The Try Guys Try UFC Fighting

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– [Voiceover] We love you, Eugene. (body slams against ground)
(crowd yells) – That boy got turnt, though. (robust dance/rap music) – UFC gym. Sears Outlet. I know where I’m going. – Today we are here at a UFC gym to meet some professional UFC
fighters and fight each other. (yelling and screaming)
(playful background music) – I have no fighting experience, I got punched in the
nose once in fifth grade. – I’ve hurt someone’s feelings. – Apparently, Eugene has
trained in martial arts. That’s not fair. – (laughs) I feel like Zach might squeal like a little piggy and
it really excites me. – If nobody gets hurt, that’s a miracle. (aggressive rock music) What I know about UFC. People from all kind
of fighting backgrounds come into an octagon and they, hang out for three minutes or so. – When I watch it on
YouTube, it gets me going. – So yeah, if I’m going
to be beat up by anybody, it might as well be a UFC champion, right? – I’m Chuck, “The Iceman”, Liddell, former UFC light-heavyweight champ. – Hi Chuck! – UFC broke onto the scene in 1993, as just a way to battle different
styles against each other. What we found out is, the best style is a combination, is putting
them all together. – When you reach the UFC,
you’re the top of the top. – And I feel like it’s the true physical and mental game of chess. – Kicking ass is what I do for a living. – [Everyone] Whoooooo. – People like to watch other people fight. – For us, how can we
possibly do well at this? – I mean, I’m lookin at you
guys have the body of a god. – You mean like Cupid? – Like Zeus baby. – Zeus?
– [Anthony] – Zeus, my man right here, you gonna be Zeus. (robust dance/rap music) – [Bruce Buffer] Anthonyyyy
“Rumble” Johnsonnnnn. – When I get ready for a fight, or when I’m walking to the cage, I don’t think about anything, I just know I got
somebody I gotta beat up. – Just get zen. – Yeah, I’m like it’s just a fight. What’s the worst that can happen? (punches landing) – [Voiceover] Oh, another
big shot. Another one. – I can think of some pretty
bad things that could happen. – Are you like scared to get hit? – Absolutely. (foot hitting pad) (laughing and yelling) – Cause when I punch
people, I don’t punch them just to give ’em a little
love tap. (screams) – Oh, oh my god. – When I punch ’em I’m
actually trying to hurt them with every single bit of my soul. (punches landing on bag) – Yeah. One, two. – Percentage-wise strength,
what are you at right now? – Ten. (laughing) – You want to go to 50? – I could, but I don’t want
to break your shoulder. – Any last words– – Wait, can we all kick Zach real quick? (kicks landing on pad) – Owww. – And I’m back. – And you’re back. – And I’m back. – So, first and foremost, tell us how you got into the sport. – I went to college,
tried to play soccer and, I hated it. – Wrestled in high school,
wrestled in college. – So soccer just wasn’t violent enough? – I think it was like the first time I ever knocked the goalie down
I was like, wait a minute. – You know, they gettin’ a good workout, they can defend themself on the streets, I was like, I’ma give this a shot. – And, just from Day 1, I
just fell in love with it. – A guy saw me and he goes, “hey, want to learn how to
do Mixed Martial Arts?”. I said, “sure why not?”,
and started taking classes, and that’s how it began. – I come here and lift the arm up, go underneath the crotch. – I hate this, I hate this. – [Bruce Buffer] Lightweight
champion of the world, Mighty Mouse. – Do you think it’s gonna be really easy or really hard to take down
somebody as strong as me? – Uh, very easy actually. – (screams) Oh, no! My brain! – Is this fucking amateur hour right now? – It is. It’s definitely amateur hour. No, I missed my guard! – It’s always better to, make
somebody give up and tap out because it’s like, “fuck, you got me”. – When you go here, you want
to massage the achilles tendon, and when you have it, you go here. (screams in agony) – That hurts so much. – Now, what I gonna do is
I’m gonna take his foot, and put it in my armpit. And I’m going here and
I’m just gonna fall down. – Like this. (crowd yells) What’s your tactic? – I will take it somewhere, to where the other person is not good. So, when you’re here, his
objective is to posture up. And I can jump up here. I do not endorse this at all, ok. This right here I do not endorse. – On the flip side, what was
your worst personal injury? – I got cut and it was,
