Wednesday War Games – Wednesday War Games #2: AEW (Jericho Forms Inner Circle) vs. NXT (WALTER vs. K

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and I said [Music] while you everybody do Wednesday night bar is episode two the Wednesday night Wars did not in fact end after one week so we are back with episode 2 on guard and I joined as always and we’re in Jap so – so it is in fact as always by Liam Liam how are you doing this week we have a 100% success rate on me being here this is serious saying you didn’t drop out of the play was thinking of dropping out of the podcast is that what you’re saying Liam I was not a hundred percent convinced that the that podcast nor the Wednesday night wars would continue a second week did you really think they stayed back fair enough that they issued that statement last week which is the funniest thing I’ve ever read my life but did you really think that back out after a week they got destroyed but did you really think Dudley would back down after one week no but part of me would thought it’d be really funny if they changed the time but like an hour oh we’re moving well this was they probably moved back so they’d probably moved to nine from from eight to ten to nine to eleven which not great we had we had a crisis here we had a big baseball crisis yesterday where were you keeping track of the Cardinals against Atlanta game I think I don’t know baseball do you know that I wake up in the morning of Thursdays in order to watch this show like I go straight from this to aw like sleeping – aw is my routine I don’t even check Twitter normally so I don’t even know what you’re talking about well aw there’s a 10:00 a.m. for you does it yes in the u.s. baseball’s on TNT in the US or daar TBS technically in the US and if a baseball game goes long there was another one scheduled to start with half eight aw schedules to start at age so if the baseball went slightly longer than anticipated the baseball game that went long would have been bumped down to TNT ADW would’ve been bumped down to a truTV and then the second baseball game would have started on TBS so they would have been preempted that’s just gobbledygook to you isn’t it I was like yeah okay how would that have affected me a fight TV viewer yeah it wouldn’t have at all which is funny but it turned out that they ended up airing on two channels instead of one so everything’s coming up Tony Kahn I guess on his birthday happy birthday big tone is he is K he’s the reason for the Wednesday night Wars so we had two more shows this week they did in fact produced four more hours of television aw 9 XD last week we said that we’d alternate back and forth and then you suggested that the winner of each week should go first the following week so I think that’s a better idea so you’re right and this is the only time I will concede you’re right in the history of this podcast but so we’re gonna start with a double instead once again I’m coming up with all of the ideas I’m a creative juggernaut in the podcasting industry and everyone should employ me in some manner no I do convince you to do the show nevermind don’t I dare out dirty laundry on the podcast so well then we’ll jump straight into aw which opened with a trend this match a really great match between private party in the unbox like I expected this match to be great and it was in fact really great and big news big story coming out of it probably party one I loved this match so much I saw people doing like the tag-team match of the year level like I like this match I wouldn’t go that far I think this was a really great oh I think is the best match in the history of aw dynamite in all two episodes and how that’s a big claim it was in fact better than Rio and Noah rose last week but it’s lighter than mjf vs. Brandon cold only just that’s other was an all-time classic at the top two but the almost lost were you I know what the brackets came I first came out every literally everybody’s first instinct was the young books are losing and then I kind of worked myself into a chute thinking they weren’t going to lose but then like that the next match in the bracket was naturally because the Dellucci was afraid he’s a Jurassic Express so everyone looked at those graphics or those brackets and said they’re not gonna do the young books against Jurassic Express or against the lucha brothers again and no they’re not because probably party one yeah this is exactly what I thought was gonna happen I know a Derby booking so well I’m basically perfect I actually did think that it was either gonna be the private party win or jungle express one and I thought I was more likely that private party win I was on the exact other side of that I thought it was more likely that Jurassic Express would pick up I went over the lucha Bros because lucha soros is very popular well my thought is that Matt and Nick would just go into a feud with LAX which based on the end of the show that is probably what’s going to happen so who’s gonna win the titles now um I’d have to say the lucha browser favorites but it’s a wide open tournament at this stage I mean it definitely makes it more interesting it better not be the dark order like I’m pretty eyed except pretty much every other team of this tournament winning except the dark border yeah as much as I love the Super Smash Bros design eat no at least not at the ad get them into a problem with the box and let them have just killer matches with the box and then people will accept them until they’re just let them be dumb video game nerds it’s the best thing that’s true they haven’t been there was a moment in the show where the lights went out twice and both times like oh no or they’re gonna roll out the dark order in both times they didn’t thank God I audibly did say spooky perverts and then Cody showed up it’s Cody as the spooky as the perverts really the Undertaker of aew so they had a mark when and the meltzer driver and he basically cradled Matt Jackson for the win and yeah they’re they’re advancing to the next round also they’re super over they are like there’s like they’re great these guys just go out there and do cool flips and get super over and they wrestle the freakin young books we’re the best tag team in the world for the last decade and this is this is what I want out of this television show this is the best match in the history of this show I’d like to see a match like this every single week in front of that crowd you just put the bucks or Kenny or marks or PAC out there every single week to have a match this good and I will be a happy camper this was the first part of the night where we saw production issues mmm and mainly camera cuts mitting dives and jim for us not knowing people’s names jr. I defended J or last week because I thought the commentary was actively good and yeah he reverted to from this week we’re not allowed of two weeks of good jr. the he’s doing the intro and he forgot the name of the building I don’t like he’s like welcome everybody we’re in Boston in thee and that long pause was the pause he left on the television show before he I do I don’t even know how to pronounce the name of the building but I’m not broadcasting it’s a can arena I think but I think he only realized literally on air so I don’t know how to say this word personally my favorite junior moment was him getting scared by the 10-minute call yes yes it was in this match or Justin Roberts is ten words contents or anything what was that he’s so confused but like it’s not like it’s a new thing no I know he’s been calling wrestling since the NWA days they did that back then too didn’t they probably who could possibly tell it’s not like he was sitting in Dover Eiland where they don’t do time limits and don’t do anything