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what’s up you guys Sean Ross at managing editor fight for calm fight full wrestling calm it is October 9th it is time for week two of the Wednesday night Wars podcast if you are new to this podcast very special type of show usually we have Alex pelowski and Warren Hayes on Alex’s on vacation Jeremy Lambert who you all are familiar with from getting his ass stomped in a mock draft and maybe you were familiar with him from all the great writing he does check him out on patreon lots of great stuff to like about this fella we’ve also got Warren Hays here but I’m gonna break down how the show goes first roughly half hour we break down a W or NXT will avoid spoilers from the other show and then the second half of the show is dedicated to the other program now I’ve got Jeremy focusing on aew tonight correct no in excess the NXT tonight okay so Warren’s focusing on AAW because I saw a little smartass comment last week somebody said what why did you even ask Warren about about the other well guys that Ennis 2019 we aren’t exactly crowded around the one and Hannah covered black-and-white television there are multiple screens they keep their eye on the other show as well but we have a specialist so to speak for each program but we specialize in everything at fight ‘full comm including roderick Strong’s tiny penis so leave us the thumbs up here subscribe I want to thank everybody for all the fight will select subscribers thank you all so much it means a lot but let’s jump into this review we’ll get into the plugs a little bit later NXT is how we’re gonna kick this one off Jeremy what did you think of this episode of NXT in totality it wasn’t as strong in ring was as compared to last week which was a mini takeover but as far as this a show setting up the long-term goals of NXT it was a stronger show in that sense so I enjoyed the show I thought it went by very fast there was some good matches most specifically the main event between Walter Shido but overall it was a easy two hours to watch yeah these Wednesday’s are fun like there are some honestly a lot of Monday’s I’m kind of dreading the workday and it ain’t that great these Wednesday seem easy we got a super chat and Jeremy I’d love to hear what your thoughts are it says NXT sorry you have no chance against aew I stopped watching NXT because that small gymnasium setup that turned me away what is your opinion it’s a fair point if you watch AUW they’re running in the big arenas NXT they’re running in Full Sail which only has 400 I think that’s the next carrot that Vincent hunter Paul are gonna dangle in December like well now we got a move we got to travel to come off as big leagues compared to aw Warren what are your thoughts on this this assessment if this by the way thank you for the super chat and no disrespect but if you’ve been watching what have you been watching NXT where have you been watching NXT before because it’s always been in this gymnasium it’s always been there it’s always been in Full Sail and if you ask me we’ve talked about this before especially since they moved onto us a full sale feels like a supporting character in the whole production of NXT they you know everyone who’s there knows the wrestlers knows the storylines understands what’s going on and they’re backing everything up with their energy their enthusiasm there might be like four or five hundred people in the audience but man they feel like they’re 5,000 so it’s it’s funny because our first super 10 by the way guys if you didn’t get notified that we can’t help that YouTube decides to notify people when we go live whenever they want at this point but someone says nwa power is wrestling or south paul regional wrestling for real no it it was a damn good show and it’s in a studio setting it’s in a much smaller setting and we’re looking at it it’s gonna hit 300,000 viewers across Facebook and YouTube by tomorrow that’s that’s nuts that we’re talking about that today and it was good but let’s go ahead and kick off this show NXT cruiserweight championship so no longer the WBA cruiserweight championship Jeremy do you think or actually I’ll throw this into Warren do you think they changed the color of the title from purple to black oh they have to I’ve the the purple strap has always bugged me I always thought it really looked like yeah it really looked like a big jolly ranch or ultimately but no I hope I hope they do of course it really leaves the whole tool five live thing up in in the air you know the din air 205 live last week last Friday after Smackdown like they said they would what are they gonna do with it I mean uh ultimately this is something that we’ve talked about a lot if they bring the cruiserweights over to NXT have them perform on Full Sail they will be much better served than after a smackdown on a Friday night after all the big stars have been have passed I mean it’ll be it’ll be better for everyone ultimately Jeremy this match Leo rush captures the cruiserweight title I thought it was an awesome match great thing to go up against young bucks and private party as well which we won’t give away spoilers for but we always knew Leo rush was good and the issue with Leo rush on the main roster from the wrestlers I talked to was that he also knew how good he was and maybe that caused some issues he’s realizing that potential now it’s been a real roller coaster ride for him this year but he got it done and I think it was the right choice I agree the match was all action from start to finish which was great you’re right that it was the perfect counter to young bucks in private party I’m glad Leo rush got the win it builds on my theory that if you want to get a big push in WBE be unhappy request your release go away for a little while come back and then you’re the biggest star in the company and now he’s the cruiserweight champion I thought that was the right call as well it freshens that up I hope they just stay on NXT and with Warren that it’s a dead show Friday’s after Smackdown I know any night of the week sorry to interrupt but yeah I think you could put it on Wednesdays at 10:00 on the WB network following NXT just have it full sale and I think you can do something there but otherwise and the big arena is like everyone’s leaving after all or Smackdown so but Leo rush good call and I look forward to is a title run he’s gonna be working probably pre shows this little pre-show cruiserweight well I mean I don’t know if he will be or not because it’s the NXT cruiserweight championship now so maybe he won’t be but uh I’ll of Leo rush I said the for every time I had got a chance to talk about this guy I would say I would recall back to the first time I saw him live which was the September 2017 NXT tapings and I think it was him and velvetine dream and Leo rush did things that I physically was shocked that he could do and still have like ACLs in his knees like it was amazing the things that he was able to do this was an excellent match you should definitely go out of your way to check this out and Leo rush through through all the stuff like he had heat because of stuff with Drew and with