Tyson Fury vs Braun Strowman! WWE RAW REACTIONS RESULTS and REVIEW 10/7/19

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what’s up everybody its grim and I’m here watching WWE Raw on the October 7th 2019 episode it’s the second episode after the season premiere and the aftermath of WWE’s Hell in a Cell from last night where people were first you know how that show ended if you want to see my reactions link in the description below to that we all know the fiend got robbed the match apparently against Seth Rollins for the universal title ended in a disqualification down there saying it was a disqualification it was referent Reese stoppage because Rollins was going completely out of control but I think now I’m thinking about there might be more to the story than maybe Bray is trying to heal Seth Rollins but also hurt Seth Rollins maybe he’s trying to make Seth Rollins become a monster and that’s what he did there might be a bigger story to this even though we’re pissed we just wanted to see the fiend as the champion anyway raw opens up today with Baron foreskin and Randy abortion kicking the crap out of winning the roo-roo that’s rusev and then all of a sudden Bobby tragically comes up on the screen as rusev you know battles back and gets rid of foreskin in abortion Bobby trash he’s up on the screen he’s in rosettes room he’s in Rousseff’s robe he’s in Rousseff’s bed and who joins them but Lana and Lana come in in a robe and some pink panties and some pink bra and looking and she crawls him bed with Bobby trashley and takes her bra off and says we’re gonna have a lot of fun and I took everything from you I took your house I took your bank account and and she just robbed rusev and then he gets triggered and then he kicks the crap out of foreskin and he kicks the crap out of Randy abortion what a sick opening to raw also coming up tonight last woman standing Laci Evans versus Natalya and Tyson Fury’s gonna have a microphone I’m excited for this episode of Raw hopefully it’s awesome I also got to address the Fein they haven’t mentioned it yet let’s do this the next segment on Raw was the last woman standing match Natalya vs. Lacey Evans last one to not answer a 10-count loses the match and friends have joined us we Jeannie we got spaghetti Francesca Anzac Cena would you guys think that was a pretty good match they were Pirtle making where we walked in I thought it was actually really good really good Natalia was pointed out that she was kind of like I’m dead I’m dead nine and then boom up fine I thought she was gonna lose me tell you what last night at the paper screw I really thought that to tell you what a lost and then she was getting their shit get died of her by lazy ovens or mobile I ran to the convenience store during that match last night and I didn’t know what happened so there you go in the end Natalia power bombs lazy Evans off the ramp then she slipped down at one point into a solid steel crash bad table on the horse hey we got to protect the talents yes pretty decent match I guess no there’s a good match I realize that not of approval right there let’s speak into the cameras and now we’re sucking down some twizzle ease as we just enjoyed tag-team Chino we had to fight gain experience writers yes we have our BA what you’re giving me pickle Harbach anyway non-title Viking raiders taking on Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler they’re all taking champions two segments a badass match in the end what do you think yeah I calm dolphins Rudolph Bobby Roode rubendall Ziegler is Rudolph they don’t want to do it because they don’t want them walk around in with red noses and deer costumes bad ass match Viking raiders win that means they’re probably gonna get a shot at the tag team titles now we also had backstage that Tyson Fury guy now he’s gonna come out and talk later again right yeah that was a backstage thing and then Alistair black is also talking about stage about how he’s a tough guy and he’s gonna come out and fight somebody and pick a fight I feel like we haven’t checked in in a while but it was all recap and what happened last week and Susan G Komen crap and then we finally got to a match six-man tag the original Club which is AJ bad hairstyles puke Gallows & Karl Underpants what up against lucha where house party house party oh not warehouse party oh yeah that guy from GTS yeah but that match was incredible it was like a goddamn airport with all those little fuckers flying around the front flip after side flip after but flip in the end AJ bad hairstyles hit the phenomenal foreskin right the fucking face of that little kindergarten kid kalisto pinned him for the 1 2 3 and then what did they also take kalisto off the second rope with the Styles Clash I wasn’t one of the other dudes let’s say Dorado got drilled Dorado got drilled they fucked him up big-time ok another segment has just gone down we just witnessed his TV I mean that’s what happens when Becky Lynch and Charlotte are on street yeah Jimmy’s watching yes he impregnates basket bullet issues Jimmy cut a promo one time from his bedroom and his garbage basket was overflowing with tissues and we said is that tissue basket pregnant Jimmy this is why he drinks anyway so yeah Charlotte and Becky Lynch out there and they’re looking like they’re gonna fight what are they supposed to be having a match against each other roasted each other about who’s the better champ a Bubba blah and then all of a sudden we hear it’s Oscar and Carrie sane and now looks like it’s gonna be a tag-team match I guess so I’m watching it was announced earlier I think that there was gonna be a taxi man oh they oh I thought I must have missed I’m okay all right so now we’re gonna watch tag-team match I’m shocked on what just happened in that tag-team match right here on Raw kabuki Warriors just defeated but two women’s champions yeah Becky Lynch got pinned to the face roll her up yeah everybody’s new copy this bullshit we copied it from God even the Nature Boy Ric Flair is copied from the Nature Boy Buddy Rogers so anyway pretty badass tag-team match coming up they finally said they’re gonna acknowledge Hell in a Cell from last night with the halt fiend and Seth Rollins that people are pissed about I mean they were very generic about what they were gonna say they didn’t say what they were gonna say they ain’t gonna take it they just had a picture of the fiend doing the mandible claw and they said tonight and we’re gonna talk about it what about it what about it motherfucker a lot of dumb okay so we had two segments one to build up the magic one to actually have the magwell Hawkins on Raw I’ve seen them we got to shake Tyson Fury’s end we got to see Rick O’Shea take on Apollo nudes in a pretty easy matching they were building it up as well this could be my best last no John role because I might get drafted and it could be funny that the mist came out for misty here earlier in a suit right and he wasn’t in a match tonight right but when he passed by and Tyson Fury getting the first bump is in full gear why would he be in there what’s he gonna do in here maybe he had a matter earlier on main event why would he still be in gear maybe he’s in the dark match after the show maybe anyway Tyson Fury up next let’s see what’s gonna happen Burger King’s on its way been raw just went off the air with braun strowman and Tyson Fury trying to fight each other in the ring and the least intense brawl I’ve ever seen Jeannie went to sleep because he was bored so tie security comes out braun strowman comes out demands an apology No Tyson shoves Braun Braun just kind of like walks them into a corner then a bunch of guys try to separate them then they like kind of walk out each other again and gonna one of the worst leaves me pins pull apart period period no wonder Braun’s not Universal Chan because that was terrible I think I’d rather watch bad ass thanks Tina then watch that yeah five minutes ago that was shit I’m sorry that was shit and gave me zero life to ever want to see those two guys fight what a waste times two and they barely even acknowledged the whole Hell in a Cell thing they show like a recap from Hell in a Cell but no follow-up no aftermath how the fuck do you do that the biggest match of the fucking show the biggest fucking – heat going and they just completely ignored it asshole guys thanks for watching the reactions be here Friday with more reactions from crap down if you’re not down with that we got three words for you eat it yeah

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