Superstar Match With Kenny Omega | ONE Championship & All Elite Wrestling

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[Applause] hey guys can you make it here and we’re about to play a fun little game we’re gonna take well-known stars from both promotions we’re gonna see if we can match them up which one based on the facts from one championship is going to match up with an AW wrestling superstar of my choosing Michael Civello the voice of one legendary combat sports voice he’s known for crazy calls on commentary he’s actually I mean alongside you know some legendary commentators like bas Rutten he’s one of my favorites of all time that being said this was easy for me who is a legend known for crazy calls that is in AAW someone and only Jim Ross Eddie Alvarez he competed for top organizations all around the world nicknamed the underground King for Indy backgrounds incredible toughness and grit inside the circle so Wow this this one’s actually this one’s kind of tough because you know aw we had a lot of guys that have any backgrounds guys that really made waves everywhere around the world the one thing that kind of separates one guy in my mind from the other dudes is that you know Eddie was able to kind of stand more in the main stage where a lot of guys kind of stayed permanently in the background so when I think about guys that have this toughness and this grit and still have that backbone that they go back to from the Indies binds me a little bit of Jon Moxley Brandon Vera insane body art it’s a moviestar heavyweight powerhouse this one’s pretty easy for me I mean just you just look at the guy and if you picture a mask a dinosaur mask on that face of Brandon Vera with those tattoos with that stature it’s got to be the one the only lucha soros Demetrius Johnson DJ Mighty Mouse otherworldly speed and strength he’s a king of the fly weights he’s a hell of a gamer to consider top pound for pound athlete in the world oh he’s got no love from his old organization this makes it pretty easy man and I hate to say it cuz I just I just I just dropped a big L to this guy but he reminds me based on the facts of course a pock [Music]

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