Why Edge Is Returning For WWE Draft

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[Applause] what the hell is going on in the world of professional wrestling I mean aw side that’s now I think WWE moved to Fox with Smackdown and we have the implosion of the entire wrestling business with everything that happened at home the sale between the feed and Seth Rollins and yet under the radar under the surface but all that was going on there was also a bunch of rumors there edge may be returned to WWE and there he may be returning to the ring we focused enough on all those other points that I brought up so let’s use today to talk about the rated-r superstar and how you may just be going back to WWE in time for that WWE Draft why I see clearly is why [Music] so it’s important to underline that all of this information is up in the ether at the moment and has been fueled by like a lot of detective pieces of information that you can put together and go AHA I’ve solved it but really we are not 100% sure and to get it out there as soon as we can even edge went on Twitter and he wrote something like no I am NOT and no I am NOT and any astute wrestling fan would be able to figure out what he is saying is no I am NOT returning to WWE and no I am not returning to wrestle however he is a wrestler and as we know if you are a wrestler you love to work people so he ain’t gonna go on there and go oh by the way you’ve got me it’s all out in there so I’m gonna spoil the surprise and tell you yes I am going back to w/e and yes I am going to be a professional wrestler one that would be stupid and two it wouldn’t fit the character count on Twitter so it’d be a waste of time of course that may be us pulling at straws because we want mr. on this day to actually come back because I’m sure a lot of us do miss him but like I say there’s no smoke without fire and I think we can smell some smoke and I think my ass may be on fire because it began when the news came out the edge was leaving the Edge and Christian podcast was very difficult given that is called the Edge and Christian podcast and his reasoning but it’s very fair and it was very nice Beth Phoenix is obviously down at NXT right now doing commentary and with her schedule and with their young family he needed to step away good for him awesome I hope the Copeland’s of I assume they are called are absolutely smashing it but that wasn’t the only detail we had really this all began at SummerSlam 2019 when he did return to a WWE ring any speared Elias right out of his shoes and that was a surprise because ever since he had been forced to retire in 2011 the line had always been edge is not allowed to be physically active within that squared circle like even when he didn’t come back for little skits and little storylines you get something like this a bunch of bad guys would be holding him in there bringing my are we’re gonna hurt him because we know he’s injured they’re also pirates and then John Cena the good guy he’d be outside the ring gun please I’ll do whatever you want eventually he would agree to do whatever they want and the bad guys would just let edge go now in any other scenario the bad dudes they’re beat up edge but again you’re not aloud to her edge it’s too fragile also while I did joke there that was obviously the 100% the right thing to do nothing is more important than somebody’s health I’m one of these crazy people that actually think if somebody gets hurt in the match we should just stop it and send medical professionals out there to help them but I know born asshole shut my mouth getting the ground comic color going however that is why when he did launch himself at the former drifter we couldn’t figure out what we were seeing you look at you go back through I don’t know news articles whatever you want to find you will find quotes on edge you say huh I actually think I could wrestle now the problem is I can’t get cleared by WWE but you never say never when it comes to pro wrestling especially at well raffling entertainment look what happened to Daniel Bryan nobody thought that would ever be a thing he managed to turn it around there maybe the rated-r one can too so why do we bring this conversation up today well PW inside of recently ran a story where they said that they knew edge was down in Pittsburgh conducting WWE business and do you know who else is in Pittsburgh doctor Joseph maroon that just so happens to be one of the premier doctors within WWE all of a sudden speculation run rampant than the only reason edge must have been there was to try and get medical clearance and why do you get medical clearance because then you can go and pretend to punch somebody in the face ow it was also a tratar in Dave Meltzer with the Wrestling Observer because he wrote The Edge have recently signed a brand new contract with WWE after having talks with all elite wrestling can you imagine if they had pulled that off Jack Swagger was one thing edge would explode the roof off the place however Dave Meltzer also went on to say that as far as he knew nobody in the creative had been told to start coming up with any plants so if you’re a writer for that company you’re none the wiser as far as you know edge is retired edge ain’t coming back don’t think the thing is we are very close to a WWE draft that needs to be so impactful and so intense not only does it get you to tune in on the day but it gets you to tune in week in week out and look the Fox numbers are gonna be really interesting they break this weekend because WWE once again needs to do in the high threes and that’s gonna be very hard to do without the rock rock is a mainstream star the rock brings people in the rock ain’t gonna be on WWE TV we’re probably another twenty two thousand years and I don’t mean that I saying that edges on the same level of the rock the truth is that nobody is on the same level as Dwayne Johnson but if he did come back and if he did make a splash when that WWE Draft was going on I tell you it would send fans that are currently watching into a frenzy and if you’re a laps fan and believe you me edge has a lot of laps fans and you hear about this you’re probably gonna want to tune in and if it is gonna go down that is how you