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everybody welcome to Mad Men your source for all things professional wrestling I majors here and I’m joined by the bunt of my Hebrew national rich Stan bullion guys how you doing rich stamboli yeah that’s me how are you rich I’m good man happy you say my name like that I don’t know it was a lot of IA ends in these last names what’s up man I met I met a dude this weekend who’s an actor and I was like hey I’m meaning last name he was like no it’s Farsi as they aren’t yeah Persian Jews they have the I am I am recovering I’m on the verge of health you were sick I was very sick like like dangerously sick I thought you were gonna have the IV today I had the IV what are you drinking just I see very like no sugar at all really if they stay interesting yeah I just need something I need to hydrate uh a lot a lots going on I was very sick you were a Comic Con mm-hmm did you get did you get the con or no the con I mean did I get conned at the cotton no did you get the virus I didn’t you know I do feel did you get Tony conned I guess I had a little Tony conned he bought my he bought my my soccer team the soccer team the flushing Fernan they’re not very good but still a teenager I am I feel I don’t want to jinx it but I did get coughed on a lot breathed on I did get spittle on me a little bit and I I couldn’t start telling video today I was like I can’t stop washing my hand I can’t stop washing my hands in my face when I get home you know but I do feel good I don’t think I hopefully I don’t get the Conn flew all you never know until like you never know yeah it takes like it takes like a good five days yeah and then when it gets ahold of you was it a successful comic-con was a good on this is a good one this is really good did you work actually you’re not just going there for like just for fun you’re actually working I do like I work at the Dark Horse Comics booth I do their photos I hang out with them I’m like they’re extra I’m like they’re extra guy yeah so I was helping security as helping like where they needed it etc but for them it was an awesome con for me I got to see some cool stuff to see some friends I got some good deals I like that very um yeah no it was a good con as far as wrestling goes there was rustling right a lot of fiends a lot of oh really not of fiend bad ones are good ones a couple of lumpy ones clumpy a buddy of mine did say I sent him a couple pictures and he was like oh these dudes are mad Fraggle Rock there were a lot of lumpy Joker’s from the new movie boys but the new Joker not the Heath Ledger Joker onto the new one this is how about the like the the New Age one from the Harley Quinn stuff know that Joker no Jared Leto Joe I hate that Joker it was 95 percent Hoke and Phoenix Joker lumpy Hogan for little vain Jokers that’s what I call him but there was one dude right he had the full ensemble the guy did a good job with the suit best choose the whole nine except I could add at like impromptu taking pictures of stuff cuz I don’t want to be intrusive this dude had red white and blue ultimate warrior face paint like smeared on it was like the Joker outfit and then like the Eagle one guy in like it that’s weird it looks so gnarly and I kinda I didn’t want to approach him cuz I’m like I don’t know this guy’s stable or not a couple of macho man’s okay and then I believe on Thursday night they did the aw panel did you were you there for that I can’t okay I can’t attend any panels all I’m working okay but I did hear about it and see about it I saw about it Jericho was there jungleboy Moxley yeah I’m Cody did a runner I saw pretty odd I saw I saw that um I got a question for you yeah any really skinny Puerto Rican Shawn Michaels this year no cuz that’s always a common one no but I did see you know which one I’m talking about yes the one guy yeah yeah now a hundred percent but I did see the ethnic spectrum of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s which I thought was pretty odd he’s got a black so cold yeah Spanish stone cold my I wish I took a picture with him there was like there was a an african-american gentleman dressed full mankind I like that full face mask the whole bloody shirt it was awesome like I enjoy wrestling cross-play I love rustling cosplay also when it’s like kids okay so cold white yeah I want I want like a very ethnic stone cold like an Eastern European stone cold and he says all the phrases backwards like bottom line is set so stone Oh whoop your ass cold says like yeah I want like my dad just reciting so cold stuff lots of wrestling figures getting like sold which was cool not so much ko cosplays usually is a lot of ko cosplays it was last year that was a whole like the last two years right a lot of Kevin Owens cosplay oh yeah it just affected with the with the bet with the basketball shorts I could do a Kevin Owens cause everybody can in a heartbeat it’s it’s the easiest it’s the best I do like the dudes who really go out of their way to do like a Coco I told you I saw Kevin Owens in the city yes I told you this yeah right by the garden and I honestly thought at first it was a fat guy in in Kevin Owens cosplay like just like just wearing like I have an own thing and the only thing that made me a hundred percent it was him he was with his wife and this guy in a suit goes holy shit is that Kevin Owens uh-huh and I’m like I think so he’s like oh man he dresses like he wrestles and he’s a lot shorter than I thought yeah he’s like maybe like 510 yeah he’s not like that much taller but I was like okay just hit presents on TV very good presents on TV because in real life he’s just like another guy walking down the street I would have if he wasn’t in Kevin Owens cosplay I would have never thought it was Kevin oh you mean regular play regular play just try to whatever it is yeah but very cool yeah so it was a good weekend um and what was even cooler about it is like Wednesday night I had to go do the preview thing so Wednesday night I rush home to watch a UW right there’s the Friday night at rush home to watch smack them back down and you want to start with aw actually I do but want to say I do appreciate all the effort you put in because you were working and you were tweeting oh yeah babe a lot I I admire that are you still on the wagon or you you’re you’re off of it I don’t know what that means yeah I know you weren’t drinking for a little oh no I’m still not drink okay so I’m I went 12 days I had a beer on Saturday enough yeah and I’m like I just had like one beer and then yesterday I had a sip of a truly so it’s like weird I think the Persian guy broke me potato the potato made me sick guys I just want to tell you shit it didn’t hit me until like like Saturday when I’m dying I said oh my god this was the curse I got the Persian dude curse me with this potato if you don’t know the story I’m going to edit this story up and put it as its own video I was poisoned by a Persian man that handed me a potato and I didn’t know what I was doing stranger danger was not a thing for me at that moment and I accepted the boiled Persian potato and it poisoned me is that your thing is that your thing like that’s like your one weakness where it’s like y’all don’t show don’t show potato makes me weak yeah potato I saw him by the way oh yeah I saw him yesterday doing this I saw this yesterday on the up Long Island Rail Road I wanted to stop and talk to him cuz I wanted to know what the cure is for the potato but he was like I was going up the trail up the escalator haha at Penn Station he was like coming this way to go on I was like I’m not gonna wait and like harass this guy hey nice to see you again what was in that goddamn potato I thought you were gonna say and then I saw him and then two people pass in front of him and he was gone it was gone imagine if I kidnapped him and I brought him here interrogate him live on the air I can’t imagine you being a good kidnapper I’m a terrible kid now I tell everybody yeah I’m such a Yenta I tell everybody I could see you getting I could see you getting kidnapped I can’t see you kidnapping people I alright let’s talk about Pro Wrestling last week let’s start let’s start off with raw it was fine it was a new set the debut of the new set last week what do you think I didn’t you said I like it cool people were taking stitches furious and angry hot dumps on it and all I could think of out of all the thing here’s one thing that I hate right I’m not gonna go into politics but this goes from politics so when we and in life in general right this whole social justice stuff and the the nuances of being offended by everything if you are upset at everything the real things that are genuinely making people upset don’t even matter anymore people were very upset over the set I don’t know what they expected people were complaining that the pyro wasn’t enough it wasn’t the same pyro just whatever you know I thought this set looks good uh much they fixed that problem remember two weeks ago there was a weird problem with the video on Raw yeah it defeat so I asked about this and I got an answer and actually uh comic books calm yeah use my quote yeah our buddy Ryan works there yeah he he does the he does a podcast actually that were big I’m a big fan of so he so Ryan mess he’s like do you know anything that’s I’m like actually I do cuz I just got off the phone with them cool it wasn’t a problem everybody assumed it was the new cameras that they’re gonna be implementing had nothing to do with cancer okay nothing do with cameras what it was it was the way that the feed was being encoded back to the network Oh interesting it had nothing to do with the camera now smack then on the other hand has a tremendous problem with the video quality which we’ll talk about when we get the Smackdown so I do want to say they fix that problem last week from two weeks ago I thought last week’s presentation look really good this week however raw was I I don’t even have words about raw which we’ll get to let’s talk about aew quickly uh I thought they came off looking and by the way let me just rich and I are not we don’t pick sides with rustling we’re not hater we’re not we’re fans of pro wrestling like we actually genuinely appreciate all aspects of wrestling except I’m not crazy about the hardcore stuff like like the czw bloodbath stuff I think now my day only thing I saw my like the fluorescent light tubes and stuff but whatever I don’t go and crap on it sometimes but not always um if we’re talking head to head NXT and aew I would say NXT had the better wrestling product and aew had the better presentation