remotely resembling sports no like he was a man of the sport he should know that their announcements made to crowds generally mm-hmm I still wanted to mention because we didn’t get to mention it last week but I like that both weeks have started with the road to style vignettes and I want more of them I’m kind of bummed that like both weeks with like we’ve only had it before the first match which is cool it’s cool to have it before one of the matches but I was gonna talk about this more during NXT but NXT have done a bunch of those kind of features and they’ve all felt empty to me like they have Donna and Donovan died Djokovic go out there and talk about his dispute with Keithley and he just kind of says nothing and I don’t think it really adds anything and these ones it’s like they tell you who they are to tell you why this match matters and then they go into the match and they’re really good and I would like more of them I want more of those road to elements incorporated into the show yeah I don’t know why you wouldn’t put a focus on it it’s some of the best stuff they do content wise yeah way better than being the elite and actually I’ll be super bummed if the road to stuff goes by the wayside with weekly TV because we haven’t had one since no but we’ve still had being late well we have aw dark which is a short television show well you you were one to rag on it and then they gave us Omega versus Janelle her on that show so that’s that’s a choice that’s like his first match in the TV era is on a to be dark in an unscented match actually what I really liked did you notice jon moxley’s win last count did not include the unsanctioned win over John or on over George and Ella I did not but that is a nice touch yeah because it’s not sanctioned it’s not an official match so it doesn’t count right that’s it’s a good attention to detail there E – aw while we’re on production issues and I think it was less of an issue as the show went on but it’s a big issue last week and a big issue at the start of the show I hate hate to test Liam I hate there crowd shots they are so bad they don’t even pick interesting things to take shots on they just cut to some random person the crowd not making your reaction and then that that’s it apparently seriously like who looks at the WB product and then goes you know what we need to add the boring lifeless crowd shots and like I am of the opinion that even if there is someone making like the coolest jump up and down face III that doesn’t have anything for me like I want to see the action I want to see the responses of the competitors I want to see the emotion of the wrestlers I don’t see some doof in the crowd and by the time you get with they’re already at the end of the cheering and like yeah we’re having such a great time also let’s be real the aw crowd kind of sucks doesn’t they’re not like the when you watch NXT you see people who are very like into the minutiae of wrestling you can see them responding to spot and aw crowd is actually pretty different they don’t really respond like that I want to clarify I don’t mean as in they’re a bad pro wrestling crowd I mean that each episode and every event basically I’ve seen someone in the crowd that I have learned to detest he just hate the people just yeah there’s that guy in the Randy Savage shirt just like I want to hit you ha ha I really didn’t like him he was just over exuberant big poses and then this week there was just some dude in the crowd screaming at the top of his lungs into the ring and it got picked up by the mic somehow and it wasn’t like it was like he was having a conversation last week he got orange Cassidy kid that kid was great I guess what the bad comes the good yes like it did hit good numbers for me on Twitter which is all that matters as I exploit that but nine-year-old for Twitter for the plug that plugged the podcast in that tweet so thank you orange Cassidy kid so Chris Jericho had a really good segment Chris Jericho’s great there is like Chris Jericho is one of those human beings who’s performer instincts are like so leaps and bounds above absolutely everybody else that you can put a live camera on a backstage and he’ll come up with a little bit of bubbly and it will go viral or you can put him in the ring last week and he can say who threw this wiener in the ring and it will go viral and you can put him in the ring this week where he’s doing his big stable intro people chant we the people and he will shut it down in a way that both adds heat to his stable but also like fuels the brand narrative aw as no one else can do that no one else is that sharp in that environment to actually be able to do that he was so good at everything in this segment like just from the way the way he put over the members of the group where he interacted with the crowd and everything just felt so natural you know I mean like everything felt like oh this man is just making this up and it’s coming naturally and it feels like a superstar talking it kind of bummed me out because it’s like you’ve had 20 years of this Chris Jericho I mean where would he have done it that’s the problem where would he have done it because like we we probably saw a lot of this Chris Jericho and WCW because I don’t think they were like heavily scripting his frickin man of a thousand and four holds promos and then not like his promos were bad and WB but they’re w/e promos they’re they’re well delivered corporate speak nonsense with no emotion whatsoever and now we just see him cut loose as you said the way he built up all of his stable cuz that stable is a weird hodgepodge of people like you Sammy Guevara who we pointed out his penchant for shirtless thumbnails last week he came out shirtless in the segment he looked cozy they didn’t have their shirts yet that’s true he couldn’t come out wearing the shirt fair enough he has an excuse he he was not allowed wear his shirt because they didn’t reveal the name yet but Chris Jericho did refer him as a Spanish god with your but like this weird hodgepodge of people you have lax you have Jake Hager you have Sammy Guevara your Chris Jericho who like on paper if you showed someone that stable before they debuted on TV it’s like these people don’t fit together but Jericho made it make sense narrative ly ends like just as why would this character want to have these other characters around it because like they have the narrative perspective of Jericho boarding all of these guys into the company they like they were the people that he vouched for and they also have like hey of course he wants the undefeated Bellator jakkayya and the other element that there is the big stable in the company is the elite and he doesn’t want to face all of them alone he keeps calling them all elite which I really like mmm actually you mentioned bringing people into the company a really nice touch in the opener where they drove home the fact that the young bucks personally recruited private party that they went to House of glory to give them contracts and that private party beat them I really liked that touch of like they brought them here and then that’s come back to haunt them because they’re not gonna detect went well that was like not the big ups for Excalibur’s I think he was the one who brought that up mmm but Chris Jericho Christian just give this man alive Mike for 10 minutes every week he will create means he will cook great promos and he will give you buzz like I thought a lot at the first half-hour of last week’s aw was superb and this week’s was even better you had an even belting match and an even better like second segment promo again that these these two opening hours this this whole show should be this it’s really unfair for Chris Jericho to be ballot stuffing this slide in