Superstars Who Fought the Law: WWE Top 10

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there is the man who vandalized my limousine they have a warrant for your arrest you’re going to jail you’re going to jail like you’ve never been there before I suggest you use a nonstick coating is a common piece of garbage thrown material are you going to arrest the great one you’re not under arrest we just asking questions exactly because there is no reason to arrest the great one The Rock says this you have the nerve to come in front of the rock and interrupt the rock and you to jabronis don’t even have enough class to introduce yourself what is your name detector doesn’t matter what your name is those riot cops another page getting a ring he’s gonna go over top and this riot squad using these clouds and keeping Diamond Dallas Page at bay look how quickly they intervene now hold on a second they’re not supposed to hold the man there’s the Evenflo they’re supposed to just get him out of the way aren’t they they’re just here to provide protection hey look at Nick Patrick go and he’s headed to the limo no no he didn’t he took a right oh and Ted DiBiase has gotten into the limo Ted DiBiase Oh what is this now oh look at that dang just threw up brick through the windshield well things are getting out of hand now sting just threw a cement block through the windshield and they’re stealing a cop car right God sting and Luger have lost it I can’t breathe no bad blood cuz I will lead No here obviously hired guns by Alberto Del Rio and the numbers game catching up to the channel five six ten and they’re beating the hell out of the chin here comes Del Rio Del Rio the damage has been done this is painful watch the traffic kidnapped me don’t add a key ah kidnapping this is illegal I got a good idea honey you guys can help us out I think what I’ll do is I’ll give them a couple of these ticket books and they can give us some good quality police work while they here in Boston and uh see how they do with that yo hey pal what’s up who’s that say time expired wise expired and no change guys yellow shhh oh yeah well you’re stealing from the system board what’s this look at you gotta be going back you

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