Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, September 11, 2017

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[Music] without further ado my wife Maryse and I are go ahead babe we’re having a baby this could be it sister Abigail [Applause] come on [Applause] [Music] [Applause] he’s just [Applause] that’s it sent our Lebanese just like Ben Mallory’s just a man and here comes spend hours [Applause] the question you shouldn’t be asking is how you don’t course you need to be asking that little baby who’s your daddy thinking so just maybe personal guys now the mr. Oz has gotten involved and the referee is gonna disqualify the MS but I think at this point Intercontinental Champion doesn’t care blowing up the furnace just flowing down on himself hey Enzo how you doing oh my goodness now a stone cross scene finale well this is it good here we go they cut the boys chatter since it’s all Rollins and Ambrose and I wonder sitting gallows get into the middle of thanks to tag-team division is all about go to the state but make it a point right now Rollins and Ambrose on the wrong end of the numbers game the touch other no love loss here guts there’s no love lost among anyone in the tag team division and I was getting back into it [Applause] WWE don’t need you John you need WWE in the fact that it is you need WWE because well he’ll he can’t break into Hollywood y’all I’m serious man if you need help I know a guy very active limited trying to lock you know never trying to make it to the bottom of it taps out socket of the way and our rage is ready waiting for jordan Lenser looks like he’s seen a ghost [Applause] and Lester again and Astro [Applause] Janice’s family they wanted Rosie to look out here comes Anderson food hey dirty deeds [Applause] [Music] [Music] steel steps in the ring blog stolen with seat on his shoulders oh my god he’s not going to do this he does [Applause] the bloody power slam into the steps [Applause] John Cena is broken [Applause] you

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