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support give us a subscribe Shane McMahon is terminated from WWE we have a new WWE Champion and Cain Velasquez makes his debut I’m Laurie Blake press the thumbs up and leave a comment down below to answer our question of the day what can Kofi Kingston do now and remember to vote in the poll above my head to give you all rating for smackdowns debut episode on Fox where you can choose from smack nificent smack tastic smack bang in the middle smack down and a smack in the face as me and chopper review the October 4th episode of Friday night smackdown on Fox now if you think you were getting through Smackdown on Fox about seeing a McMahon then I’d say you’ve got no chance that’s mostly because Shane McMahon is already booked for an own match but also because Vince and Stephanie come out early doors here to welcome us to smackdown on Fox before Vince goes full-on mr. McMahon here with a welcome to Fargo much Smackdown again that’s a filler that’s just a Richard Nixon I’m not really Vince McMahon you gave what I was going for Vince to cap of all the old-school vibes that Vince is putting out into the world though the new title sequence is set to a CD C’s are you ready for a good time showing the while Smackdown may be sponsored by a brand called progressive the music tastes haven’t progressed at all in many many years coming back in our third title sequence and who should be the first superstar we see but Becky Lynch who is the raw Women’s Champion she says that Smackdown is in her blood it’s where she busted the glass ceiling and where the crowd raised her up to where she is now which is out of the orbit of the midcard vortex because king corbin comes out to interrupts saying that everyone knows who should really be starting this show and as if on cue if you’re somewhere what the Dwayne is cooking and he’s cooking broke ass Burger King on crack apparently because that’s what he calls Corbin it’s the kind of savage shade that makes RuPaul proud Coby takes all of this hate in his stride though playing along with the chats about his ball size even being called an STD aka super tough dude and even managing to sneak in his own your local sports team put down it was honestly pitch perfect he’ll work from Corbin who’s really hitting you right and it made him completely deserving at the people’s elbow and rock bottom that his douchebaggery begats overall this was a fun little opening segment with tight scripting funny lines and great interplay between all three of them though the rock putting over Becky so hard did make the next match feel like a foregone conclusion Becky Lynch stayed in the ring after her time with the rock which led into the previously announced four horsewomen tag-team match the match itself was fine with nothing really special thrown in the finish came about when Charlotte hit a huge moon soaked to the outside then rolled Bayley in locked in the figure eight and got the submission win your Smackdown Women’s Champion everyone this will likely build to a Charlotte Bailey match being announced for Sunday as well on Twitter or tout or something wait what’s happening on Sunday Hell in a Cell Matt should have mentioned we caught backstage next with Erin Andrews who’s an NFL sideline reporter conducting an interview with the new day ahead of Kofi Kingston’s ee w e championship match with Brock Lesnar Kofi did the usual saying he’s the underdog and this night would be no different than the others Aaron actually showed some personality here and reacted to some of the new day’s shenanigans so more of that please next we see Ross Seth Rollins walking backstage and it’s announced that Seth Rollins versus chintz Kane Nakamura in a champion versus champion match is happening next after an ad break Seth makes his entrance accompanied by fire on the new set which looked awesome but before Shinsegae can make his entrance we’re really glad that you’re our friend and this is a friendship that will never ever end yeah was that good firefly fun house remix right there we got another fantastic firefly funhouse segment from Bray Wyatt’s who put over what’s going to happen this Sunday against Seth wait what’s happening this Sunday Hell in a Cell and you should have mentioned brie was on top form in this funhouse promo killing rambling rabbit for about the 17th time at this point this time locking him inside a red cage with mercy to buzzard who tore him to shreds – which Wyatt left I bloody love Bray Wyatt after the funhouse was over schinsky finally got to make his entrance and the match between he and roll started incredibly hot with schinsky locking it in a rolling armbar immediately this prompted Seth to counter with a powerbomb and a couple of tow pays and it looked like Seth was closing in on a win before the lights began to cut out the fiend appeared on the stage behind Rollins who had run there for safety locked in the mandible claw and threw him off the stage this was cool and guess what built to Sunday shocking I know we come back from the break and Kevin Owens is already in the ring getting the lovely jobber entrance so that we can get the crowd pleasing Luis Capaldi ripoff Shane o Mac entrance what is that about fortunately Owens attacks during the best in the world introduction and kicks off a crazy ladder match that is one big game and connect the spots Shane puts Owens through the announce table with the flying elbow Owens frog splash ashamed through a ladder which causes him to mellow the senator and x-men one a coast to coast into Owens is faced via the way of a ladder and then Owens powerbomb Shane onto a ladder in the corner giving him a chance to climb up and claim the briefcase which is full of what contracts like or like wealth well thumbed issues of Playboy other what’s in there money as much as I was over shane mcmahon vs kevin owens this was actually a really great match and the highlight of the wrestling of this show and built to an awesome moment where Kevin Owens who as we all know is role playing as Steve Austin at the moment got to tell her McMahon you’re fired if only all legal disputes could be settled this way it would make Judge Judy a much more entertaining show where then quickly hopped over to the blue carpet which actually happened before the show and saw people arriving like Cesaro Lita goldberg Trish Stratus Becky Lynch and weirdly bobby lashley with Lana on his arm it’s an almighty affair that one is Kayla Braxton then interviews Paul Heyman who says that Brock will become champion tonight and that is a spoiler spoiler that was a spoiler he also plays a video package recapping the beatdown of Rey Mysterio and Dominic from Raw this week which played into the closing angle post commercial break and braun strowman is making his entrance and I was