in show I I agree it’s fit you know what how about this Tommy we can agree to disagree okay hey all-encompassing when you take both shows in together the plus and minuses it was very 50/50 um you know and yes when you when you when you yeah when you talk about like okay presentation here match quality here I do think NXT had a far better wrestling show yes but here’s the problem with NXT and I said this a while ago they have to leave Full Sail you want them to tour they have to it looked so low-rent comparing its and by the way eight up he’s not gonna look like this every week remember 8w was in front of 17,000 it was a that building is a nineteen thousand person building whatever 15,000 16,000 whatever the number was I think it was fourteen five second biggest crowd actually that’s the biggest crowd they’ve ever had yeah in their history so far uh probably one of the largest crowds in the last twenty years for a non pay-per-view event yeah probably yeah absolutely right they did a great job it looked so good production-wise also they learned all their lessons that they needed with the live yeah pay-per-view i paper yeah this came out it came out flawless and I believe the show actually because a tony kahn timed it it ran under schedule which is great which is always good um rather be under than over so here’s the thing which I thought was weird while we were tweeting the shows I noticed that you said listen NXT really needs to step up their production value as far as the lighting goes yes you got dumped on did i buy I don’t like NXT weirdos well is like yo shut up you need what are you doing what are you talking about why are you hating I don’t even st stands who are like yo NXT rules and you made a logical and astute observation of listen aw production is and blew them out the wari competitive with WB going on on Ron’s Magna it’s beautifully well lit the intros are good you know what that Steve could use a little bit of work I’m not a big fan of the chandelier but I do like the two tubes that’s fine yeah camera work looks great they got guardrails it looks good it looked good the crowd was hot for it very crafty crowler’s has hot for NXT also by the way absolutely but the crowd of both crowds are hot but the thing with NXT I think the beautiful thing about it is it’s still quote/unquote developmental yeah but that doesn’t mean like they don’t need to put a lot of production into it you know what I mean by the way I just want is there those people that were crapping on me on the lighting if you if you watch the live show yeah I was doing a live watch along for both shows I fixed their lighting problem yeah yeah do you know that now I know one of the main guys in production over there same with a you WI I’ve become friends with a lot of these guys because a lot of them come from the digital side of stuff oh yeah and everything out of it that one the king of new media king of new media stepping on Magazine Crimea – king of new media ten years ago that’s what I’ll let you guys know this is what I stare at I wish you had a graphic of this poster there’s a giant poster on the wall list of Andrew and a king costume with two babes and it’s they’re both dead by the way those babes yeah both died of a drug overdose yeah yeah did you drug I drug them for you they built that yeah so I want to say during on the air I’m doing a lie watch along I’m like everything looks a little green here cuz it had a green film yeah until Johnny gargano came out I texted mug dude what’s up with what’s up with the green shot and he goes thanks about 15 minutes later mm-hmm no green no green shot anyway people have to be honest like I don’t it’s fine if you like something but it’s also to say like you know they could do better yeah if NX sees if the this is no longer developmental you’re going on USA you got beat in the ratings yes okay eight up he’s not gonna do one point for every week I I hope I’m wrong by the way I was happily wrong about the ratings happily wrong I had predicted under a million with going up against that next day I had always predicted 750,000 that was my number I said one point two you said 1.2 million mm-hmm I was happily shocked at that number with the replay date at about 1.8 million but what really matters is the key demos yeah the key demos is what matters because they did a tremendous 18 – 18 to 34 tremendous in them oh yeah yeah which is what they look for it’s not so much the 1.4 million it’s the key demos that these companies are looking for because there could be growth in those key demos so an XT they put on a way better wrestling show but overall how are you gonna compete if you’re if I’m forget about us if I’m a new viewer right if I’m a p2 if I’m a casual viewer yeah and I hear there’s this war happening they’re going back to back and I put on a W and I put on that XT what am I gonna say oh I think that depends on what you like cuz an excuse oppression first impression booth uh-huh I’m seeing it boom you’re gonna go probably with the brighter and more colorful of course w I do like that NXT is doing like that grim and gritty approach which separates it from everything else which also is taken from Ring of Honor and beyond you know a lot of stuff that they didn’t beyond is put on NXT television you know I mean just like a lot of the nuances they really stepped it up with the inner in action I think it’s also like again like I said everybody knows exactly what they’re doing so they probably I’m sorry to preface that statement raw and smackdown look completely homogenized raw this week after the pay-per-view it was like I I didn’t watch the whole thing I kind of fast-forward through this week like what am I looking at you know it’s too like it’s not too much sensory overload but it’s like it’s too much nothing what wrong yeah well this week especially yeah I wasn’t getting anything out of it and I just like lost interest but Debbie Debbie knows what they’re doing as far as NXT goes because one they’re concentrating on those less hands also unless it goes through less hands less hands they issued that weird passive-aggressive statement can gradually it’s it’s we’re pacing ourselves or something listen I think it’s gonna go back to it back and forth I don’t think you know he’s gonna beat them every week I think this is gonna be a back and forth yet depending on what’s happening a nxe having finn bálor there now dude finn bálor attraction huge right yeah that’s what I’m saying I mean it’s not the only one bridge more coming I think this week you’re gonna get a couple of new guys showing up on there and here’s my theory you didn’t watch that that 30 minutes off will go over a documentary right I did not oh no so it was like the road to goldberg mania or whatever and it basically eluded how he effed up at crown jewel and wanted to redeem himself and it’s basically the same nonsense that you heard from it I think he did redeem himself absolutely yeah but it’s also the same nonsense that you heard from him like leading up to the Brock stuff where he was like I’m an old man I got a faster train I know great that’s cool and then at one point riddles like oh hey dude didn’t know I was gonna run into you and he’s like yeah I know Twitter huh and in riddles like yeah bro and then Goldbergs like I’m not your bro bro it was like that scene in South Park you know you think it’s a worker do you think the J I don’t like each other we work I think riddles smart enough to respect Goldberg but I think riddle is also like an MMA nerd and a wrestling nerd and I think that’s where the contention comes in I’m sure they had to sit down together and were like hey this is this this is this because Goldberg’s one of those athletes that like if he doesn’t want to do something or doesn’t like anybody he’s not gonna do it you know yeah so for him to have that weird canned interaction with Reddell I guarantee you ratings coup guarantee you go Brooke shows up at see at some point listen that’s a it’s a huge ratings pops that crowd but also I think this is interesting for them because I was I have a lot of stuff that I was told so I got it I gotta put my mind together we were supposed and I were gonna do an outline but my day yesterday got so long and it’s been such a crazy ride so I’m gonna probably go back and forth on stuff I was told that they’re gonna also use NXT to see how much star power people actually have yeah to be able to pop the rating like the whole rock thing Rock could bring a million half a million to a million people to TV Roman reigns could bring about three hundred and fifty thousand people to TV when he’s on yeah like I mean these are genuine numbers that they measure and they are doing quarter ratings again this is something that stopped they weren’t providing these numbers now quarter ratings are happening again so fascinated yeah because they want to find out which segments work and what doesn’t hey it’s so it’s super interesting too on how like how the numbers work with this stuff because you have three hours of Raw on Monday you have two hours of NXT on Wednesday and you have another two hours of programming on Friday and that’s seven hours of just Debbie w/e wrestling on TV not never mind what’s on the network now I think the us a thing with NXT and AW is very interesting I wouldn’t even call it a war but I definitely on from Debra Davies perspective I think it’s let’s put this fire out before it it it gets bigger and also what I think is interesting is how between Jericho and Moxley everybody who they locked in our new contracts yeah because of these two dudes are getting way more money of course I mean they’ll listen the whole industry’s change for these guys tremendously so let let’s I want to get I want to talk about any WI I thought there were a number of issues with booking wise on that show not enough orange Cassady not enough for the whole concept that it wasn’t a DQ that Dean Ambrose showed the moxie showed up yeah that that was weird but fine I think the ending was pretty cool that’s great I they made Jake Haggart Hagar Hagar whatever Hagar did he do it for you you know what I would have said no he looked great he did look great I also I think he’s he’s a really good guy yeah we were with him for capital wrestling he did this event for virtually no money because it was for charity it was for a good cause I got to kind of uh know him a little bit more I think he’s a really nice guy he’s a good get for them but that’s the only thing is like does he carry that stigma of making this WWE light Yeltsin they they they have ten there they have the perfect ten they’re great