Balor and with Mark Henry and he’s he’s a smart guy let me tell you guys that because when all that that heat came down and the reports came out it wasn’t about the heat when he spoke out it was about how he didn’t get paid and how he didn’t get opportunities and he’s getting his name chanted at what can sometimes be a pretty tough crowd depending on that they’ll like who they wanna like type of thing and Leo rush is commanding that crowd William Regal came out and put the belt on Leo he and drew shook hands did did that surprise you that he got this full like full presentation Jeremy I loved it oh it was fine I would have actually liked to see gula just kind of be a dick and not do that but what can you do Shaun did you know Leo rush is a fan of rap music I did and I actually enjoy his music Ken more oh stop oh did he say that over to me stop so it was just like Meek Mill just like fabulous I don’t know if he’s fabulous but he don’t you know and he just named dropped every rapper he’s ever heard of I had a fabulous album 18 years ago listen breed that was a banger so I don’t care what anyone says Tegan knocks video package officially makes Aubrey Edwards the first Rick Rude to this Wednesday night War era we see her a two years ago – Tegan knocks good to see that she’ll be back RIA Ripley vs. Aaliyah oh boy lotsa like about real Ripley she challenged Shayna Baszler after this let me tell you guys that clover leaf is my favorite submission move in wrestling I asked my coach about it he’s like I don’t know if there’s a shoot shoot name for it it would work a little bit better if she held the toes but not only is she doing that in elevating it looks a lot better than Sarah Logan’s it well weird to me that Sarah Logan started to use that on the main roster this year after really used it in UK but then she slams her opponent down with it Warren I’ll ask you what do you think about her decision to call out Shayna Baszler cuz personally I think it’s the right move well it’s the it’s the perfect move just why when NXT was still being taped and she appeared out of nowhere to confront Shayna Baszler I was sitting there was like finally someone is someone is producing my fan fiction finally you know this is exactly this is exactly where they have to go I mean when you think about where we’re landed in the in the women’s division right now Shayna has defeated if we think about who’s left she’s defeated Yashiro she’s defeated Candice she’s beaten Bianca seventeen times it feels like Dakota Kai’s just come back there’s a story there to tell but I don’t think Dakota is in a position where she’s credible enough as of yet really just walks in she’s taller than she is she looks the part she acts the part ripley is so much in command of her character it’s crazy how much she’s developed since the myun classic last year it’s phenomenal she’s so much in command of who she is she understands what her character is and that’s what puts her over this is this is a smart move to go back to this well and you know it’s she’s a credible threat she just looks credible up up against Baylor so this was a squash as it should be geremy all for squash matches especially Aria yeah yeah and love the call-out as well and with warned that it makes perfect sense Shana has run through seemingly everyone I think you could have told the Dakota talk I story losing to Bianca tonight kind of hurts that it certainly hurts her credibility and potentially challenging Shana in the near future maybe in a distant future that can happen but for the near future Rhea Ripley makes a ton of sense to go up against basil a reminder guys subscribe to fight full select calm that is our premium service Warren and Jeremy both have patreon accounts make sure you guys check them out as well so it’s it’s funny Rhea has these like very simple moves like an ankle lock that she just folds over no figure-four she’s got a pump handle slam that she sits out with but when she does those moves they become so much her own and so different and I love it and and like you said warrant she looks the part and Dakota Kai we I mean to be fair we’ve seen her get her elbow stomped out by Shana like so many times and she spent so much time away it’s gonna take some some rehabilitating yeah for image definitely it’s gonna it’s gonna take a little time which is why I still think there’s a story to be told here there is the story it’s a you know like you Jeremy said it’s a little unfortunate for the result of the result of romantic ends Bianca bel-air this evening to go towards that you know but there is a story to tell of Dakota Kai mounting or come back coming back putting her rising basically from from those injuries that she had because she was positioned to feud with the horse woman with Shana and and the horse woman just before she got injured she was she was in a trio with with yo Soraya and Kyrie Sain so who knows would have come out of that but that story is still there it’s not lost you could pull it out anytime you have those great visuals of Shana crushing her arm so yeah this can happen this can happen again but it’s it’s gonna be a long-term thing The Forgotten sons which I truly wish I could forget at a match against breeze on Cobra Xango had a neat little entrance and – construction workers it was I had some construction worker girls as alright Fandango going through the entire tour YMCA here I like it I like it fandango’s hilarious that dudes hilarious forgotten as far as the YMCA the thing though I don’t think they’re gonna go through the the Native American play not so the Forgotten sons attacked the the jobber opponents and take the place and end up winning this match Jeremy how do you feel about this you you bypassed the Forgotten sons in your draft I figured you would say you know what I don’t want Cena as my celebrity wrestler I want the Forgotten sons first of all how dare you call ever eyes jabbers they I think they lost their their jobs Imperium yeah I I don’t know why they should forget the Forgotten sons honestly Dave they do nothing for me Brees anga who is entertaining they should have just won here and the Forgotten son should be moved to NXT UK well this may come as a surprise to you but when I interviewed buddy Murphy he told me he does not see Wesley Blake making a Murphy esque move to 205 pounds because the buddy Murphy is awesome and Wesley Blake is on the forgotten yes yes don’t think he’s making that cut anytime soon I wish they’d just get cut well I wish were gods I said movement NXT UK what’s worse getting cut or being moved to mx2 UK I mean they fit the profile their beer and white guys we all look like we could pop up on NXT UK next week and get a push Cameron Grimes needs to push his hat no goddamn trash can you want a squash Matt that’s you boy Jeremy your North Carolina boy the goat Cameron Grimes be in boa I can’t make any Chinese references with all the drama going on there so I won’t Cameron Grimes getting it done as he should oh my god yeah this was a squash match war and say something about the dumbass hat hang on a second III again I saw this like out of the corner of my eye Killian Dane ran