the game do you think he’s not gonna Wars is he he’s gonna win best and he might would best on interviews listen I don’t know but I think that’s a discussion to be made I suppose he’s main evented most of aw big shows all of which have sold out us as full year sold out it mine Oliver buy other ones have sold out and he’s first to DJ to TV tapings in which he was both in the main event of both winning both man he’ll be on the main event next week and he’ll be in the main event next week actually that’s an interesting choice as well that they’ve main evented all three shows with Chris Jericho I thought he’d be more of a sometimes food exactly what I was thinking while watching the show I was like I had a show and were all we had heard like contract wises that he was gonna be kind of a part-time guy but it seems he’s gonna be there all the time and how better to establish your world champion than him winning with his finish in the first week winning in with his finish in the second week and one would assume unless there’s the upset of all upsets next week he will beat Darby Ellen next week speaking of Darby Allen that gives us a nice pivot into the number contendership match between Jimmy Hoffa Qaddafi Allen which was a fine match was pretty good okay Jimmy have it okay I don’t know if he is someone I would put on my TV very often he he feels weirdly out of place in the company I’m not yeah that might be a good thing ended like he feels very different but yeah also a bad thing in the sense that this is easier TV guy I’m not so sure and it’s it’s like um they’re not exactly using him to his strengths like the reason he was so over and such a big deal in progress was he had heavily edited vignettes that would hype him up as this scary and boss but when there’s when you see him on aw he’s being like doing these backyard Crowley promos and he’s wrestling in non hardcore matches on TV hmm like your fight how to expect this man to excel when you’re doing nothing to help him excel maybe I don’t want him to maybe they don’t care maybe they see Jimmy havoc as a mid card guy but then who do you like if you’re gonna do hardcore matches you kind of just have to stick him with janella don’t you and maybe that’s a big TV feud they might do because they did a little bit of it in the Cracker Barrel watching McCall it’s a tall out do you just do a full Jimmy havoc Joey janella program that would probably not be the worst idea in the world I mean yeah I mean and all you could do like some crazy foes turn friendship tag-team deal with them and I wouldn’t mind that I’m not sure they were the try to picture them as a team yeah but like I just I don’t see what else you really do with Jimmy maybe he just becomes like midcard Kane comes out and scares the midcard heals he did get an inset for Alma before this match while he was making his entry that’s what I was referring to yeah he he talked about like his journey to get there as opposed to like all right you’re a 15-year veteran bloody bloody blah you know what why should we actually care you know it’s like yeah that’s that’s like a variation on the I love wrestling promo I have another JR note right he’s doing a very big pet peeve of mine throughout this show but it started really happening here where he starts to diminish what the referee is doing yeah and it’s very annoying because why are you bringing attention to the mistakes the referees are making unless that’s like I kind of like the idea that not that referees are characters but referees have different characteristics you know all my table we Edwards is stricter a Rick Knox might let more go and if that’s what the the announcer is referred to and I don’t mind then if jr. is like over it Knox should be more like Aubrey Edwards because I think that calls attention and brings kind of style to that but yeah he did he has a penchant for just burying referees when they don’t do what he likes and then it’s reliant on the other people like Excalibur to go and say well you know it’s the referee discretion and provide excuses but like we don’t need to have those excuses if you don’t point out the problem in the first place that is true I really do like the idea of ever he’s being different I like the idea that that Bryce Remsburg is more than I go he prefers you let them brawl on the outside long or without starting a 10-count definitely that’s kind of cool I mean that’s cool but you got to do it with some sense of subtlety that’s true what Jim Ross doesn’t tend to have these days I was want to give a quick note to DA be like insane distance on the coffin drop in this match yeah I was actually I thought it wasn’t going to be the finish because he was so far away I was like oh he’s definitely in a move and then like no no it wants the finish okay and we get the best possible match which is Dhabi and jerker yeah like Jimmy havoc winning would have been a truly bizarre choice and they didn’t make it so I hope I hope they basically take the road two feet John Darby Island just slap it on to next week’s show because that’s real good and there’s put that in front of their 1.4 million TNT viewers yeah the old good decisions made sofa indeed so that is Darby on against Chris Jericho next week speaking of setting up matches for next week I believe beer priestly and a me Sakura versus Rio and did you know now Liam this is this might be revelatory information to you did you yes is both a doctor and a dentist wait a minute you’re telling me she has time to do other things outside of wrestling I know right how does she balance being a pro wrestler and working on people’s teeth well if only she had some sort of a move that would involve the teeth that would really just tired to go together we’re gonna do this bit every week until they shut up about her being a dentist so never yeah yeah never I’m his back and she was probably one of the better parts of this match she show was how could he hate Emmy because when he doesn’t like Emmy is um the women’s match on dark was not particularly good and this was a considerable step better yeah I’ve seen some people like say some down of things on this match but I really liked it like it kind of got lost and they kinda lost the crowd but like I’m watching it I really enjoyed it if you were like brickbreaker wasn’t particularly good in this match I’d be like yeah she kind of wasn’t and if you’re like yeah but I don’t really expect I don’t really expect a biker to be good matches yes but if she’s bad in the match she’s bad the match yeah this was a perfectly fine TV match as I said much better than that the women’s match on dark which was kind of actively terrible and I’m surprised they’re going straight to reorganise outdoing Burt Baker versus be a priest maybe be priestly will cost her the match next week I would not put a past them because that match is for the aw women’s championship next week obviously they’ve been building brick Baker and B priestly photo on Twitter where we appreciate he seemed to give Bert Bakker a black eye it seems to be a thing that be Priestley is doing she couldn’t Custer and freaking fire that was fight for the fallen and now she’s gone her a black eye so they have a fun where is Sadie Gibbs I have no idea like I’ve heard so much about her and like how like great athletic she is and I haven’t seen her at all so while full gear women’s matches are probably Rio against nyla again and be against Britt right I imagine so what I might either those matches I like be I like be good worse where’s freaking where the calls gone hmm adjutant awesome Kong oh yeah whatever happened they did the stadium they never like yeah it’s been my follow up yeah they did the big tease and I’m like gone into that match that’s a match I want to