so if people are excited about him how could they not be about well I think about Swagger going on that not to cut you off but I do think people are excited for the perfect-10 because he wasn’t given his due right this Wagner was a multiple time champion do you think do you think he’s Shawn Spears is a is a top guy I don’t think so I think he could become a top guy I don’t think so because listen some there are guys like Moxley was a top guy yeah okay Cody’s an anomaly Cody he’s a top guy because he everything is centered around him at this point he could float he could fly anywhere anywhere in the card but he was given like there was so much happening in that position that he was in Shawn Spears was there for 10 years yeah they didn’t see it for 10 years and you know how many people have to not see it for you to sit there for 10 years they didn’t he didn’t even have a chance there’s something that was missing yeah I think he’ll have a better positioning in aw but he’s not gonna go above the mid card he’s not gonna be a world title contender I disagree with that I think I think the magic of aew is taking these guys that we’re kind of like the misfits and putting them in the spotlight you know like the end of that show had you really looking at like Sami Guevara is a great example you know yeah but Sammy’s unknown you know what I mean like he’s still unknown to most people right but I’m saying like he was he closed out a prime-time debut on the stage with Christian yeah all these guys stay you know like all these guys I think that’s huge mjf you know another dude you know like that like if you think about the fact that this is their first time on unlike real TV like national television everybody did such a great job yeah no hangman puck that’s old news four pack pack pack pack old news four pack like he’s been on TV and now it’s kind of like he’s fitting into a new you know I kind of forgot about him as far as like his positioning there this guy’s this guy’s gonna be contending for the title he’s gonna be a top guy there hangman another guy hangman yeah I look great on TV you did you know um I think the the Jericho faction I hope there’s a name for it also makes you appreciate the fact that there’s only two hours of wrestling from this company a week you know so you can watch it absorb it and then be excited but we’re getting the dark matches also on Tuesday nights that’s fine that’s fine that’s like a little extra but just three hours of Raw or you’re kind of spinning your wheels and you’re like yeah this kind of blows right now you know and also like that I don’t know what the hell happened with like every w/e is an anomaly in and of itself because I think they’re taking that weird corporate route of like well we don’t really have to do anything but let’s just get the fans excited with the thought of us doing something yeah you know like Pyro’s back I know and does it do anything for you the pyro it does it like did it does it make the show better for you no I think I think it it definitely hypes me up when it’s and give you an example and edges entrance okay cool Batista’s entrance okay yeah right you know Christian’s entrance cover no reason you brought up edge yeah I’m gonna stand by the report that he’s getting cleared haha I spoke to somebody and he the last I know he is medically cleared he denied it he denied now medically cleared to do what I don’t know he’s medically cleared to be in action in the rig being an addict you know what I mean like medically cleared to do stuff in the ring not saying have I don’t know as far as I’m not gonna speculate on wording again because the last time I was wrong on on when I speculated I tried to fill in the blanks let’s see what else I I like the aw show I thought it was a solid first show let’s see where the momentum goes yes let’s say edge does return yeah who would you like to see him go again a great question because he’s been gone for a while Matt but think about this people always forget edge great promo phenomenal yeah great look great in ring he’s fascinating because he was a top guy in a weird era he took the ball and ran with it yeah he but he was there and he was there guy for like it was a couple years and he was in the rated-r superstar stuff on Raw that was he was a real good heel yeah and then he went to SmackDown and he had that for you with taker and he did all that stuff but I feel like he disappeared for a little bit okay that was during the time that like people really want to watch the Smackdown yeah yeah like during his title run I think he I think he I mean listen him Daniel Bryan him and AJ Styles him in our truth yeah I want to see that just yeah title I would love to see like but at this point would you bring him back as a healer face I would bring him back he has he’s gonna come back in the face I’d want him to face their own aliens Sammy ko the SmackDown debut is pretty fantastic yeah let’s talk about that a little bit I thought the overall presentation for Smackdown was a home run they made it feel different it felt like a fox production yeah like when you if you watch football this is what it feels like they had Erin Andrews there they had you know they Fox everywhere they feel a big time feel they made it feel really awesome again I want to see them keep the momentum production-wise I don’t like how how the quality really looks I like no no no I’m not talking with the production I’m talking about the the feed Oh cuz Fox is 720p okay okay so when you’re watching on TV it’s 720p 60 okay you know can you explain what that means to people it’s 720 it’s not Full HD yeah Fox ABC ESPN don’t do Full HD now why because technically the old thing will well higher framerate because first of all for TV you can’t do 1080p on cable okay on television it’s 1080i so 720p 60 is as good as 1080i60 that’s just how it is okay I’ll let you get that or you look trying we could talk about this but no it’s not but it is fine you have all these digital feeds yeah you could do 1080p on your digital feeds yeah it looked like shit do you want 4k I would love for okay but nobody’s doing 4k no I mean football wasn’t 4k for the first time a couple of weeks ago on Thursday but it’s not really 4k it’s upscaled 4k so nobody’s still doing 4k it’s just 1080p it’s 1080p HD are upscale to 4k so the argument is interlaced versus progressive but when you have a digital feed when a lot of people are watching on YouTube TV which has full capability of doing 1080p 60 or you’re watching on Fox’s app there’s no excuse why you’re not encoding that at 1080p 6 right no excuse at all zero it’s just it just they haven’t even it’s just the way that things are they don’t want to change it they’re gonna have to change because it looked terrible what’s 8w broadcasting 1080p okay well no it’s for TBS is 1080i TNT sorry TNT’s 1080i60 but the digital feed was 1080p okay cuz I watched on YouTube TV was 1080p so is USA USA Network 1080p so they gotta fix that it Bhalla it really bothered me because it didn’t look right to me are you the only podcaster he could talk to wrestling and tuck tech I think so yeah I think I am I’d like to find out if there’s others like me out there no no that thing’s a no potato I thought I thought the rock was phenomenal I think it was like four inch for it was over four million people watched that segment him and Corbin and Becky had oddly great chemistry Corbin we’ve always been behind him since NXT I do think he cuts a very similar promo to Kurt Angle really yeah absolutely think they have like almost the same delivery and in my head I’m like I kind of makes sense where you know like he’s a good he’ll his antics are very similar to angles he’ll antics in which like Corbin is definitely okay with making an ass himself sure you know yeah I’m you know I’m weird about him their week said oh my guy he’s kind of getting it and other weeks I’m like um the rocks prom was great Becky’s promo was great I liked how they both wiped the floor with Corbin Berman and then the rock disappeared yeah he just lost he jumped in a plane back Washington furious where was Austin and where was taker they were both advertised Austin got drunk backstage oh he wasn’t even there now well if taker said take her just said he was like it home they don’t need you yeah crazy um what did you think of the premiere overall I I thought the overall premiere was exactly what they needed to do I really enjoyed that ko match how dude it was great that Shane Keough match it was I can’t believe that guy’s 50 years old and he’s killing himself like that he’s not even a wrestler yeah he’s never been a wrestler he’s always been a part-time guy I think there’s something to be said about that style of wrestling his ko as much as people loved him in Ring of Honor he always wrestled a quote unquote that with every style yeah so he had a really good transition into the ring and this was for the most part a very Attitude Era style match and you can do a lot of cool dynamic stuff and I think that translates very well to TV as opposed to and I’m gonna say something controversial here yeah as opposed to like a guy like Seth Rollins who is the blandest slash most talented guy on the roster right he how does how could ko deliver right and I’m just talking about on the surface aesthetically people aren’t fans of kayo a lot of people aren’t like his loss his look right okay his in-ring ability is second – none right for him to have that caliber continuously having matches with Shane that are awesome why is that happening and why do I not care about Seth Rollins that’s a great question um I well I let’s talk about Seth when we talk about the pay-per-view because I don’t want to talk about it please what do you think of the ending of the paper no no of of smackdown brock beats Kofi Kingston in seven seconds so I’m gonna tell you the logic why they did that please what logic is they protected Kofi sure because in in combat sports flukes happen right you could you know take a misstep and knock the guy out and you just beat him and then you just set up the rematch because you still don’t know what it would have been if he got one in mmm that was the logic here because anything could happen in combat sports great and Kofi just happened to get caught he did a flying knee technically he was or whatever he was trying to do and he just caught him and killed him I had no problem with ending it that way yeah I understood why they did it a lot of people were very upset they they said it was racial racial race racially motivated race yes why they have to do with that – it had nothing to do with race