in after correct that’s what happened right yeah well be as he saw Killian Dane make for the ring Cameron got Grimes hit the bricks but what he did he do before hitting the bricks Sean Jeremy he went for his hat he went and grabbed his hat because a hat that fine you do not leave behind all right so Killian Dane came out and whipped bhojas ass dropped him across the announce table we get a video package for Damian priest and Pete Dunn that’s happening next week and I can’t wait for that match do you hear me we’ve got Damian priest against Pete Dunn we’ve got Tommaso Champa and then Keith Lee and Dominic die Jack who I will not call by whatever the hell they’re calling him right now I don’t need all those extra consonants involved I don’t need that next week shaping up real damn good Champa against on how Garza yeah which if they give it time I don’t know if they should but if they do like that’s probably gonna be awesome even if they only give it five five minutes it’s probably gonna be awesome so yeah next week it’s tough for NXT to just have a card with bad matches on it with all the talent they have we’ll get to the hilarious Champa thing in a moment but Roderick Strong and in swerve Scot it’s just an embarrassment of riches we were talking about that about our not mock draft when we realize like Elias was going in the 24th round it’s like I mean there’s there’s such a wealth of talent on the main roster it’s the case in NXT too like there’s a two-hour show and you you still don’t really need the Forgotten sons on that show like Matt riddle wasn’t on this show Keithley and Dominic died Jack weren’t on this show there were a lot of people not on this show what did you think about Scott versus strong good match Roderick Strong is he’s awesome he’s been awesome for so long I’m glad Isaiah Scot got some shine he he lost him a boy Cameron Grimes in the first round of the breakout tournament but he faced Kulak on a 205 live episode for the title Isaiah Scot change Strickland great talent like that he got to shine here Roderick Strong winning obviously the right call and then we had the post match and cool that I chose to write about that was not commissioned by Sean which sometimes he will do I made that decision on my own that’s the freedom you get when you work for fight fold comm so Warren after this match Roderick Strong beat swerve Scott with the stronghold Adam Cole’s cutting a promo and they get interrupted by Velveteen dream and he shows up on the balcony and he posts photoshopped images of strong implying that he has little to no genitals as David as Ryan cook wrote so eloquently your thoughts on Roderick Strong’s tiny penis I I slept the gifts of the images on Twitter first of all that balcony is growing on me so much like they was it last week where we got the shot of the undisputed era yeah was last week we got the shot at the undisputed era up on the balcony all four of them with their titles that was spent looking down it was fantastic now of course velvetine dream is gonna be up there that’s where he belongs that’s fantastic and it is the most Velveteen green thing to do it’s like you know Roderick Strong saying to himself I’m gonna do the Shawn Michaels thing with the belt you know but dream is like no no you think you’re being cute you think you’re being you think you’re clever you think you can get the spotlight no no no no I got this my guys just ridiculous it’s fantastic Jeremy I guess since she wrote an article about it you are an expert on Roger Strong’s tiny penis I will say marina Shaffir posted a picture of herself in a wheelchair at Disney World and said me after our wedding night so that was money she would she would know hopefully better than Velveteen dream so I will take marinas word over fellow teens Photoshop it was because it’s Velveteen dream he can get away from get away with it I don’t know if anyone else could possibly pull this off and they’ve clearly taken browsers in blue to up on the offer to you know finish strong and no no pun intended I guess with all of this so it was what it was I don’t have much to add so I did Roderick strong as an alleged tiny penis man man so that was definitely a thing that happened backstage Garcia shows up during a Champa interview and says some things to it oh wait wait Champa no chocolate coming out after this was awesome absolutely awesome this dude got a big-time major star reaction the crowd obviously loves them comes down sits down in his chair it’s like Goldy daddy’s home huge pop for that a huge chant from the crowd and undisputed air just cowers away from this man he came off like such a big deal my show I love well backstage Garza comes up and starts saying some things in Spanish in which Champa just elbows him in the face and when Kathie Kelley says What did he say Champa says I have no idea Jerry this this is a good way to make a baby face without pandering yeah Champa Champa rules he’s a fantastic he’ll he has to be a baby-faced on this comeback because he was gonna be cheered no matter what and they’re doing the right thing with him when he eventually turns whenever that might be he’s gonna be a great heel once again but Tommaso Champa I’m glad this man is back in my life we have people saying oh what about TV PG TV PG is this isn’t the MPAA or ESRB they can put whatever they want on a TV PG show they can have Keithley coming out there bare ass slapping his cheeks for all they want it’s not it’s not like that’s not a thing by the way guys send a super chat if you want your questions or statements read live on the air b-dawg oh seven oh one says Dakota should team with Tegan Knox and get the tag titles I don’t think that’s out of the realm of possibility worn well aren’t they on Team kicked their team kick right well so yeah absolutely it makes perfect sense they know each other they have a history sure absolutely Rob Wilkins says got TLC tickets today fingers crossed for red lights I don’t know what that means Rob I don’t understand the reference my dude we also had Dakota Kai versus Bianca bel-air yeah just a couple of superstars here but Bianca is one step above that like she’s got it to a special degree she ends up winning this match I think she needed to keep winning matches honestly it would not shock me if anybody gets moved up to the main roster would not surprise me to see Matt riddle street profits Bianca bel-air but the thing is if the street profits go on a brand Bianca is probably going on that brand too because WTB likes to keep the married couples together nowadays you’re like you when our mock draft do you split up brothers you split up teams you split up married couples what do you think of Bianca’s performance good I had the booking was a little weird because I thought Dakota also needed a win on her comeback but if she’s losing I guess that’s a kind of a longer-term story they are telling there but Bianca certainly needed the win as well because she is a star and she had been taking some losses lately and I hope she does get moved up I don’t know if she’s not gonna win the title in the next II I don’t know what else she can really do down there and she she does