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boys and girls Rogers strong and you’re listening to going in raw babe a what’s up that’s the most must-see WWE superstar of all time and his lovely wife you are going in smackdown live in a time where she could watch I’m going in don’t lie hey Brendo severe handlers and welcome back to going in raw the only pro wrestling podcast you need to be listening to right here forward slash Steven Larson and available whatever podcast can’t be found be sure to hit that subscribe button and the notify Bell next to it to make sure you always get your new going in run notifications we’re also available on the patreon at forward slash Steven Larson just over the past six hours Larson we’ve got a couple of new patrons also I want to give them some shout outs before we begin a new era of well yes we’ve already begun it yes happen let’s doing this for two hours and minutes into new arrows I was talking about our new era of being here Friday nights Jessie Lucas in zero Cochran what a great name zero Cochran anyways thank you very much for your support you can also get access to our bonus content by hitting that join button on youtube $5 a month to get 5 bonus episodes every week the new ask Steven Larson it’s already up Larson no forgetting for me wow this is a new record yeah paper champion here dropped super chat on us said that’s got to be Kane you know we’ll get to that yeah I mean yeah it’s not like Cain Velasquez and seemingly gotta have his last date with Triple A him showing up totally cool like the whole title change aspect at all yeah Kofi got screwed oh yes that was that was garbage that was that was steaming hot garbage that was a pile of crap be honest with you but let’s focus on the positive in the immediate yeah I mean look at that freaking stage holy crap raw gate yeah they they totally ripped off raw game somebody totally watched us and they’re like man we need raw gate on our show gee yeah yeah maybe makes it more convenient to be on maybe imagine this program for Brock after Cain raw gate mutant yeah now they’d be great interdimensional – yeah say he walks out there with HT title yeah I’m talking about stuffing on our chili no one watches right sure of course raw gate mutant shows up yeah challenge is Brock how awesome would that be I’d be awesome no mutant day mutant do and then they do like a cucking go rogue a mutant did you see Lana and Bob you last on blue carpet yeah and the blue carpet so they did they they brought out all the bells and whistles for Smackdown on Fox they really did make it feel like a big big deal which was cool that was neat to see it was it was imagine what happens when you put a bunch of money into your product instead of cheap skating it man talk about cheap skating it raw looks like crap now compared to this that Smackdown stage was amazing it’s huge wide tall it wasn’t just raw gate it was it was so tall you notice there’s lasers on it yes there was lasers she nodded the lasers are real when when when the rock came out it was like you should be with movie real genius that’s why I got introduced to lasers I don’t know how I got introduced to Lee actually was probably Star Wars I came up before real problems yeah but real genius introduced me the concept of lasers that isn’t like a potentially real thing in our world sure and they can do it now w does it yeah and it’s on the stage on those rug and the raw a little things are coming that are sticking out from the RAM no it looked great Rini it looked amazing it’s very bright I know we heard about new cameras being employed I wash it on at first iPad yeah and then foam because I don’t wanna wait for the West Coast because I don’t want to come in the office at 10:00 I’m recording the West Coast feed good see how it looks because I want to see how it looks so what I was gonna say based on watching on the iPad granted is a smaller screen therefore sometimes we watch things those smaller screens they can look better it looked crisp it looked very oh no it did so I watched it I did I watched it through my phone but ported to my big screen to my 7-inch and it definitely the fidelity was much higher you could see like when they went on and close up on the rock every pore on his face when they had Paul Heyman on the screen and they went and closed up on him you could see everything about Paul Heyman’s face I really like that they employed I going to be long lenses for the entrances where the crowd focus is in the foreground I feel it made it look like the advertisements for or like when they go and they shoot WrestleMania on like film or whatever yeah yeah and they have like a special act like The Chronicle said like it looks cinematic it look more cinematic and I felt like the framing of a camera was a little wider it was and totally was lends a little wider so you don’t feel like you’re right on top of right yeah everything had a depth of feel to it yeah that’s when stuff is out of focus in the background and and I thought so presentation-wise that was money it looked like money on the screen yeah after having watched iew this past week I do kind of feel that to Smackdown need to be so blue I mean I know it’s the blue Brandy’s in blue fur no I know but manners man you know you can add production value by just putting some different colors in there when the entire screen is blue and they put up like a blue like a little graphic at the bottom for like all the names or whatever it was it’s like dude it’s just blue on blue on blue and that’s why they had the drop shadow or the yeah here’s a layer on top another layer hence the shad blue on blue on blue blue drop shadow yeah yes that’s that’s something that’s been like forever on Smackdown but you know aw did sort of wake me up to the fact that man just like very up your colors a little bit man no way no no exactly fair enough yeah I mean XT is very what that every brand has a very unique color palette yeah it’s instantly identifiable my palette it’s got a color red blue and X T’s got yellow yeah those colors and then well 205 lives got orange and purple and purple I know but they’ve been cancelled so they were kind of news prior to the broadcast I don’t know who broke this I don’t recall it’s John Pollock it spread pretty quick was it Russell votes oh yeah I don’t know he was really at the news it caught on pretty quick that the so no word on if it’s actually canceled but they pulled it from tonight and instead they’re airing a rerun which is weird they had speculated the the news sites the wrestling media had speculated that perhaps they were gonna do something yes it was John Pollock at the end of Smackdown but I mean there was no overrun that we could see obviously they’re probably gonna do something in the arena maybe do some dark matches there I don’t know yeah but but no I mean look it definitely felt like a big event in that some sort like a storyline was resolved with Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon yeah that’s that a and historic title reign with Kofi Kingston is done the four horsewomen saga continues yeah and then Roman reigns and Daniel Bryan is still that is go out there partnership you would think there’s a story beat there yeah I kind of feel like they know Bryan’s gonna do something that could totally be