Weekly Wrestling Wrecap #153 On The Eve of the Wednesday Night Wars Special Oct 02 2019

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[Music] [Music] hello everyone welcome to another Fowler vision with me fowl original it is the weekly racing recap episode 153 i spring that down a little bit is the weekly racing recap episode 153 it is the most exciting day in wrestling for like at least 15 years 20 years I’d say it’s the eve this is the eve of the Wednesday night Wars tonight we’re gonna have a little preview of atw wrestling’s dynamite what we know so far where it’s gonna be shown and how we’re gonna be getting to see that first episode and also tonight shock news that NXT have mu NXT on USA Network their first to our show has moved the main event of Matt riddle and Adam Cole Beibei NXT championship to the beginning of this show this is the second of October it is the weekly wrestling recap 153 I hope that you enjoy that Shou hello everyone and welcome to the weekly wrestling recap episode 153 yes 153 it’s a crazy night tonight of course it’s so much going on first of all I mean first things to be said is of course NXT is gonna be live two hours on the USA Network and secondly there’s an there’s a little show there’s a little show that some of you you may have heard it’s called all elite wrestling that they’re they’re debuting something tonight got to go head-to-head with the WWE and that thing of course is a II to be wrestling’s Dino my dad’s pop-up a graphic on the screen for that and I know mate and as you can see aw wrestling Dynamite is also live tonight head-to-head on TNT against the USA Network but first of all if you’re want to help support channel you do that in many ways do that of course by thumbs up in the video I’ve already really helps me in the algorithm you can also do that of course by subscribing if you haven’t already you’re watching it on the youtubes if you’re listening out there in podcast land then feel free to subscribe check me out on pop bean Spotify all those places cast a box Thank You castor box you’re really fun on Twitter and all of those are the normal podcast ways and of course if you want to help support channeling you can also go to a little-known website I may have mentioned it before and then Lona website is called of how original calm when you got a FAL original calm you will see my big old bird face in my big ol bird face you can go ahead and click spoke channel or click full channel table to do options that donate let me come a patron of cookie dough out burn it will take you through to a PayPal donation page once you get dating go ahead say I know give me $5 tick the box so with me everyone in make this month a donation that’s what my cutter in the regs as file originals weekly wrestling recap best on originals the amount of wrestling and all the other bits and bobs I Do’s on the in tubes which of which there is loads and of course make sure you check me out on Twitter at fowl underscore original I’m always talking about graps and I love when you poke folks pop in just say hello and of course tonight I am repping my bullet club t-shirt for further life but I thought that it would be quite fun to potentially look at what’s going on tonight and what’s happening and you know like what this what this means cuz this is a really big deal hello there Brian hey Joe this is a really big deal this is a momentous evening as Brian saying let’s even get the chat working because a little bit harsh last time for anybody was watching the video number one audio went all screwy and a lot of emotions were vented so um it’s a it’s always hard to do that when you haven’t actually written a script of any kind way shape or form because that’s just what happens but anyway the chat you’re popping in a second and um tonight tonight momentous evening absolutely in insane in the membrane absolutely insane in the membrane it’s just it’s this so much good stuff happening this week the Dubi Dubi we’ve called it WB premiere week of course this is where the new television season is starting in the in the United States so this is sweeps week this is the week when everyone pulls out the big guns to make sure that they can get their share of the advertising pie later on down the year so we’re seeing season premieres these are season premieres of course wrestling is a the show that never ends so its seasons are all year round or they are still subject to seasons this week on Monday Night Raw we had ourselves a new set and we had ourselves a new way to feel sick with more and more angles which seemed to involve the phrase cook and it’s it’s weird it’s weird but of course that’s a segment that’s a second of the wrestling the wrestling community that are being served and that’s fine wrestling is all about all of the variety available within wrestling so I don’t got no problem with that but of course aew starts tonight and aew over here in the United Kingdom is going to be presented by and I want to say a big big thank you big big shout out as ever thank you so much and you guys are frickin awesome fight TV if you’re watching you can see this thank you so much yeah you you guys have been fantastic since the beginning of me like discovering all elite wrestling being able to watch all in on your platform which is freaking amazing I’m so happy that there’s a live option available