have that star quality and everyone knows that so put her on the main roster she Heyman will probably love her yeah Dakota Kai losing this early after her return I don’t think it’s the worst thing in the world I think there just needs to be a little something a little something more there for her like she fits the NXT profile but I just think there’s just little bit that she needs to really set herself off war and where do you see Dakota Kai going from here here if you had I think her biggest competition right now is Candice larae as far as booking goes because I think I think she has this underdog babyface quality very natural that comes toward that makes you want to cheer for Dakota Kai but this is that Candice larae has it as well and they’ve clearly started positioning Candice as as exactly that plus pulling out you know these great matches and coming very very close to winning them you know never looking weak and defeat so I really think that’s Dakota Kai’s biggest challenge to be perfectly transparent with you guys I’m surprised that Dakota came back to NXT I thought they were going to send her to NXT UK where she did have some matches last year before her injury she had she took Tony Storm – herb – Tony storms best match of her entire antics to UK run over their last last fall so I thought there was more of a place for her there I think she does make sense there she fits in great um it’ll be interesting to see I her return you know there there was a story to tell from her recovery she got a huge pop last week when she when she returned because she has that natural like like ability he said you know to to get herself over it’ll be really interesting to see where that where it goes but I wouldn’t be surprised if they send her overseas well there were some like ability to use cheetah vs Walter Walter ended up winning with the rip cord lariat that uh that overrun really really benefiting NXT in this and I mean ten ten it looks like that’s the case every week Jerry this is this is a win for NXT in that regard if they’re gonna keep putting out main events like this shorten last week was great with the tag team title match as well I’m glad that they do have this overrun because when I saw this match was getting started at about ten tails like okay it’s probably gonna be good but an eight minute Walter Kishida match is you know an eight minute Walter Aikido match we deserve so much more and then they do the overrun so we got like a fifteen minute Walter Cheatham yes this is what I signed up for do do we deserve more though do we I’m not sure if we do we wrote an article you wrote an article about Robert Strong’s tiny penis today that’s exactly what we deserved the match is great I like the the I don’t know if they’ll do anything with it but the little quick tap Walter did when he was in the hoverboard block even Morrow kind of pointed it out the the Chael Sonnen tap out I guess yes I hope that is addressed and they sort of play into that if they don’t then I think that could be a missed opportunity to at least do what rematch sometime down the line but match was great both guys are awesome and kishida lost because he had to go with the not all caps version of his name yeah this is such a great contrast of styles really dug it I mean Kushida is one of the best submission guys in wrestling like I I love his work and Walter Walter it he can be that and has been that and he can be a bruiser he can do so many different things I thought this was just an excellent match it fit the profile of an NXT main event like a couple weeks ago when we had the split shows and it was on The WB network man that that second hour was real underwhelming and and I wasn’t there for it but Jeremy how would you you grade this NXT show overall a – I’m not a teacher so I probably rate pretty high you do it power ranking every week it’s practically the same thing yeah those are numbers not letters sheer mathematician no that was remember we’re bad at math Andrew had carried the math well that’s a good point that’s a good point yeah well Zack Connor says I’m intrigued at what the wargames card will be what are you seeing on that show undisputed era against chomp Balor dream and we’ll go with Jonny gargano in the main events I think that is the wargames match now here’s the thing that I hate I I think Balor needs a group of his own badly cuz he has not shown me anything anywhere that makes me think he should be a tip-top guy and he’s gonna be on this brand and the thing that I find frustrating I always hate it when they just throw a bunch of guys against the undisputed era and it feels like those bunch of guys always win it just feels like that Warren do you see anything in the cards for NXT war games I toss in a third faction in there I’d toss Imperium into the mix because you you need to spike the fact that undisputed era are supposed to be heals you guys know how the audience reacts to them they’re very much appreciated and loved for what they do Imperium there’s no question you just dislike these guys they’re made to be disliked that’s what they do and you know Jeremy’s suggestion for the babyface team it’s it’s it’s crazy it’s it’s just nuts but and as it pertains to Finn Balor getting a group well I mean that would be innovative when it comes to NXT because as we know baby faces on main card don’t have any friends maybe maybe once you head over to NXT then maybe you’re able to get a couple of buddies over and have them hanging around for wouldn’t make we’re we’re matching polo shirts or something and of all those people that Jeremy mentioned you can still full-out fill out a card with whoever you have left and that’s that’s good cuz I mean an NXT card five six matches maybe you get your who’s your weight title match you’ve got your women’s title match another women’s match and then something else man you’ve still got plenty there NXT I thought was a very very good show I really dug it we’re gonna move on and talk about aew in a minute subscribe to fight feel select guys my Q&A show will go up probably Thursday if you guys are listening to this we did like three of them last week we usually do them every other week our next goal when we hit a certain number of subscribers I will be doing these Q&A shows every week and you guys can ask me as many questions as you want you get early access to articles like Jeremy’s Power Rankings you get interviews before anybody else you get a lot of exclusive news we have broken some big stories as I was telling these fellas off the air I was up all night on Sunday night talking to wrestlers that you guys would be very surprised we’re willing to talk to anybody like just people in general humans let alone let me just say this without saying who it was Warren is that an understatement okay there we go subscribe to fight for select calm get a little update on sasha banks got a lot of stuff going up there in the coming days as always but all elite wrestling kind of I don’t wanna say headlined by but really really kind of headlined by in my eyes a top contender match Darby Allen and Jimmy havoc but it started off with the tournament match young bucks