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boys and girls this is the undisputed hey Brendo steve air handler yeah welcome back to going in raw the only frosting podcast you need to be listening to do you like Spotify were there yeah like cast box were there did sure were there Apple iTunes app we are there all of them I think that’s right and of course we’re on the YouTube hit that subscribe button and the little notify Bell next to it if you always wanted man we got some fun stuff coming up maybe tomorrow I want you to be able to like really oh do a job do a good job oh oh you think so yeah yeah if it’s not no I’ll be ready we’ve got something else in the can but we got something really fun tomorrow oh okay well best up and go up tomorrow yeah no but I really want the draft or markup tomorrow oh wow you just outed it yeah we’re saying we’re gonna do it we got ourselves a draft yeah looking forward to it we just gotta shoot the rest off today and I got nothing dude there’s no rest on the watch tonight I know my car I got a nothing to do I got to go to Spirit Halloween sorry gonna go with Nina yeah I might get some try to find some glasses was gonna be fun wasn’t really fun yeah I’m not gonna be using my glass if you wanted my glasses no I was something different okay cool so anyways yeah yeah we got some fun stuff coming up tomorrow and I say that’s not gonna happen I can’t know what people do it yeah right yeah I know exactly so let’s just dive into this coming off of Hell in a Cell you know the most controversial I would think double-double you pay-per-view and there’s one of the lights went out of the year oh the year sorry was that even yeah that was it in your house it was in your house for an early count and they do it again the next day or two days later uh yeah so that happened and then we were starting to get a couple like reports from Sean Ross app specifically about backstage things going on you want to break down that break that down I mean this short is is he reached out to his sources this is all on faithful select he had this leather sub like Sunday night yeah by the way we’ve said this before but fight full select do yourself a favor man just yeah just get it it’s great it’s really fantastic so in short fifl spoke to one source and said Vince was laughing off the crowd reaction and then another source says no that seemed like it might be a case where people are trying to blame Vince for stuff because they have their own agendas and don’t want to be associated with something they got a bad reception mmm apparently a lot of talent or other people backstage that fifl spoke to exert it confusing mm-hmm embarrassing yeah so that was just a reception backstage seeing the match the general of the reaction to everything from the W universe yeah it was nearly universally dumped on yeah the story they’re telling we get the story the tent like it might not be satisfying is a one-night thing yeah wait and see how it plays out that’s kind of our attitude it’s like okay this is the story that telling is different than how they normally approach their stories yeah but then I was kind of hoping they’d address something not obviously people’s reaction to it last night I’ve been having a brief little recap like even just have a tweet from Seth I don’t know something yeah we’re either he goes yeah I went too far last night I’ll see you on Ron next week just something I know by not addressing it by not doing anything with it it makes it seem like okay we’re gonna step back and in in and maybe not follow through around the vision we had initially that was my idea at least yeah the the show came off last night as I know there was some good stuff going on but all in all it came off as a bit and this is weird to say this about a television show but sometimes the television show is indicative of the emotions and personality of Vince McMahon you at least you can try to project that ya felt self-conscious last night it did the show felt a bit on the self-conscious side well but yeah there is no Seth and there was there was oh there was a recap of it but they didn’t even mention was late in the show and that was really late in the show it was like the last I think was right before the main event segment yeah I kind of don’t care about the braun strowman tyson oh right they’re all about that i don’t care at all yeah it’s gonna happen in the show I’m not gonna watch right exactly we’re gonna do a charity stream during the next Saudi Arabia show so that’s when that’s gonna take place so Halloween so we’ll dress up – yeah that’d be fun so I kind of just don’t care about that I mean if I wasn’t gonna watch the show I can’t really say I care much about it I know even if it was like a mania thing it feels like I mean like what’s Tyson Fury I imagined like the reason he’s doing it because like hey I mean they’ve been saying he’s a lifelong Debit beef and wish fulfillment for him he gets to step in that ring and I was like he was having a good time but like what does it really do for bran he wins so he beats yeah the funny