that could totally go that way but there was a moment where they shook hands yeah shake hands I would have felt that way but Dana Bryan was so adamant like just he said one time later yeah so but what was noticeably absent was any build really to Hell on us if still those three matches there’s what are the three matches ever it’s a versus fiend Becky versus Sascha and then Roman and Bryan versus okay so that tag Harper and row okay based on what happened in the first real match of SmackDown you’d think that Charlotte maybe earned herself another Smackdown was title shot against Bailey mm-hm yeah I mean I’d feel pretty solid guessing that’s gonna end up on the card yeah I imagine tomorrow maybe like nine o’clock our time we’re gonna get like five match announcements on 20 yeah I think you’re probably right about this so we’re gonna predict at the end of actually do the recap or good predict but three messages have been announced for the pay-per-view that’s happening two days from now yeah and then we’re gonna kind of do prop bets and other potential matches so essentially you pick who wins if that person wins and that well that match happens and that person wins you just get a point okay alright Fahrenheit so confident Smee one through three one two and three titles on the line yeah titles on the line it’s gotta get like whoever wins this is gonna become an Asterix anyways no because it means based on essentially three matches yeah it’s not really definitive anyway let’s get to it so show opens with Vince’s Stephanie coming let’s do a couple you super Chester all right turned out of the way sorry let’s see here Bri Marie dropping by dropping this just to say what the f just happened I was completely shocked yeah I was pretty shocked I was shocked and not shocked at the cofee loss just in how quick it was director reborn yeah says drunk Friday nights that’s the one thing we forgot his beard but next week that’s on it this is a learning process for us Chris of Alito’s first smackdown live of Washington 15 years not sure I walked another with that ending it was disappointing the villain Alan black Smackdown clearly a show no yes delete says hey guys peace and success to you thank you delete you delete dr. Bartholomew Vaughn from heaven stayin drunk playing some niggas red did you get online yeah okay he says how was Smackdown you’re about to find out yeah it felt big yeah and there’s a lot to like yeah just the finish wasn’t wasn’t part of it paper champion better stage rawr smack I’ll smack the helmet and close this it’s not even close craftsmanship man craftsmanship Jose a Laguna how did Vince react when he found out about Chuck I guess just the term probably thought it was the best thing maybe yeah Leandro verita well so that was that which commercial was best there was a aew commercials I knew this no I didn’t notice any but sometimes they do those in like just different markets here markets Epico $5 he says I’m drunk alright somebody call if it goes bank and tell him put a freeze on his funds right now because I don’t want that at a hand alright so let’s take it in so kick off the show Vince and stuff and he came out to stage word said new era we’re on Fox now cool yeah you know what’s a show yeah yeah that’s watched show now yeah yeah that’s essentially yeah I reckon history oh I’ve got so much money in my veins I have any blood all right these days I just have them literally liquidate money and put it into mine I mean you can’t there’s no hemoglobin in there you can’t actually that transmits oxygen from your you can’t do that you’re gonna die I’m not you might mean some sort of subhuman money-making monster anyway so they come out and they say yeah yeah great on the show so we get the video intro Triple H would have been there but he’s too busy on his iPad booking the next eight months of fxt yeah looking to the future dad could I uh could I use Kevin Owens all right thanks pivotal part of the undisputed era no he’s gonna team up in to take on the disputer now and thence were fini exactly so we got a new smackdown live intro okay so this I was not a fan of well I mean I’m not it look it looks very much like a fox sports they totally fit it should have been like a football II whose a football thing yeah it was like they have their own football template and they swapped out for the football players and put totally is what it felt like yeah it wasn’t bad it was it was like an audience full of the the 205 live guy yeah they’re like little animated sprites essentially but like what happened to those like little digital people because at one point Randy Orton punches the ground and I know it was like just the platform underneath them but then a Roman like two fires off a nuclear punch that like completely evaporates all the little people that like the beginning of Terminator 2 it was it was terrible horrifying yeah horrifying anyway anyway show kicks off in earnest with a bunch of pyro Becky Lynch the man walks to the room we get a first really good look comes out of Rocky comes out of Raw gate man that stage is great she gets her steam back it’s awesome so she comes down the ring she says smackdowns got a real special place in my heart this is where I was breaking boundaries smashing ceilings maybe and when you wouldn’t the fans here got behind me launched me to the neck level I want to repay you fans by kicking some ass tonight yeah out comes King Corbett mm-hmm he says hold on I’m King I should be starting to show not you I think they really need to give her a stupid thing but they really need to launch right into a song not the do they need go straight into the into the chorus of the song because I actually dig his song like human skulls it’s all great paid for twitter opinion so then The Rock The Rock says I rent for Rory’s his music hits everybody goes crazy because it’s the rock not a stone cold pop but it was a rock pop I know nobody gets a stone cold fox plus they’re in LA they’re all like me well the crowd was pretty good tonight yeah they’re pretty good but that rock pops should have been bit bigger I know there’s people losing their minds because a rock was there okay anyways Rock comes down the ring he gives us a history of the term smack down how it originates with him talking smack mm-hmm and and they named the show and now his history thousand episodes twenty years now it’s on Fox he turns to Corbin he says you look like a broke-ass Burger King Kong crack yeah it was pretty funny that’s good Corbin’s reactions are pretty good when he gets insulted embarrassed the fact that we didn’t do we should have done predictions on this who you know prop bet who’s the rock gonna humiliate I’ll Baron Corbin um yeah that was in percent yeah all the confidence point would oppose exactly yeah at one point Baird interrupts and he says oh because Rock says finally the rock is back and he seemed to begin like a maybe legit he’s an actor after all emotional yeah I didn’t know if it was just you know more acting classes like he was actually I was actually this whole situation was tugging at the heartstrings of the rock I think he misses being in front of a live cut I’m sure he does probably nothing yeah exactly it says I’m finally back home barren interruptin says this isn’t your home anymore you’re not the great one I’m the