against private party now here’s the thing it was a quote-unquote upset and we’ll have Jeremy lead with this a quote-unquote upset but I think that among the possible upsets this was the one that we saw coming the most definitely young bucks they’re gonna be over regardless they can afford losses you make a stars with private party here that then get great reactions and all their matches because they are a cool moves team I’d like to see kind of more almost psychology out of them people might hate want to use that word but as far as just cool moves getting the crowd to pop on everything they do that perfectly they do that very well so I’m glad at the private party one I think that was the I’d call here the young books lose absolutely nothing because they are the young books they’re always gonna be cheered private party now they come off like a big deal and I hope that they’re not beat who they face in the next round hopefully not the dark order oh they’re not beat the next round I hope they make it to at least the finals yeah I think they should be the team that makes it to the finals then gets beaten and they can kind of chase Warren this match was guano crazy this map if you ask me and you are it’s this is my favorite this is my favorite match since a of the past two weeks in a double as far as AAW goes this was absolutely fantastic this was it this was the first really great aw man now that we didn’t get good matches last week we did but this was a step above man Isaiah Cassidy is he’s delightful to watch I he’s so so smooth and graceful and good I love everything this guy does he’s really really good I myself was as well a little surprised about the young bucks winning but I’ll let you run through the match Sean and maybe cap off with my thoughts about that at the end well first off I just want to say are you guys familiar with the New Jack match where he stabbed a guy 14 times yeah yes Rick knocks would not have called a DQ in that match I’m convinced I’m convinced that Rick Knox does not care what any two humans do another he does it he wasn’t it was Rick Knox you may never who was the rep for the main event last week right yeah I mean he was there I don’t know if he wrapped it but he was there in the ring with a shirt on that didn’t happen yes we needed Rick Knox to many very to ref Hell in a Cell yeah DQ that snatch stoppage sorry that that would have been the best course of action for everybody this guy it’s not care about the rules and I’m gonna be honest I thought iew dark sucked I thought that show because the the quite frankly the tag-team wrestling just was not good there I thought it was all over the place this couldn’t have been more opposite this was a lot more streamlined there were a lot of great spots here a lot of like they put you in doubt that the upset would happen they put you in doubt that private party would win a lot of things Warren what were some of your favorite spots and highlights of this match I mark when when he did he did a pair of dives to the outside and gets back and used me then gets by I’m already excited it gets back into ring he he and then he topi con helos onto the other side runs back into the ring Fosbury flops onto the other side and he did this like it was a sprint I really thought that was fantastic I love the the double team sliced bread that the that the Bucks did they also did a double team stomp into a into a backbreaker as well on on Quinn but man that there what did they call it the wine and gin the the the her can run into the cutter right that’s so so good and I don’t understand why that’s not their finisher that should end the match that that’s a pinfall it’s an explosive move it’s amazing it requires timing I think this is that into match I think it’s because every single person on the roster uses a cutter everybody that’s the thing everybody uses the cutter but they don’t just use the cutter they like do some handstand into it or they slingshot into it or they roll then they jump up and they do it or some frilly back in my day you just grab somebody in a cravat and you drop to your back that’s all you had to do this was an incredible match followed up by what I thought was an incredible promo Jeremy how much of this promo did you get to see I saw the majority of it because this is when NXT had fat dango dango against tougher guy like forget this Chris well I’ll run down it really quick Chris Jericho has named them the this group the inner circle he puts over how pretty Sammy who Farrah is he puts over Santana and Ortiz who I really hope are not named proud and powerful because that name sucks mm-hmm sucks and they are better than that but he also put over Jake Hagar and that the interesting thing about that Jeremy was when the crowd chanted weed the people and maybe some of the most thunderous weed the people chance we’ve ever heard Jericho said no that sucks don’t say it it’s dead it was shitty creative now I don’t necessarily think that referring to creative in the middle of a wrestling show was a hot idea but just saying it sucks it’s done I thought would have been great I didn’t care for that either and then Jericho used his list gimmick as well so we buried one WB gimmick and kind of put over his own but Jericho probably came up with the home I mean we know he came up with the list can make himself so he’s just putting himself over so for Chris Jericho rules I did this out like he’s probably he’s highly highly praised and he’s probably still underrated and as far as the growing scope of things because you don’t think of him next to Austin Brock flair all these guys and maybe he shouldn’t be but at the same time his longevity I really ponder is aew where it’s at without Chris Jericho and I’m not sure it is yeah I I wasn’t originally in that boat but seeing promos like this I’m like yeah okay I’m starting to understand the things that he says and I’m sure a lot of its rooted in his gimmick Warren but mm-hmm and the guys real good yeah he I mean I don’t remember who I some and mentioned this following up on the on the NWA show and it kind of applied tonight when I watched this and when I saw John moxley’s promo that he that he put out on social media you know the art of the promo is sort of making a comeback you know it’s been scripted so long by WWE we’ve forgotten just how good some some of those guys and gals can be just when you let them ride when you let their own character and their own imagination run here and I think of cabal of course Jericho is one of the one of the best in that field I will say though that I was a little off put by all the references it’s fine because because it is Wednesday night Wars and what what not but you know he did he mentioned the list you know mentioned Eddie Guerrero and that’s fine because he has a he has history with Eddie that’s that’s okay but then he also mentioned he yeah the the you the people stuff but he also said you know whether whether it’s an MMA guy or a former MMA guy or a boxer that you put in the ring with me I’m like alright alright we get it we get it you know you we we get what you’re doing Chris why don’t you tell us about what you’re doing