it had nothing to do with it they were telling the story that brought versus Rock lesser is a legitimate if you’re watching this and you see Brock Lesnar and you see Kofi Kingston and you’reyou’re just channel surfing you’re gonna believe a back-and-forth I’m just telling you what their logic was sure you’re gonna believe a back-and-forth between this hundred and fifty pound guy in this monster no I’m gonna believe what I said to myself when they announced the deal with Fox where and I said I believe I said it on the air to where I was like oh there Kofi’s a champion or into Fox the black dudes losing the black this was that’s what that’s what a lot of you I think that was funny listen man I I think there’s weight to that to certain extent I I don’t I don’t see the weight honestly I think they would they would have killed anybody else that had that title it didn’t matter who was he was just a standing the reality is Kofi had a hundred and eighty something day run with that title yeah uh it was a great feel good story he had great matches he had very good matches in the beginning as he did step up his game it just went nowhere he wasn’t people were not gonna see Kofi Kingston his world champion I weren’t I gradually agree with a little bit of that um I do think that it was not the me personally I don’t think they should have taken that belt off of Kofi I think they should had cuz like Brock’s not gonna be on Smackdown every week great my thing I feel like it would have been cool if uh oh Brock picks him up for the f5 all of a sudden you hear Ray’s music King comes in Rock turns around it’s came Kofi gets the roll-up right and beats Brock and beats Brock Kofi gets that title runs out Velasquez shows up Brock Brock ditto let me let me tell you something for the people that hate Brock Lesnar I understand it’s such a good job with this but the dude knows how to play ball the guy for a guy who looks like he’s sculpted from granite he’s in traction right versus Cain Velasquez who is not the most muscular guy in the world the dude is in real good shape though great shape he’s like a normal that’s what you look like if you’re not a bodybuilder and you’re in good shape great fighting shape yeah great fighting shape right dudes in great shape Brock cowering being who he is looking the way he does cowering not knowing what’s going on taking the beating and then they work very well together which I’m very pleasantly surprised by you know Cain’s blues the city nations were great how he was terrified of them I listen would I have booked that then that matched the way that it was no I understand where they were going with it the same way that I it’s it’s almost the same discussion as a main event for that pay-per-view right when they wrote this out and they said this is what we’re gonna do this is why we’re doing it this is the cause this is the reason you’re like okay you know what it kind of makes sense if I tell you that this is they’re treating this event as a fighting sport it’s a bra it’s Brock Lesnar he’s an MMA guy Kane’s coming in he’s an MMA guy we kind of want to make this feel a little bit more real right and we’re just gonna have him get caught by him so that story’s still there that you know what would have happened if he didn’t do that move and he actually like tried to lock up maybe he would have had a competitive match maybe he could have beat Brock Lesnar if he did something this is gonna go somewhere else I’m just curious where it’s gonna go now does it Kane take the title off Brock oh that’s a great question it’s gonna happen in Saudi Arabia boy came by the way needs to get surgery his knees not gonna last came to life yeah did you see my tweet I rode I rode I wrote I said Kane not Kane yeah Vince McMahon yeah people like that they pop for that it’s I I think like did they even mention the words of Saudi Arabia or are they just saying then crown jewel at crown jewel yeah at crown jewel how do you feel about Hogan versus player oh dude I really thought they were going that way for like two seconds I was like oh my god are they gonna do Hogan versus Flair with some schmoes Flair was belligerent blood last Monday night saying he was drunk balloon but just like he’s always belligerent on the mic yeah he’s so good so you’re gonna get keen Velasquez where’s Brock versus Brock Lesnar when is Audi r8 is that Halloween it’s on 31st 31st it’s like a Tuesday at 2:00 in the afternoon really yeah no it’s a Thursday okay Halloween I believe yeah yeah yeah hang hang Saudi happy Halloween II I can’t spell today southey Sam yeah it’s a thursday arabia and we have Mad Men that day so I don’t know what we’re gonna do you well we should do a later madman you want to do a watch long ooh no be great in Halloween gear oh yeah let’s do it absolutely hang on when when September October 31st um how do you feel about the the Tyson Fury I love we’ll get to that so Tyson Fury it dude it’s weird what they’re doing I very bizarre Tyson Fury is a fascinating guy because he really doesn’t have a lot of draw power in the States uh-huh he’s huge in the UK yeah well I’m his last fight did miserable as far as the gate went I think he’s a great heavyweight champ now we need I love a nominal talker I miss heavyweight boxing this heavyweight boxing me too I listen he’s gonna do whatever he’s gonna do it’s it’s it’s fascinating how these like real pure athletes look like shit as far as their bodies go okay at the double-double you guys it’s fascinating to me cuz he’s like old flabby he’s not that great well it’s because you know you know obviously you know what it is it’s you know they’re not they’re not glamming up for TV to claim it up to fight they’re just like yeah I gotta beat this dude up right now like when you have to fight for a living Tyson versus brawn a crown jewel is gonna be the match so you’re gonna get another athlete versus pro wrestler dude this combat sport thing is playing a huge part in this this is fox was happy with this and the plan for Saudi Arabia they were happy with this so whatever it is what it is I I don’t really know what to say about this on how it’s gonna play out it could possibly be a great match that cane match sure but Kane only has like two matches yeah he’s really never he’s he hasn’t really wrestled much and Tyson Fury has never wrestled yeah so it’s gonna be like like a butter green situation you know what I would love to see but I’m gonna know yes I think what’s this would be great if it leads to more of Brock Lesnar’s possible MMA like opponents coming in like the AOP ya know like like possibly like actual MMA get like UFC guys exampie air like George st. Pierre yeah God who’s our world champion right now forgot who this deeper yet is steep a steep a Miocic is the champion right now I don’t think steep is gonna come in but I do think Daniel Cormier would come in imagine a Cormier comes in at Saudi Arabia and he doesn’t run in ha and then you set up the Cormier versus versus Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania yeah that’ll be the mania match cuz he’s retiring Cormier loves W I know he’s a big he’s a big mark you know who I would love to see have a transition into pro wrestling it might be too soon right now Israel at Italia oh dude the guy loves wrestling – he does a Batista thing yeah I know he called out John Jones and I think he’ll beat him but I’d love to see that dude on devid every television Overeem bring bringing over him now yeah yeah yeah you know what we should get Deacon on to talk about MMA because he’s really way more into MMA than wbz’s yeah tremendous he he’s like unbelievable with that they see an encyclopedia of MMA he is yeah he just looks at Frank Shamrock photos constantly I love you tank so let’s talk about this pay-per-view oh boy this pay-per-view they had four matches announced before the pay-per-view went on wait the Hell in a Cell and Hell in a Cell oh they have four matches announced I I you okay I’m trying to piece this together so I was told three finishes for that main event okay one well I I don’t want to say what they were – one had to do with a kidnapping I’m good with that okay hmm another one had to do with an actual live set of the Firefly funhouse cool okay this was the best ending that they had can we go through the card yes let’s go through the court and I’ll get that I finish oh my god all right Natalya defeated lacy Evans that was like a pre-show met at least she’s improving man she’s got a lot better if she looks great on her I don’t know why she’s looking really good she’s looking good physically ain’t in the ring yeah she’s really fine-tuning that character um Becky Lynch versus Sasha I would say this was probably a match of the night right uh yeah 100% it was it was a really good man 20 minutes by the way Sasha’s hurt yeah and you don’t know what it is though Sasha and Bray got banged up over the weekend Daniel Bryan Roman beat Erick Rowan and Luke Harper 16 minutes tornado tag match big dudes versus big dudes that’s great I consider Daniel Bryan a big dude he’s very stout Daniel Bryan did very good in that making everything believable I thought that match was pretty good Randi versus Ali was okay yikes that was weird but I think it will I think this is Randi wanting to work with new people I mean he’s so perfect in the ring he’s awesome and all you see is he’s so boring and like I don’t I get I understand why you think he’s boring but everything that that guy does has meaning he’s so smooth so smooth he looks amazing also he does a really good job of a protecting himself and also putting the other guys over yeah dude he’s he’s so big compared to everybody like he it’s like you took him out of storage and they just put him in there yeah just doesn’t fit this era but he’s so perfect as far as top to bottom entering psychology knowing how to do the moves making the moves matter selling it properly it’s it’s crazy when you look at him and you see what like other top guys do in the company and it’s so different it is apart from apart from like his extracurricular activities online oh he got piss drunk yeah and and he started talking about how great aw is but he did say that he wants to work with sama Gerber which is great he is fantastic beautiful skin he has more presence like for a guy his size he’s six five he is more presence than a braun strowman who is who has like five inches on ya you know which I mean like he’s from a different era listen is that it factor right we talk about it all the time like some people just have it rainy has it yeah I’m but by the way with me saying that I’m not crazy by