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[Music] let’s go along guys welcome back to wrassle ranted and this is a quick review of the NWA power show that will be airing on YouTube 6:05 every Tuesday and I have to say I went into this skeptical from a number of reasons I don’t know if they could pull this off even if they did pull it off you know how I you know I grew up watching this style of wrestling and I grew up watching studio wrestling every that was that was at that time back in the mid to late 80s it was in my opinion the best wrestling show that I saw there in a week you know the you had the big arena shows and everything else but I always liked the 6:05 studio World Championship Wrestling show there was just something about it that resonated and clearly did because that show it used to do monster ratings on TBS for years and years and years so now we we’re in 2019 and Billy Corgan has revitalized the entire almost to almost exactly the entire look of that old studio show from World Championship Wrestling back in the late 80s you had the flags hanging down I mean you had the small audience they put them on risers back in the day that used to be seated on the floor of course they got the same thing you don’t care about that the fact that you see the cameras around the arena the Steadicam the two podiums the interview podium it was pretty cool you know Jim Cornette was on commentary as well and that some people might like that some people don’t but I think he’s obviously the perfect guy to do this I have to say they pulled it off they pull it off really well and having watched this I tuned in during the Aldus storm match the main event and then went back to watch it from the beginning I was like I just want to see how it open and whatever whatever ever since I’ve already seen the main event and I actually wound up watching the other 45 or 40 minutes of the show because that format is a familiar to me and it’s a format that actually does work and most of this was squash matches but these are squash matches that I actually was in gay watching because of the way and this is something very key to that old studio style of wrestling they the camera work is all is almost literally inside the ring it’s such an intimate setting that you feel that you’re in the ring so you hear every slap you see every punch if a guy goes to the top rope he really looks like he’s he’s at the top of everything as opposed to being an acid difference with studio wrestling and arena wrestling when you have something showing up on an arena show somebody goes to the top rope you know they’re kind of out there on a top rope on the studio shows like they’re like near the top they’re on top of everything so it looks a lot different and the way they shoot it from the angles from down up is a lot different and it sounds a lot different um I forgot I’ve said I thought NXT for the longest time should have adopted this particular thing which they used to do in the whole world championship wrestling shows but having guys either cut a promo and then have a match in the ring or after they had the match of the ring go to the podium and cut a promo and that was that was done on his show and one of the things that you would definitely see is the complete night and day difference in the promos the guys that they have on their roster all of them know how to cut promos all of them and they may be a little bit old-school but they actually are promos that I’m actually watching and I actually feel that the person I’m watching on the screen actually believes the stuff that they’re saying because these guys know how to do ad-lib promos it was great it was so refreshing to see that instead of somebody reciting lines it’s you know now some of the aspects of it you know James Storm got into a fight with this guy and I have not seen before but that didn’t quite work out too well for me it was funny when storm and pinned him after one move after all this bullets are going on wildcard were challenged for the Tag Team Championships after their match that was a pretty good standoff but I felt that the storm thing kind of cut it off that was iffy but all across the board I think the the crowd and attendance was much like the old-school crowds but they added the applause which wasn’t much of the old-school stuff of applauding matches but I think that’s a great addition actually to this format of wrestling it’s straight up retro all the way around even to the dock and saw they got docking to do the theme song for the show that is crazy straight up hair band hair metal from the 80s is the theme of the show that’s crazy it even had a commercial Austin Idol where are they digging Austin I get all up from as this hilarious throwback eighties wrestling school commercial I guess it’s for a legitimate legit wrestling school but that all that stuff just made me giggle and it actually was effective I was like it stuff actually kind of still works you know like I remember Austin Idol now you know somebody I haven’t probably thought about and probably 10 15 years all this stuff is pretty good the commentary was okay I’ll kind of dig the new interviewer I think I think their broadcast team is gonna take some while to get their rhythm about them and of course the main event Aldus and storm I think that was a great old school kind of NW straight-up NWA kind of match and I saw I guess this is what Jim Cornette has always been current about that this rustling still works if you’re a wrestling fan and if you watch a show with wrestling on it and it’s highlighted as a wrestling show and you got promos of guys who actually sound like they want to fight and believe in what they say it still works and I’m watching this and I’m going yeah it still works if that that format does work rustling cuz um I mean you can look at the Monday Night Wars a lot of other things in you know wrestling has changed and evolved of course this is a total throwback