on fight TV cuz I can watch it anywhere on my phone no shade on the ITV player but this works everywhere it just works and I don’t mind but big big shout to them of course this show and the watch long which will be happening later on this evening yes there’s gonna be watch along this evening are all presented to you by fight TV thank you so much if you go check out my Twitter at fallow underscore original got a giveaway going on which ends tonight I mean the next few hours for those of you in the United Kingdom Ireland and other places where it works but United Kingdom in Ireland of course in the United States it’s gonna be on t.n.t now of course wrestling has always had a place on the Turner networks up until realistically the start of the millennium in the start of the millennium Turner merged with Time Warner and during the merger there were certain things that Turner at the time and Time Warner did not I’m sorry AOL even a well time on they did not want to have a AOL didn’t want to have certain beings time what I didn’t wanna have something so certain things were just blotted and at the time WCW the largest the absolute largest company outside of the WWE was doing terribly it was doing absolutely terribly the year 2000 2001 ratings were all-time low revenues are a low time all-time low and of course salaries were an all-time high and that’s not how you can run a wrestling company it took this year and part of last year for a bet made by Dave Meltzer of us are made by Cody Rhodes when Meltzer said he wasn’t able to none and a non WWE event could not draw 10,000 people Dave Meltzer was proven wrong and a lot of the wrestling media were proven wrong by worse wave by the movement by the absolute fanaticism of the elite wrestling fans being the elite was an amazing wrestling show that I watch every single week and I loved it I absolutely without any cynicism used to love it I used to look forward to it every week I loved the fact that there were these two wrestlers and these brothers who were just going around recording stuff with their friends and they were having a great time doing it that took us to the point where they produced a show an independent show which was probably one of the most jaw-dropping events from a company which didn’t exist of course we know part of the story now looking back a bae w wrote ooze and all of that kind of stuff and all the interviews were just happened from that point on Matt Jackson NIT Jackson met Cody Rhodes and it was just a very very lucky moment in January of this year when all of their contracts all ended and they had a chance to either sign with the big boys and continue and basically not change anything not change the status quo just join it or of course be trailblazers and make a change change everything change the whole way in which wrestling is perceived by the mainstream by networks by everyone and they succeeded they succeeded the whole of this year has been an emotional roller coaster from last year from from last September up until now the little promotion that could got itself backing from tony kahn who is a billionaire and also a wrestling fan of my age of an age of a wrestling fan base who feel underserved with all that said of course a ewz wrestling dynamite is and I’m so excited about it I’m so excited it premieres tonight the first nights that we’ll be seeing is Sammy Guevara facing off against Cody Rhodes as a opening match and that match that match in particular apparently has significance because wins and losses will matter in oli wrestling and Cody Rhodes has said he stated that if if he loses this match the match that he has got coming up against the aew champion Chris Jericho at full gear in a few months time will not go on because wins and losses matter and so that spot would go to Sameera vara it could happen it’s insane we also of course they might have mjf vs. Brandon Cutler this match this match right here is a match which has brought together fandoms and so there that Cody Rhodes said don’t listen to the media called the other day from all of the wrestling Cody Rhodes put during the media call spoke about how there was a that was to be can bring fandoms together which is why he put his neck out there only speaks about video games it was about comics this was a situation where mjf made fun of Dungeons & Dragons and because of the fun of dungeon dragons that he made cause Brandon Cutler likes and his and Dragons the internet did what it did and showed mjf that he was stupid for not liking Tanner’s and Dragons and we had weight lifters bodybuilders fitness models it just people from all walks of life that were like well we could kick your ass and so tonight we have a match where we will be vicariously living through Brandon Cutler as the geeks that we all are against the bully mjf and everything person on the internet that a part of the DND law every single person that doesn’t like the bullies that bullied them as a child they can all direct all of that heel heat and that hate to mjf and he is loving it people who created D&D characters specifically for mjf there have been people who have created of course Brandon Cutler cause played as him at a D&D event it’s just great it’s just great and this is something that all elite wrestling up until this point have already done which is use social media and use the fact that they