Randy Orton mattress like I get it I get why there’s so good like when I watch it I’m up trying to appreciate wrestling I’m like man this guy’s great but I feel like he doesn’t fit in anywhere properly anymore he doesn’t have a guy he fits with anymore cuz I think him and Joe would have a great program yeah I think that’s that’s yeah kabuki Warriors beat Alexa and Nicki for the tag belts I really enjoyed this match I think it’s a good good transition for the title and also this is good legacy building for that title the lineage of it’s very good mood amidst mood amidst love it big fan I popped Viking raiders and braun strowman beat AJ Luke and Anderson by disqualification that was okay yeah chad gable beat King Corbin that’s okay I’m done with watching these guys wrestle Charlotte Fire beat Bailey to be the tenth time Women’s Champion not the best match in the world that was okay I do think and I’m gonna ask you this this is how I feel I want to know what how you feel I think Charlotte good thank you I’m great I’m glad about that what was your with you reggae uh it’s not all the way I’m like I’d like a 425 you’re at 420 420 reggae um I think Charlotte should leave the company and wrestle everywhere else and then come back with a big return who’s she gonna rustle it doesn’t matter he can go to impact she can go to aw she can do some juicy stuff in Japan I think she needs to leave for a bit and come back Charlotte fresh garlic why do you say that ten times already and she’s been on the 20 world champion it’s been like four years maybe on the main yeah so like I think she needs a little bit of a break from there well I was as a fan that’s my hold on can I say this I was told that the time for Charlotte they don’t she’s not gonna be wrestling in her 40s okay so they’re rushing this story that they want to tell for her cuz they feel like she’s she is gonna go away for a little bit future GM yeah I don’t know I I don’t but she’ll she’ll always be there but I think she is gonna pull back from in-ring stuff a little bit little by little that’s why this is so rushed to get her to this like weird number that they have by the way Ric Flair now is recognized as a 17 time world champion is that fact it’s no longer 16 is that 17 yes that a miscue you know I was told it is not a miscue okay I was told it is not a miscue and they found a win somewhere that they are accepting probably one of the Puerto Rican belts well well that means that they discounted he’s a 20 ton if I were to say I would say a solid 20 time world champion I think it was 23 I it’s up to 20 yeah it could be up to 24 I’ve heard yeah depending on those like weird town switches because remember he would do those drops in like a small town right for theirs to put the NWA territory over and then he would do whatever I think it’s one of the Japanese drops yeah that there may be adding now I don’t know so we’ll figure that I gotta ask more about that sorry go ahead so so far the pay-per-view was okay and then you get to the main event which I was very much looking forward right 17-minute me I was looking forward to that thing tremendously uh too much red number one oh boy between the cell and the the red light I think if they just kept the cell regular color and then did the red gel that would’ve been okay but you know a too much red B it was alright it wasn’t my favorite town the cell it was not very memorable but that ending man left the crowd so mad pissed off my favorite reaction clearly was Xbox doing the watch along and you can see everybody in that room was just like yikes an Xbox said it don’t spark and why would you get a DQ or a ref stoppage in a Hell in a Cell match it makes zero sense when I say Hell in a Cell what’s the first thing that pops into your head unruly anything goes just unruly my my thing is taker throwing mankind off sure right but here’s the thing a rep stoppage makes sense if the guy is immobile he’s dead okay it’s over and cannot move some big spot happens right and he cannot move and they’re taking him away they didn’t do that yeah so the way they ended this so so at some point in the match the crowd really turned on Seth yes they really wanted to see bray witness yes and they figured out around the time that he started doing all those curb stomps oh crap I don’t date it was almost like they all telepathically knew it wasn’t gonna be a clean ending right and we’re gonna do some bullshit finish and everybody started rejecting all this I think it fell hit it with 11 curb stomp yeah and a pedigree and he’s no sellin it and the crowd is actually liking this that’s getting up and he’s going down coming up he’s a monster they’re doing it great there’s a freaking crazy mallet yeah right that doesn’t end it but the fact that he used a smaller mallet ended the whole thing yeah and he’s killing them so he’s left for dead the reps come in I’m like okay ref stoppage don’t like it whatever and what does he do he resurrects hits him with a mandible claw why did you stop the match right he’s fine yeah he’s okay there’s nothing wrong with them it’s it’s a little weird the the one thing that I you know what would have been a better ending this is my fantasy but yeah you tell me cuz I know what the other proposed endings were okay my better ending would have been ref stoppage okay like full-blown ref stop it Yeah right lights come on the same ending the same type of rough stoppage or you would they would have done a different song I would have done it I would have done that spot a little better that was a hammer right lights come on they they make you think something’s wrong okay right cage Rises cage Rises lights come on Seth is just like oh my god I can’t believe it bah blah blah right like oh I’ve messed this dude up people from the back come out and start yelling at Seth you know what the hell are you doing what the hell are you doing they strap they make it as real as possible they strap the fiend to a gurney right mm-hmm they start wheeling him out and the Gurney’s gimmicked and this dude rips it to shreds takes out the refs take out the medical person he goes back in the ring and Seth is like oh man he got me Seth grabs the sledgehammer runs after the fiend as Seth gets close that’s when you do that mandible claw ending and have Seth bleeding as the cameras go off I think the crowd will like that a lot better than you just tweaked it a little just tweak it a little and then the crowd would have been like oh man I thought he really was hurt you know they tried to take his mask off and it’s not coming off you know you’re he’s got another the same mask underneath another man and it shocks the even more out of people you know but yeah hey dum-dum sorry you never say this the other endings so by the way this was not a Vince finish fun really yes a lot of people think it’s a Vince finish I was told not so much pressure mmm yeah a little bit yeah so they they kind of put themselves in a position where they they this should have been a non and I’ll and I’ll talk about this on patreon I think maybe maybe we could record like a little patreon thing and I could talk about it but the what they should have done originally they should have not made this a title match okay mm-hmm he should have said I don’t care about the title I’m just trying to because his whole thing is he’s just taking these guys you know one by one he’s checking him off he doesn’t even care about the title then he could have him beat him right right and you can do whatever you want the other thing if you’re ending it that way it has to be a real monster spot right this was not really the spot because you can also remember the crowd can’t really see what’s happening yeah you have so many obstructions haven’t you got the cage happening and then you got the lights happening you don’t really see what what’s going on I would have I wouldn’t have minded a curb stomp from the cage on top on top on top they don’t even think about going on there or like Bray on a table on the outside and then set doing the curt like dude come on the mandible claw halfway do the crash pad under the thing have him fall off the thing that you he’s doing the mandible claw you want this to get over mm-hm do that spot you could do or you could have them wheeled out at that point and have them come off the gurney have Seth on top just redo that whole spot again people would people would have loved it or curb the the final we don’t even need the sledgehammer the curb stomp the final curb stomp could have been from the top rope and you smoosh breath the fiend through the ring through the ring that would have been cool too he goes and any the next shot is he’s in the Firefly for now and then or the ref stoppage the cage comes up and then you don’t see what’s going on under the ring you see the clock come out it and he could pull Seth underneath by the way all these ideas were all proposed geez the falling off the cell there were all concepts that they had they by the way did you notice there – chair shots at a head on this show no I did not yes in the Sascha match and in the brain match to protected chair shots sit ahead Bray was on the floor with his hand up and it was a miss right he hit the but it’s still chair shot that a head yeah and the other one was during a soccer match straight to the head yeah protected so interesting that’s coming back a little bit they’re realizing listen there’s nothing wrong with doing this hmm there’s nothing wrong with that just doing that but it you know I’d rather take this than the back shots to be honest it looks like you’re dabbing I’m dabbing I thought it was yuck yeah it just did what what’s disappointing is that they could have done so much yeah and they put on paper this makes so much sense okay when they pitched this in the meeting and it was said in with such passion uh-huh and then this is gonna happen and this is gonna happen you’re like oh you know what this is pretty cool what a crappy any what a crappy ending sorry I feel bad for everybody involved I know there were chants of refund there were chants at 8wi no a fan got into Seth’s face oh yeah and Seth was just like super emotional after a match I feel like in the last ban that’s getting in his face come on in the last couple of years I do think seth has been on the receiving end of a lot of fan poop on live events you know insiders fault and it gets to him but I it dissing for the first time in a very long time that ending disenfranchise me just a little bit where I was like I really don’t want to watch her all right now and I was like maybe a little deem itself and then the first thing on