Triple H crashes Edge and Vickie Guerrero’s wedding: SmackDown, July 18, 2008

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I can tell by the look on your faces that you’re not exactly happy to see me out here that’s it’s understandable I’ll be the first to admit I have a bit of a reputation for these weddings and all but I can promise you this I am NOT out here to tell you that I am secretly married to Vickie Guerrero’s no we’re here to celebrate true love [Applause] the true love that you feel for each other it just warms my heart and with that in mind I’ve brought some gifts here tonight to show you how I feel now I know you just showed a very impressive video expressing your love for Vicki edge and and while I didn’t have quite have the the resources or the time that you had to make a video I have made a video of my own and I do feel that that my video is is special in its own way and I think it truly truly just expresses the love edge that you feel for Vicki let’s let’s take a look at true love [Applause] you should stay [Applause] [Music] [Applause] you

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