Top 5 Must-See Moments from IMPACT Wrestling for Sep 27, 2019 | IMPACT! Highlights Sep 27, 2019

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in fact plus experience impact wrestling like looking for a German suplex perhaps Tennille – wood blocks breaker these two have gone back and forth oh that was the spotlight this was one of those matches where it could have gone either way but in the Antonia – which just drives that boot to the side of the face of Madison rain picks up the win Tennille has now beaten the best friend amis what’s next on the list for Camille – would it impact wrestling and what the hell is Josh Alexander doing how is he strapped up Bella he’s got it he’s got one of the Tag Team Championships in his hand Conan in hot pursuit Tony it sees what’s happening and Conan he’s got the championships gonna do it’s a tug of war between Alexander codings where the thority rhino needs to go whoa wait a second he’s way out of position by star wars frog splash [Applause] a victory here for the longtime friends but here we are I came here for one reason and one reason only and that is to beat him into a living death so he’ll begged me to put an end to him [Applause] so moose I ain’t going anywhere until you get your ass out here so I can put you in the grave ken Shamrock it’s cold out boots while earnest a secon shamrock in the kid mm a home of Ken Shamrock I forgot to show you one behind some black belts maybe I’ll take my shoes off cuz I don’t want to disrespect Ken’s dojos [Applause] you must be damned stupid of the world’s most dangerous man in October 20th bound for glory the biggest day of your career I’m gonna kick your ass because I’m like dang don’t stomp roll through Tessa Blanchard here is your winner [Music] we’ll be one of competitors the first competitor in the world is get out of there get a buddy here not again not again this is Bora what again this is horrible it’s despicable this monster 6 8 3 20 [Music] my OB when you put that World Championship on the line against the draw I don’t want to be a has-been I want to beat the machine Brian cage so with that being said I want everyone at home everyone around the ring raise up your glasses if you have one go ahead and raise up your arms we’re gonna do a good old-fashioned toast for the bride and groom I hope you guys have an amazing marriage I hope you guys have a beautiful set of children and I hope you have a long and healthy one and that’s my toast from the draw to the bride and the bitch what right Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you

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