Raw is a Bulgarian cooking angle is Bobby Lashley Bonin out Lana why is this happening are they doing this if that if that was your wife wouldn’t you just be like and I would do the same thing wouldn’t you just be like alright man like you can have her and then just leave yeah why are you getting so angry yeah and then just leave and kick it to some chicks and catering yeah I find this I find this whole thing so bizarre like it I don’t even get like upset over it just disconnects me I hate the whole love triangle stuff like doesn’t work it doesn’t work and historically if I’m rusev I would say oh you want me to do like some sort of marital problem angle nope not doing it always ends up ruining the relationship I also think that I don’t know if this is gonna be the reveal but I think immediately Rousseff should have been like you know what I’m down I’m gonna let’s bang my wife with this yeah like let’s do it let’s do and then that’s your tag team it’s rusev and Bobby lashes banging Lana bone in line yeah everybody’s happy everybody’s happy already gets what they want but I think it’s them trying to bring back let’s bring back stuff people like with a hot girl and like a weird angle and not realizing it’s 2019 and this could be done in a million other way oh so many different ways yeah and like 40 times yeah they will they tried it with the rock right that was like the beginning of this enzo and then it wasn’t everything with Ziggler yes ends oh yeah there’s a couple more I want to say like they just constantly go into this there’s constantly going – there they go – ah dude the Ziggler one was the best yeah that was really weird cuz they gave up on that right because they got engaged right that’s what happened they got engaged and they just dropped the whole thing yeah I I still stand by the fact that she should have had a concussion and drop the accent yeah and then she ended up falling in love with Dolph Ziggler and then she fell again and then realized she doesn’t like Dolph Ziggler she had the accent and she could do both back and forth I was really into that angle I think she should go thicker with the accent really thick like super thick like almost incoherent you know day so he’s on he’s on what Flair’s team now he’s on No oh that’s right yeah he’s on Hogan’s team so it’s a team Hogan is so far Rollins and rusev and then flares team is Orton and Corbin Hyuk which I’m sure Lashley’s gonna be added to okay lastly be added to that right who they were they putting on Hogan’s team oh you know that big reveal is gonna be Roman no unless it’s you have a Roman match you know how many Roman roamin I don’t think Daniel Bryan’s going to Saudi Arabia again no he’s probably not it’s definitely gonna be roaming like team Hogan he’s gonna be like brother I need the big dog brother Roman and Undertaker oh my god yes taker on Team Hogan yes Seth Rollins Hogan’s gonna definitely do something right ah he’s gonna do the point he uh it’s funny how on that promo on Raw two weeks ago they both did their non wrestling sticks today they’re doing some Woo’s but then Hogan backing up and doing the point and then they like and then don’t one like this this drives me a little effing bonkers about wrestling fans is that people complain so much about every single thing and people complain about why are they giving these old-timers TV time you know what the chant was during that it was one more one more match like hey do you know what the ratings were for that segment under the roof it went up but like through the freaking roof I got the numbers somewhere I forgot what it was but I was shocked how high one do you I I personally disagree with the one more match fan I don’t want to see a Hogan versus Flair match I know but they’re gonna do stuff they’re gonna I’m okay with them throwing punches and chops or whatever but I don’t want to see one last hurrah unless it’s really well done Hogan you know what Hogan Flair comes out does the whole woo-woo-woo think stir chocolate mr. chopping Hogan Hogan though sells it right does this whole hooking up thing and then flair backs up somebody comes in in front of him and Hogan beats up like one of the boys instead of instead of Ric Hogan definitely is gonna beat up Aaron Corbett Oh has to yeah pesto so the triple each ain’t got more five bucks love you guys love you Marv thanks Marv more Fig thanks everybody thank you um I think Hogan I think for police is gonna be involved in this somehow oh yeah maybe maybe he’ll Russell yeah yikes so you got like what like like a couple of weeks until this thing happens uh you got three weeks three weeks yeah yeah okay you got that yeah guys let’s do your questions two weeks two weeks three weeks maybe I don’t know three two and a half weeks three weeks yeah all right I don’t know what’s happening guys questions in the chat this is our Q&A portion of the show if you appreciate if you like the show go to our patreon patreon accom slash Mad Men podcast you can fund us there one dollar a week a month or five dollars or whatever you want to fund us it continues us doing these shows it encourages us to keep doing more and more and submit your questions now so yeah any word on 205 Live 205 Live is getting absorbed with nxc the last I heard in which which the Engelberg Goldbergs it I you care about the metros though honestly I’m I don’t know how I feel about him he’s like he means less to me than he did before he went to WWE really yeah okay and I don’t know why maybe because I haven’t really they haven’t done too much with him on that XE I thought that matched on NX he was phenomenal that opening match mm-hmm I would Adam Cole yeah I thought I was done really well but there’s something going on there like they’re not they’re not going they’re not pulling the trigger for whatever reason and I don’t know what it is cuz the guy has the look he’s not a good promo but that’s fine do you bro bro bro bro he’s fine he’s not a great promo but he’s like he’s a good worker like solid he has to look like I don’t understand that no shoe sting has to go at some point it will like that has to go much like rusev cuz rusev got hurt remember and then they were like you gotta worry like he’ll he can do it until he wears shoes until he gets hurt the only dudes who can pull it off are Samoans – no shoes yeah yeah cuz they’re so thick they’re built like tanks yeah you’re not gonna get hurt I gotta break a toe what else is Odin is Otis the sexiest wrestler line yes um Caleb English when Undertaker gets inducted in the Hall of Fame does he give his speech as Undertaker biker Deadman or more Calloway I think he he does a full-blown entrance and then he just goes thank you now he’s gonna wear the bandana in a suit that’s it he’s gonna do go ahead you undo the next one you read them all right that’s right I forgot I can’t say I am yeah but it’s it’s all blurry I need reading glasses that’s the problem oh you’re gonna get ya double deal I wear the ones oh my god yeah it’s I don’t know how to questions about John Morrison yeah one do you know if aw was interested in him at all or if they tried to sign him – how would you fantasy book his return which Brandt Wow who cares you don’t like JAMA care about John Morrison at all no offense to John Morrison what but whatever man I don’t care he always struck me as like not just another body but like he’s super talented we just never did it for me he falls into that Dolph Ziggler Dolph Ziggler counter I I kind of got that aw was interested in him uh wwhen interested in a long time I don’t know how they’re gonna book them I have no idea well that where they will put him XT I know he’s going through me and exeed know hundred percent man Ross I’m telling you right XD yeah I think they’re gonna put him on NXT to team him up with breeze and dango and then they’re gonna face the Imperium without Walter I would say no okay that’s a great let’s agree to disagree I listen I’m not against the idea he’s going to the main roster I don’t know where they’re gonna play some you know the thing is we’re gonna get that well we’re gonna get that Royal Rumble spot for sure right right we’re gonna get that pork or spot him and Kofi might do something interesting in that spot if they’re both in it I just wanted to do the house party dance oh yeah that’s what they should do the kiddin play dance do you think aw we’ll do as good or better tomorrow night I think they’ll do as good I think they’ll drop in ratings I think they’re gonna maintain you think so okay when is Drew gonna return as a face yeah where is he I think yet hurt yeah but where how far along is see out two months maybe nothing he I think he was slated for like a December return I’m gonna tell you something drew was a big misfire for them cuz this guy is everything they need yeah oh yeah they just big dude believable believable he has the look great promo I they just they couldn’t pull it is aew full gear gonna be on traditional pay-per-view I would assume so I think so yeah because it’s on be alive it’s 50 whatever it is yeah if you do it on BR live do that pay-per-view is yours to keep yeah like you can watch it whenever you want forever like you can still go and I bought the last one and you go back and watch and go back and watch it whenever you want which is kind of cool um what if Matt is this a Moen yeah maybe not Shantae is getting old alright let’s see what we got here guys give us your questions this is just I’m going home after work says green lives matter is it Morrison give it to me is Joe hurt um I don’t think Joe is hurt I think they just are probably looking for something for him dude you know that you want to talk about the most well-rounded guy on that roster mm-hm yeah easy easy answer Samoa Joe that’s why him and Randy I think would have such a great feud and didn’t they do it I think they had one match and I think I want to say they had one rent I want to say it was a screwy finish yeah but he it was like not a bad match right no not at all the guy the guy is 40 years old he’s at the top of his game he’s phenomenal in the ring he’s probably the best promo they have yes right give me another guy that’s better promo than him yeah aw on TSN got a hundred and nine thousand viewers what do you think they will get tomorrow I don’t know what those numbers mean on TSN yeah it’s can you I don’t know I don’t know what raw gets on in Canada I don’t follow the numbers this is America I know that the UK I know how the UK numbers work because capital wrestling we’re on the fight network all right uncle and there are some weeks who are like the number three most watched