want it to happen you get to the end of SmackDown you tease throughout the show that we’re gonna have one last huge draft pick before everything shuts the black and then you’re here and there I see clear me and all of a sudden edge is back in the wrestling world the arena is gonna go crazy social media will follow suit and while you won’t sort of get actively live viewers then a bunch of people are going to go out there and try and watch it retro actively and if you like edge enough you are absolutely tune in to SmackDown the following week probably just to find out what the hell is going on and how his neck is magically healed itself don’t forget how synonymous with the blue brand edge is as well he was part of the Magnificent Seven or whatever are they couldn’t if you also say he’s gonna be on Raw then you can start the process there then of course I’m see you do move him to SmackDown but that’s alright cuz think of the matches we can have you can have Roman reigns versus edge you can have Daniel Bryan versus age I’ve since came back a moron versus edge you can’t our league versus edge and your straightaway you’re going but Miller what if some of those guys move to Raw okay that means some guys have to go up to Smackdown so maybe you can get aj stars versus as maybe you can get Seth Rollins versus edge maybe we can get Rey Mysterio versus edge I’m actually haven’t seen around about what 15 years probably longer he’ll put him against the theme for I care because he is a main event guy that can raise the bar of quality and span he’s not a long term solution I think he’s in his mid 40s but as a dude you use infrequently he will be a huge asset to any wrestling brand hence why if the rumors are true aw did the right thing trying to get him in there is one last thing we have to address to and that is of course Saudi Arabia and there’s a dark cloud over it makes us all sad and it makes us all want to take our hands and just rub it into our faces like what’s going on and then hopefully will rub off our skins I want to so forth I know that we all do it but I can kind of understand it at the same time for my wrestlers perspective I’m not saying it’s right I’m not saying it’s wrong but when I hear these stories that Goldberg or Shawn Michaels got paid millions of dollars to come out of retirement to have a match I shrugged my shoulders and go well I get it from that point of view even though on a personal or moral level it’s completely out of my wheelhouse so maybe all of this isn’t actually to have one last run or to do countless matches it’s simply to come back to Saudi Arabia edge will probably walk away with like 3.5 million dollars or something like that and it would just be another huge star being put on a Saudi Arabia show we’ll talk about it as long as it’s not as well controversial as the Undertaker versus Bill Goldberg and maybe we can just move on to whatever the next Saudi Arabia event is and then we’ll forget about it that’s what we did with HBK the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels actually had another professional wrestling bout but because it was that tag team match that didn’t really tick many boxes here we are in October 2000 19 and you never hear anybody say a word about it now for what I can tell I would imagine that edge would probably do something a little bit more wonderful or wondrous or amazing I can’t believe it but I don’t know but again money talks unfortunately that’s why the whole Saudi Arabia things starts to begin with because money talks maybe it’s a big crown jewel thing also why don’t they keep calling it just crown jewel it’s like crown jewel number three or crown jewel number four bathily once more we don’t know what the deal is but if you do hear the sounds of alter bridge on Friday or Monday don’t say that Simon didn’t tell you so because I just told you so and the subject of alter bridge because we don’t get to talk about this very much doesn’t Mars Kennedy have like a wonderful voice don’t you think maybe in some ways he has one of the best voices in rock history because I do I think old to preach are a rockin good brand is that it’s called an alter preach it’s been a very long database my video if I want to call them alter bridge that’s what I’ll do Edge’s B Mayer Lingus performed by alter bridge now I don’t have a con below and let us know what you think about this one do you think the edge is going to come back to do you want to see edge back and three do you want another live sex right in the answers number three is absolutely not like the video share the video subscribe to what culture wrestling Hannah brought culture calm read articles probably about edge follow what code runs about what culture seminary you can keep up to date with edge news watch more videos here on what culture wrestling my name is simon from what culture thank you very much for watching and more importantly I just want edge or Adam Copeland to be happy and I could completely understand why he would want to come back think how hard it must be to not only be the world champion beat be on top of the wrestling world and then be told not by you by somebody else I’m really sorry man this thing that you love your greatest passion you’re not allowed to do it anymore it’s different when you decide to walk away in your own terms you can deal with that you know you’ve made it the poor edge you got kicked out the door long before you should have ever had to so if we can do this and all is gonna be well and there’s gonna be no badness no negativity I am all for seeing edge back on my WWE television screen I mean it’s just so much potential I mean you’re the obvious one is then everyone be like can we get Christian back and finally do that edge versus Christian match at WrestleMania but I’m gonna say now I am eighty two point seven percent sure that’s not going to happen but you always have to leave yourself some room for maneuver when we focus on those today we focus on mr. Copeland Beth Phoenix his wife like I’ve already said back in the company doing commentary next he had a match recently she teamed up with Natalya the door is open you just got a snip through it

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