instead so that put me off a little but a little because it was really really good not sold on the inner circle name it feels very uh feels very corporate I’m not I don’t know it doesn’t jive it doesn’t jive with it with Jericho could call them the Judas’s I would like that you know or something to that effect well a lot of people do talk about W about eight of you not being able to not talk about WV but that’s typical wrestling war stuff right there I mean we saw four years III know what you mean and I mean it’s it’s it’s a personal gripe really I’m just like yeah you know yeah okay you’re mentioning what’s happening with with Velasquez and fury okay we get it but you know focus on your stuff I did like that Jericho constantly took shots at Cody’s family that was yes good stuff also I really dug the Darby Alan Jimmy havoc match like I saw narvi Allen wrestle I probably like three years ago and I saw him he climbed a pole that was in the San Antonio sweatbox as every building in San Antonio is because the city sucks but then he jumped out of like the ceiling onto just a group of people it was a coffin drop and it was unbelievable and this guy’s just getting better and better and better and no a lot of people talk about his reckless style and say it could cost him Warren but the thing that I like is that he isn’t half-assing anything the highlight of aew dark to me was his suicide dives which I think he should only do one of I think you should only do one of because one of his look way better than five from Moxley or Rawlins or lethal or anybody he’s got the best looking suicide dive I’ve ever seen Warren I agree and that’s what makes him fantastic he’s he just pours his entire body into what he does I think one of the reasons why the coffin drop is so fantastic it’s not because not because it looks necessarily painful it just looks frightening for him it’s it you like it’s literally he’s just crossing his arms and letting himself tumble off the tumble off the top rope I mean it’s fantastic gotta say a little later on in the evening we saw orange Cassidy no what no what or was it done no no no it was it is sorry it was on aww dark you see orange Cassidy Gras to climb up onto the top turnbuckle and he you know sticks his hands in his pockets and does essentially the same thing now if I’m aw I’m going over to the orange and I’m saying dude you’re gonna have to stop doing that looks too much like the coffin drop and the coffin drop is a cool finisher and his knots to stasis he jump when he does it well he sort of lets himself fall back well okay yeah yeah it is too similar but Darby a little too similar Darby Allen picks up the win we’re gonna refer to the Power Rankings curator Darby Allen has no I don’t think he’s been pinned yet and if he has it wasn’t it hasn’t been in singles action he did not win the Cracker Barrel match but he didn’t get pinned he went to a draw with Cody he begot penned by Shawn Spears and the six-man tag yeah so from a singles perspective he didn’t get beat by Cody he’s got a title shot he didn’t get pinned in the cracker-barrel match he beat Shima and he beat Jimmy havoc do you think that’s worthy of a title shot because as we heard pocked saying later he didn’t seem to think so impaction I mean Pok beat d2 guys Jericho beat and Jericho has the title so why doesn’t Pok get a title shot I don’t mind that Allen got a title shot off of this because not a whole lot of people have singles wins and aew they done so many just like six mans or mainly six bands or Triple Threat matches that there aren’t a ton of singles wins throughout the company so Allen getting it Allen was certainly the right call I don’t buy the whole like strength of schedule thing okay so he beat Jimmy havoc and maybe Chima which you’re right aw dark not great but the Allen and Shima match was most certainly the highlights of that show and Allen I thought came off like a like a big star like Jimmy havoc he’s beaten Joey janela who has zero wins in the company so does that really count as a big win like she would at least beat Christopher Daniels and in singles match so like that’s an okay when I guess Jimmy havoc since he does have a pinfall victory is an okay when I mean Pok most certainly has a better claim though yeah definitely stronger then we have the women’s tag match Rijo and Britt Baker dr. Britt Baker DMD against BIA Priestley enemy secure now I do not like the fact that they threw Baker and Bria Priestley into two matches this week essentially back-to-back days tag matches against one another I would have tried to keep them apart as much as possible but I see what they were trying to do they were trying to build it within that but it’s less special when I see it now I’ll tell you something I like dr. Britt Baker DM DS version of the mandible claw how she applies the rings of Saturn with it and makes it her own I like that also I fear for her eventually getting her fingers bitten off by accident Warren what were your thoughts on the women’s tag match this was a this was great this was a lot of fun I think it was smart for them to start off with a secure and Rijo trainer and trainee they know each other really well they played the same style so that was fantastic it was very very stardom esque to kick things off so I thought that was great Priestley and Baker have good chemistry together when they brawl it’s exciting when they when they when they start laying into each of them like yes yes give me more of this I think it was at Fighter fest when they had that match where where Britt got concussed it was the same thing when they when they’re in the same environment it’s there’s just something that happens they connect they’re ready to go and my god this was so much better than the Women’s tag match that we got on aw dark it was it wasn’t even close um and I’m into the the priestly Baker feud I think that as far as a second as the secondary big women’s feud outside of the outside of the Women’s World title I think this is fantastic you got two exceptional women who are ready to go at it and who feel electric but yeah now keep them apart now let’s let’s not put them in the ring at the same time anymore and just just let that that tension because they I feel that when they they’re there they’re ready to uncork it’ll be fantastic I’m looking forward to it I think it’s good and this was a this was a this was a great tag team match as well yeah Amy Secours is a legend she has seen better days I’ll say that she’s there there were some spots that I didn’t think she was giving her all on and that like they were like that I think it was a double underhook backbreaker and I was like ah that one just didn’t look great I felt the right person won this though she should have she should have taken the the submission Sakura and brickmaker should have won this because then you don’t beat me a Priestley Rijo is already the champion so you’re all right and a bird Baker gets the win a video air showing the best friends hugging and then they’re interviewed and they they cut to orange Cassidy Jeremy are you surprised that orange Cassidy is this over I mean there are gonna be a lot