thing is like we’ve been saying that bran is the big show like celebrity guy I know I know and now everybody’s clone into it also you check on Twitter and people hey just sort of the big shot yeah yeah but like if he wins all right you’d be the guy who yeah he’s heavy weight you know be hard times hard time believing that Tyson figures come in here and take an L but then if bran loses to Tyson here oh that’s awful that’s really bad terrible yeah terrible either way it’s not good for bran it’s really like the I liked all the uh I liked everything in the women’s division last night I thought that the champions showcase number one I think it’s a great idea I love the champion showcase they’ve done it twice now I think it’s great yeah and I thought last night was no exception I really liked that and I hope they expand on a bit more although they probably won’t the Becky osku stuff you know she said I got a score to settle over here last time I I hooked up with Oscar I took the L think she’s ever beat her yeah and interested so I have a score to settle and so we’ve got you know there was there is extra you know there is extra meat to that particular matchup well it was it was I hate to bring this up again it’s a Hogan warrior situation it says Becky’s up to e to make up for all the wall for the loss in a major one to the rumble when she tapped out yeah I would hesitate to to use those names in comparison to two of my favorite performers right now well means your Hogan wants one last management of course she does she have any confirmed it I don’t feel like the first time he’s confirmed it probably wants to win title in this last match to me he does of course he does both titles I don’t mean directly anything related to the particular individual I know you’re talking about it’s the idea that you have a story where someone who lost in the past gets to program with someone who beat him to get that win back yeah yeah we got more missed last night that was cool and then we had they brought back in Alexa bliss Nikki cross – sort of so I like that there was a whole lot of stuff going on and then and then we had the last woman standing match which was a lot of fun I thought was an Italian got her got her as what most of the most of the mats I know and then that spot at the end I that was terrific yeah I thought it was a really good spot the big powerbomb off the years what kind of a prize that Nattie win because yeah Lacey Evans gonna use the pretty major win yeah I know I know it kind of feels like blow-off yeah you think last woman standing in a high-profile match that’s got to be blow-off right the match but they have Italian is kind of weird it’s weird and as oddball we had someone on a Twitter I forgot who referred to the the finish has a Mike awesome spot mm-hmm yeah yeah it’s always great my cousin would just powerbomb people off anything through anything it was great yeah Denis powerbomb like an ICP member off a bus once yeah you know it sounds right or on a bus and then the guy slid off yes yes that’s what it was oh I muscled it off that’s funny so easy W Burton way cool if they had a power home off the bus yeah that’s still pretty cool on top of the bus and then it was a rad spot Mike awesome was you oh man awesome he was awesome yeah then the match race is manhandling a spike deadly over the place toss him out of the ring yeah at the next level Creek all sorts of going on today the the the 2k 20 my career trailer dropped yeah where they blatantly ripped off raw gate our storyline so that’s kind of irritating but what are you gonna do can’t do much about it man can’t do anything copyright where are you in trademark enough stuff oh man maybe we should be on top of it you think so let’s get some lawyers so yeah I don’t know raw felt a bit it’s like I said it felt a bit self-conscious to take that for what you will there were stuff to like but all did it feel like it was terribly consequential I’m very I am very confused about my thoughts and emotions about lashley Alana opening up the show with like almost a live cuckolding situation yeah I definitely it’s like it they’re letting that finally Lashley has an opportunity shows personality he was pretty good last night he was really good last night I shouldn’t here’s the thing I understand completely that I probably shouldn’t like this I should be like no I want like wrestling and stuff but I find it endlessly amusing it’s being carried by the the personalities involved because yes yeah Rousseff’s doing a fine job yeah he’s expressing frustration exhaustion Asians you would think hurt yeah really well and then when he goes into his his fits of rage it’s good yeah you got Orton and Corbin laughing at him that’s fine come on I know and you got lastly two biggest d-bags in the company yeah you got Lashley probably having an Avenue by which to show some real personality yeah I thought he was funny last night I know man is it bad yeah I’m really but here’s the thing it’s what I’ve always said about wrestling you could be good you could be bad just don’t be boring and last night