are people and that they should be meeting them to allow you to be able to see well you know a match where we get to see the school nerd versus the school buddy it’s gonna be fantastic and the best thing is and this is my prediction is MJ F will win this match and I want him to win this match I totally want him to win this match hello the immense lists how you doing I tried to message you on Twitter the other day but I think your account got like suspended or something um but but but but but of course we also have another match which is there are so many big matches on this evening we have the return of l.a.x teaming up with Chris Jericho against the books and Kenny Omega the elite that’s gonna be crazy we also of course have we have to see thanks man we also will get to see the an amazing match between 900 and Rijo for the need to become the new aew Women’s Champion that’s insane that’s insane and I’m so happy for it I’m so happy and people like JG bm3 who are in the chat right now you’ve been in there with me when we watched all in tonight’s the ninth um we also of course have like that matches gonna be amazing I hope that Nala Rose wins because she’s insane she’s so good like what I saw all-out like a bone mine that blew my mind also also we we have just so many match it’s only great matches and that’s what I want to take away from a ews dynamite I want to say you know what we’ve got some fantastic match so we’ve got Paige and park it’s crazy stack tonight we have Adam Paige versus park where we get to see the guy who Vince threw away on the network rivaling him right now I think that’s fantastic I mean that’s absolutely fantastic and we also we also of course just have the fact that this show exists we have a brand new presentation which we don’t know what it will look like yet there will be a focus on stats and wins and losses and it’s just exciting because it’s exciting to see how they can present this how they’re gonna present this and of course Kenny Omega potentially might come out as a cleaner as well it’s great it’s great stuff great stuff and that’s and what we’ve also learned so far is the ATW elite wrestling dynamite will be a show which is a southern vehicle which will be self contained so there will be no live tours so this isn’t the advert for the live tours what happens on dynamite will be self-contained but there will be an ongoing story which i think is so smart very very smart and your pandering so that your pandering to the crowd thank you so much now of course as I said over here in the United Kingdom and this did take a little bit of slack flack even so I feel like I should be talking about it but fight TV are presenting it live over here in the United Kingdom ITV for will also be bringing that show to us now they it has been some changes since the last the last talk about this and I just like to bring you a tweet just to show you what’s changed because this again it’s brand new use and this is why I love doing the show now because it’s um it’s it’s it’s great to do it right now because things are happening but if I just go to ITV wrestling on the DeVita’s memento and they put out this amazing using announcement because obviously the internet when a little they weren’t a little bit unhappy about the initial announcement which was accidentally accidentally put out but Tony can put this out and ITV Wrestling and we got magazine on the Twitter’s there let’s just show you this is a new schedule so the new schedule ITV has announced new schedule details for its free to air coverage of brand new weekly wrestling show ae W dynamite in a change to the original schedule the full two-hour show will be available to view on the ITV hub from 7:00 p.m. on Thursday 3rd of October which the ITV hub being their IEP player their online service if people don’t know what that is over in the United Kingdom sorry in the United States even and it will then be shown at 11:20 on for ITV for a Friday evening amazing spot and I did say this before I thought they might go for that like Impact Wrestling kind of spot with the Impact Wrestling has been getting really good ratings over on 5-star and then it will be also broadcast at 8:20 a.m. on Sunday the 6th of October also on itv4 and there will also be a 1-hour highlights program shown on Monday the 7th of October at 11:45 p.m. on ITV I guess to kind of pull in that crowd just before Raw and as previously announced because they did analysis before the shows will lead sequentially to the 9th of November full gear pay-per-view event so just great news all round I don’t really don’t I really hope people over in the United States understand that we pay a lot of money to watch WWE live so this option which has been provided by fight TV which is a great deal and I say this with again with no cynicism this is a great deal it’s $4.99 for the month and you get three episodes or they’re $2.99 each yes of course there has been a lot of talk on Twitter about people saying that they cannot afford this and there’s been a lot of what I’ve read on Twitter poor shaming which is something which Khan has been happening people have said that this has only happened because people have been entitled fans and they shouldn’t have felt as if they were gonna get this show for free and the initial news that came out was just that 8:20 slot and we all knew as many