great one I’m the greatest I’m the most electrifying man King in sports entertainment he tells both the rock and Becky to know there oles shut their mouths mouth and then rock says hey you’re legit you’re badass isn’t he turns to Becky isn’t he a badass yeah Becky goes what you mean like a super tough dude yeah and the Morocco’s yeah super tough dude so we’re gonna start a chant for you now Baron mm-hmm STD yeah and now it’s gonna follow you everywhere you go to every arena that’s gonna stick because there really was a lot of thoose he hasn’t behind the STD Chanin yeah there wasn’t we’ll see if that sticks that’ll be injury because you know wrestling fans in they might pick up on it maybe Navy I feel like that’s not gonna have a whole lot of legs probably not unless unless it has legs and then his n Ava and evitable face turn happens and then he makes it about himself you know like her dangled it whether you suck yeah come out and be like STD STD that is Rob Van Dam hey buddy boy be could be eventually the other rocking Becky forgot to be on our list in the friend Awards a moment of twenty-ninth got to be Bob Van Damme in the pool the shocking moment did you see the one with all the butts lined up yeah uh-huh shocking moment yeah shocking moment Rob Van Dam orgy guy so the rock and Becky start beating down on Corbin rock hits the people’s elbow in a rocky bond and Becky kind of helps him out a little bit I was yeah it was bored I wish Becky could’ve got a disarmer in there too yeah that had been good she can’t do the man handle slam though on him probably not it it mean it’s good for her to be in the ring with the rock and the rock call and her repeatedly the man and stuff at the same time when it came to the physicality she was kind of like a supporting player in the whole thing even the the final bit where the rock was on the stick granted it’s the rock I get it Becky should have gotten some line in there at the very end she did that the good line about the testicle she had that that was good yeah I don’t know that was improper not but was a good line it wasn’t gonna long yeah saying that her her testicles are larger than baring yeah and Baron says my testicles were just adequate thank you yeah that was funny that was good stuff Baron is really good in this yeah he seems totally cool being out there and getting embarrassed and humiliated so mm-hmm yeah professional yeah first match of the evening Becky in Charlotte teaming up against Sasha in Bay it’s a fun match this is this is a fun match is pretty brutal to Sasha she ended up bloody at the end on her face almost coming out of her mouth or what I don’t know what I came from you know either but no it was good it was good early on Charlotte goes up top and Bailey pushes her off top on the down to the floor she written rams gets ran to the barricade and while she’s down Sasha comes over in kicks her we go to commercial back from commercial Becky has the upper hand against Bailey she goes the top hits a leg drop gets to she tags in Charlotte Charlotte hits natural selection on Bailey Sasha breaks it up another kick to the face and they get some trash talk between Sasha and Becky and they start brawling and then all form in there brawling the heels Sasha and Bailey get sent out of the ring ringside shirali hits the moonsault on them back in the ring Charlotte applies figure-eight to Bailey Bailey has to town this has got to lead to a title opportunity for Charlotte to Hell in a Cell yeah you would think so in fact I’m gonna after each one of these matches we give you I’m gonna go down there probably develop Oh calm and see if they’ve announced any additional matches oh yeah all right after that Erin Andrews was there interviewing on the movie I’m gonna point this out so sure usually when there’s a pay-per-view and it’s like a couple of days away oh my god you’re right shows it’s right the time it’s the first show so there’s raw Smackdown down NXT NXT UK 205 which is now canceled and then Hell in a Cell what an afterthought this is totally is oh they did announce will watch along so I could we predict who’s gonna be on watch alone anyways well it’s it’s got a picture it’s like Cesaro and Kelly yeah would chad gable Oh X pock Selena Vega r-truth Tyler breeze Tamina ec3 alright anyways you were saying well none of those people are gonna be to match so you know I mean if if the card means the same thing to have 95% of Walker Mellon one mm-hmm I’m here ad had a picture with the entire roster of people who and say for the eight people announced remember you know yeah so anyways you’re saying Erin Andrews is interviewing the new day yeah Erin Andrews when the sideline reporters for NFL on Fox classy terrific she’s great he’d been doing it for a long time yeah so she’s like it’s Kofi the underdog they’re saying you’re the underdog yeah yeah he got destroyed but no he said I’m always the underdog he was way too happy he was way too like Oh everything’s great no man this is gonna be so much fun woo I always beat the odds that’s why my do now I don’t beat the odds and then Erin Andrews ass Xavier woods at biggie are they gonna join Kofi ringside and Xavier woods is like yeah yeah yes it’s not two so we’re gonna stay back here yeah so nothing would move on their part nothing wouldn’t matter much in you’re probably right next we see a quick shot of Seth Rollins with his universal championship announced he’s got a match with shins K Nakamura next yeah that was cool not surprising no need guys he Bray Wyatt there in a segment to uh-huh Rollins comes up as soon as he hits the rings to the Tron we go new episode of Firefly funhouse yes Bray says now that we have a new home here for Smackdown let me introduce my friends so one by one yes the puppets introduce themselves mm-hmm and then everybody introduces themselves except for ramblin rabbit when it’s his turn he’s dressed up like Seth Rollins got the beard on and everything yeah I’m your biggest fan no I love you Seth Rollins he says don’t go into hell in the cell with the fiend you won’t like what happens yeah yeah so then Bray says let’s show Seth what’s gonna happen in Hell on a cell not to talk about it yeah and yeah a little cage there a bird cage but it’s a bird cage but it’s red red these days you know so he puts ramble and rabbit in there and mercy the buzzer just completely annihilate some tears his head off basically no not basically does some well he does and then braid takes rambling rabbit his head out his torso out his body whatever and he’s like oh man I forget what he said yeah he says I’ll see you in hell bye yeah that’s right match starts knock more opens immediately with flying armbar which is awesome yeah tries to transition to the triangle seth powers him up for a buccal bomb follows up with two suicide dives Nakamura to get a whole lot of offense in he tries first slide knee at one point set this out of the way yeah Seth hits him with a superkick primed for a stomp down comes the lights somewhat predictably lights kind of come back up and Seth is like ran up the stage but Seth what’s his issue what’s his weakness tunnel vision he’s in a tunnel now he’s at the top of stage why is he looking behind a mess where people come from yeah well that’s where the fiend came from before oh you’re saying why isn’t he