see and then nothing and Kong hasn’t been on any of these shows and big TK confirmed that she was signed to the roster yeah which is like awesome Kong is not before she was like she is she is nowhere near the for she was but she’s still freaking awesome Kong and she’s on glow so perhaps they’re gonna do something with the inevitable aw women’s Tag Team titles we got our best friends are in the crowd orange Cassidy’s there too I was this segment a dark segment I don’t know I don’t think it was which was bizarre they that then they like like cut to black in a very weird aggressive way and then the Shawn Spears is there I gave this leniency because I thought this was a dark segment but if this was on TV this was awful I’m pretty sure this was on TNT actually that’s that’s a weird thing about young on fight because the way they throw two breaks you sometimes don’t even realize they’ve thrown two breaks that happens to me a lot actually always like I was acting annex teen every time they went to break I know like you can’t possibly miss it cuz it’s Mario freakin Ranallo but but yeah and those on the show it’s like did they go break cuz I had a note in the first match that I really liked how long they stayed on private party winning the match but they didn’t they went to break it to UT and that was just on fight there was a couple things like in the laid up to this which I hope doesn’t break because I I don’t know like packed struggling with his mic for a solid minute and a half in Ferris I think Shawn Spears made his entrance then they went to break on TNT and they came back from office entrance well good then so Jeremy wrong tent and okay because your during the break you had park awkwardly come out onto commentary stumble his headset and then Tully Blanchard caught a very very brief promo and puck was on commentary and you can actually tell unlike with Britt Baker I’m just being sassy to jr. anytime she already asked him a question he would completely dismiss it and then Jael would kind of like bury his answer just got salty because PAC wasn’t mean to him of course we can we haven’t had a chance to talk about this but John gets the big chair I was so happy I was like oh because the first is it that’s weird to do for Jon Moxley but that’s a waste that’s his big John Cena announcement which he’s now giving to Jon Moxley so Jon Moxley does the new John Cena Justin Robert says so lock it in hmm oh yeah there’s a matter that happened to sure well that’s not really mostly one it was fine it was the most three yes three is three of ever three yeah Shawn Spears is a Stewart he sure is a good big coat hand why isn’t mucks getting a mic i don’t know cuz did you see the problem we got on twitter today it was great yeah so more of mocs cutting promos on twitter put that on the show and then we go to the post med segment with omega coming out wearing a black t-shirt yes and barbed wire cleaning utensils as born does are they gonna do a full unsanctioned match you think I want to match that’s that one glass and I want tubes they’re 100% suggesting Kenny and marks are gonna do a deathmatch ah I just Mark’s taking the one wing angel through a bunch of light tubes mm-hmm and I think they could use that to explain away by the neither the my the next number one contender as well because oh it was unsanctioned therefore it doesn’t count toward their records do you think POC and mocks is the direction after the Omega stuff well you see that could have went two ways because either Marx is upset that he attacked Kenny or do you think they’re they’re gonna be a little stable boys do you think we’re gonna go full New Japan on this where everyone’s in a stable I’m very interested because that segment left me with a lot of questions yeah wise pocket Kenny after he beat him fair enough I like the idea that but that pack is kind of pissed because like realistically he was overlooked for the title match next week because like he beat Kenny Omega and he beat hangman page he should have been number one contender rather than freakin Derrida jiff Cody’s like oh it’s the quality of the wins he just beat the two of the top guys in the company yeah and like that was the thing that a lot of people well the fans on Twitter I mentioned so I’m glad they actually gave some sort of a reasoning it’s it’s a story reason yeah they turn it into a story reason yeah yeah where are they gonna go are they gonna go to pack and Kenny are they gonna go to pack and Moxley are they gonna go to a pack and Moxley team slash stable who knows they could go with literally all three directions I was actually really bummed out that box they didn’t have his long boys oh why I like his is shorter I don’t know in like a long boys I see I like the long boys freeze aw gear I thought it made him like seem that looks like that was main event gear to me hmm speaking of main event your master of segues Liam I set him up you knock him out Krister go on Sami Guevara defeated doesn’t road than hang on page after Jake Hager interfered and just briefly sideswiped Dustin Rhodes I remember eating goods like I wouldn’t say great I wouldn’t say go out of your way to watch this match but this is like a good solid TV main event a really fun match from two people who crashed the pro wrestling tea site with the induction of their new shirt they sure did they like literally they mentioned it on air in the in the second segment on the show and it was Dan before like people could even go to see was it dad I got to the site as Excalibur was finishing his sentence and it had already crashed like promos like t’s is a pretty big site I think they’re they’re relatively well-equipped for traffic and they took that bad board down well they said like the pricing T’s Twitter mentioned that like this has been the first time I had been down in a number of months or whatever yeah the one mentioned on TNT takes and it’s hard to there are a t-shirt company after all I am the you respect him to sell t-shirts are you gonna be buying the inner circle t-shirt probably not I do have a aw shirt but what are your thoughts on the name the inner circle I think it’s a good solid thing I thought that one states are gonna call them the list I was like oh no but in a circle I was I also pulled that was where they’re going with the I mean doing the circle that’s pretty good part of me was hoping for a pun on elite I don’t know where you would go for it but I was hoping for an elite based pun sure the delete’ would bring in Matt Hardy when he’s contracts up in 25 years mm-hmm and then yeah good solid TV main I want a Jericho in tustin match I really want to Jericho and Dustin match they must really love Sammy I I’m so happy cuz like when said when Sammy was in that opening matches like oh it’s cool that they’re putting him in that opening match you’ll get a good rub from Cody and lose and then he served as a distraction for Jericho it’s like oh is it it’s nice that he didn’t just disappear and then he joined the stable at the end of last week’s show it’s like oh they actually have like legitimate plans for Sammy and now he’s in the damn main event yeah in the main event team with Chris Jericho winning they seemed to pivot to hangman page against Jake Hagar so he doesn’t have a natural program unless he takes on Dustin Rhodes at the pay-per-view maybe but it’s good that he’s in there like he’s the pin taker for the group for a while everyone probably acknowledges that it’s like when they need someone in that group to lose it will probably be Sammy maybe one of LAX but for the time being that’s a really good spot for him it’s a it’s a considerably better spot than I think most people have expected for him he’s seemingly taking the role but hangmen page took in the