting and rattling off the names of other TV shows that aired on Fox how did you not see the Simpsons yeah I definitely opened with this was number one Simpson Murray was children 21 Jump Street oh come on I can keep going I got me about 300 before I run out we’re okay Herman’s head that’s one okay until next time folks I’m goin Rubenstein won’t get you back here on the wrestling Inc podcast take care

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