doing yeah yeah he was looking out into the arena they cut – Seth leaves like this out of towards the arena they cut to Nakamura Nakamura looking all around yeah the problem is there’s there’s a precedence there’s a precedent sorry that’s set with the fiend he’s come from behind like a million times yeah wait don’t look one direction and look all around yeah and so Seth just like this is the top of the stage and the fiend comes behind him puts the mandible claw on him and then pushes him off the stage yeah wish that was like the one directorial botched we didn’t see the impact of Seth going off the stage through a table no but oh he went through a table okay alright Dan you’re right I thought I thought the idea was number one to kind of hide that the stage really wasn’t that high up and then number two kind of horror movie you know hide the action a little bit leave it up to your imagination you know as to what happened but in any event if you went through a table yeah they missed that one yeah anyways anyhoo I mean the math doesn’t look good for the fiend at that point but I know like the Phoenix it’s well above that yeah ever since dude ever since Baron Corbin literally cut his King crow mow wearing the crown holding the sceptre wearing the cape on the throne and still became king the ring math is out the window I think just the theme is just maths out the window for the theme peers him and Baron no more so the theme I think the math still applies to Baron on a macro level but the Ginga ring was an outlier except like 538 that was like that was like the double swerve it was too much math yeah it was too much Mary yes yes tomato too much statistics next Kevin Owens versus Shane McMahon in a ladder match they show up a card for the rules of ladder match dad I didn’t see but that’s hilarious new home pretty essentially new viewers yeah fill her eyes them yeah with rules louder my fans may not remember people going through their channels on a Friday night yeah Oh what’s this wrestling oh it’s the graps figure I remember them from the 1930s yeah and I’m well I’m 80 years old I’m well within David of he’s current age yeah yeah prime demographic I never would Luther’s wrestled so we got that Owens comes down the ring first Shane’s on the on the stage he cuts his music tells Greg Hamilton to do the intro ko doesn’t wait he runs up starts brawlin they get down the ring bell rings pretty early on Owen sets up I’ll say this about this match this is a good man it was fun a lot of fun it was good and they took out all like the transitionary stuff between high spots yeah they just won’t like get right to is like it’s triple a ladder match right here yeah yeah you know except without people breaking their necks yeah yeah cause it really wasn’t a ton of selling either no there wasn’t they were going his spot spot spot spot there’s awesome GM it as much they could even at the time allotted if he and Alec see in secret much yet said so is a shot of Shane’s melting face gonna be your thumbnail yes man he was winded it was melting yeah man he gets gas pretty quick it was cool early on Owen sets up a ladder across the the chasm between apron and barricade that will come into play later and he goes in the ring sets the bladder try to climb it to get the briefcase up there he comes just climb it though Shane comes in Ko goes for a stunner Shane avoids nonetheless Shane eats clothes line they go fight an outside a ringside Shane has the upper hand they take forever to get the Owens is kind of like beat up enough so he’ll stay in position on that announce table my Shane got the the the house table smack him in the head with in yeah going there dropping elbows it felt like half the match was Shane getting Owen jury to drop that elbow on him but he did yeah drop the elbow put Owens to the announce table go to commercial we come back well time commercial break we’ll time return Yeah right time for a high spot because they’ve been coordinating those really well yeah that happen Shane set up on the ladder Kevin Owens hits frog splash sent Shane through the ladder he gets in the ring sets up a ladder climbs it Shane comes in hits him in the leg with the chair and then Owens and the ladder tumbles Shane’s going after him with a chair for a bit Owens end up at the corner Shane sets up a ladder in front of a machine hits coast-to-coast mm-hmm yeah onto ladder okay epic oh that’s because the $50 super chat here says beer money for all thank you that’s it it’s good everybody calls bank tell them no mas yeah well ah hey swim bank oh no mas what apical sea classes and then change this up the ladder starts to climb Owens grabs him by the ankle rotates himself pups get some at powerbomb position there’s happen to be a ladder both Andheri commercial set up in the corner yeah I’m laying across the bottom ropes para bomb is onto those ladders ladder he climbs a ladder he gets the briefcase Shane fired Owens was fired up I think he’s happy to be done with this yes and of course then he grabs Shane brings him over gets a microphone and he says you’re fired give him a stunner yeah and then gives him a nice looking stunner so that was really cool that was cool um you had mentioned earlier that um while we were watching it towards the finish you’re like I’m not Austin was gonna be Austin did actually do an introduction type thing during the the blue carpet thing it was like maybe ten minutes or so before they went live on the pre-show he had recorded it was like a pre-recorded thing all right kind of like I’m trying to think you know how like before the Superbowl they’ll get like a legend like a madden or somebody to like they’ll record and they’ll do like clips it’s all very dramatically lit you’re what you’re about to see here is you know true superstar you did a bunch of cool stuff is kind of thing it probably should have opened the show yeah but they ran it during the kick off blue carpet thing yeah that’s interesting don’t cold me yeah no I agree and he’s just down the street from gimmick Street yep after that we had a Paul Heyman interview or Getty said this isn’t the prediction that’s a spoiler brought him to this match next was not announced in advance it was the Smackdown plaz it was the double double as a man but for her these ATAR on Raw well for now they ran a commercial for the draft yeah some point – they did so yeah the people is the nerdiest thing but people do ask about this yes I will be rearranging the intros based on where everybody lands in the draft for the WV stuff yes I just am I going to do it now and also we will be doing a mock draft and we’re definitely doing a mock draft that we’re gonna keep track of using Cody miles as somewhat questionable point system that they’re currently employing in the discord their dress sounds like a lot of math anyway is this a man tag match with featured braun strowman heavy machinery and the miz taking on rudolf your raw tag team champions AJ Styles and Randy Orton mm-hmm pretty short match once one segment saw a bunch of people hit the finishers Miz hit Skull Crushing finale I believe on Bob rude Orton then RKO would Miz AJ got a phenomenal forearm against Otis mm-hmm or Chucky one of them and then so the final it was down to bran and Dolph and like rather than hit the power slam and Dolph when winning