probably started from like here, all the way down to my cheek. – I broke my rib in a Muay Thai fight. – Had my eyeball split open. (nauseated groans) – What!? – And I remember walking
back to the corner, it would just pop in and out,
and I would just be like, and when I would breathe, I’d be like… – And his finger went right in my eye. (nauseated groans) Yeah, they showed a
replay, and you can see where the guys finger
goes missing in my eye. (screams of disgust) – What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had? – I got my penis caught in my zipper. (painful groans) – Oh, no! – Not in a fight? – No, that smokes it all. – [Bruce Buffer] Chris Weiiiiidmannnn. – I don’t know if I’ve ever met anyone who’s a champion, of anything. – Don’t let me intimidate you. Come on. – [Voiceover] And he
got it. Just like that. – I actually have a
broken pinky right now. – That’s pretty bad, man. – I figured I can dance
around and I can kick a lot. (kicks landing) – The first kick we’re gonna do is the real basic, Muay Thai, kick. (screams in pain) I gotta step out on an angle, which opens up my hips to turn my body. (grunts) (kick landing) – Do you ever do jumping kicks? – Yeah, you can do jumping kicks. (knee landing) (screams and laughter) – My wife really didn’t
want me to do this today. – So that means she cares for you. – Yeah, that’s true.
– [Chris] That’s nice, my wife would probably make me do this, just so I feel pain. Grab the neck.
– [Ned] Oh God. – Nice and tight, you can
shake them a little bit. It comes down to who’s smarter,
it’s all about deception. Is your wife gonna like this? – Yeah, I think so. (grunts of pain) – Alright, there you go.
(laughing) – I got, thrown around like a rag doll. – What do you think is a really
big misconception about UFC? – Especially when we came in, everyone thought we were
a bunch of neanderthals. – At the top of the game, I have never met a guy who is a dumb guy. – I mean, I have a degree in
accounting for Christ’s sake. – You know, they expect us to be mean, and when they realize, like,
we’re just normal people. – You seem like a cool,
down to earth dude. – Yeah, we’re not like that. – Like, I’d go to the movies with you. – I’d go to the movies with
you too. What you wanna watch? – I’m a normal person,
I just like fighting in an octagon in front of
thousands of people, who wouldn’t? – [Bruce Buffer] Jessica “Evil” Eyeeeeeee. – Every fight starts standing up. When we hear that bell,
we come out swinging. (body slams into ground) (crowd yells) – The wonderful champ, Ronda
Rousey, loves to do throws. We’re gonna do a counter to a throw, ok? So as you try to throw me this way, I’m gonna back drop you. (laughter) You see that? Did you catch
that? I’ll do it again. This leg drops back down. (body slams against ground) So you use their momentum as soon as they try to pull you over, you fall with them. That’s beautiful! Look, and you’re in dominant
position right there for judging. I grab it here, I’m gonna step in… (groans and laughter) Now, once I’ve got you here,
I’m gonna keep you there, and I’m just gonna punch and strike. (screams sarcastically) This is called ground and pound. – Ground and pound. – Yeah. If I’m the one on the cage, instead I’m gonna fish it up this way, and bring his face back. They make this bone, right here, for that. Face lock. So again–
– [Everyone] Face lock. Face lock. Face lock. (laughs) – [Keith] Beautiful. – [Zach] Perfect. – But today Chuck and Jessica Eye are going to officiate our matches. – Well, I’m hoping we don’t
have to laugh at you too much. – No matter who I fight, at best, I’m 40 pounds lighter than them. – Feel like, Eugene
would laugh at me a lot. – I would hold back
against Ned’s right pinky. Everything else is fair game. – Bam! One pop in the nose
and he’s gonna be like, “whoa whoa whoa”. – If he’s gonna put me in
holds , I’m gonna fart. I’m gonna fart my way
out of the situation. – I don’t wanna hurt any of these people. I love these guys. I
don’t want to hurt them and I don’t want them to hurt me. I’m gonna be fighting Keith, because we’re both the gentlest. – And, I’ll fight Ned ’cause we’re both the most aggressive. – I don’t think that’s gonna work for me. He’s way too big for you. – Oh, so we have to go by weight class? – You’re gonna fight, him. – N-No. – And you’re gonna fight him. – That’s who I didn’t want to fight. – Or you can all fight me. – [Jessica] Squirrel
versus Great White Tree. Today, we are in this octagon to fight for one, three-minute round. – I’m fighting Ned. Great, I get the one who
lives off adrenaline. I love you. – That first punch is gonna come out– – Fight on.