retro fit but the format does still work I do appreciate the fact that there that this exists and I think it’s a funny thing this we the past week and a half or so you are now seeing that rustling is kind of splitting off into all these little subgenres so we’re all you get the traditional sports entertainment that we’ve been you know used to for the last 20 years and all the the flash and the pizzazz which I’m gonna talk about that a little bit as far as this NWA show you gave Smackdown which is all four the mainstream sports fan apparently to get in the mainstream casual audience that’s what smackdowns for aew is for the new younger fans you want a different style of wrestling that’s not our sports entertainment that’s not the WWE type of sports entertainment you got NXT which is a lot of hardcore straight-up modern in-ring action and now you’ve got this NWA power show which is complete old school wrestling entirely format from promos to matches to the way they set up feuds it’s entirely old-school and you know I get mad it’s always great this is something I’ve always talked about it’s like wrestling can have is not one thing and it’s not just the sports entertainment way that mr. banner said wrestling can be done in so many different we’re seeing it right now we’re see only four different ways in which you can do wrestling shows and they’re all unique and they’re all good in their own way and I think if you’re a wrestling fan if you’re if you’re a legit wrestling fan this one will test you though this is the shit will test you and I was talking about the lights and stuff and I always have complained a lot of times that WB over does it with all that LEDs shit all over the place I did talk to one of my Twitter followers and we were you know discussing back and forth and he was like well you know it’s old-school it didn’t have any music for the entrances and stuff and and that’s a thing that to me and no offense to the guy or no offense anybody else who feels this way but you know to me that’s always kind of like well are you do you really like steak or do you like the steak sauce because the pyro you know everybody go mock that sometimes to people getting all excited about the pyro pyro and entrances and the music in the flashing lights and all that stuff and a lot of people over the last two decades have associated that that’s part of rustling then you have to have that stuff in order to be a rustling show if you don’t have this stuff that’s not a rustling show and they can’t watch a rustling show without it partner probably New Japan had within the states too as well but this is a totally old-school this just show is based off of a show that existed before pyro LED screens entrance music was a big thing that you buy on CD you know all of that stuff this was this was hey we want to see rustlers Russ rustling matches in a wrestling ring in front of wrestling fans that’s what it is it’s two steak without the sauce and the steaks cook rib and anybody who knows actually knows how to cook steak you can cook steak if you know how to do it right you don’t need any steak sauce that’s the best kind of a steak is a steak that you don’t need the steak sauce because the steak is just so good I think this is gonna think this is gonna tell a lot of people whether or not they actually like wrestling matches or they like the spectacle around wrestling and I do think there is an element to that and nwa made a lot of comments about that they made a lot comments to a little little swipe set of there being a lot of boys in the industry and cosplayers something Jim Cornette crows about all the time and you definitely noticed a difference in the Russell’s on this roster there are a lot of guys who carry themselves like grown-ass tough men on this show there’s not a lot of fufu going on here these are a bunch of bruisers and badasses up and down a roster who were just about kicking people’s asses and that’s what it reminded me what the old NWA was you know when you see the NWA you knew that was the men you know and that’s what they were touting tonight on the show and it definitely is the case I think I dove it’s I think that most most mature would be the world phrase I would use out of all of the wrestling shows on TV right now this one is definitely the most mature one meaning that there’s not a lot of silliness for children on this show there’s not really nothing for kids or you know silliness or you know kind of geekdom stuff this is kind of if you like if you’re old school wrestling fan you like this and it’s funny and then one of the commercials they got but the it’s still real for me dead it’s still real to me damn it guys I got me one of the commercials that was good that was crazy I liked that I laughed at that one so NWA a power I give it a thumbs up I think if you’re a new-school fan you’re probably not gonna dig it it’s gonna be so jarring for you to watch this because again you know it’s not it’s not your fault it’s the way Brussels has been presented over the last 20 years that it needs all the lights and the big arena and smoked in LED screens and entrance music in the theatrics and all that that’s you know the the titantron and all that stuff this is this is stripped down to a ring fans commentators and promos and that’s that’s what this show is and if a promo school is open however NWA you know people out there who have a hard time with promos watch the NWA show you’ll learn how to do a promo I can tell you that one right now but anyway I want to know what you guys think about this did you like it did you hate it it’s a to old school for you or is it a welcome return to the old school when you stole found it entertaining even now 30 years later this format of studio wrestling let your voice be heard in the comment box below until then I’ll see you guys for more news rumors and commentary here on rasuluh rantin have a good day [Music]

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