elite when he first joined mm or the pin takers slowly evolving into a future of the company whether that works for hangman page will see whether or for Sammy will also see I like Sammy a lot I’ve always been very high in Sammy I think Sam is cool yeah this Sammy was great this match was a lot of fun and it’s really nice to see Dustin wrestling mmm give me Dustin of Jericho give me a big dust and Jericho plunder match that would be so good a big like lucha bro Jericho just you know Dustin plated pockets bleeding all over the place be great I actually thought that this match might actually they might have Dustin Dustin or hangman scored the pin on Sammy in this match to set up a title match next week because I would thought go on Dustin to set two toward Jericho and Cody perfect TV title match when they went with Darby which I also approve of speaking of Darby a king of tabhi the post match angle was so good like it’s just a big old brawl where everyone comes out and fights but the timing of everything was so good and it’s it’s culminating in Darby Allen riding down the ramp on his skateboard to attack Chris Jericho was so good it was so good it was it was essentially the same angle as lastly totally lower than the crowd would match it crazy for it again but it’s like is really matter if you’re feeding the same angle if it’s great both times yeah if the if the crowd goes absolutely nuts and they did it served a purpose it built towards Darby Island against Chris Jericho next week it probably built towards the young books against lax at full gear and there’s probably Jake Hager against hangman page in there too so like home run you build towards like four different matches in a hot angle that the crowd went nuts for I was initially kind of worried about how much TV time they had until full gear with the bank’s six weeks and I think but as we going through these TVs I’m becoming more and more confident in their ability to book stuff week to week especially cause like the two big matches are full gear Jon Moxley against Kenny Omega and Cody against Chris Jericho they feel like big man they feel hot hmm like and Jack Hager feels Jake his name is Jake Liam it’s gonna take me so like so much time to get this okay you and Jake the undefeated MMA Bellator I am so excited for a Jake Hager match and I cannot explain why and hangman’s a good opponent firm it looked like it was Dustin last week they’d a brawl to the back this week so it looks like a tank man I think him a hangman was a good match maybe do hereand Dustin on TV and him and hangman at full gear that would make sense Dustin as Sammy is default acre for inner circle Dustin is default acre for fieldy’s its Dustin in the elite I guess he kind of is um oh I’ll have you know that on being the elite this week he ignored that he was not in the elite oh so he sees still The Naturalist The Lone Ranger well what the story was and was the set up to this match actually was Dustin was yelling at hangman and going hey man I will not even in the group and I went out there and hangman said I’ll make it up to and that’s why the tag match was made yeah I don’t want like I can’t stand I skip most of it but I there’s match announcements that I like to catch it’s like it’s never been my humor and that’s fine it’s the for the people whose humor it is they really like it but it’s never been mine I always watch the road too because the roads are always great but that’s that’s aw dynamite I think a little bit of a lull in the middle some not great matches in there but tremendous opening half-hour as good building blocks everything made sense everything built towards something everything had like a an actual purpose and then that main event and main event angle were both also tremendous I liked this show better than last week’s show yeah if they fill out that that middle hour like the first half-hour in last half-hour we’re both like just super duper homeruns I think if they fill out that middle hour with a little bit of better wrestling I think that’s really all it needs it’s like closer so like three three and a half star matches rather than two and a half star matches you know that that’s that’s really the only difference it is once once they nail that and once these my car guys start actually getting over I will be on board maybe they should just have full squash matches on the show speaking of I say I assume you’re pivoting to WWE NXT on USA Network which I almost admire the degree to which this show stayed in its lane after they got so thoroughly smooshed last week like this was astounding it’s like that talk about sticking to your guns and believing in what you’re doing maybe to a fault we’ll find that out I think perhaps to a fault but like this show was the least reactionary show it could possibly have been we were sitting here expecting big moves main roster the talent I don’t know I think the people that are like main roster talent they’re gonna put the Undertaker on the show I think they’re not gonna do that I didn’t think the odds maker was gonna show up I did think maybe I don’t know the revival would show up something actually that’s not a bad idea past NXT yes of the week coming down to do it match make it up make it the problem is you can’t have a win every time that’s true I’m surprised that the degree to which this was just another episode of NXT after the as they said they got beaten comprehensively as comprehensively like more comprehensively than most people expected and they just they did an episode of NXT like there’s something to be said about the balls and then just like going with the flow regardless I again like you said we don’t know will this work out will it not like it’s easy to judge it but let’s see how it goes yeah as I said I admire sticking to your guns even if those guns are misfiring we opened with a real good match julik against Leo rush Leo rush won the now NXT cruiserweight championship not as good as the Matt riddle and alcohol match last week not even close but a good opener yeah I don’t have a lot to say about the actual match but what I do have to say is I kind of feel bad for Gulick coming in and dropping the belt straightaway cuz I was kind of hoping for some integration with the NXT cruiserweight title but I understand that they’re doing this big story with Leo and he’s becoming a like a focal point on the brand but yeah I’m kind of bummed for Gulick because I really have enjoyed Kulak stuff on the main roster at some of the few main roster content I’ve been watching I feel like the post buddy Murphy era of 205 live is just entirely forgotten you know it’s just it exists it happened different two champions we have juliaca Tony nice but I think people have just totally checked out on that show so I’m not like entirely against just hitting the reset button with the rush on TV but then I kind of agree that I think drew Gulick was a much better champion than Denise was and was doing a good job and now he’s not champion anymore I just hope he doesn’t get lost in the shuffle that is the 10,000 people enik see have employed that did this Roz like the roster is far too big and like a double use a big roster you know like the likes of se you have been barely featured on the show like so the lucha bros a barely featured in the show but aew knows that they have a core like a people are always gonna be on the show every week the likes of kenny omega and package on Moxley and the young books on Chris Jericho are always gonna be on the show every week and then the rest are kind of a revolving door or is like this entire show is a revolving door like no sign of freaking I’d say with the exception of the undisputed era who just because of their sheer numbers will always be featured in some