wrestling show and that’s like we’re like 25,000 viewers that’s awesome the numbers are not that high outside the U I don’t know what Canada would be mm-hmm I don’t know what raw gets in Canada or anything like that but I don’t know if that’s good or not I got a look into that um what happened to live Morgan I think they’re waiting on Ruby riot to get better repackage real mm-hmm just getting repackage I don’t know what it is but she’s getting repackaged live Morgan Sarah Logan and Ruby ride have not been on TV in a while no I think they’re all gonna get repackaged why are 18 to 49 year olds considered so valuable TV ratings wise shouldn’t 50 plus olds have more free time and resources to spend on consumption and entertainment children moving out of the house etcetera I disagree with that so 18 to 49 is a key demo for a number of reasons one buying power yep right on the on the lower end on the let’s say – 34 people are married more disposable income it really that’s what it comes down to and when you go the plus thirties a lot of disposable income over 50 fixed income yeah you’re thinking about your retirement yeah uh also 18 to 49 is 18 to 34 I’m gonna say more is the spread ability of your information they get passionate behind things and they become fans and then you could continue to grow that fan base the buying powers in 18 to 49 always oh that’s just how it is do you want your program do you want the programming that you like to be dedicated to 50 plus year olds because if that was the case everything would just be old-school NWA yeah well yeah here’s a great example I I broke down the numbers for Smackdown right the Friday night viewership Smackdown was number four in over number three or number four I wanna see yeah number four for overall viewership uh-huh do you know what the first three spots were mmm it was blue bloods Hawaii five-o and the new magnum p.i on CBS do you know what the key demo was fifty five fifty plus that was the key demo it is a those ads on those channels are not then not able to get anything that resonates a big-time ad they just don’t purchase they keep it on it’s there they just watch it and they forget about it the next day right that 50 plus demo it’s the same as daytime TV yep that that’s really the reality of it so when you talk about viewership and you talk about buying power and ad power 18 to 49 is that demo that you want to be in you want water-cooler talk you want water-cooler talk you want disposable income you want cool shit they can get your kids if that demo covers everybody oh absolutely um are you guys gonna watch Bound for Glory that is a big no from me I probably watch it when are they gonna pull the trigger on the fiend versus Brock and probably not for a very long time I don’t think that really matches up because the fiend is gonna be there big bad on Raw yeah as a receivable future they they made the first misstep with this I don’t think they’re gonna do another one soon I don’t think they they hurt Bray with this I think this definitely hurt Seth in the in like in the fans eyes why do people dislike Matt Damon so much I mean that’s pretty clear there’s nothing exciting about Matt even to me Richard what did you think bad woman I don’t know what that means dude [Music] why 500 CM punk on fs1 show so that’s the rumor almost a done deal almost a done deal I I told you so he’s coming back to wrestling I told you listen he’s too he was too big of a name to not wrestle again right and this is a great opportunity for him to kind of get his feet wet I was told that AJ kind of is talking about coming back and they’re very open to having her back oh it’s great so if one goes the other one a lot we go also and that that’ll really bring some sort of new life’s a tie women’s division if AJ Lee goes i I think CM Punk listen he he just needs to put on some weight right now he’s very thin uh you think he needs to bulk up a little bit I think it’s gonna bulk up I think he’s gonna start listen he’s a smart guy yeah he could be a dick you could say whatever you want about him but he’s a very guy question how long before Smackdown has guests from regular Fox shows when is there gonna be a part Simpson running I would love that I love a backstage interaction where they superimposed Bart Simpson talking to braun strowman now where’s the eater shorts it eat my shorts me and I love that Family Guy Peter Griffin so good yeah isn’t that WWE audience age something like 50 years already that’s great no the key double well the key that their viewership is getting older no no yeah it is getting older the viewership but as far as attendance go it’s it’s pretty young here’s a good question yeah what do you guys think of the new raw commentary team I am giving them time mm-hmm but I have to tell you it’s getting a little rougher than better it’s bland it’s not bland but like if you close your eyes it sounds like coal and also if you’ve ever played any of the 2k games and they have that content weeded that absolutely perfect tell them what you mean by this it’s canned commentary dirt like during the wrestling games like everything is such a blanket term where let’s say when it was the King and jr. doing the commentary on the 2k games even with the coal stuff let’s say you do like a plancha outside or whatever it’ll be king going haha what a great move I’ve never seen that before and then Cole saying like oh my god what you know and it’s just such a such blanket terms to not really define the action in the ring which is definitely a McMahon mandate because if you ever watch old McMahon cat commentary that’s how he commentating never calls a move um it’s a little dry it’s very bland and there’s no life to it there’s no life to it there’s no and king is trying the most I think Lawler is trying the most to get something going motoi McMahon’s not feeding any lines it’s Michael Cole Wow King King is also coming across very odd it should have been Tom Phillips yes I think it should have been Tom Phillips in that role I did like Smackdown had a two-man booth yes I was told because the third person they are going to bring in a third person named the Jericho faction Oh bubbly Inc yeah bubbly yeah I like to join corporated bubbly yeah let’s see well the noose what which new stage shit do you like more raw Smackdown or dynamite I like the max good I like them all to be honest smackdowns probably first yeah the dynamite set is fine I don’t mind the chandelier anymore I hated it at first I’m not I’ve grown to this like it you don’t like that you’ve grown to dislike I got it the opposite way I really started liking it and now I’m like that I love chandeliers by the way I have a chandelier in my bedroom I know you did about a month ago I was like what are you doing this afternoon and no joke you said I have to install a chandelier in my bedroom yeah it’s like that it’s only six inches off your bed yeah I hit my head on it every time the other day I wrote I like the Smackdown stage it looks like a bunch of angry letter C’s yelling at each other like you know yeah some dumb-dumb was like yo why you tweeting that so it is that oh he meant C words well I meant the letter C he met what C word I don’t know uh whoever it was clearly carried is NXT going to get a new set or are they gonna give them one of the old ones yeah they’re gonna give him an old set they just get it like the one from the 90s they’re gonna get the fist yeah the with the NXT tattooed on the thing I don’t know man I don’t think I don’t think NXT needs it I think NXT is their best DIY promotion because not a lot is going into the aesthetic of that show I think it looks great they don’t need to do all the led nonsense that’s what drew me crazy about Raw this weekend too much LED stuff like everything is LED and I’m not a lot of led I’m not a fan of the red gel on the crowd at all uh the red gel is weird on the crowd I think the Smackdown said is the best one I I do like how I do like a double use NX sees my lease liked okay but they’re gonna they gotta wake up they’re gonna realize that this isn’t working they’re gonna start doing some touring dates you’re gonna have to this guy’s asked this question 25 times which one arch deep how would you book Ring of Honor right now no I don’t even know where to begin yeah that that’s a great question I don’t even know where to begin with them who Camarena uh bandido who’s their champion Roush Roush issues a champion listen much better pick to go with ruched and Matt even yeah Andrew she’s out of rushes now I guess states exclusive right I think I think it’s a change his name now Roush yeah he could just change it to our know I keep his name I think oh really I think I think they came down on him and they came down on some dragon Li dragon Lee got fired for no reason but that’s gonna be weird because Roush doesn’t want to go to Japan he’s fine not doing Japan but dragging Lee and New Japan have a really good relationship yeah so this is gonna be the CMLL thing is gonna be lay a part in this yeah yeah yeah sorry the CMLL thing with his name is very interesting because rich can just like change the name to anything else like I don’t think anybody I don’t think anybody in Ring of Honor anybody watching Ring of Honor will mind if he changes his name I think he’s double w BAM to be honest how long did he sign his contract for I don’t think it’s a very long contract but the dude is so good yeah yeah you think what happened to entrada yeah where has he been uh and Ronnie alistair black like I know he had that promo last night weird and miss mishandled men buyer the return of the Bollywood voice ah dude what the hell was that I couldn’t believe that big fan big fan of it oh man what who do you think should win the rumble this year you mean next year and who does he or she wrestle at mania first of all I need to know what kind of snacks you like that’s what I need to know first second that’s the same guy you’re thinking of I think it is I think so it’s not no I don’t think so I think it is an addiction I think he likes snacks – I don’t think that’s him uh what do you think who do you think gets it this year uh ah Finn Balor Balor is in NXT he’s not gonna why not cuz they’re doing a whole program with him and uh next a hot that readings man Champa I’m gonna go Ballard shopping Cole I want to have crazy triple threat I think I want to see Balor with the rumble or the MS I’m gonna go taejun with let me think about this give me a second I’m gonna give you a good one I’m gonna give you one that’s unpredictable I’m gonna go with Roman reigns I don’t know I actually have not I have not