Why I watch wrestling

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hello peoples abroad and um I know what you’re thinking why does he look like a homeless person this is my new America I got the sides but yeah so I’m gonna dress this I’m going to dress this now every time I talk about rassling at school I get this why do you want whistling it’s fake were you watching it so fake like it’s so all of these h fake we would what are you like you my few John you get first of all um I know it’s fake okay i know its fate let’s be honest it’s fake but you it’s predetermined buddy all the moves are cold everything that happens in the match is like scripted so I know it’s bank or script or however you want to put I’ve watched wrestling my whole entire life I so you would sit there and call a wrestling fake right summer movies so you should there and watch movies so movies are fake do so why do you watch movies hmm you won’t know about stuff being fake yeah so what would you do if all your favorite sports were fake like basketball football would you do if that was me now I know it’s not fake but what would you do would you still watch it yes yes so why are you criticizing me because i watch wrestling am i getting to the point where i watch wrestling in a minute but why would you criticize me because i watch wrestling when you watch a fake sport yourself now this i’m still going on with the point that if sport were fake you would still watch it right right so i hope trying to understand my point but if you don’t I’ll explain so if basketball is fake football UFC oh I’m soccer and all that if that was fake would you still watch it half the people in the comments are gonna say yes I would still watch that sport so why would you judge me considering that wrestling is fake when if it will the other way around it and basketball and football and stuff like that would fit or fake you would still watch it right right and let me get this no blood Israel the blood is one hundred percent braylon wrestling they don’t all again let me use kitchen that you will they used to do where they blame themselves but now silicon yell convince blatant band playing but here’s the fact of matter you were to judge me for what exact reason because i watch wrestling because i am a big wrestling fan tell you i still watch wrestling it’s the only thing that makes me happy when i watch TV that is the only thing i get excited for like everyone else is out there playing NBA or NFL or whatever I can’t do that I don’t want to be my own person I want to watch wrestling and if you if you’re gonna sit there and judge me I’m gonna go back to the point and woods head if you’re gonna sit there and judge me because i watch wrestling and let’s say NBA NFL were fake you would still watch it don’t wanna me you would still watch it don’t sit there be like no I wouldn’t you know oh so why are you judging me considering that if and if I were fake you would still watch it and be our FAQ you would still watching but they’re not fake and some people are gonna go into the brand ago just shut up shut up shut up i watch wrestling you watch what you want don’t judge me and if you hated this video on sub scribe bye-bye

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