Top 5 Wrestling Moves *FRONT HEADLOCK*

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I’m alright [Music] we are you to town you to plan welcome ladies and gentlemen to this episode of top 5 wrestling moves from the front all right ladies and gentlemen welcome to all right guys so this is the top 5 rep goal all right guys so this video is the top 5 rest moves from the front headlock position alright guys so what about position is this is let’s say we’re wrestling and let’s say crosby takes a shot right picks a shot nice boom I sprawl right here this is the front headlock position position so as you can see at my arms they’ll kind of be kind of on his upper tricep kind of eyes armpit and then my head is on Crosby’s chin alright so also my shoulder is kind of in the back of his neck right here if you want to come take a look right here here this is where i want my shoulder right in there as I’m doing that I’m probably cranking down right right like that alright so of course our first move is all we’re gonna do we’re gonna snap and then we’re gonna spin all right so wrestle here we’re gonna spin we got a goal behind alright so I’m gonna do a snap and I’m just gonna keep snapping keep circling and then watch how you end this circle snap and then from here I’m V blocking right here and I’m going of attacking kind of this I’m driving over so that the first move all right guys so our second move here it’s called the Iowa I think some people call it the cowcatcher but same thing what the cow catcher okay all right guess the same thing I’m a circle snap and boom you see how he’s on his elbow this is how I know that you know I got him right here this one we do I reach under this elbow just like this I’m gonna take a big step she’s reaching up under make me boots that I’m like touching the back of my head as I’m flipping my hip my heart goes around his back real tight and I hold that head look at that guy’s take a close look on right over there that’s a flat man baby that is a flat bag so that is the second move cow catcher or Iowa alright guys so this is the third move this is involved this cement mix alright this is what you’re gonna do same thing we’re circus that boom just like this and what I can do sometimes I like to grab this wrist as you can see under here and this arm is going kind of under I’m Chi going over kinda like the Iowa except all I’m gonna do here I’m gonna bring my knees together and I’m gonna roll so I’m gonna bring my knees together and then the roll really fast and really hard it’s one more time guys as you can see driving in here then I want to turn I’m gonna turn my head turn my hips people look at that you don’t that’s a flat man that is a flat man okay guys for the fourth move of the front headlight this is called this one is called as a torture series there’s a lot of things you can do from here so kraznys for channel so same thing front headlock position but except immaculate circle snap I’m gonna reach kind of under his elbow as Mike this is how the motion is I’m kind of lifting with my back here pulling in and I’m pushing in it with the shoulder right on the back of his neck and he’s gonna feel it and as I’m crossing I’m kind of stepping in an oval position he feels the pain positive tell him tell him how much pain you’re having it’s like a fortune it feels like a torture guys this is what it is right so slowly walk it back boom from here yeah just go behind get my tube or you can just like come under for a reverse half boom get your flat man alright guys surprise musics gonna do number five it’s called the Mantis he’s gonna show this one here okay fine I’ll do it so what the Mantis is might kind of to know how praying mantis is like this right are they saying well this is like this so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna have dog okay so I’m gonna do like the middle of my chest in his neck right here so as you’re doing this I hold my arms kind of in this armpit right here all I’m going to do and I’m just gonna circle step and once I do this I can either go this way for my too or I could go this way for my – there’s a lot of different things here so yeah I’m just moving it boom alright so geckos drive you down that is called the mantis if you think about you have infinite options because of both ways require different angles to perceive bonus move all right thank you down in a funk headlock right this won’t work at their real boobs you know kind of know all what they’re gonna do so you’re gonna step up like this and you know make sure you have this arm tight you’re gonna sit over here other hip and use your shoulder and your arm the guy over it gets me down alright guys so that has been at the videos of the top five moves from the front headlock position if you did enjoyed this video please like subscribe guys I’m here all the time so you guys the next video [Music]

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