The Life and Death of Chyna

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[Music] [Applause] [Music] you’ll need lawyers achievements and wrassling should never be taken lightly the first woman to enter a Royal Rumble match the first woman that entered the King of the Ring the first woman to hold the WWF Intercontinental Championship to Women’s Championship reigns and an induction into the WWE Hall of Fame along with degeneration axe Chyna really was a trailblazer and professional wrestling as cliche as the term nas Chyna’s professional wrestling career however was deeply mixed in her personal life while presenting herself as a strong dominant woman on screen during her last days in Little Italy inside China was hurting and breaking down it wasn’t until just one year before her death that he revealed the particular circumstances / WWE departure one of the true big stars of the Attitude Era and an example of what can be achieved when we deviate from the standard this video looks at the life and death of China born on December 2nd 1970 in Rochester New York juni left home at 16 and went to spin before attending and graduating from the University of Tampa in 1992 with a degree and Spanish literature before becoming a wrestler Joni was a competitor and fitness competitions Johnny Tran the color Kowalski’s professional wrestling school while attending the school she also worked for various independent promotions as Joe Neely some of our earliest matches were set up by the Fabulous Moolah Johnny Matt Triple H and Shawn Michaels after a professional wrestling show in 1996 after watching tips of her matches they decided to bring her into the WWF as a bodyguard Vince McMahon did not want to bring her under the company because he did not believe the audience would find a woman beating up a man believable while waiting for the WWF decision Chyna was approached by World Championship Wrestling who according to China’s book wanted her to be the sole female member of the New World Order she initially accepted the offer but later turned it down when she and McMahon informed her that she was going to be hired by the WWF and saying not color Kowalski dead clear that he got China hired by the WWF after introducing her to Shane McMahon and telling him of WCWS interest in her in the first two years of her WWE career China rose to prominence as the bodyguard of Triple H Vince McMahon thought it wouldn’t work in question why would triple Eight’s need a female bodyguard with Shawn medicals telling him that’s the whole point what better way to get heat and having a huge bodybuilder female do all your dirty work for you and it worked her own screen debut happened at WWF in her eyes Final Four in 1997 with her first major involvement in an angle coming during Triple H is filled with Goldust Goldust manager Marlena found herself getting choked out courtesy of the ninth wonder of the world who appeared from the crowd Chyna would go on to become Triple H’s valet a bodyguard accompanying him to the ring and being his monitor China would go on to be one of the founding members of d-generation acts along with Triple H Rick Rude and Shawn Michaels she often helped her Deacs teammates by physically interfering in matches by executing her trademark low blow to the groin off-screen however the male rasmus were hesitant at first that allowed a female over par them on-screen 1999 was a huge year for China she was the 13th and then the Royal Rumble that year and in June she became the first woman to qualify for the King of the Ring tournament she defeated Jeff Jarrett for the icy title at no mercy and his last WWF match and the process becoming the first and only woman to win the Intercontinental Championship not long after losing the icy title china became the on-screen girlfriend of ali Carrero Guerrero and Chyna originally villains later became fan favorites during the summer of 2000 it was around this time the channel was featured as a cover girl and Playboy magazine an achievement that would make her stardom reach even greater heights it said of the WWF bubble channel F the WWF on November 30th 2001 we will circle back to her release from WWF after we briefly covered the remainder of her wrestling career moving on from WWF China had a brief stand and New Japan Pro Wrestling she stepped into the ring with the likes of Kenzo Suzuki Hiroshi Tallahatchie and Masahiro Chono Chyna me at her TNA debut during tapings in May 2011 Mick Foley introduced her as Kurt Angle’s business associate and tag team partner at sacrifice where they would finish Jeff jarred and Karan angle during the taping she also took part in a battle royal at sacrifice on May 15 2011 China submitted Karan angle for the win and a mixed tag team match she left he na shortly after making sacrifice 2011 her final wrestling match so let’s go back the challenge WWF release from 1996 until 2001 China had a real-life relationship with her DIAC statement the Triple H they initially had the relationship from coworkers because China felt that people might think she slept her way to the top there is some debate as to whether or not Triple H started his relationship of Stephanie McMahon while still with China however after China’s death her sister Cathy Hamilton told bleacher report that the couple disagreed about having children has apparently hunter wanted children while China