butchered there’s gonna be nothing left of the show it will be just sliced and diced just like what used to happen to EE W we heat over here and WCW world wide however as I said what I’d like to do is look at the positives of this we have access to the live stream of fight TV legally over here in the United Kingdom to be able to watch this show legally that option is not available to us with NXT s NX T’s weekly show on the USA Network so theoretically if you’d want to watch both shows and dual screener you are essentially breaking the law even if you have the NXT Network because of course if you have the NXT Network you have to wait until Thursday for the whole show to beat up loaded so there is no Wednesday night Wars over here in the United Kingdom so please understand that the people that will be staying up will be the hardcore the rule was gonna stay up and there will what find a way to watch both shows but there is no when’s Night Wars here that’s happening overseas in the United States and of course that will lead us beautifully into our preview of the next show which is NXT NXT on USA Network but before that if you want to help support the channel you can do that in many ways you can thumbs up the video it really helps them in the algorithm can also do that place subscribing if you haven’t already you can also do that by going to a little known website called our original comm and of course go to our original comm slash support and if you haven’t already then it would be very very nice if you did this but if you click the subscribe button and hit the bell notification to be notified of when I’m going live again I will be going live again tonight for a watch alarm for all elite Wrestling and of course there is a giveaway going on on my tickers right now on Apfel underscore original if you in in the United Kingdom or Ireland or in ervice places then if you can’t pick that show up tonight and you want to be able to get it on for TV and I’ll be doing weekly giveaways every single week for a episode of a ews dynamite that will be having everything all week on Fowler underscore original and also happening on remote wrestling so every week you have two chances with me to get yourself the episode lega li now of course huge opening match for NXT absolutely crazy any big opening match we have matt riddle yes matt riddle facing off against Adam Cole Bay Bay now I can’t believe that this match is going first it is NXT do me exactly what they did with their first episode which is putting this longest like most insanely crazy like over match first when the first episode of NXT aired on USA Network we had a four-way women’s match for the NXT number one contendership for the women’s title we had heal yo sure I Oscar I’m sorry but you know she makes me feel things he or yo sure I we had we also had Bianca Bella we had Miriam mama mia hamm and we also of course had Candis larae Candis larae came out the winner so we will be seeing Shayna Baszler facing off against candy slurry for the NXT Women’s Championship now everyone thought that that match was gonna go on first mo for that match was gonna go first how long is the auw show exactly two hours I’ll be two hours we’re gonna be I’m gonna be looking at doing a wrap-up show afterwards and also watch long obviously as the show is it’s gonna be starting at 1:00 a.m. a UK time and it’s gonna be starting over in the United States at 8:00 p.m. Eastern also I believe now at NXT USA which will be starting exactly the same time it looks like it’s already a chance 8 Cody Rhodes and all early wrestling uh said they will not be reactionary to anything that NXT put out they said that it would feel it would feel very egocentric to have a monitor up and watch what the opposition are doing because they’re not reactionary all elite wrestling of the leaders and NXT are watching NXT is to take up a show with three County three tie all matches tonight three title matches we’re gonna have as I said to the NXT universe NXT championship we will have Matt riddle facing off against against Adam Cole for the NXT championship let’s just take you to their Twitter actually because I think that my um we might going to got a few better pictures here but first of all it’s of crazy matches we’ve got we’ve got this I’ve got this match which is for the NXT Tag Team Championships the undisputed era facing off against a street profit that’s gonna be a kick-ass match and of course the undisputed era holding all the gold in the moment of course Jonny gagana has also been talking about stuff because his his wife um can diesel Drake will be involved we also have Adam Cole talking in that saying that he’s he was potentially injured by Matt riddle but we also on today have as I said the let’s just go to the website anything they might be better we have Matt riddle to challenge the NXT champion Adam Cole tonight and we also have candy slow ray against Shayna Baszler of course candy slurry I think this might be time to pull the trigger I think it could be I think it could be um candy so ray is no slouch she is a bad bitch and she she will kick Shana’s ass something a lot of people are looking at her as part of like a cute baby face but as part of the cutest tag team with Joey Ryan she she had some deathmatch issue did we also as I said of course have the street profits going up against NXT Tag