of people that just do not get him go ahead elaborate don’t Orange Cassidy me he that’s Andrew Andrew was like Andrews like hey man can I interview you and he was like yeah but it’s not gonna be much of an interview okay man and Andrew got like a good 40 seconds out of him I think and then just stopped orange Cassady rules no I’m not surprised that he’s this over he’s perfect for the aew audience like they they love him he is an alternative whether you like whether you agree with his style or don’t agree with it like he is an alternative to what you’re going to see in WB and that’s a double use audience so you know I orange Cassady is the absolute best and then they ruined his pop by bringing out Shawn Spears so Shawn Spears comes out he’s got a match with Moxley which he loses I see you shaking your head we got it we got to talk about this a bit we have to talk about Shawn Spears okay we can gloss over remarks he’s fantastic like he is so in his element it is ridiculous the crowd just gobbles him up it’s amazing what he does is fantastic but we have to talk about about Shawn Spears don’t have to talk about the booking here we have to talk about it cuz I don’t understand he does say dead in the water and which is which is shocking which is shocking because between the chair shot and all out he was probably he was on his way to becoming one of those on the in the tippy top of aew he was really hot that interview that he cut with jr. with Tully was phenomenal and the match with Cody had legitimate hype what what has happened since there’s nothing I thought it was it was strange to put Moxley and him in the match tonight because that was my big question is like well how do you protect both that’s how I was figuring my looking here trying to figure out what they were gonna do with this man how do you protect both guys because you want both of them to be strong right you you want MOX to come out hot because he’s just off of his injury but don’t you want Shawn Spears the Chairman the guy who brain here’s the thing Cody Rose you don’t have to book it no you don’t have to book exactly it’s the it’s the Bray Wyatt Seth Rollins argument right all over again you don’t have to book it but since we’re confronted with it Shawn then we have to think about it then we have to talk about it I don’t understand what they’re doing with is he is he going indeed going to end up just being a good hand or is this and and I’m just throwing this out there is this going to be is this going to turn out to be a double use first booking bungle is this going to be the first character that they are going to mess up I’ll tell you what there are worse stories to be told then Shawn Spears losing a bunch of matches and somebody having an offhand comment to him saying well I guess you are just a good hand and then him going bad crazy and that resets things Jeremy you know we complained about 50/50 booking a lot I get the feeling there’s gonna be a lot of 0.5 hundred booking in aw you’re gonna see a lot of even or near even win-loss records I don’t think they’re gonna do the oh they’re gonna have four matches and each person’s gonna win two against the same person thing I think it’ll just be a lot of people having similar win-loss records but against a bunch of different opponents this was I mean this is what happens when you highlight win-loss records is you probably will start to see like oh hey this guy’s 10 and 10 like is he really being as booked as weak strong as we think he is and Cody tried to shift the argument a little bit by saying quality of wins really matters so I think so one person’s 10 in 10 might be different than another person’s 10 intent the Shawn Spears thing he was honestly killed at all out I’m with warned that coming into all out he felt really hot the crowd was into him they put totally Blanchard with him like it seemed like that was a great pairing he was the fifth most memorable guy in that match behind Cody mjf totally and Arn and then it was Sean Spears and he lost and it’s like alright why do I have a reason to get behind this guy and then yeah they put him against Moxley and he wasn’t gonna beat Moxley you’re not gonna have him beat Moxley and moxley’s first big match first televised match first set and so it is weird booking considering that I’m not very high on Shawn Spears to begin with I don’t care that he’s been booked like this because I don’t I do think he is nothing more than a good hand yeah that is that is a take and you’re gonna get shot on hard by Shawn Spears it’s gonna deny my interview request but you know you can learn you can even make an argument real quickly that it’s the same thing that happened tonight like again like you know I just what this was a good this was a solid match they laid into each other I thought it was fine but you know Tully got involved in the minute till he gets involved is like look at him look he’s he’s getting physically straining to hold Boxley back he tosses muscling to the stairs so again you’re like mmm so Moxley ends up winning omega comes out with a barbed wire bat hands one two jon moxley or slides one i think it’s like a barbed wire broom he has a barbed wire broom and I popped for that to be perfectly honest I thought that was a perfect perfect perfect what so I thought that was a very clever – how much of the BTE Omega do you think we’re gonna see in an actual aw programming Lauren I don’t know I didn’t know it’s still I I’m I’m still very much in trying to feel it out because even on BTE this week that we’re teasing some tension between Paige and the Bucks right Mikey you don’t with hangman Paige you know the the Bucks were saying we were you you know we just gotta be done where were you and Paige goes I don’t know I didn’t even know where you guys are with your EVP locker-room like okay lis so like how much of that are we going is going to bleed into aw no you hear you hear Tony Khan and the Bucks say you know BT is its own thing and you know what’s you know dynamite is its own so I don’t know I don’t know cuz we’re we’re definitely not seeing cackling and kenny omega eating you know an energy bargain you know sort of giggling to himself we’re not seeing that i don’t know i don’t know but i you know i think that eventually if he’s getting attacked from both sides from with by POC and jon moxley to completely insane very angry guys you know i think it’s enough to make anyone snap and go back to the to return to cleaner mode because essentially that’s what people are waiting for they just want the cleaner to come back as mentioned instances like that as mentioned pack comes from the commentary station to attack Omega with a chair shot that leads to our main event Dustin Rhodes and hangman page drop one to the inner circle which is Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara Dustin Rhodes is real good here tonight Chris Jericho was real good here tonight I mean honestly Paige and Sammy were real good here tonight to this was a hell of a main event Warren uh Jeremy I’ll get your thoughts on the post post match here in a minute but Warren your your thoughts on this match super solid match like you said