did not along with this China’s addictions and mental health problems also contributed to their breakup China claims Triple H had an affair with Stephanie and Triple H left China at the beam of Stephanie in the 2002 interview with the Baltimore Sun China indicated that the breakup had nothing to do with her leaving WWF and that she left to pursue an acting career van executive vice president of talent relations Jim Ross reports that it was mutually agreed to latter contract expire in order for her to explore other options although in a 2015 interview with Vince Russo China stated that after a meeting with Vince McMahon about the staffing situation he was sent home and was later Santa fax telling her that she was not needed anymore chyna me at her adult film debut with the 2004 video one night in China Joni and Sean Waltman approached red light district video to distribute the homemade video which was released in 2004 and one of her final YouTube videos before her death channa stated she had previously had no ambitions to get into the adult entertainment industry and was instead making lemons out of laminated after the video of her attacks pop was released according to her the video was released without her permission China would go on to start multiple subsequent adult movies including a parody of Marvel’s Avengers where she played she Hulk speaking of axe pop who entered a relationship of China in January 2005 China was arrested for domestic assault after allegedly beating Waldman China also had problems with substance abuse she claimed that her life was spinning out of control around the time she made the tape with Axe park in January 2005 axe Park claims that she was battling drug and alcohol addiction as well as mental illness days after the domestic dispute between Waltman and China it was reported in the New York Post that she had stripped naked and jumped into her face tank in a New York nightclub that’s see a month she made an appearance on the Howard Stern Show where she was described as slurring her words contradicting herself and launching in the random tangents that were impossible to follow on the program she said she didn’t want to do drugs anymore but said that if a line of cocaine was in front of her she would do it after this appearance she entered a facility specializing and helping people with depression and she decided to stop drinking in early 2008 China appeared on the vh1 reality TV show Celebrity Rehab with dr. Drew but she claimed on the show that she did not consider herself an addict [Music] on April 20th 2016 China was found dead at her home and Redondo Beach California she was 46 years old her manager had grown concerned when China did not post updates or content to her usual social media at last for several days and subsequently found her body and her apartment a statement was posted to her Twitter account by her monitor confirming her death her death was reported just four hours before it was first reported pop star Prince had also passed away initial police reports standards she probably died of an accidental drug overdose or natural causes her monitor suggested that an overdose was accidental claiming that she was prescribed drugs but tended to use them and properly a report of her autopsy was released in December 2016 China died on April 20th of an overdose of alcohol combined with anxiety drugs such as diazepam PN killers such as oxy codeine and sleeping into marzipan only about 400 people showed up to pay tribute to a woman who once wrestled before a crowd of 16,000 Joanie’s mother and siblings chosen not to make the trip to China’s memorial service the WWE did not send any representatives other than Sean Waltman the only notable wrestlers in attendance were former stars milena and Rob Van Dam both of nearby Los Angeles and neither of whom worked with China considering he hadn’t seen China since the abrupt the end of their relationship in 2005 acts parks presence at her June 22nd memorial service was indeed a surprise Sean gave a speech at China’s service and it was clear he harbored some guilt over her death Kodak’s Park I want to say in front of everyone that Joanie I’m really really sorry I hope you forgive me for not taking better care of you the other on Act’s Park would also say I sort of left her in battleship but I doesn’t what nice she’s dead I feel so fucking bad about that as awful as it signs in my heart I knew this is how it would end those interested Khan family videos of China’s last weeks on YouTube where he posted many vlogs on her channel she also conducted an interview with Vince Russo on Vince Russo’s YouTube channel it is worth checking out if you want to learn more about China’s last days Triple E it said on The Steve Austin podcast the China’s history with adult entertainment may keep her out of the whole film forever setting the children have access to the Internet and would be able to search up China online and be greeted with content not suitable for WWE’s demographic that being said China was eventually inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame along with her deaq’s teammates in 2019 former boyfriend Sean Waltman said that while the men have the Andre the Giant battle royal at WrestleMania the women’s bottle should be renamed to the channel memorial battle royal you

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