We Watch Wrestling Podcast Goes to WWE SummerSlam 2017

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you were like I’m gonna go down I’m gonna go down see my old my old cohorts and then agent Johnny Russo he goes Vince up there it’s home to come down cuz usually it’s it’s a me Johnny absolutely usually we go to the shows and I just run in the back real quick and I say had everybody you know me being there may have prevented you from having the night of your life because it may have been like no way we can have simply but he would have taken one look at you man like Vince yes Tom no they’ve been like two guys you know if it was one because I I will also say again thank you to Johnnie Russo because as soon as we went through the curtain he’s like well Vince hasn’t been back here let’s let’s show them everything so parade us around everywhere anyway not oh no we saw the sign for grow I’m not going on while your shows going on so Vince is in there hunters in there yeah so we like pre-tape fucking yeah yeah yeah we we saw the set we took pictures on the SummerSlam set I saw that yeah that was really cool and yeah and you can tell that we were we were both watching the monitor because we were facing the camera I almost ran into a j-style it’s the AJ Styles and I did the like right I’m trying to go right you’re trying to go left and he was like getting ready for his match it was arrived he was walking in a circle and Matt and and Johnny went past and I was caught and I’m just and he’s and I was like I just fucking like big mean motherfucker so then we went into that room the production meeting room and Bobby Roode’s kicking it we saw the Cannella Sasak analysis but and Michael Hayes is sitting up at the front of the room all purple like Jesus put her a purple Fedora purple fanny pack little purple we walked by and I was like I gotta go say hi to Michael okay I go walking through the room fuck it the Hayes sees me he goes who the fuck let you in here dressed like that cuz I’m just wearing shorts and tees when he said no no I love my goal we used to work together I know but no I yeah okay Michael is a ballbreaker the first time I ever met Michael PA Heys I got I was in tightened hours I walk out of the elevator I’m with Brian Gorch and just as sheer luck would have it Freebird is coming out of the other elevator and Brian’s like ah Michael this is one of the new writers this is Matt he was I don’t give a fuck and then like two beats beep beep and he’s like hey how’s it going good Wow and then so I was standing in the door with with Johnny and he said go ahead go be Michael I’m walking I’m walking up the aisle you know and then it was Matt was like hey it’s my buddy Vince and I was so happy when I turned around and you were there I was like ah he’s gonna meet PS Hayes shook his hand I was like this is Vince he’s a big fan how’s it going did he receive you well hey what’s up nice to manum genuflecting kiss the ring

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