I wanted to point it out Dustin Dustin was a was a great workhorse Paige looked fantastic again this week hitting all of his hitting all of his top offense he looked fantastic what I I want to give a big shout-out to Sammy Guevara for eating it throughout the match like he took everyone’s offense he was the fall guy it was it was fantastic super solid match by everyone love the love the post match but this was this was really really good and advanced his storylines advances angles I loved it Jeremy my question is why would Jericho celebrate through the lights turning out this isn’t his first rodeo he knows something’s coming after that but he’s still just sitting there like Judas a Judas a man right and I’m like dude come on your homeboy is getting messed up over here with a crossroads why Chris Jericho thought the lights went out and then they were just gonna expect an encore from stomping their feet we get everybody all over the place like Cody’s out you’ve got the rest of the inner circle you’ve got the young bucks out and one of the the biggest spots is mjf in the ring and the thing that I like is that the inner circle have seen the looks that mjf has shot Cody I love that and they’re like maybe this is the time where he can he can do this maybe this is the time where this piece of turns on his buddy I don’t think it’s happening anytime soon I think this is their sting Luger 96 right here I think this is real special what they have going and then when it does happen I it’ll be fantastic what did you think of all this Jeremy I mean we’ve got a lot of moving parts here you you further the mjf Cody thing you get everybody on screen but this is very similar to last week’s show endure as well Darby Allen coming down the ramp on the skateboard to a texture it is the most pro wrestling thing it is the most pro wrestling thing to have a guy come down the ramp on a skateboard to tackle another dude Johnny Ace never had the balls to do that no he did not that’s fact it was fantastic I loved it that was great I’m with you that it felt very similar to last week where guys are just running in and and this week the the baby faces stood tall they can’t do that every week so hopefully they have a different idea for next week and I assume the show will be headlined by I chair co and B so hopefully we don’t just get Cody and then the inner circle the elite all running in at the end of the show once again post match angle is great especially the mjf stuff that guy he’s awesome his explanation of why he didn’t help Cody last week it was there this week to help him you know everyone’s expecting the turn they’re expecting at all at all out they’re expecting it’s a tonight I don’t think it’s gonna happen for a long time either but when it does it’s gonna be huge I I don’t and and I know you know Cody Rhodes I said before heels and faces though it’s so passe you know and I so I get what they’re doing with mjf but he’s he’s not a heel like he’s not he’s very much you know the flavor of the moment you know it’s like if this if this works at this but he’s not a heel heels don’t get pop reactions when when he comes out you know I often compare him to to Jay white who I think is the best wrestling heel in the business right now Jay white doesn’t come out to Pop’s or cheer does he come he comes out and everyone just wants him to leave when mjf comes out they want to hear the silly quips they want to hear him cleverly insult the audience there’s something that we like about MGF and I love him Jeff I love his character but we kind of have to stop fooling ourselves he’s he’s not he’s not really a heel especially when they’re booking him in situations where he’s saving where he’s saving your company’s top babyface right now you know it’s it’s but I understand we’re playing with the dynamic with the you know it’s a lot more fluid it’s not as cut and dry I get it but Kobe said he’s a babyface but but but then you go everybody thinks they’re a babyface though that’s how it should be look at Bailey right now she thinks she’s a babyface – but but you go on Twitter anywhere you start getting up these discussions who’s the best heel in the business and everyone will say MJ f MJ f MJ f but I get it I understand but he’s he’s not he’s not Jonathan MA has a great super chat he said how is Brit finished not called the cavity search credit to Trevor Dame on Twitter that is brilliant and he says also Warren it’s gin and juice how did you how did you not know that Warren you are so painfully Canadian and white morrow and now it would have known that a Marla Rinella would have said it 74 times him I just want to hear I just want to put him in E and Rick a Bonnie in a room and just hear them out reference each other like over and over and over again Rob Wilkins said something along the lines of maybe the fiend and Becky Lynch go one over all I would love to see Becky or one overall in their drafts I would love to see that Joseph Farley says Chucky T was wearing a Murray State tank top yes representing Kentucky there ah so also do I have your attention now they says have you noticed hangman no sells a lot of moves yes I have that’s got a change it’s got to change so I’ll ask you guys in one word who won tonight ash far show-quality a double your NXT jeremy aew warren aew I’m on the fence I really am I thought NXT I’d agree come on you coward I I thought they had a great show opener and show closer but ultimately I got a go aw I gotta go with a aw well hopefully you guys go with fight foal calm and fight phul select or riot or Jeremy and Warren both have patreon or and tell them a little bit about yours I do a bunch of extra content off of my show that I do every Thursday on slash mr. 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Warren Hayes Jeremy tell them a little bit about yours this is write a bunch of stuff right about basketball how the pressing that sport is hockey wrote about NWA power debut if you want to check that out inside slash jeremy lambert 88 or on twitter as well at jeremy Lambert 88 we talked NWA power on today’s list and your boy podcast you all can check that out we’ve got a QA show going up on select amaro we have our mock drafts also our mock draft cards get revealed on Friday and all the votes are gonna roll in for me Jeremy and I’m gonna move to three and o all-time in mock drafts man I I just hope that after I beat you at this mock draft you don’t quit like Rob McCarran and Vince Russo did both quit the site you can vote for WV or you can vote for a dove you it is your choice everybody my god I must I must have beaten Harry kettle and Andrew Thompson and mock drafts in my sleep or something recently that’s why they’re not hurt I heard that Vince Russo quit because you were too tall Shawn yeah I mean he doesn’t like tall guys and I’m very tall he likes the really short wrestlers that do all the flips that’s Vince that’s Vince Tootie speaking of guys we have a bunch of old Russo reveals clips on fight ‘full select as well it’s not penis related it’s about wrestling thank you guys leave a thumbs up subscribe we’re out

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