Trying Meditation For My WWE Woes // Babyface Bullies

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welcome take a seat in a comfortable position and close your eyes [Music] you may be feeling frustrated confused and even angry we’ll start with some breathing exercises to work through those feelings take a deep breath in and slowly exhale for five seconds five four three two sweet shit sorry keep breathing out let’s try that again breathe in and out as you inhale visualize positive things and as you exhale push out any negatives burn korban is getting another title shot in with the positive [Music] and out with the negative why the fuck does she have to rustle they see Evans again well hmm damn it let’s try something else you know how to breathe so let’s just move on to visualization practice you see yourself at a WWE pay-per-view you’re surrounded by your friends and you’re all having a great time the beer is affordable and the bathroom lines are short up next is a Women’s Championship match you hear Oscars music start playing and you excitedly turn to watch her entrance only to be blinded by a stage light that for some reason is shining right in your fucking face oh design the stage okay sorry about that let’s get our breathing back in check in with the positive and out with the negative Martha Sullivan exists in with the positive and out with the negative why can’t the main roster shows be more like a next here and with the positive and out with the negative I wonder if she’s lonely I give up this isn’t working maybe a sadness nap will work bye [Music] Breslin is my life [Music] you

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