Watch The Rock’s return to WWE SmackDown alongside Becky Lynch | FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN

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oh just because you won King of the Ring it doesn’t actually make you a king and it certainly sure as hell doesn’t make you want to walk around here dressing like a 35 year old virgin hanging out a comic-con no no no no so you got to get in your head see Becky Lynch is the man you don’t see Becky Lynch walking around here holding a pair of testicles do you what if I did there’d be a whole lot bigger than yours so just so we’re clear you think that you’re superior than the rock and the man you think that you’re superior than all of them and you also think that you’re more superior than my boy LeBron James is is that what you think [Applause] your your legit you want money in the bank you want King of the Ring you’re retired Kurt Angle look you’re a badass you’re a batterer right Lynch he’s a badass are you trying to say he’s uh he’s a super tough dude as a matter of fact Becky that’s exactly what the Rockettes say and you are super tough dude and you know what since it’s a rock show the Rockettes of People’s Champ this is the people this is this is an inclusive show this is where the rock engages the people right so we’re gonna do something we’re gonna make you feel good because you’re a super tough dude in three seconds these people are going to be chanting something that they think every time they see you s T D [Applause] but the rocket sees something in your eyes the rock sees in your eyes you’re embarrassed you’re getting angry oh there it is yeah you’re getting angry you’re getting angry but you know what that’s what happens when you come out here and you insult the man that’s what happens when you come out and you insult the people and that’s what happens when you come out and you insult the jabroni beating pie-eating trailblazing eyebrow-raising from Los Angeles all the way to Japan you’re getting ready to get your monkey ass whooped by the rock and the man there’s no way to treaty get out of there King [Applause] then the man gonna get involved with her pal a drop the most electrifying move in all of entertainment I love you smackdown if you’re some man let’s go rock [Applause]

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