opening the show after the most controversial finish where everybody’s ready to tear into the wabe they opened the show with that I know that’s hilarious six of moxie it does maybe it maybe the show wasn’t self conscious I don’t know because he opened the show no I kind of feel like that is so let’s do the thing most diametrically opposed oh yeah yeah you’re over over yeah overcompensate overcompensating yeah 400 people are getting ready to dump on this particular spot listen I’m gonna address the elephant in the room until you know right before the main event mm-hmm and just barely at that point yeah anyway show kicks off with rusev Lashley recap from the previous week and then we go to the show open and then that’s more or less interrupted they’re gonna have Orton versus rusev kick off the show but instead Orton and King Corbin are out there beaten up rusev okay so it didn’t skip for me that’s literally how like we showed the ring and they’re already beating him day yeah okay alright I thought that was actually pretty cool I was like oh this is this is neat you’re right in the action yeah so no entrances you’re right now don’t worry about any pyro to kick off the show know that you’re just right into a beat-down yeah rusev eventually gets the upper hand he does clear the ring and that’s what Bob Lashley shows up on the titantron and it’s like havior says you see this robe look familiar it’s your robe which means I must be in your house not just that I made your bedroom the great thing is it was so poetical you’re saying anything in your house I must be in your bedroom so good and if I’m in your bedroom there must be a bed here huh this must be your bed it looks so obviously a hotel room they dressed up too right exactly yeah wow this looks really comfy I should give this a try so he takes off the bathroom slides into the cover he says welcome in your bed there’s something missing there’s no one missing he’s cuddling up with a pillow yeah he’s so it man he’s so I’m so glad they’re they’re able to show off some lashley personality because the dude does have it regardless of what people think he does have it if you watch his last run an impact I’m sure plenty of his entron an impact but I personally yeah experiences the last run in fact he’s great yeah yeah yeah yeah give him so he’s continued you’re doing really good up so he’s in bed he’s like well someone’s missing if this is your bed your wife and in walks Lana and she’s got like a silk robe on some laundry under underneath yeah and he’s like alright come on mmm-hmm and so she takes the robe off slides in the bed and then he’s cuddling with her and talking trash to rusev yeah and then Lana proceeds to take her brassiere off yeah yeah and then it was it’s funny a Carlos V here in chat points it out it is and this is not new but it is funny still especially in this situation how Lana still has dropped her accent except when she says rusev I know I know that’s got to be direction yeah for sure yeah and yeah and then he proceeds to sort of basically I mean I know this whole thing has been a rusev a stern after he came out initially kindness is a heel Maria Kanellis that one week but he says you know this whole time you should have been instead of sending money to your family in need in Bulgaria you should have been spending it on launched have been spending your money on Lana yeah exactly and so they start snuggling lights go out and then they cut the Orton in Corbin laughing at rusev yet again yeah rusev fitter age lays them out that’s loving at me you know drives Randy into the ringpost mosca kicks for both Baron and Randy you know a good crowd reaction to Russo’s great who would have thought that Randy Orton and Baron Corbin climbing there this is the pairing that like I didn’t know that I needed I know but it’s so great because you know that these guys like four probably just Dee’s man they’re probably just be I know and it’s hilarious and like the Tambor their voices they’re similar enough like i’ma try play off each other really well yes I need more this I didn’t realize that team flare team flare might be like an alter I don’t know who else is gonna be on this team but it might be an all time team potentially is every diva who else would there be I mean who are the biggest jerks seemingly in the company pull the roster real quick because those are the two number one guys yeah I mean you could have a J current character of a J would fit in maybe with him he’s too good in it like even that he’s too good-natured we need people who like legitimately everybody actually seems really nice and it’s funny I think that’s something that Orton said on that twitch stream is that a he thinks that there’s a lot less jerks in the locker room these days and it really likes it I think I read that no um Dolph dolphin Bobby Roode maybe they’d fit in yeah maybe I don’t buy ba grutas I don’t yeah me neither as a jerk to that degree but he might fit in I don’t know I’m hearing during yeah I don’t know they’re gonna be a hard time topping yeah really everybody else is probably pretty