Team Champion disputed era we bought Johnny gagana going one-on-one with Shane thorn which is gonna be an amazing match actually Shane thorn coming out of the breakout tournament which NXT held over on the network and of course of course the man the myth the legend the Velveteen drink is going to be on the USA Network The Velveteen dream experience will be happening on the on the USA Network and the W we’ll also of course we didn’t watch along with some of the stars of NXT and others because watch lungs are where it’s and yet and as brian says NXT is almost takeover level this is of course the first show and both both companies want to put their best foot feet what’s feet forward the NXT show which i think is probably one of the most exciting is as Brian said it’s almost a takeover level show and it will be very interesting to see how much the NXT guys wanna put into that evening I think that every match the level at which they’re at and potentially the way in which the television is produced which when you watch the NXT tape NXT weekly TV it’s very much presented like the NXT takeover shows which is there’s not a lot of storyline between it’s just Bam Bam Bam we just get seen match after match after segment after segment we don’t really slow down and that saw that NXT if then more Ranallo has been fantastic he’d been absolutely sensational Nigel McGuinness here managua goodness makes me laugh so much the banter between them is just amazing Beth Phoenix holds her own as well it’s just a really really good three-person proof up there it’s great it’s frickin great and I can’t wait to see of course Kathy Kelly’s there now and we’re gonna be doing a pre-show beforehand it’s a big deal this is a really really big deal as I said over in when I looking at like ratings and stuff and I said this before if both shows pull in a combined two million and and from smart to death agreed with me remember Twitter’s if they can pull in two million between the two of them they’ve just grown the audience on a Wednesday night and they asked Kolya said it’s gonna be so much more coming from then but NXT of course will be producing a lot more as well the big deal about NXT of course is that the eww we can pull any star from anywhere on the roster and bring them on for that evening but NXT is not a show to be trifled with either and I’m so excited to see how this goes and as Paul says yeah I think it’s the top W announcing right now I think that there announce team is just great there’s analytics there’s is laughter there’s banner and there’s a real love and passion for the product which is something which is sometimes missing from announce teams of course over on all elite wrestling Excalibur is no slouch he’s very very very like very passionate about the product and so is Golden Boy there are so many things to talk about when it comes to both shows I mean I’m excited to see how they both work in tandem of course over here in the United Kingdom as I said we’re not gonna be going about your life so I’m I was thinking about jewel screening it but I felt that’s probably not the best idea I want to give both shows the chance that they deserve so I will watch all elite wrestling’s dynamite and take it to I think it’s probably better to pop into here to have this little bit of the discussion see if I can get we need this you know when you realize that you’ve made some things in advance but not everything for all of you listening out there yeah all of you listening out there thank you so much for joining me this is a special as I said this is a special so I’m it’s slightly different to how the shows will be in the long run in the future might might do something similar I mean as I said I play with the format every single week so if you’re a new listener thank you so much for tuning in I’ve had so many new listeners after the last episode and I’m I’m really grateful that people willing to listen to my crazy every now and then and so thank you so much but as this is a special let’s just pop you in to over here and what think so oh let’s just take that off now that that shouldn’t be there see as you can see obviously always always ready always ready to do stuff it was rested there anyway this is the eve of the Wednesday night war this is the night the 2nd of October 28th 2019 there will be wrestling fans out there that will speak of this night very similar to the way that they spoke of the night when all elite wrestling kind of became formed as part of all in people will speak of this night for a long time there is so much good to come from this there is so much chance for wrestling to become a mainstream situation again for wrestling to be to ride that cultural wave nostalgia is works in weird ways and a lot of people are very nostalgic very nostalgic we’re getting to see an absolutely fantastic announce team creative team and infrastructure and money just behind all elite wrestling so and this passion there’s such passion and friendship the friendship means so much that I don’t even people take that into account the fact that each person wants the hole to do better than just themselves something which would only really happen when you’re an employee who gains a regular salary is allowed time off and has sick pay when you have medical you and you can just worry about the creative part of what you do which is what Tony