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let’s not mince words The Ultimate Warrior was an asshole these days Hilton Warriors w’s number one nostalgic icon having leapfrog Hulk Hogan due to a combination of warriors sudden death two years ago and Hulk Hogan’s fall from grace last year even though the Warriors career more or less deserves to be praised to put him on a pedestal over the man who made his rise to fame possible in the first place comes off to me as a little forced not just because of the shared history between the wrestler and the organization but because of the Warriors own personal past Hogan said some terrible unforgiveable stuff sure but the warrior is no saint why in his life among other things he came this close to saying that Hurricane Katrina was a good thing complain that Martin Luther King is a holiday for his birthday but George Washington doesn’t mock’s draws for his disability and wrote a comic book where he appears to imprison and sodomized Santa Claus also destroy a distressed legitimate is heaven of sexual hot bet the air audition because query doesn’t make the world work depending on what time period definitely he’s talked about him he was either an insane egomaniac who nobody liked or a benevolent man who left a trail of joy and happy pixie dust wherever he walked after the warrior died while being in their good graces the company’s decided to sweep all that negative stuff about him under the rug including what is arguably the biggest blemish of his career his run in WCW in 1998 WCW paid big bucks bringing one of the biggest stars of a modern era into the fold the goal as everything was the time was to beat the WWF in the Monday night ratings war but what they went up getting was two months of confounding promos one really lousy match and a handful of ruined careers but the story of warrior in WCW starts much earlier than 1998 now for the complete destructive details we have to go all the way back to 1995 by 95 WCW did everything they could to get fans to like Hulk Hogan by trying to recreate the magic of yesteryear they had Hogan fight Aundre the Giants fakes Sun they teamed him up with Randy Savage they brought back mr. t what more could they do how about the last piece of the Hulkamania puzzle how about the return of the ultimate warrior himself kinda as he was feuding with Vader and Ric Flair the Hulkster alluded to an ultimate surprise to help even the odds anybody with two ears and a half working brain can figure out what Hogan was teasing but uncensored 1995 well now let him say it for himself the man behind me is called the renegade brother this is not the Ultimate Warrior Ric Flair this is the ultimate swerve while standing awkwardly next to a giant can light Hogan told us that his back up against Vader wasn’t you dubs but some dude called the renegade no no folks this wasn’t the Ultimate Warrior this guy had totally different mannerisms a different look a different move set in a different song sure totally different according to vanilla ice logic paired up with Jimmy Hart as manager the renegade real name Richard Wilson ran roughshod over the WCW midcard even defeating Arn Anderson for the TV title of the great American bash that year things are going great for this Ultimate Warrior ripoff until the real Ultimate Warrior publicly denouncing imposter in an interview with a wrestling magazine after that happened the Renegades push was stopped dead in its tracks so why did it take a public intervention by Jim Hellwig for WCW to give up the ghost did they look at that article and say oh shit I guess the jig is up now fans will know that he’s not really the warrior why would the fans have thought that did you not listen to Hogan’s promo this is not the Ultimate Warrior this is not this ah once the ruse was revealed or rather made even more obvious the losses began to pile up for the renegade he lost his title he lost his manager and then he lost his gimmick after the mouth of the south rubbed off the face Payton embarrassed him in front of the world renegade would linger at WCW for a while longer under a slightly different gimmick even briefly served as the Warriors body double when they were both the company after warriors departure renegade was cut in late 1998 devastated by his release Wilson would end his own life in February of 1999 at the age of 33 no jokes to be made about someone committing suicide here folks but I will ask you this question if the Ultimate Warrior was capable starting a domino effect like that when he wasn’t working for the company imagine what he could do when he was oh by the way on a faithful Monday night in August of 1998 the unthinkable happened something would change the landscape of wrestling forever Bart Gunn picked the Godfather and a bra for all semifinals match Oh at the warrior debuted for WCW on nitro in the middle of a customary NWO promo Hollywood Hogan boasted he was able to beat anyone put in front of him then he proceeded to drop a hint so unsubtle it wouldn’t be beat until next year by shane mcmahon on the very first smackdown and there’s not a lawyer in the world that can’t be to get myself back because I’d be at last came the real Ultimate Warrior in the flesh everything about this scene was brilliantly done the dramatic lighting and pyro the shot of Hogan’s lip quivering in fear at the sight of the one man he couldn’t beat in the WWF it was truly an awesome moment then it all got ruined the second Warrior opened his mouth take control of the limited ability you have do you understand the words I’m about to say the water proceeded to talk and talk and talk for roughly 15 uninterrupted minutes going way over his time and kind of killing the magic of the moment in fact some say if you listen carefully on a cool August night you can still hear I’m talking to this day and Hulk Hogan this has manifested some around your mind your body and your spirit will pull you down into the depth of depravity and this rooster day for too long the power of the fuya has gone unchecked so rocket fuel has been loaded up but my Master’s Triple H did not count huh as the rise of the all-powerful Sun that was the warrior worships he could sue for store raw chicken embryos Oh fine an entire bovine creature that he’s played with his bare hand ha ha ha somehow and all this the warrior developed magical powers including the ability to teleport himself and others in and out of the ring he also seemed to develop an affinity for the Adam West version of Batman say boyar place say you know warrior when Hulk Hogan used his creative control he used it to win matches the Warriors first bit of entering action took place at the wargames match at Fall Brawl his involvement was inconsequential but before his official entry a warrior decoy teleported