nice those are the two guys who legitimately seem like they’re you know mm-hmm anyways legit jerks maybe so yeah the team Flair has its work cut out for itself anyway oh yeah yeah oh man you know one reason one thing I was thinking though when I was watching that segment one reason perhaps may be that rusev is no longer in his own bed with his own wife smashing mm-hmm could be he’s got a mess downstairs Oh Larsen you cleaned it up up top but let it go exactly although the belt speaking of which before we continue here’s a word from the sponsor of today’s show manscaped imagine this Larsen huh say Rousseff was about to get down to business with Lana but when she went downtown to his hog pen 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smart smart I have a question though okay so at one point per fairly early on Nattie puts Laci in a sharpshooter so she can’t get to her feet mm-hmm yet the ref wasn’t counting 10 yeah shouldn’t that be a situation where obviously this person is none unable to get to their feet on their own power therefore the ref should be counting wait what was happening so natty had Lacey Evans in a sharpshooter yeah and the ref wasn’t doing it because there’s action going on remember that you’re not counting ten every time you touch somebody action resumes and so the counting stops that’s that’s a try that’s a that’s a that’s a ask you this okay so say there’s a situation where in this scenario Lacey Evans put to tell you through the announce table put some stuff on top of her and then sits on top of it mm-hmm maybe there’s some incidental contact between her foot and daddys foot with the referee counting then I want to know is there a delineation between what degree of contact could take place between the two competitors where the ref will and will not count okay so this is pure speculation given that their rulebook is essentially a zine it’s a sketchpad right I would think that you are at that point it’s the same thing that’s basically pinning a person down and I think with the last man standing or last woman standing match the you have to be clear of the person you have to done so much damage that you doing this you pinning them down isn’t enough you can’t like lay on somebody for 10 seconds you have to back up and whatever will be will be lawfully subjective sure it is yeah it was like a situation where say with Yokozuna versus Bret Hart and Yokozuna does a move and this sits on Bret Hart for 20 seconds like Yokozuna should win that Bret can’t get up well okay I think the idea of the match is the last person who can stand but can’t write doesn’t and yeah I know Kazuma is on top of you can’t but it’s only because he’s on top of you I mean I take your point but I kind of think well that’s you’ve seen we seen is this wordsman Last Man Standing matches where someone has a bill get up not because they’ve been in capacity because stuff has been put there not buried on yeah and if you’re just one more piece of flotsam that’s on top of them I get what you’re saying and that seems like it’d be a bit subjective but I would think that do you want to be safe about it just stay away from them let’s see here so yeah Lacey Evans comes out first she cuts a perma what does she say on her wishes oh oh here the garbage can she had the garbage can yes she had turned Italian to a garbage can I knew that because it was a garbage can that had met his name yes yes but then she met Sally came out so that totally wasn’t the case well I think she’s using garbage can of metaphor for no I thought she was trying commences the she had turned Italian to a garbage can okay because that was a case in a certain point she threw d’Italia at Natalya mm-hmm gave me a raw gate technology right there clone wasn’t a garbage can universe garbage can where we obviously wears nametags didn’t differentiate themselves exactly how am I supposed to know who that is you just let another aluminium got a garbage can to me yeah oh listen tell you because your name son you’re on the outside of your camp Nattie has the upper hand early she’s like beaten up lacy all over the place and the aforementioned spot where Lacey’s in the Sharpshooter eventually the lakes he kicks Natalya dumps her on her face this is in the ring this is like the first offense lacy has got and that that almost won the match for yeah yeah I thought for a second I thought there’s gonna be like a five-minute last woman standing I know because Nattie was down there and then she does get till a count of eight and then she Springs right into action and commentary is justifying it but saying well maybe she was playing possum the whole time yeah anyways they’re down ringside lacy toss is an Italian to the barricade again Natalya beats the count and then lacy kicks her back down then lacy is acting like she’s gonna pull a table out from under the ring it was like nah puts it back maybe the idea is that she’s a lady yeah lady doesn’t resort the tables yeah ref stop starts counting Natalya gets up lacy drives the ring steps were back from commercial and in Lacy’s toss an Italian