even thought about Royal Rumble I have not even thought about the main event of Wrestlemania this year mark Largent thank you for the donation ah five bucks thank you more appreciated I think because they’re on Fox now I think they should incorporate sound effects and have a sound board for the for the moves that the guy does the moves that the guys do feel like when Roman does this thing it should go like any more questions and we’re gonna wrap it up all right Oh have you heard orange pockets I have yet to listen to it I don’t I I gotta hear it it should be called a yarn with art a yarn with ORN I like that name I like oh by the way the Yokozuna one that Conrad did yeah it’s Bruce very good I’m a little behind on those Ari what are you up to right now it’s because there’s a whole bunch of good ones I jump around but I like the Yoko one I haven’t listening to it in that in uh in quite some time and you know what I was thinking like so the whole thing with Yokozuna was that he was supposed to drop all that weight he had a problem dropping the weight uh-huh and let’s say he came back in 99 dog a right or 98 like thin Yoko he would have been he had to be like he would have been under 400 pounds at that point right like he would have been Rikishi sized imagine Yoko in a feud with Steve Austin ha amazing you know what I mean like there’s so many of those what if that don’t exist anymore Wendy girls go die you’re gonna die mm okay he did that member his last thing was the terrible 99 pay-per-view that everybody the last time people saw him was that when he was like very heavy he was it was him and Jake Roberts you don’t remember that the that heroes of wrestling thing you want 21 I got 22 Jake Roberts was piss drunk oh it was abysmal look it up here rustling Yoko was totally at it like he was way too big was this a dad we never even know was this like an offshoot um oh here’s a wrestling $99.99 it was it was an offshoot it was an offshoot legends of wrestling was a legend oh no as you know you were right heroes are us so last major appearance for Yokozuna was October 1999 heroes arresting good memory ever we were dressed I do have a weird right I ordered this pay-per-view I washed on paper he was 6 760 pounds at the time yeah and he intentionally getting bigger with hit he wanted to be 850 Paz sorrow this is what it doesn’t know again I know Yokozuna was scheduled to take on King Kong Bundy however Jake Roberts was scheduled to face Jim Neidhart in the other main event match came to the ring intoxicated and in no condition to wrestle so they made it a tag match Wow ordered Yoko to team with Roberts against Bundy and Neidhart and Yoko lost we did also see one of the last Tully Blanchard matches on that card and it was really good who did Tully face I gotta tell Atlantic I gotta look this up because I don’t here’s a Russell never watch this let’s see oh so for us I know you had the Samoan SWAT team versus Marty Jannetty and Tommy Rogers Greg Valentine versus George Steele Wow 2 cold Scorpio versus julio fantastico the bushwhackers beat the Iron Sheik and Nikolai ok yep Tully Blanchard defeated I have to tell you I have to tell you not a bad match that totally matched that I think that might have been let the last like televised Tully match Abdullah the Butcher versus one man gang yeah weird weird match Jimmy Snuka versus Bob Orton with captain Lou versus Bob Orton jr. and Neidhart and Bundy versus Roberts and young weird weird ass pay-per-view what is the what is the what would the equivalent of this be today oh my god it would I don’t even know I got Steiner would be involved Scott Steiner would be involved it’s just the dudes who aren’t signed with any yeah but a lot of these guys are in way better shape now Shane Douglas Shane Douglas would be on the Sabu RVD a lot of the ECW guys yeah Tommy Dreamer would be in a match what’s his name the guy the vampire Kevin thorn Kevin thought wow it’s very interesting yeah I remember watching this I remember thinking that Tulley match was really good I was like holy crap totally looks great Harry and all these matches we’re like under 10 minutes except for the main they say here Tully Blanchard oh my god so not New Jack definitely I think that we need me Debbie needs to rehire New Jack okay I would’ve loved to see new jack in WV yes I would have liked to see New Jack versus min-suk man oh that would have been to match I want to say I got okay so I want to go back to the Yoko thing that’s exactly the only era right and and I would love to do this on patreon again where we kind of just I want to do like we have a couple drinks sure and we just start doing the what-ifs because there were so many what-ifs in that era and so much had to happen in order for us to get to the Attitude Era Oh like even down to the fact that like everything changed from 19 1993 affected in 1997 and 1998 right like people don’t it doesn’t work like that anymore like things that happen in 2011 yeah are not really playing a part in today’s wrestling because people are not as pivotal in the role that they’re in as much as they were then like Hogan Hogan beats Yoko at that WrestleMania when Bret loses right Hogan then drops the title at King of the Ring to Yoko uh-huh all of that was supposed to be leading up to a Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan match at SummerSlam 93 mm-hm instead that didn’t happen Hogan left here comes Lex Luger Luger was supposed to get the title right people don’t realize that they were testing this I mean there are photos with him at house shows with the WB title to see what the reaction would be and Vince would have the announcer introduce him as the World Wrestling Federation champion just to hear the reaction he wanted he was primed to be there guy if Lex had signed that contract right cuz he left in 95 yeah if he renewed for three years 96 97 98 yeah okay Lex would have been there in 1998 just imagine him three-time champion him and taker him and Brett him in Austin of there’s so many pivotal parts here that play into all of this that it’s ridiculous I hate you’re getting injured at that point that’s right and having to go away that played a big part in this I I think it’s interesting to with the Luger thing because I think the only one out of those guys who could pull a match out of him would be Brett yeah Brett would have been able to Brett could pull a match out of everybody because I think that the fascinating thing between Luger a guy like Luger and a guy like sting is that they had these feuds with Ric Flair and the dudes who shined them up who were like the most amazing mechanics in the world yeah where is like I think a Luger Austin I don’t think that I think that would have been a cluster F for saying you know of course it would have been but the the era lubbers shot Michaels oh my god we I think we did see that yeah yeah I think we’ve seen Luger Shawn but the era people don’t really would like to do a piece on 1993 because I think I was probably the most pivotal year in the industry because that started the Deloitte tremendous decline yeah but so many things happen from 92 to 94 yeah that played the biggest part in 98 97 98 99 Oh in that boom period do you think that we’re experiencing that now between 20 18 and 29 I think we’re gonna have a lot of these now between aw and people going over and people coming over and nxc I think there’s gonna be a lot of these stories but it’s fascinating to think one guy leaving create it’s such a spiral like 1997 Vince deciding to screw Bret yeah Bret going to WCW Shawn hurting his back yeah Austin by by a miracle getting over by himself then deciding that he’s the guy right having no heels to feud with him right so now Vince has to play the part that Vince thing blows up Vince was never supposed to be the top heel in the in the territory did he want you had they were looking at Dan Severn they were looking at Ken Shamrock at one point they were looking at Shawn coming back cuz Shawn was gonna come back yeah they were looking at um stock to death uh Yoko if he was gonna come back he was gonna feud with Austin there’s so many things that never happened that led us to where we are and all this plays a part in the rock if none of this happened the rock would have never gotten the opportunity Hunter would have never gotten the opportunity Bobby not as soon it was it’s it’s it’s envelope and that’s the difference between today and and and then well oh well it doesn’t mirror anything but the 2018-2019 spectrum is I’ve tweeted this out the other day Cody leaving and getting introduced to the trigger the whole thing that’s the story right yeah Cody leaving and getting and Kevin Owens introducing him to the Bucks is the start of this whole thing also you have to remember Cody was leaving wrestling for a while right he was doing the indie thing a little bit and it was almost a charity case he was doing he was just doing it for like the fans but his plan was to become an actor he had done multiple interview saying yeah I’m gonna wrestle but it’s not gonna be my thing I want to get into acting but he also did I think you’re thinking about Damien Sandow no no Cody that was specifically for Cody because I remember that involved show that we went and we saw him at he was not gonna do a lot of dates after that he had to list though and he followed through yeah 99% of them I think but him him leaving getting introduced to the Bucks by Kevin Owens doing the bullet Club thing and that’s it that’s and then the bet was Meltzer the Bettman was a $1 bet with Davey and then just careening through the independents and now we’re at a TV show every week with another one coming and selling out arenas and had a major go mocs like all these the type of lineup everything at the lineup that’s the big line very fascinating yeah I think that story’s still being told you know we’ll see in like three four years well we’ll really have the answer to that you know but time to wrap it up no no I’m just um a lot of funds up give me a thumbs up our thumbs kiss alright that’s it for this week guys go to a website if conduct a comm if you haven’t subscribed subscribe to us on all the platforms subscribe to us here on youtube subscribe to us on audio/video follow us on Twitter you can follow me at Andrews Aryan you can follow rich BTC Rick baby and Mad Men podcasts our Facebook group our discord we have conversations happening everywhere it’s a lot of fun here so I enjoyed the show today was a lot of fun with a lot of fun and we’ll see you all next time take care hey guys

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