manner mmm but like there was no Gargano on this show and most notably he had a couple of video packages but I thought it was a truly baffling choice to have no Finn Balor on this show my only like guests is that they’re trying to hype up he’s returning to get some sort of a boost like and ring returned but how much of a boost is really gonna give you they gonna try like finn bálor was a star at NXT and then he went to the main roster and in lucky one the universe the title got hurt and then everything after what happened when he got hurt basically he’s been a midcard goof for that entire time since so like easy a star still I don’t know can they make him a star again maybe but I still would have put him on this show I think it’s not very hard to rehabilitate Finn Bella in front of that audience mmm but I I yeah I I get them true wanting to hype up the return more than just oh he returned and now he’s back I will say maybe not doing it in the week after you got crushed in the writings but peppy from this match look at a cycle crash where he hit it in a way that very clearly set the air rush off to put his foot in the ropes and that annoyed me well you know what else annoyed us in this match oh dear all right fire fire myself up morrow we’re now you know what really upset me on this show I expected a tomorrow Beth Phoenix was suddenly just as bad Beth Phoenix in a sudden tag match later on in this show we’ll get to that okay Morrow calls ladies gentleman Gulick known as the philadelphia stretcher that’s city known for its double toughness the mascot gritty well they don’t come much grittier than drew Gulick that one was so good I wrote it down as well thing is if Morrow had one of these a show if he had just one they’d be like oh it’s a good line you know that’s like for a match there’s there was four of them in this match man of the hour trying to attract the cruiserweight title like a moth to the flame how do you spell leo li t that doesn’t even make sense physically recoiled from the screen as you said that the action harder than the Iron Throne in a battle for the cruiser way throw and get at the end that’s a game of Thrones reference I don’t get it Oh as I said if that frickin gritty line was the only one of those he did on the show I’d be like oh that’s look at Morrow doing his final thing but there was like four of them in this 10-minute opening contest on NXT it’s like stop just stop please I look there’s a point to this show he’s like I played my selves on my pop culture records it’s like we know that you pride to zone your pop culture references like say what you want about my row and he’s insane ‘less inane pop-culture references at least he knows the competitors names that is true at least it wasn’t Leo rush versus he’s adversary the entire time I suppose like as I said my row can be the best announcer in wrestling that’s what makes my roof so annoying the like when Morrow’s on his game and great and not like being self indulgent to dopey he can be legitimately the best announcer in wrestling and then it’s freakin self indulgent oh don’t be all the time I don’t know what it is maybe he just knows that he knows that he can get away with it and he likes it I always assumed that it was a man roster Vince choice put like they’ll have seen it at NXT it’s clearly something he enjoys we then reach squash match section of NXT which was the rest of the hour basically there was one good wrist cosmic I thought really against the lie I was already good squash match but it was one we had already seen that’s true but she did the thing where she lifted her up and like the Texas cloverleaf and held her there and that looks really cool that was really cool my one note for this is rear is very strong she is very strong I thought you hated her accent I hide I want to get into the accent stuff don’t you want to liam liam DNV it’s like she’s a bad Australian accent and I wanted him to do a taxonomy of Australian accents I will break it down more in the future all right but there are a variety of Australian accents some of them are pleasant mm-hm some of them are cool and some of them are annoying I’m sure the Levias can decide which one you have I have the nice one okay really has the annoying one Kyle Fletcher has the annoying one liam is Australian by the way he can say this well it’s well it’s like there’s a ton of different American dialects I assume there’s a ton of different Irish accents do you hate the one accent I do with the no I hate most Irish accents well Dublin particular like to me I love all Irish accents because they all sound nice to me well they sound cool to me and people think that about the Australian accent too but I like there’s a certain level of like czev that comes out in Australian accents andrea has a and Kyle Fletcher has it the nightmare has moved from Elm Street to NXT Beth Beth you don’t have to do this blink twice if he’s forcing you to do this seriously like I expected from him but Beth really a squash match to number two surprisingly the other way around Bri Xango got squashed by the Forgotten sons who I also forgot existed cuz Gunners there it’s gunner I love gana I love gun storm I miss Gunners music they should buy the music from TNA you forgot to mention that the biker men murdered the French Canadians that’s I was gonna make I was gonna get to that I don’t like that because then they just did they replace them in the match how is that the precedent how does that here I was that how this works fun little interlude about this match mm-hmm when Fandango and Tyler breeze made their entrance I thought it was heavy machinery coming back and I was like really that’s your main roster Poole heavy machinery no it was just a furnace they did get rid of the siren at the starter please Angus music which the sirens belong to Scott Steiner thank you I’m so bummed that Bri Xango are somehow even or goofs in NXT I was like oh they’re going back to NXT they’re gonna be like retooled as a cool Thai team and like no they’re just bigger goofs than they were in the main roster that being said I hope they have a different strippers shtick each week I left that in my rowboat the last manager oh we need to hear it she’s just blown away a blown Ally away faster than candles on her birthday cake wow that’s that’s the it to you do you have befooled Tyler breeze Fandango quote from Beth in this match do I did I write it down about getting her pipes cleaned oh no I didn’t I didn’t write that down but it was certainly that was certainly an exchange hung commentary I had to take my headphones out they’ll set you that much it gave me that much secondhand cringe hmm and I don’t even like the whole cringe thing but like that legitimately made me recoil I didn’t like that at all the worst part was like the the follow-up from our oh and Nigel as I oh okay okay okay okay by the way did you notice that everyone has flags now do that in that backstage like pre-match would get up to fight everyone has a flag behind him now like the old UFC walkout Flags last week Shana had it and I understood it cuz she’s doing she’s the MMA fighter stick but during this show we saw cushy dough with a flag and Imperium with a flag everyone knows their flags everyone eyes are gonna sell them on that on terrible-looking t-shirts that makes a lot of sense now the flags are probably better slang so perplexed as to why everyone had fight teams no well what did you think of casitas sparring partners being Humphreys anger I don’t like that cuz she does just the back to the future’ guy without any context I don’t think that really works because he did that entrance like five years in 280 japan run so everyone know knew who Kishida was so it’s like oh they’ll accept the fact that