the match bran it’s like oh I’m gonna do a bunch of shoulder tackles so your backside does the shoulder tackle but you think it was Christmas pants I like nobody shit that you really should be they should be tearaway pants but not the angel Garza sense okay like they’re like obviously get make have made out of wrapping paper yeah because a fall apart this course my mat yeah something like that cuz they do look like wrapping paper I don’t want to see him in trunks actually not a pretty badass yeah you can do like the the brief style okay do you like Cesaro style trucks okay I could be cool or just have it like the patient’s old pants or anything mm-hmm I like the idea of like just like this legging away yeah it’s like a Brunnstrom an advent calendar this is pants yeah Oh oh my god did you see the gift I didn’t see this wasn’t an ad or something of brought in the locker room with Cletus no oh man holy awesome yeah I can hit us up with that one dude no I missed that let’s save that for after show all right so anyway so broad does the shoulder tackles to everybody yeah and then he goes over cuz Tyson Fury he’s the heavyweight champ yeah he’s sitting ringside he’s wildly entertaining yeah and a hell of a box I didn’t realize he was that huge he’s almost as tall as broad he’s a big dude he’s Mastan he’s a big dude so Brian goes over ribbons like staring them down Oh amazing isn’t that great shit these robot hands that’s great that’s so hard yeah well they little Cletus doing him a couple five pounders with curls get out of here with that he’s a robot he’s just he’s just there to hang out with Brian he doesn’t need to do it it’s gotta be should be a competitive thing he doesn’t come on he’s a robot it’s like data versus Worf man data’s gonna win every time even though Worf has all the heart Worf can beat any man on the enterprise except for data Crick and robot I know sometimes data should show off the show but hey don’t you forget I’m stronger than any of you I always love when something would take over data he’d just Punk everybody that’s great he’d say come on at me Klingon sure so bronze like he goes up the Tyson Fury talks a little trash he puts up his dukes he says you know hey yeah fancy a fight yeah fight fella and then Tyson Fury gets up he’s got like a sports coat on with no shirt on there – yeah boxer he act I’ll be your Hackenschmidt and then Dolph out there somewhere and then Bron kind of accidentally sent Dolph that way Dolph hits Tyson Fury back in the ring Dolph gets in first and then a super Kicks brought as he’s getting in broad shakes it off from its immediately hmm as Dolph is going for another he picks him up hits with a power slam gets the win and then Tyson Fury hops the barricade yeah security guys holding them back kind of like laughing about it that’s the feud that I’m looking forward to as opposed to Brock versus Kane I don’t know what this is got what is it gonna entail it’s gonna be me anything Rumble thing I don’t know what it’s gonna be but that should be wildly entertaining if they pursue it maybe they won’t maybe it’s just for smack down a bucket yeah I could just be to pop the crowd get some eyeballs on it but Tyson Fury seems like the type who’d love to do that who’d love to do that mm-hmm yeah he seemed really into it yeah he did next a lumberjack match Roman reigns vs. Erica Rowand Daniel Bryan was on commentary mm-hmm I kind of appreciate it chose this to be a lumberjack match because it gave opportunity for Rowan to like I think Roman got tossed from the ring first and Lumberjacks doing what Lumberjacks do the healed ones at least we’ll go and beat up Roman then toss him back in the ring Wow well when Rowan got tossed out Lumberjacks were trying to do that and her own was destroying him yeah there’s a good little story wrinkle to actually have that involves that’s not always the case in lumber yeah no yeah let me just be kind of dull go to commercial we’ll come back more fightin they’re both Dejan at one point Luke Harper runs down starts laying out Lumberjacks Daniel Bryan tries to intercept them Harper says nah you Dana Brian you’re getting tossed in the barricade and then we get this huge brawl ringside everybody safe Romans involved Roman gets involved he jumps over the top rope lays everybody out it was pretty cool there’s also some good commentary from nailing Bryan’s sort of explaining his motivations you know they hit me my enemy is my friend he had a great line if anybody knows lumberjacks yeah it’s Daniel Bryan yes good Rowan then picks up Olly power bombs I’m into Roman reigns by the way so the Lumberjacks had entrance is apparently during commercials hello stop volleys Tron said mustafa Holly not just Olly yeah name might very well be back yeah I’m holding off until I see it on TV cuz as you know if it don’t happen on TV didn’t happen it’s not canon it’s like Val Venis joining DX yes DP join the excites me I want I want that Tron to say Mustafa Ali such a great name so anyways yeah Rowen power bombs ollie into room and they’re back in the ring he has a fun Splashin like it’s a two-count though Rowan goes for an iron claw Roman avoids it hits a Superman punch Harper comes in the ring he lays out Roman then Daniel Bryan comes in hits Harper with an E Plus mm-hmm and then Rowan grabs Bryan for iron claw Roman hits him with the spear gets the win then it’s just Daniel Bryan and Roman reigns in the ring and they’re not miked up he can kind of see what Dan bride’s saying yeah he’s doing this like you and me yeah one time shake hands in Rome University on wrestling language crowd said I’ll shake your hand Daniel Bryan’s totally swerving yeah probably totally swerving a problem I’d be really surprised if he didn’t swerve him yeah makes all sense no especially with a handshake yeah yeah and then main event no need for another face no no no no imagine that stable Daniel Bryan Rowan Harper yeah it’s great potentially really good I know add brawn to it mm-hmm men this is Bryan family to Wyatt family yes Bryan family yeah yeah and then your main event broccoli we knew something wonky was gonna happen there’s 10 minutes left in the show when introduction started pretty much Brock Lesnar vs. Kofi Kingston they didn’t even give Kofi the respect that a Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles a Finn Balor he’s not even at the Finn Balor level this fool just jumped into an f5 eight it lost lame let’s talk about happens we explain why and on multiple levels as garbage so yeah you explain the matched match over Brock’s champion so a very mysterious package comes on you know that Smackdown said it is amazing yeah it’s just like a salt of color in life yeah yeah it’s amazing okay what did you just say an assault of color more color is what we need not just blue and the freaking production man colors do a lot of things the brightness of that stage when it does Tron’s that’s that’s like retina bird you’ll be seeing color trails for a while if you turn your head away you know to worry about what lights in the crowd and you can’t be able to see color at that don’t worry about them so rate mysterious package is played he comes out and it’s a long shot you’re like oh he’s coming out with Dominic why is Dominic not wearing a shirt no that’s not Dominic that’s they goes Walter that’s