When Dolph Ziggler Fans Watch Wrestling {Jul ’13}

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hey guys Dolph Ziggler askew TV here back with another video and today we’re gonna do a live reaction to some WWE action guys this is going to be Dolph Ziggler versus Fandango a sexy matchup here guys – very attractive wrestler I mean two great wrestlers guys I mean the in-ring action is true – oh my god guys the match has just begun oh wow this is going to be such a an amazing match oh my god Fandango just gave him a body slam and Dolph just sold it perfectly oh my god Dolph is so good at selling moves guys ohh oh my god he just sold another move oh my gut my nipples are hard like a rock now guys oh wow oh wow oh god he just sold another move Jesus Christ guys my ass crack is getting moist air guys whoo Wow amazing action just simply amazing guys alright Dolph Ziggler with that spaghetti hair looks so good a spaghetti hair I wanted to put tomato sauce on that head and just eat it up yes I want to eat you up Dolph oh my god Dolph Ziggler’s doing that thing where he shakes his asshole oh my god so amazing guys so much goddamn action here guys amazing simply amazing guys oh my god he’s he’s selling another move guys he’s selling another move so amazing so hot so sexy guys oh my god you see guys I don’t care about the move itself I care more about how Dolph sells the maneuver that’s that’s what turns me on you know what I mean about the entering product so goddamn sexy there my gut just two great wrestlers guys two beasts you know what I mean my god ah Dolph just lost the match guys but he sold the finish so well so well it was it was just an amazing match guys hold on a minute there guys yeah Tito and as you watch the Dolph Ziggler match yeah so did I listen Tito I’m just so goddamn hot horny and excited after watching this match there I want you to come over here Tito bring all the guys I want you and all the guys there to take turn penetrating my anus I’m just so goddamn excited yeah yeah I’m ready I’m ready willing and Gabel all right by Tito such an amazing match guys the celling oh my god so sexy hot god damn well alright guys I have a big night of getting fucked up the ass tonight go Dawgs Ziggler I hope he becomes the champion so good at selling bye guys bye

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