Taya Valkyrie’s Pitch to Havok BACKFIRES! | This Week on IMPACT Wrestling

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in fact plus experience impact wrestling like never before well I hope you’re proud of yourself I told you to stay away from su – leave her alone and now we’re screwed we’re in a world of trouble not only have you unleashed a tsunami named sue you pissed off you-know-who do you understand that do you think that he would let you try to destroy his favorite bride without looking for a little payback huh you need to start showing some remorse it is time for you to show fealty and it’s time to get down and grovel and figure out how to fix this before we’re all going straight to hell do you understand me well well well looks like you guys have a little problem well so do I so how about you help me and I’ll help you you take out Neil Dashwood and I’ll give you her Championships match at Bound for Glory and then maybe your boss will be so upset with you well how serendipitous that we have the knockouts champion with us and you’re right he does like shiny trinkets do you know what why should we go through – Neil – would you have never beaten my Kai’s you queen havoc so I don’t see why she shouldn’t take that off of you right now [Laughter] we do it for them on October 20th its impact wrestling’s biggest pay-per-view of the year Bound for Glory live from Chicago who is gonna walk away with the impact World Championship will the draw Sami Callihan fulfilled his destiny or will the world champion Brian cage continue his title rain impact wrestling presents Bound for Glory live October 20th only on pay-per-view [Music]

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