The story that makes Kane cry: WWE Untold (WWE Network Exclusive)

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[MUSIC] A few years ago I was going to
a concert in Knoxville, and I was out in the concession area
getting a soda for my wife and me and this lady comes running
up to me with her daughter. She wanted to show me
a picture on her phone, and it was a picture of me and her son. [MUSIC] And I made a visit to children’s hospital
recently, and that was the picture. She told me that was the last picture
that she’d ever taken of her son. [MUSIC] And it was with me. So, she wanted to thank me for
doing that but it’s okay. The greatest blessing
that my career gave me, wasn’t the fame and
money and all that stuff. It was the fact that you have the ability,
if you use it, to at least in some little way, bring joy
to people and touch them emotionally. And that’s incredibly powerful. And that’s in everything. I don’t know why I was given that but
It’s something that I don’t take for granted, it’s something
that I value very much. [MUSIC]

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