(bell rings) – And then I’m gonna be like (screams). – [Jessica] Get his nut,
like a squirrel does. – He shouldn’t fall down with his finger, and I shouldn’t fall down ’cause I’m tall. – I felt like I was outsmarting Keith. I knew he was so tall and
that if I got lower than him I could flip him over. – [Jessica] Nice! Ground and pound. Push his head down. There you go. – It’s really exhausting, it takes so much of your body work
once you’re on the ground. – [Chuck] You got it (screams). – [Jessica] 30 seconds. – So, as soon as I got Ned in a headlock, I’m like, you know what, Ned can do minimal damage from this point. – They’re just hugging. – That is a really intense three minutes. It goes so fast when you see it on TV. (crowd cheers and screams) – [Jessica] Come on
fighters, up, up up up. Me and Chuck both can
agree on a winner here. Squirrel.
– [Eugene] Yay Squirrel. Nice. – Squirrel wins by the nut. We have Swagger versus Quiver. We are here today to
fight to the death. K? – What!? – I think I’ll easily be
able to find the point where he’s gonna destroy himself. – Fighter, are you ready? – No! Didn’t come here to fight
Eugene, he’s fucking crazy. – [Jessica] Fighter, are you ready? – Yeah!
– Let’s get it on! (bell rings)
– [Zach] And for some reason, he wants to hurt me. (officials yelling) – I come from a striking background so, I’m gonna try to improve some of my wrestling and grappling techniques. – Oh, there you go, grab him. (body slams)
Nice job, there we go! – I landed some pretty solid punches on Eugene’s beautiful, beautiful face. Don’t get me wrong, he
beat the fuck out of me. – [Keith] It’s hopeless, get up. – [Zach] (screams) He got me
to the ground, several times. – [Jessica] Throw. Yeah, there we go! – [Zach] But not like a minute
in, my body just quit on me. – [Ned] Oh my god, what is this? – It was kind of fun, until I got punched and knocked down and everything. No, it sucked. I hated it. (crowd counts down from three)
I never want to do this again. – [Chuck] Now kiss him like you mean it! – [Eugene] That was embarrassing for you. – We declare our winner, Swagger. (bell rings) – I honestly have been
really afraid of fighting, but in this environment, this is awesome, like this is a great way
to like train and workout. – I feel like I was able to link up everything we learned today. It felt a little savage,
but I feel like I got a greater appreciation
of all of the strategy that goes into it. – I’m exhausted, I’m dizzy. Pretty nauseous actually. Is this what a concussion feels like? – I think UFC has a new fan now, I’m definitely gonna start following it. – We’re here and what are we doing? – We’re going to fight night! – [Keith] At the Staples Center. It’s time to watch people kill each other. Oh, we have to cross. (loud dance music) – [Eugene] Try Guys, at, UFC.
– [Ned] Fight night baby. Chea, chea, chea, chea, chea.
– [Eugene] What. – [Keith] We’re all having a good time.

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