Cain Velasquez yeah and he somehow got out of the last date with Triple A now he was in WWE yeah so here’s this is totally gonna be how he got out of his last day with Triple A he just told him he’s not doing it oh I wonder don’t matter there may they changed the date of the hello la show maybe his third date was the LA show on that date oh yeah maybe I don’t know anyways he’s in W B now Brock’s like oh damn Kane’s here commentary is really selling that Cain beat the hell out of Brock in the UFC yeah big-time you’re not really selling that also yeah he’s like oh gosh yeah the guy who beat the hell out of me and you have C’s here so Caden comes down the ring with Ray Brock charges of Cain Cain hits him with two leg takedown got some ground pound Brock escapes he retreats acts like he’s come back to the ring now he laughs instead he does the whole thing where he’s like I’m gonna come in the ring I know I’m gonna go in and no I’m not and then eventually does least and the stairs that came from the ramp Charles Robinson hanging out on H I was like dude they’re not gonna do something really dumb here and just literally I need it but cuz there was three minutes left I know what do they put that title on cuz there’s a moment where Brock of the little nation talks to him yeah I know exact it’s probably a time check yeah but yeah I was like oh gosh he’s like a challenge Kane right here is he so know you mention this off camera – and I think you’re probably right I think they’re bringing in Cain Velasquez as the warrior in 1998 Brock Lesnar’s Hogan yeah yeah Halloween Havoc to make up for his real loss yeah I mean granite diver diverticulitis tainted lost yeah – Cain Velasquez no I’m not translated that’s brought some motivation for wine Cain in there Oh his motivation is one thing and that’s it always because he knows this is this is gonna be a big deal it’s gonna be a big fight but in terms of the analogy of probably one reason that w brought me is like oh here’s a story we can tell Brock trying to get that loss back from Cain mm-hmm Jon MS Newberg here in chat asks did you guys get the commercial with Cain and the sausage earlier in the show I did I saw the others the commercial of some sort I just noticed Kane I was like oh that’s funny I didn’t think that he was gonna show up – oh yes sir yes I’m you said Kane I thought okay oh no I can’t evil ass great well there’s a commercial break right before the main event Oh was that one oh yeah yeah okay so here’s the deal I understand they want to put that belt on Barack because it’s a huge moment I guess to get eyeballs on the product I get why they want to bring Kane in to tell the story with Brock those two things don’t have to coincide though yeah it could have easily had the match play out almost like it was Kofi runs Adam f5 soon as impact on f5 raised package starts yeah and Brock’s like okay ray what do you want and he sees Kane and the morning sees Kane he’s too distracted to go for the pig yeah it’s like oh this guy’s here now here’s my opportunity and either you have some sort of wonk DQ finish where Kane gets involved well not just have Kofi hit trouble in paradise and pin Brock ilysm you know is interesting about it why not and I they’re probably gonna they probably have it already loaded and ready to go but the opening video package for Smackdown with ac/dc thing was very Kofi heavy yeah well they’re probably gonna swap him out for Brock Lesnar I would think because clearly Kofi Falls were right back to the mid card or to the tag scene or whatever yeah that’s done and over with no I got guarantee you man I totally get what you’re saying but this is a new era and those Fox executives were like Brock is champion no that’s fine I mean if I said I get why Brooks champion I get why the Kane’s in there I their story does not need a title it doesn’t but that’s that’s the big-money family you know they did the universal thing with Brock I feel like I didn’t need that I mean the problem is it locks the title up it just locks it up we’re back to like the Bruno thing or the Brocker you know think when Brock was on Raw yeah yeah exactly you know I mean it locks it up maybe hopefully it elevates the us center Connell championships those the guys that we like you’re gonna be fighting for that and then you know I get the idea you want the big money names with the big money title I get the four I totally understand I totally understand that it’s just if if you’re gonna have Brock would entitle give Kofi a man I mean is my my own fiat competitive man do I much prefer when you know John Cena and CM Punk were trading the title not Alberto you know prior to the rock coming in and just sort of ruining everything yes I miss that the Attitude Era when you had legitimately six or seven main event level guys that I’ll be champion and they were all trade in that title under a couple months and that is that is the best to me that is the best agreed but I understand I think the way Kofi’s lost why it was so heartbreaking they spent six months telling the story of Kody saying I’m legit yeah I can get in that ring with anybody and improve to them they a champion he steps I know they they treat rock as a special case but then brought and then that’s just because when you have no man when you have I’m sorry when you have Seth number one beating him legitimately once Daniel Bryan’s Finn Balor and AJ yeah I’ll have all taken them to the limit and they don’t give that same level of respect to Kofi that’s a problem garbage that’s a big problem because here’s the thing you’re missing out on an opportunity to in in a loss keep Kofi strong at that level and they make more money they pretty much undercut the entire story they told they did they totally did it’s very absolutely doing it’s heartbreaking yeah it is it sucks it sucks and it’s counter it’s garbage garbage let’s do a some Hell in a Cell predictions real quick there’s only three confirm at two Steve first up South versus brave with a universal title who’s one fiends going over you got brave wit walking out with the all the confidence points on that one yeah actually now I’ll do to conference on that one oh man beans about math huh Seth is part of team Hogan yeah man come on it’s Fein I know beam goes over I’ll do all my car all right I almost did Sasha versus Becky and held himself oh you got oh no not that one in that man Sasha too and then uh Brian and Roman taking on Rowan and Harper for me that’s a lot cuz Daniel Bryan’s totally swerve and Roman reigns Rowan and Harper oh damn Roman just beat yeah yeah yeah yeah Rowan Harper going over yeah let’s run on Harper so that leaves uh one well I’ll do one here on Sascha I’ll do two here all right I’ll do one here and I’ll do three year Wow right I know all right Becky’s got to go to SmackDown oh man he’s totally gonna smack I don’t know she was the centerpiece of tonight well the very beginning center the very beginning but there was their resolve all the advertising I know you so somebody mentioned in chat what the the gift comes from it was a like a pre-roll commercial of Becky walking around the Fox Studios visiting all energies but if you look at the opening package for the show tonight half the people in that package or raw talents not everybody on Raw is going to Smackdown they’re just using