to the timekeeper area she gets a kendo stick takes it to tell you a few times Natalya gets up for a 10 count Laci tosses there on the ring steps this part was great so the Laci gets an office chair puts a kendo stick across the tightest lap essentially trapping her in the chair kicks over the chair mm-hmm Rath starts counting you know metalia frees herself in time another really clever spot I like that was a good spot Laci goes to hit her again with kendo stick Natalia gets it takes it to lacey for a moment however Laci gets the upper hand then she gets the second kendo stick hits net and Natalya with it Natalya rolls out of the ring Laci hits a neckbreaker on the foot of the ramp and then she goes and gets her garbage can with net and to tell you his name on it tosses Natalya garbage cannon and Italia and there’s all sorts of garbage trash all over the floor there was like a whole burger in there yeah the banana peel – boy who’s gonna waste a good burger yeah sounds good follows it with a moonsault off barricade yeah not enough to win the they’re starting going up the ramp a bit Laci hits the suplex tosses her into the the halfpipe that stage this isn’t cutting it man nope although it’s the first time we got to see somebody slide down it yeah that was that was kind of fun but it’s just so plain when you get when you have when you have smackdown live and they’re just doing you know raw gate looking stuff it just feels it feels smaller it does I like the LEDs behind it because there’s actually even like when the club came out there was yeah words on it yeah yeah yeah but just the actual Tron apparatus setup unimpressive yeah I know it makes Rob feel like the CEO man ya know anyways so they were brawling up by the announce table Lacey puddin tell ya on the table hits the suplex table doesn’t break though and Natalya gets up before the count of ten so Lacey tosses are into the stage that’s where to tell you slid down the halfpipe try as a suplex or off Natalya counter to the suplex or her own and then power bombs Lacey off the stage through a table to get the win yeah the fun match yeah now I was good I especially liked Vic shows of having somebody screaming in his ear to get jerry lawler off the dang announce table platform thing yeah because they were gonna do a thing he’s probably like that dude has literally died at commentary before get him away from the action and Lawler wouldn’t like he moved down like one step and he could see Vic Joseph down there budging are you doing man it like freeze your arteries or something before remember that yeah I think crazier was like a dude like a EMT guy or some doctor there who like knew some revolutionary process for like oh like reviving somebody somebody ya know after that quick shot of a Tyson Fury backstage with his family come back and commercial we get an Alistar black promo fight with him raw is a battlefield testing grounds on my testing ground of battle and I’m you know I’m just gonna go out there and do it myself I’m gonna pick a fight somebody yeah man I hope the cod just fuckin do something with the guy I know he’s really good so tired this pic of fight stuff he’s really good next street profits doing a promo they hype the draft do some scouting reports it’s my grappling gamer here says I don’t get the I don’t get the rusev being cooked out the Lashley angle I’m curious about the payoff I think we all know the payoff was gonna be it’s gonna be a live sex show three-way three-way dance mm-hmm mmm-hmm anyway sorry it was got Street prophets they were hyping up the draft in some pretty scouting reports yeah I don’t know if Montez Ward forgot that forgot the order of the people or oh he did drink before bloody mercy if there was no monitor there yeah I don’t know it was all awkward and weird yeah next Tyson Fury and brawn recap from SmackDown followed by a Tyson Fury interview yeah he said he’s there he wants an apology for Bron I wouldn’t oppose you from brundun he says he want to fight but if he doesn’t get apology I’m saying have a good time even he fight he will all my bulgy next war Raiders taking on Rudolf in a non-title bout you match a lot of time they did that was a cool man it was fun yeah war Raiders had the upper hand early until Rey rose on the apron Dolph pulls him off mm-hmm Rudolph gets him off into the brush Lee the early part of this match this kind of story was worried readers would lump up Bob rude or Dolph and there’s like they do mosun didn’t hunter to take it mm-hmm one spot especially a row hits Bobby Roode with his knee and Bob Roode like rolls out of the ring like he just got hit by a car mm-hmm yeah they book there they’re booking the war Raiders finally I mean they’ve always been booked strong but it was always a button you know against chumps yeah but man they’re really they’re going all-in on the Warriors man mm-hmm following that spot where a Dolph pulls row off the apron your tag champs have the upper hand until Railroad dodges a corner splash from Dolph shoulder tackles Bob Roode gets the hot tag to Hansen he kind of takes control