he’s now back to the feature guy but he’s just the Back to the Future guy on an extinct saying he has an auntie’s back to the future’ fandom no they haven’t introduced it organically to the audience Liam you have to introduce Marty McFly and Doc Brown speaking of introducing the audience organically two things Cameron Grimes his hat speaking of the animal kingdom I’ve compared Cameron and Grimes to the honey badger persistent resourceful unwavering and most of all ferocious Beth you have to have the cut a couple of good power chords in it oh there’s like eight something along lines of oh he restricted him like a boa constrictor boa yeah he made a boa constrictor joke okay that’s that’s that’s the moral of the story here the moral of the story yeah sure did this was a squash match where what what was kind of slightly distracted by the entrance of Killian that was the weird thing right beau was that distracted at all the referee was distracted and Cameron is hit is moving one like you did against Shaw Malouda a couple weeks ago beat up in six seconds and then Killian Dane beat the heck out of boa afterwards I hit a Vader bar which would have delighted Tony Giovanni so Killian Dane mm-hmm you know that I’m going on about you yeah I will say well savor for what he actually does it’s it feels he was born in 1985 Liam I don’t say Belfast was the tenths place in 1985 or when he was growing up at the 90s but he grew up mostly in peacetime and he has frickin imagery of like car bombs in his entrance video and I’m like that’s kinda gross I think we’ll give you a taste of this discussion but we’ll wait until he actually has a match before we break it all down mmm you know what I really don’t like about our next date again it’s kind of a nitpick but every time they do a now an announcer on cameras every time they have the three announcers they’re talking to you they always play the theme song of whatever goes the segment right the way through them talking they did this would really they did this I think later in the show both times when they’re plugging whatever the press conference deal is they’re doing this Friday but like just in the background you have rear ripley’s just big loud theme beating you over the head or so just just fade the music out just come on I don’t have to be shown a brutality this show is just relentless it’s like let me breathe yeah there’s no telling how can I show you feel so jam-packed yet so void of anything interesting at the same time we have promos from both Damien priest and Pete Dunn I think I think I I love the Damien priest went a lot at least the sarcophagus of celebrity it bakes I think slightly more sets I love the Damien priest video he’s I thought it was shot soup interestingly I’m really hyped up for a Pete Dunn punishment Martinez match which I never thought I would actually be interested in yeah it was much better than the Keith Lee and dye Djokovic videos which I actively disliked cuz I’m sick I’m sick of these two doing the we’re go we’re gonna one-up each other we’re gonna do better where it’s like I’ve seen this match you’ve done it twice add another layer I don’t know you’re not three times how’d they have to and I give you one on the Indies it’s like 700 times I get you’re doing the rubber match but add another layer to this thing other than our natural opponents we bring out the best each that know that we’re gonna go out there and do cool which they do go out there and do cool but God give me something different in this viewed I’m very excited for the tag team that they will eventually form do you know them against undisputed ear against red dragon that would be a good match annex II desperately needs some tag teams so they do speaking of good matches Isaiah Scott lost the Roderick Strong I have to interference from the undisputed hero in a again good not particularly great match but I think there was a good TV match I think this match served a similar point to the young bucks versus private party match whereas IIST got got some legitimacy with a loss except it was I was another win obviously so not to the same extent but I like the point and I thought I delivered the point it was this is my problem with NXT is that I this was a good like mass but there’s just not a ton to mine from it cuz like strong yeah the post-match is more important we’ve been building toward whatever comes next Scott is more of a prop to have a good match with strong and maybe they’ll get the Scott someday but like he’s the the plucky loser here and I’d like more I’d like the matches to be more meaningful on this show yeah that’s basically that’s the problem with all these matches they just kind of feel lifeless yeah pulse match alright we had velvety dream come out and he said the Roderick Strong is gonna lose the title and then we’re all gonna see how small his dick is yes I’m not joking they’re not so that’s that’s exactly he even had visual aids of Roger strong naked on a sir a a couch with the belt covering his penis and then there is a bomb and he didn’t have a dick if you for some reason decided to not watch annex scene just listen to this we will describe it in detail that rowdy strong has a little painter according to the velvetine dream it’s not even is apparently he has no Peter you know he has a censored peanut that’s true the interesting thing about this is like you know what makes Velveteen dream cool mm-hmm just him being a cool guy you know what will make him even cooler if he does main roster dick comedy this this felt very Vince like I was have expecting to hear Michael Cole in the background snickering pretending to laugh at it yeah this is what they have for Roderick Strong and a dream like this this is what they’ve got like okay alright this is what you’re gonna throw against aw the the the the this is when do you direct this is my problem with NXT I have lot of problems I thinks he is weak that they try so hard to present themselves as an alternative like they it’s very much I tell don’t show you have my Rose age you have Nigel say it over and over again this is NXT this is different this is this is wrestling as you love it and then they do this we just like just so plucked straight out of main roster comm it’s straight out of Mike and Maria like you’d expect to see this with Maria Kanellis on Raw it’s just embarrassing Mike I like what are you doing as much as I hated this segment and hated the picture was one thing I didn’t show you was when they put the original picture up that understood an error like yeah he’s a cool guy like what this is disputed areas the best part of the show boulders all fours and we’re great wrestlers but like that they have this weird like frat bro vibe that works as like I’ve knocked his heels it’s really good I like them I also really like that I’m on Twitter Brody’s wife came out to dispute these allegations stating that she was in a wheelchair after wedding night this is this is Brian cage and Melissa Santos all over again is theirs I forgot about that yummy dish she came out Twitter to say how good and yummy is penis is leave come on this also like ghosts other the the idea that like hey let’s just some wolf the undisputed error and Shana’s group like the horse women together and just make them a supergroup undisputed horse women after the ledge Tommaso Champa came out under few deer ran away and champ is like I am home Tommaso still feels like a big deal to me yeah because obviously he’s fresh and new and back from injury and one these few guys that when you hear his music you like I’ll I should actually paying attention to the show now and the his music as like a mother say it’s an Austin glass shatter but it starts with like it that kind of glass shatters like ooh tamasa tamasa