like I wonder who he’s gonna be against and then I was like whoa there’s loads of people in the ring who is who’s there in this match brawn teams with heavy machinery and the MS to take on the team of AJ Styles Randy Orton Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler that is the current US Champion AJ Styles current raw tag team champions Roode and Ziggler and Randy Orton who was the number one contender’s at the WEA championship at the last pay-per-view that is a ridiculous team and they were all there to be shoulder tackle by brawn and dominated in a swift power Slam victory and then that whole thing was only there for a moment where broad knocks one of the unimportant job is so unimportant I don’t even remember which one it is into professional boxer Tyson Fury who is at ringside then as brawn celebrates the gypsy king jumps the barricade and tries to start on the monster among men before getting swamped by security and dragged away and this is all a great idea for a showcase match with a great mainstream proposition for something like Fox with so many ties to all these other mainstream sports and wanting to get eyes on this product but why sacrifice guys like AJ and Orton in this segment I mean stone cold was literally calling AJ one of the best in the world one of the best ever the other day on WWE clips they put out on YouTube and here he’s merely what set dressing for somebody else’s feud ridiculous we then get a recap from earlier where DJ marshmallow accidentally won the 24/7 title from carmella after being knocked over by Otis who was eating chicken out of a bucket or something I don’t I don’t even know I can’t even keep up with what this segment was Otis by the way was also just on that team that beat the US Champion the raw tag team champions and Orton why are we back to burying guys to tan gently set up feuds that have nothing to do with them we let you have a lumberjack match that comes up next that proved we’ve got loads of fodder for this kind of thing we don’t need to be using champions just pad out matches for no reason we finally arrived at our double main event with the first of the two being Roman reigns versus Erick Rowan in a lumberjack match because reasons Daniel Bryan was on commentary for this one trying to put over how deadly and big and red Rowan is the match itself was your standard reigns affair with the added bonus of all the Lumberjacks beating him down instead of just his opponent Rowan controlled Roman through an ad break but once they came back Roman fired up which prompted none other than Luke Harper to make his way down the ramp he beat up a few Lumberjacks before Daniel Bryan intercepted him instigating a brawl between all the Lumberjacks too because of course there was this letter Roman reigns diving on top of everyone and knocking them all over he’s a pretty big dog you know after this Rowan hits a running crossbody on to Roman for a crazily close near fall Harper interfered but took a running knee from Bryan for his troubles which allowed Roman to hit the spear on Roman for the win after the match Bryan shook hands with Roman which is good considering they’re tagging together on Sunday wait what’s happening on Sunday Hell in a Cell you should have mentioned this led into the main event of the night to the WWE Championship match between Kofi Kingston and Brock Lesnar the two men made their entrances and squared off inside the ring Kofi being as usual pumped up self throwing pancakes and all that jazz the bell rang and Kofi immediately dived onto Lesnar who caught him hitting f5 1 2 3 Brock Lesnar wins ok ok ok so I’m not upset that Kofi lost Kofi had to lose the boat at some point and losing to Brock Lesnar is not the worst thing in the world what I am upset about is that Kofi lost in a matter of seconds he was treated like a joke like someone who didn’t take Lesnar seriously and someone that was not worth less in his time after all the work they did with 11 years with Kofi’s win at mania 35 and his booking after the fact being nearly flawless to not even give him the satisfaction of kicking out of one f5 I think is a massive disrespect to his run as champion where this leaves Kofi now is anyone’s guess but I can see him just becoming another member of the new day just one of those three guys in that team in the tag division while this no doubt was the lowest point of the night spirits were attempted to be saved immediately afterwards as Lesnar’s celebration was cut short by Rey Mysterio’s music out came Mysterio and his much taller shaved head son Dominic oh wait no it’s only bloody Cain Velasquez this felt like a big deal and Velasquez went straight to the ring with Mysterio took down Lesnar and started laying in some brutal looking punches Lesnar scramble the way to safety and T’s getting back in the ring to fight him which went on for a little bit too long honestly the crowd would just bombed out about Kofi losing in such a manner that they want as into the Velasquez debut as they should have been possibly because some of the crowd didn’t really know who he was either looking at it in a solitary bubble the Velasquez debut was a good one setting up an immediate feud with Brock Lesnar is a great thing to do with the pair’s history and UFC and Velasquez being the one to defeat Lesnar for the UFC heavyweight championship with context thrown in though why does this need to be for the WWE Championship why did you have to make Kofi Kingston fifth-wheel in a match where he entered as the champion why sacrifice Kofi to build to a few that doesn’t need the championship in it at all this is like what happened when Goldberg vs. Lesnar had to include the universal championship for some reason it just doesn’t need the top belt to be involved and take up space when the story is already right there you don’t need a belt that won’t add anything to it overall this match down caters to new fox viewers letting them know who the important people were that they needed to care about it also had massive crossover appeal with constant references and cameos by sporting personnel including pundits and athletes alike and that was the point of this show to let everyone know that Fox does sports and wrestling is a sport that can slot in right alongside NFL NBA and NHL this wasn’t a show for wrestling fans this was a show for sports fans and Fox fans as such this Fox episode of SmackDown gets a low smack bang in the middle thank you for watching and a special thank you to our lovely pledge hammers on patreon some of whom you can see scoring below me right now press the videos to the right to be taken to the latest Russell talk and screen soccer things I’ve been chopped a peak when L joined by Al Fayed or Laurie Blake and that was smackdown on Fox

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