it all the top stars and promote Smackdown a fox because they’re destroying it all right man yeah I understand that let’s back down anyways other matches that might happen who the hell knows Bailey vs. Charlotte this seems like it’s a good chance that’s gonna happen who wins if it happens Bailey’s been tapping out lately so I’m gonna say Bailey keeps it somehow on that’s true yeah she’s she’s been eating so many pins and more Till’s type stuff and Bailey AJ versus Cedric they did absolutely nothing to try to set this up I mean if it happens actually gonna win have to win but it’s gonna feel kind of underwhelming because they haven’t really done enough to set up a meeting revival versus new day maybe revival or keeping those titles there’s no there’s day have literally done nothing with it war Raiders vs. Rudolph so as much as I know they like Barbary dude they’re gonna get a cheat win or now a so okay here’s my thing about that I think the Rudolf was gonna come out with the tag titles but I think war Raiders is actually gonna win by idq or whatever yeah let’s see if a little money like a cheat win maybe I hard time believing that Warriors are gonna take there has to be other matches right I mean that has to happen you can have is there even gonna be a kickoff show the hell’s gonna be in the kickoff show no match has been set up no here nothing has happened me check on W comma see if any additional matches I’ve been announced though nothing has happened since the conclusion no things said anything up on Smackdown except maybe Charlotte Bailey that was the last pay-per-view main card two and a half three hours was a three yeah I’m gonna be under a little under three are they were gonna try do you like a two-hour pay-per-view they just save everything for crown jewel maybe could be it’s me weird can be interesting tomorrow’s gonna get flooded I’m telling you like five or six matches announced 9 a.m. tomorrow but I think Shawn Ross Sapp said I was a Shawn rest at per set and I forget who said be cool later like a mystery vortex thing that would be cool yeah yes you don’t know who’s gonna fight yeah you know the cards gonna be let’s answer some questions yes first Larsson is the best Larson is number one Barack’s champ that’s his name item just not saying that Brock’s champ again time to hibernate for six months – laughter mania once he’s lost it again the only like silver lining I can hope for in this Kofi Brock match is that they’ll come around to Kofi and he’ll get that went back I’m not hopeful it’s actually gonna happen but no one can hope you know his man he is firmly down in the mid mid card not even the upper mid card mid mid card I did not man that was I was blaming them to do that to Kofi Dragon Reborn going in raw whisky night she doesn’t like whisky it’s actually of the hard alcohols whisky I’m fine with it but at some point tonight I do have to drive home it’s true I mean when you get home you can indulge Shaq for six – I thought that was Dominic with Rey Mysterio yeah and they started that long shot it’s like well I thought oh no I totally thought that – I was watching on a 70-inch yeah because sort of has it a while no you weren’t you were here next to me oh yeah I was watching this screen right here this is sort of like hardly 70 and this is sort of like but yeah but if I’m on my couch now still no the couch the view is the same clothes name clothes yeah he’s it they should have put it like man I’m no I’m not gonna body shame but they should have kept a shirt on Cain Velasquez like just a black tight shirt because he didn’t like he don’t like him and nearly as imposing his broad they say the dudes with the big heads have the have the hardest Chin’s like rampage that guy could eat a punch because his head was so big and Cain Velasquez I do this a big head but it makes the rest of his torso not like all that intimidating I ain’t been to the gym in a while John mizzen Berg who lost faster Kofi or SD Jones and mania won I think I read that Kofi lost in nine seconds versus who Kofi or SD or Jones you know you’re all looking to see how long as in the record I thought the record was Daniel Bryan eight seconds for the what Sheamus is kick after the AJ kiss yeah let’s see here okay so on the website on WV comm it’s still just alley and not Mustafa only all right let’s see your Cody miles I love uh going in raw hasn’t asked for this draft formula but expects an easy-to-use sheet in his email yeah I don’t know whatever you need to do man he needed yeah beer money for y’all Thank You epic oh thank you epic oh I’m glad I was monitoring Chad he has a driver good Joshua Martinez the more things change the more they stay the same yeah let’s see here Cody miles says silent KLR 66 brought this up PW insider Jeff Hardy was arrested in North Carolina yesterday and charged with driving while impaired come on man you know Richard Ely so is hell on the cell gonna be two hours whatever matches don’t know don’t know we tried yeah Wang why do you think Brian will sort of Roman what would be Rowan and Harper his justification for bowing down to Brian again when they’re constantly overpowering him well it’s a long-term swerve so it’s a hey we know Romans gonna be tough to beat yeah so we have to get in close yeah to vanquish him yeah because it’s still a memory said the enemy of my enemy is my friends my friend but he’s still referring to him as an enemy yes particular situation even though the auntie’s his friend yeah the Nana Miguel a lot of Hispanics in the crowd and so Kyle gave Brock to the Spanish version of the a whole chant got a pop for me also helps that Cain is Mexican oh that’s what was it a chant we were trying to figure out a chant was yeah that’s not the bad one that Kody was participating in inadvertently was it I believe so oh no I hope not Alexei’s as I mentioned earlier in a different channel but Helena cell should have three cells on top of each other with the three announced matches happening concurrently the entire pay-per-view goes 30 minutes sounds great I love it that sounds great Adrian see why does that be you get away when does Debbie get away from the MMA UFC it’s old and dated yeah I mean it’s cool well okay okay there’s cool we saw we did a trip Romania he comport himself fine on that wrist there’s a story there is a stories of story doesn’t need titled it’s not like they’re bringing in you know there’s any old random dude Yossi doesn’t have any stars you do I mean they can honor in joining Connor that’s good then get John Jones I guess that’s good but he’s and then he’s got a lot of baggage was it Miesha Tate she a champ Romans champ I think she was at some point who has it now as a Herstal no I do don’t they have varying Charlie C buck Kane hasn’t actually signed whatever to be yes not me should take what’s her name then who’s the champion whose woman starts with a see I think according to Mark Raimondi on Twitter Kane is not officially put pen to paper at W baby they’re getting there him showing up tonight at Smackdown came together in the last 24 hours or so the UFC was aware he’d be doing this appearance and gave the okay so as Kane still under contro with us yeah oh wow yeah hey where’s Amanda Nunez yeah that’s what I was thinking of there you go yeah she’s a cyborg no that’s Chris let’s live