Khan is all about the creative part then you will flourish and your your company will flourish over on NXT side with Triple H in charge maybe there will be similar changes maybe there’ll be a way to work that around a lot of people have talked about the fact that NXT wrestlers get paid a lot less than their main roster counterpart maybe this will change maybe this will have to change if they want to be able to attract those same wrestlers which they could easily bring in before which now I want to go to all elite wrestling lax being the biggest example of this lax would have under normal circumstances gone straight to NXT and that would have been that but this time they were intercepted by all elite wrestling and this could be one of those big shots across the bow that NXT weren’t ready for and we’re up until now Triple H just had his pick picking through all of the independent wrestling all over the world he’s got two people on his tail now that maybe they’re just before him those two people are called brandy Rhodes and Cody Rhodes and the books and a Kenny Omega and Tony Carr and other people like Brandon Cutler but I’m really excited this I hope that as the wrestling community that we don’t rip the crap out each other for what we like I mean if you like lucha Saurus you like lucha Saurus that’s your like lucha sauce that’s fine 20 years ago we liked a guy that pretended to be a zombie and we still like him now like and that man my friends was called The Undertaker so I’m just so excited I’m really really AM and I hope that everyone gets a chance to watch the resume wanted this so much more out there these two companies will hopefully raise all ships but they’re not the whole ocean there’s an ocean of wrestling out there and if I could say one thing which is please don’t shame someone for liking wrestling that you don’t like please don’t shame someone for not liking wrestling that you like because there’s one thing that I would like to say which is wrestling fans as a whole and I’m not generalizing straw Manning have probably at some point how to deal with bullying and I don’t mean bullying but being bullied especially when the thing that you like is definitely outside of the general consensus and the general social fabric when it’s outside you’re an outsider yes some people may understand it but of you have a niche product that you like don’t be gatekeepers please for the love of God don’t be gatekeepers we have just schlubs around here you know where Josh loves the light wrestling and that’s what I what I do is I like wrestling so don’t shame anyone and please just enjoy the fact that we have two massive companies vying for our attention they will do things that we didn’t even expect there will be names that we never even thought of there will be creative choices made that probably would have never been made before and of course there will be wrestling but that’s just what I think that’s just what I think now of course there is also other things happening this week I felt that this is probably the best way to deal with this in this this special special tonight there’s one more thing happening this week that I don’t think people have of course really spoke about they will have at some point but Smackdown mm you know that little show these have another Tuesday the show that didn’t happen last night for the first time in almost three just over three years it didn’t happen and that show of course was now Smackdown used to be on the USA Network but this Friday yes this Friday Smackdown will be moving to a different place and that new place of course will be and I can’t find it well here we go a new place will be this place Fox so Smackdown will be moving to Fox this Friday for Friday Night Smackdown we fight on Friday nights maggle JBL now of course we’re gonna have an amazingly stellar main event to start with that main event match is the WWE Championship put on the line by Kofi Kingston against Brock I would like to say I would like to say this match is great of course this is great Smackdown has changed there is a new set for roar of course there will be a new set for Smackdown this for both shows was a bit of a and that’s like people like to call it hard reset Bischoff will now have a lot more creative control backstage on in the presentation of the product and in the way that it all works Fox has been pushing the WWE to the bullet II stratosphere they have had Big E involved in announcing on Fox they’ve had Kofi Kingston knocking about they’ve had Drake maverick they’ve been following him around and of course they have this bus the bus that will be going around the smackdown the SmackDown Express there’s gonna be going around all the different seas and they’re gonna be doing signings and autographs at the new day and they also have announced that The Rock yes The Rock has come back to SmackDown on a Friday the rock will be there the bloody Rock this week on Raw we had Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan setting up a team for crown jewel in Saudi Arabia and over on Smackdown we have a totally different product where we will get to see two hours of prime time network television for the WEA as well again and this is gonna be on Fox this is a massive deal this is billions and billions of dollars there have been as a lot of people are speculated and of course this is