Tessa Blanchard attacks Jungle Grrrl – WOW Wrestling EP2

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it’s all about the wrestling brother how’s it going wrestling fans I am your host Mike and like I said I hope you enjoyed watching lucha man lucha man will join you for another livestream somewhere in November when the next pay-per-view called full gear comes for aew and then Survivor Series you’ll be joined by or you know what maybe he might come possibly next week to the week before crown jewel cuz a crown jewel pay-per-view as well as you want to see lucha man for crown jewel but let’s go over the wow woman’s of wrestling season 2 this show started off with jungle girls saying how much she hated the beast and she’s glad she turned piece and she called the fans pathetic full he’ll turn fall he’ll turn jungle girl is a heel now and she has of a match against the beast tonight and then later on his name’s Dave mcclain he’s the founder of um Wellman’s and women’s of wrestling so the show opens up fire a que Kyra Hogan defeats fear fury in a wrestling match she Peter one two three with the fisherman suplex drop the nose siren with Paula dead defeats chantilly Killa with sassy messy sassy Marcia Coyle is she Alicia Edwards it was a pretty good match but at the end link said I’m siren one she does like voodoo magic and stuff she cast some spell on some late some Prince ox princess saucy lady and she like disappear so they like to do voodoo magic with them well woman’s wrestling interesting I have to say then you had the wild tag team title tournament first round amber O’Neal amber O’Neal used to be known as the Beverly Hills babe but after Lana star left her and she lost a match to faith the lioness she just became amber amber O’Neal which is a hillbilly and Jesse Jones they defeated faith the lioness and Lana star I’m basically Jesse Jones made Lana star tap out it’s funny in the matches one estar did not want to be tagged in she’s crazy hey did you do all the work but at the end she got tagged in I thought that’s funny when Amber O’Neal bro the lion is right in and want to start and then tagged in Jessie J Jesse Jones and then how to tap out to her great again move over it’s called any other main event jungle girl versus the Beast she’s getting totally heated fans like give me five give me five jungle girl and she just ignores him just walking around what a full heal and Sally the match ends into a novel contest because Tessa Blanchard interferes and blasts Jungle Girl right in the head with them with the title belt maybe they’re turning Tessa face or she’s a heel I don’t know because an impact wrestling he’s a face now you shoot you’re gonna turn baby-faced in him Rome is a women’s of wrestling want to find out next week Tessa planter’s defend her title against someone so I’ll give you more results about that and everyone like I said click that subscribe button and click that notification box let you know what at blow cuz this channel it’s great wrestling brother what I do on this channel and we’re gonna try to start up a link for you guys on Sundays Wednesdays and Fridays but for now this week we’re doing Wednesdays Fridays and Saturdays because big pay-per-views coming soon aw I will give you my aew results on Friday for dynamite give your results do it Chris Jericho because last time the first show was good I mean they had Jack Jake Hagar which is pretty cool just being there everybody aw is a good show all about to heals brother but I’ll give you my results in aw and yeah that’s all for the wrestling news and I am your host Mike and like I say it’s all about the wrestling brother oh yeah dig it

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