work Dylan hagit hey friendos finally get to catch you live okay Alaska’s yep that’s me says what happened to Kofi is really unfortunate he was booked so strongly and unbeatable just get pinned in four seconds from a trash from a decade ago Wow not a fan of using the MMA for story line I guess not Nemo says do you think it’s a good idea to bring all the rock to a potential new audience they might expect him and viewership could suffer I think the idea is you bring him in and then people get attracted to the trash you’re putting out there that isn’t him little if they like that trash they’ll keep on watching yes that’s that’s a joke I enjoyed Smackdown tonight except for Kofi’s yeah that was unfortunate yeah bummer let’s see here unretired Dwayne Nix the one-time European champion in the last year attempt in the last year Becky Lynch has been in the ring with both the rock and John Cena just how over is Becky and wrestling history is she the most over woman of all time time time time oh here to answer your question on your paper champion I’m Puerto Rican and fully bilingual Cody’s chant was more offensive okay all right I know what that chant was I didn’t know if that was what was being said yeah okay that’s I mean I can understand what there’s I did yeah I didn’t know anything but you sound like what yeah I mean is there evidence that Becky might be at this point the most over successful woman–it well okay here’s the thing I wasn’t around in the 1950s when women’s wrestling was legit main eventing Big Show’s yeah when that’s a fact yeah Mildred Burke yeah they young so probably not but in terms of crossover appeal maybe in the modern history she had one dress sustained yeah popularity I mean China kind of had moments where she was yeah like the corporate Rumble they really create at least again they didn’t even scratch the surface I feel like well they could help China know that she could legit she could be champion for sure the world champion yeah RTG how long till we see Shane McMahon return will it be more of a backstage role now I we have not heard anything about Shane McMahon and what he does backstage I mean we’ve heard some stuff we actually have heard a little bit like him and Triple H trying to commiserate and talk to Vincent but who knows what any of that is Leon Smith here and Chet has a point is Rollins moving to Smackdown with Becky of course they’re engaged so unless that might be the one situation where I mean there’s they’re so loved by the company I mean granted they might stay in the same you the other girl’s name bring them in we’re totally staying the same but okay here’s the thing though here’s the thing this isn’t like Charlotte and Andrade who’s a mid Carter these are the two top names I understand the company and raw is the B show I understand but methods career-wise I’m not sure if they said hey we want you to lead the a show is Becky gonna be like well no because imagine be on Raw with Seth but imagine what raw would be if you lost Becky this met in like well yeah you make out with other people yeah no I don’t know they’re saying the same show man the same show Mike Engle or careers are too big to their careers are way too big to worry about that stuff hello friend Oh has been falling for some time keep up the good work – sweet thank you Mike I would I would what do you think anything’s more important in the company right now Becky yourself Becky do they treat better Becky wherever they want Becky they’re gonna put Seth if they want Becky on the a show they’ll put him there don’t think they’ll put stress cell phones melancholy being the anchor that really no I’m saying I’m saying there I don’t think they’re gonna separate probably right about that you’re probably right about that but where they want Beckett he goes where they’ll put Seth probably it was it was cool like yeah she’s a big deal man oh she is deal again I feel like they’ve only scratched the surface of what she really couldn’t agree Diaz as a mainstream crossover star and she’s just done gspn commercials I don’t know what the context is here but Jonathan ray is just says Cain Velasquez versus orange Cassidy because they had jeans they both wrestled the jeans and no shirt hey ed shave thorn to that mix yes please and Triple A and AW had a worker have a real working relationship if Cana just stayed we might have had that match yep I know prominent a big strong boy first ever question after listening to you guys for about four years and finally decided joint patron and thank you big strong boy with shame a man being kicked out do you think they’ll assign a new authority figure to Smackdown maybe bitch about the same thing that becomes an on-screen character and I thought that too and he says thank you guys so much I certainly hope your support I hope not I’m ready for it man I’m ready for how does theme start gosh heck yeah man hiring writers at fall asleep was great that’s appease new gimmick I’ve got this new sub authority figure out here where is he already go he goes back to Shane he’s asleep it’s Shane oh let’s hear uh Brand X patron champion Shawn McMahon Brand X hey guys first question in two years the so goofy it’s been over two years Wow I like this Friday’s show man this is no beers involved heck yeah man uh it’s been over two years since I’ve had the ability and capacity to help y’all out now I’m back in full effect and better than ever what a shame McMahon do now try to find an office job I think I think he was just using on-air personality I think he was doing anything oh there’s probably like one of the head dudes backstage telling people where to go what to do maybe that’s my guess is and then he’s gonna find a new venture aw that’s where he’s going man I met how cool if had been Dan Severn who showed up with Rey Mysterio oh hell yeah someone here at missions Ken shamrocks like no give me the dance piece versus beat and that would be the most confused crowd ever it’d be amazing Dan Rey Mysterio coming out with a stepdad he’s got his old NWA title oh that’s good mondo asks are they gonna punish Jordan for using the n-word or will they just apparently is no punishment for that because he was straight up in that eight-man tag match hey live life on the edge man with life on the edge oh man let’s see here the hits keep on coming shit Daniel Bryan gone Fox News in character and discuss impeachment with Sean Hannity yeah they did read some commercial with a dad and I’m all over Fox and Friends oh and Tyrus Tyrus yes yeah I think it was a BB name he has his own show yeah now one of his co-hosts didn’t like him so they just gave him his own show they were in a commercial for a bunch of Fox News funding freaking gutter trash yeah it’s pretty much the worst [Laughter] welcome to gutter trash oh man oh my goodness anyways I mean it’s good enough for a show we’re over an hour yeah I think my sister’s getting pizza at our house on my head over there anyways thanks everybody for tuning in we really appreciate it be back on Monday Sunday we got Matt chat Oh Sonny we got a Hell in a Cell I think yeah 25 minutes oh man anyways thanks everybody to see y’all Sunday hell himself we’ll see how long the show lasts it could be pretty quick thanks everybody we’ll talk to you later bye

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