just purely speculation because we do not have the contracts in front of us but speculation has been that if they don’t hit certain I guess mile stones then the deal can number one be ripped away at the end of the day this is just a television show but most primetime networks at the moment especially the the the larger ones are looking for one thing that you cannot really binge afterwards one thing which is the consensus one thing which is the discussion happening on something like Twitter or something like that and that is that my friends is live sports and the WB we on Fox is gonna be produced presented as a live sports NXT in a way is already presented as live sports and so is war raw is actually more of the soap opera kind of way Tony Kahn spoke about something called the invisible camera and he said I hate the invisible camera I want this to be produced like sports show so there’s no real like backstage segments there’s a camera and then when people see the camera they speak to the camera there is no camera which is gaining like access the things happening in the background Smackdown has been using how was filmed slightly differently last week where it had that more filmic look people especially them that’s because they changed the frame rate or that their encoder was messed up but they are experimenting over on Smackdown with new ways to present the jib cam was used in a very interesting way I’ve been in segments between Rouen and Roman reigns not along the new angles new angles that have never even seen on the w/e before being employed over on Samata to present the show in a more sports like fashion and to get away from those very simple very stagnant very WWE very Kevin Dunn camera camera angles and stuff and I think that is great I think that it’s absolutely great that we’re gonna get to see this evolution as Brian Walters in the chat there I’m really looking for to see what Smackdown has evolved into there is now an actual competition between the WWE within itself that competition is actually going to be the Smackdown vs. raw Smackdown a lot of people have already said was the a show and now that the way that it’s being positioned by Fox it being the crown jewel in their live sports portfolio they’re gonna want to have the biggest stars they wanted the rock the rock damn it day one Brock Lesnar to be the champion the WBA champion Brock we’ll be the WWE Champion Brock Lesnar of course is speculated to have a much more active role in the WV we signing a contract which may have increased his appearances and may have also increased his TV time possibly at a much higher salary but Kofi Kingston is also kicking ass Kofi Kingston winning yeah winning the winning the match against Randy Orton was a big shock and I actually now think that he could probably beat Lesnar and that would be the bigger shock but would you want Kofi Kingston to beat Lesnar I feel like Lesnar would want that to happen but then where does Lesnar go just Lesnar go back to roared as he bounced between both shows does he turn upon NXT and become like the biggest MMA monster of all time and Brian Walsh brings a very interesting question which is is Kevin Dunn directing both shows I wonder I don’t feel like he is I feel like he is being told what and he’s being a and that people like Bischoff and that people like Heyman are able to experiment a little bit more and maybe present those two done and then done can use them when he wants to or maybe it is a case of Eric Bischoff just roll the sleeves up almost leaves look again in there and directing the show and if he is then more power to him and we will see how this changes and we’ll see how this changes the presentation and the way in which the W is perceived because of course the W is perceived as a show for from by many people as a show the kids as a fiction and it will be interesting to see how the WB we can be presented as real sports when everybody knows the secret with weight is the wall cost of the think Oh God so the other thing of course and we will talk about this when it happens but there is a draft coming up and that draft will start on Smackdown and end on Raw and there will be a change there will be two rosters that will exist independently of each other Toland penally I think the rock wall call all probably won’t exist within Smackdown excuse me I think that we’ve heard something some Triple H where he spoken about but a drink this water hmm we’ve heard some things in Triple H where he’s talked about potentially people coming from roar coming from Smackdown coming from anywhere coming to NXT and that it’s part of the draft now so will we be seeing people draft it to NXT as part of this draft will we get to see a big star just pop over to NXT the direction is so important as Brian Wolfe says njg bn3 as the wild-card thing Walcott rule isn’t exactly a thing and yes the wall called rule is done this is the most exciting and of course the week is capped off by telling us all where we get to see the fiend potentially come the WB the universal champion now with all of this news happening this week this is one of the biggest weeks for wrestling in in what I can remember for a long time this to me is as big as when the WWE invaded this to me is as big as when when mankind came off the Hell in a Cell and it changed this is as big as Bret Hart you know leaving to