in and out of the ring using a trap door there are two things worth pointing out about that door one a lot of the wrestlers were not informed that it was there and two the British Bulldog was one of those wrestlers in his match with Jim Neidhart against the dancing fools Davey Boy took a pair of bad bumps on said trapdoor leading to a severe back injury that led to a huge dependence on pain medication the Bulldog would never be the same again upon the warriors debut he decided to fight Hogan in the nwl by forming the one warrior nation get it NWO in reverse but all dubs immediately violated that whole one warrior part of one warrior nation when he kidnapped the disciple Hogan’s Lackey over the course of a late September night drove the disciple was brainwashed by the warrior and became a new follower boy warrior sure seems to enjoy taking big bearded men hostage week after week Hollywood Hogan would be driven to the brink by the Ultimate Warrior’s mind games what you’re about to see is one of the most famous or infamous moment of the feud it’s worth pointing out that Hogan can see the warrior we the viewers can see the warrior but Eric Bischoff cannot see the warrior he’s acting as if Hogan’s gone crazy here but it really looks more uncle Eric is the one who flipped his jet black died lid now not everyone may know this but well before Jim Hellwig became the Ultimate Warrior or even the dingo warrior in Texas he was one half of the blade runner’s long side the man who would become sting so after going their separate ways and creating their own legacies it was a cool piece of history to see these two reunite in October of 1998 as warrior and sting teamed up to take on Hollywood Hogan and Bret Hart and by teamed up I mean that warriors stood on the apron with his jacket on the whole time while staying at all the work creative control everybody fun little fact this episode of nitro was the same one in which a rich Steiner promo was interrupted by a special guest what a minute what a bizarre segment this was Rick Steiner and Gene Okerlund getting interrupted by a pre-taped animatronic Chucky from the child’s play movies who was a show up to plug his crappy sequel they should go and see my new movie Bride of Chucky lengthening October 16 that’s a lot dumb stuff in professional wrestling but puppets now that’s where I draw the line okay that’s too much for me Pro Wrestling is enough dumb as it is bad puppets involved yeah hey Bryan what were you saying about puppets and wrestling puppet what are you doing here nothing much man you’re sort of taking over your video dingdong you know what I’m talking about you know Bryan puppets have actually been a big part of wrestling’s history you got Rocco you know you got Chuckie you got puppet H he was a web exclusive doesn’t count either way if you think it’s funny to degrade my people on your show I don’t know if wrestling is for you oh is that so what you gonna do about it you’ll see I have got to update my firewall at last we’ve reached the climax of the story lion Hogan versus warrior at Halloween Havoc 1998 a rematch from their classic bout eight years before and let me just get this out of the way this match ah this match featured 14 minutes of some of the slowest clunkiest most boring wrestling you will ever see it was the complete opposite of their match at WrestleMania 6 to describe this match hold for hold be like trying to describe colors to a newborn baby it would take way too much time nothing would come of it at least one person would saw themselves by the end of it all that’s really worth talking about is the ending Hogan was supposed to throw a fireball in the face of his opponent but he botched it making the fire blow up in his own face a new finish was conjured up out of thin air when Horace Hogan arrived that nailed warrior in the back with the chair allowing Hogan to pick up the victory if that wasn’t bad enough after the match Horace sprayed the warrior with lighter fluid when I can only guess was his attempt to immolate the warrior a live TV now I know sure he’s built like one but does the warrior really look like a dumpster to you though some within WCW at the time have denied this many people including the warrior himself believe he was only hiber the company so Houghton could avenge his loss from WrestleMania six warrior Sedna’s WB documentary that he wouldn’t aside with them how you know when he was up against but no matter whose side you believe there’s no denying there was at least one other career ruined by the Ultimate Warrior here fields and warriors yes by taking part in this self-indulgent two-month holiday in Atlanta the warrior revealed just how insane and difficult to work with he really was having burned his bridges in both WCW and the WWF and by taking part in this absolute stinker of a match he was virtually unemployable you could say he self destructed the warrior issued one final rambling promo the following night on nitro then would disappear from wrestling for almost the rest of his days with the exception of a lone match against Orlando Jordan in Spain that must have been awkward query doesn’t make the world work while the Warriors presence in WCW helped the ratings in the short term it was ultimately the company’s last gasp nitro 1 the ratings battle six of the 11 weeks the warrior was on TV though two of those shows went uncontested after that nitro would only win the weekly battle one other time also on uncontested Monday before ultimately going under in 2001 the Ultimate Warrior was indeed a complex individual even wve has been conflicted about it making drastically different documentaries about him over the years and Wallace plans for his family and fans he’s being painting the right now it’s important to remember that the warrior was not perfect and more than anything more than his political speeches or is insane blog interests have since been scrubbed from his website his run in WCW was the embodiment of that idea Oh you pathetic follower of kantianism only when one possesses the proper mind body and spirit quotient of the gods can one possibly understand the level of this true Soni but a warrior possesses what is that auditory signal um I believe those are sleigh bells warrior tis the season sounds that rotund holiday deviant Kristopher Kringle must have escaped the Warriors bondage I must now search this way and search that way and search the heavens above and beyond and below to find that decadent symbol holiday capitalism under my massive biceps ha oh god no well folks be sure to thumbs up this video if you liked it comment below subscribe to wrestling with regret and buy the t-shirts at pro wrestling tees calm i’m brian zane and i’ll see you next time you

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