dad I could either tweet or chopper there you go tomato Chomper and then of course they go to the main event you forgot Bianca bel-air against Dakota Kai oh I that was a purposeful choice because I was gonna emphasize how it should have been the main event next yeah well that would be in the main event would have been another 15 minutes longer which I also don’t approve of you know what younger brother beat Dakota card Dakota Kai’s become back as come to an end they set up basically really against Bianca bel-air it ain’t up one contendership match I guess that’s both lay claim to a title shot so I assume that’s what is coming next man but I have a super blown up trying to cut up press my primer yeah I mean it happens I’ll just like I didn’t expect that from her because she’s kind of like cut this super athlete vibe going to her hmm yeah and this mattress existed oh I I had more faith in the Dakota Kai return run but alas it was not to be they’ve given it as I said they’ve given it the tiga knocks because when I watched it the Bianca are when I lost watch tickle to Chi even make her return a couple weeks I was like why didn’t they drive home the in return from oh poor Dakota car yeah she kind of got some cool like offense yeah she does some cool stuff but she’s sure her place on the pecking order is now clear exceptionally and then we went to our main event which is Walter against Kushida Walter in the WWE I was watching this Matt beard it’s weird cuz he’s not the same wrestler and not like he’s not a good wrestler because Walter is great and while they can do lots of different things but Walter basically goes 50/50 with guys in WWE and it’s very strange I don’t I don’t think I like it I don’t that like that’s not why I think Walter is special I think I mean cause she’d I had a good batch but it’s strange to see him the guy who’s known as like pro wrestling’s best final boss the guy who’d the who like just getting a move in on Walter lends you credibility that’s been the way Walter has worked everywhere he’s been for the last like three years ever since he really broke out when she’s just like going toe toe to toe with Walter and losing even if Walter takes 80% of the match is a credibility enhancer and here he just goes 5050 with everybody and it’s a kind of bizarre I’m gonna explain it to you it’s the debit of youi sure it’s a different game like that’s not how they act that’s not how they book I don’t like it like but by being the final boss it means now that he has a bunch of cronies not that he is a tough final bus to beat yeah and like they had a good match and Walter still looks like Walter because he’s freaking Walter but yeah I yeah this match was a match and this is funny cuz like if you had of said like oh this match is happening in Rev Pro I would have robably been way more excited for it but I probably would have been the same exact match well it probably wouldn’t been Walter would have taken more and keshia’s comebacks would have been more I don’t know something about Walter outside of his very specific companies that doesn’t click as much with me personally like obviously in the VEX W and OTT and even in progress I feel like he really is Walter you know he’s a world-class he’s top-tier and otherwise he’s just kind of its Walter mmm the guy with Imperium yeah the guy with Imperium you know what like if Imperium is knock off ring cuff don’t worry Walter is just gonna knock off Walter yeah like that’s what it comes down to really like this is just water but toned down it feels like somebody trying to reverse engineer what makes Walter special instead of just letting him be special that just yeah but that just feels like WWE to me well that’s that’s always the very that is the next day you know what you brought me down I see I like I didn’t dislike this show and then basically every single thing I said for the last half hour has been you know don’t like about NXT I bring out the negativity in you clearly alright we have some we have some maracle’s I missed actually I forget about that oh let’s go the best of Mauro Ranallo on NXT on us a week for yeah like Travis Scott Isiah Scott is always in sickle mode and when it comes to is in ring skills this Scott is sick with it I don’t know who Travis Scott is but I assume I don’t like Travis Scott no I’m not in touch with the culture I much like wale he is a hip-hopper hmm so so I assumed to people who knows who Travis Scott is that’s pretty repulsive yeah that’s why I buried my hand my head’s it might wake sorry bye head in my hands you’ve lost your ability to speak after hearing my Mara has infected my brain strong a native of the Sunshine State proving to be as tough as working under the Florida Sun for minimum wage heavy shots every shot deed at at the working class like Bushido the way of the warrior he may be taking a beating but he keeps on ticking said of Kishida that’s for his friend spar net incomes Fandango and he’s all about that ballroom blitz and it’s sour not sweet for Wesley Blake that one’s just bad no as I said if he rolled out just the gritty one at the start of the show I like a good one all of these to stop it unless they’re tweeting these as we tweeted the gritty one last night so if you follow wargames pod you will be subjected to the worst of mouth you can’t exceptionally amazing that it warranted me sending it to you word for word before you even got around to NXT I posted that and the voices resting slack last night and people like that is not real I’ve made this up as I said I was I like to show more but before I started talking about it then after match of the week I think we probably both the great bucks it was probably party yep that’s my match that week as well and surely is I still think the middle of a double you still not great but I think on the whole it’s a better show I also give my vote to aw this week no need for democracy but we should go to democracy unless to see what they said 193 volts on the poll 79% aw 21% NXT and III knowledge this will somewhat be a popularity contest over time but it’s very clear who is the most popular we ask you to remain objective and unbiased like we are mm-hmm when you’ve met when you make when you cast your vote on the war games pod Twitter and please only vote after you’ve watched both – yeah like I wait to vote until I watch my shows you can wait to vote until you watch Shari’s there is no way we can actually enforce that though so winners of we two on a two-week winning streak probably both the ratings and in creative aw congratulations to big TK and have a happy birthday this is his birthday his victory is his birthday present the greatest victory of all before your work and people find you on twitter Liam at larrikin la I kN we are not the only people covering aw on the voices rest in podcasting I work I really meant to plug this last weekend I forgot and I felt really bad yeah you can listen to you everything elite I’m pretty sure every Friday on the voices of racing podcasting network to talk about a lot more than aw dynamite they talk about aid every dark and all the news coming out of aw every single and if you want more of your dough Uwe fix while the voices of wrestling Network Broadcasting Network has that for you too I don’t know why but not not that the shake them roses about Joe that do you want more fwe shake them ropes cover it’s raw Smackdown NXT NXT UK in two or five live every week so if you want to know what happens on those shows shake their ropes Jeff and Chris is the place to go you can follow me on Twitter at Carrick kidney GA or et TK ID anyway you could follow the podcast on Twitter at war games pod thank you so much for this thing and bye bye

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