go to DC to being screwed this is a big deal this is a flash point in history we are actually seeing a flash point in history this week we also have so many other wrestling companies that are bringing themselves and they’re bringing the heat we have impact bringing the heat we have majorly wrestling bringing the heat we’ve got New Japan bringing the heat and we’re forgetting that there’s so much variety to wrestling but of course there will always be those companies which exist at the top and those companies which exist in the consciousness to the point where when you said to someone oh do you like wrestling or like that Hulk Hogan guy like that Brock Lesnar but there will be a point when we start saying oh you like wrestling like that Kenny Omega and that’s happening right now that’s happening and we’re part of frickin history and we can we can we can work two ways within this we can all as I said be assholes and we can just divide the very very very small niche hardcore audience that have held on for all of these years and we can be gatekeepers to all of the people that come back and all those lapsed fans that go or can you tell me about Kofi Kingston cuz last time I saw him in a Jamaican accent we could sit there a hot haha euro man Kofi Kingston oh my god you’re not a real wrestling fan or we can say come in do you want to see what the hell happened last year do you want to see how wrestling changed last year do you wanna see a black champion hold the WWE Championship at WrestleMania with his kids in the front row and get them feel I’m feeling it now yeah I feel the way that it did in that moment to see history being written as a man who is a POC person of color I look for representation in every single thing that I watch and I mean that might be representation in the color of their skin in the in the way in which they speak in the way in which they live their lives anything and I really hope that everybody out there gets chance to feel that representation happening and to feel that they’re being served because my friends this is wrestling and wrestling is about to explode again and tonight the dynamite will go boom on Friday we’ll get foxed on Smackdown on Sunday it will be Hell in a Cell and on Monday we will get to see a whole new world of a wrestling landscape we are in history right now and I hope that you all remember that and remember that history will and this day will be remembered and everyone will remember it and it’s not a time to look at you know pigeonholing people for liking a particular thing it’s not time for people to be to be looked at look down to because they don’t know it shouldn’t be that in wrestling something that I something that was said back in January at the hashtag that was happening all the time and I haven’t seen it for a long time and I feel like we should probably bring it back which is wrestling is for everyone as it 3d truly is and whatever you’re watching this weekend I hope that you enjoy it if you want to helps for the channel do that in many ways you know that my thumbs up in this video it really helps me in the algorithm you can also do that of course by subscribing if you haven’t already you can of course hit the bell notification as well that really helps with with discovery and YouTube so thank you so much to everyone that does that and it lets you know when I’m going live next if you’re listening on the podcast then thank you so much for listening thank you so much for picking me for an hour of your time and I hope that you enjoy whatever show if you listen to this afterwards I hope that I hope that it’s enjoyable the show will be the weekly dressing recap will be changing slightly over the next few weeks I’m gonna be experimenting and doing new things so I hope that you can join me for those and of course this Sunday is Hell in a Cell if you want to watch that as watch along I’m gonna be over on slash fowl original wrestling where you can check out all the stuff and that is gonna be on Sunday and of course tonight you can go and probably go and check that we’re gonna do a recap for all elite wrestling’s dynamite brought to you by fight TV thank you so much to them and of course if you’re listening weekly we are gonna be having giveaways for an episode of all the wrestling dynamite brought to you by fight TV make sure you follow me on at fowl underscore original and why not check out remote wrestling available on all of your podcast places as well social remote wrestling search for the far original wrestling podcast sorry yeah the foul original podcast file regional restaurant you just did check the links but on that note this has been a file original thanks for watching thanks for listening and see you and hear ya next time and if you want join me tonight where we can witness history together thank you so much for everyone has joined me and thank you everyone who has joined me on this freakin crazy ass journey I love you freakin all babaeski if I can I can find a way to to cut there that would be great that that would be the place that you’d cut oh that would be the place that you cut hopefully find out oh that’s not working fully as you can see I’m always always ready for action always it was really too great to screw things up bye folks have some great evening [Music] [Music] [Music]

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