for a bit eventually rose back in there was his great spot Rudolph hit a spinebuster zigzag combo that was cool that was neat yeah that was really cool only gets a two-count form finish saw ray Rowe avoid a glorious DDT war Raiders hit a Viking experience for the win as announced later on they will have a title bout yeah next week on Raw that’s got to be like some sort of DQ finish I’m not sure they’re gonna pull the trigger on that just yet thanks next pay-per-view Survivor Series yeah no sorry Crown Jewels the next pay-per-view oh yeah they could do there it’s entirely possible yes I know he knows the Warriors winning their tag titles well I might get us war Raiders versus revival at Survivor Series I’d be neat ooh whoa right that could be awesome because it seems like they’re kind of teasing and a certain extent um brand versus brand you know they’re kind of setting up Charlotte versus Becky mm-hmm I don’t know although the III was actually kind of surprised with that I mean I guess we can talk about a little bit now I was kind of surprised that they didn’t sort of have Becky Charlotte implode a bit more than they did because they really didn’t really implode it just asking Kyrie saying you some pretty good he’ll move yeah I thought they’re gonna set that up a bit more but yeah they’re kind of teasing I’m like they’re around each other yeah fucking trash mmm yeah yeah I don’t work together but Cheryl looks like I’m the professional here yeah yeah it was interesting yeah anyways Larson before we 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particular fight where was his promo it was in another darkroom Oh was it okay okay he had he didn’t he had it like no shirt on though so he’s okay my drummer that okay so then go to commercial would come back sing brothers are in the ring they are out there one of the the themes of the show was that was brought up was this was a showcase episode of Raw filter case their skills to improve their draft stock man they kayfabe the network executives they did that vets in USA the there in the Ricochet Apollo crews match especially and they did yeah the earlier on to you know they were saying yeah they’re the Fox in USA niggas Jerry Lawler was bringing up he’s like do you think the Fox and USA network executives are gonna be you know battling it out over these superstars only of course yeah they want to make sure that brand I think they even use word brand supremacy or something like that yeah so maybe there’s another tease for Survivor Series who knows maybe but yeah I kind of like that that was good no that was cool yeah the seeing brothers came out a little maybe ambiguous as to whether or not this is evidence at 205 might be on the chopping I don’t know like they’re they’re on Raw well they mentioned there it from 205 we came up here from 205 live because we essentially they said they wouldn’t even be the first draft pick on Raw right yeah so we’re looking to get drafted off of 205 look gonna get up the tight then yeah pretty much I don’t have you noticed this but on Instagram NXT and exceeds official account they instagrammed out a picture of drew Gulick versus Leo rush from this week but some of the branding on it was purple it was like 205 colors but also kind of NXT interesting like mister ending aesthetic yeah exactly yeah interesting anyways they say they want to pick they came here to pick a fight with Alistair to beat him and then make the case that they should be the top draft pick for all and they called themselves the greatest tag team on 205 live only mm-hm anyways Alistair wasn’t having any of it he’d be tech out of sync British he pretty much yeah yeah quickly he didn’t even know and he used um dragon sleeper exactly that was rad pretty arm but yet his arms his hands locked but yeah those were at it he hit Sameer with the black mass and then made Sunil tap with the dragon sleeper yeah let’s get this dude into some real feuds man let’s get him out there doing stuff agreed that room and picking a fight yeah it’s been doing that for months yeah upon months like why didn’t they give him the cool like the AOP stuff that stuff is so cool like give him some of that something like that you know I know instead of just yeah seems so after everything was on anok stage that seems so unnatural I know it is I mean like he he had such mystique yeah I know because he said so little that entrance attire though he had like a gold sneer that was great he’s always had great this oh yeah those women top-notch man tops man yes yeah now they could be doing a whole heck a lot more with allister’s not just in terms of lack of wrestling but in terms of more interesting character stuff yeah absolutely he could be super over because he just seems like he’s passive he’s waiting for someone to come pick a fight with him yeah like why should I care if he wants to fight go out and fight somebody yeah yeah take it to somebody be proactive Alistair not not reactive yep next got a quick shot of brawn like really over-the-top pantomiming some conversation with somebody it was like really over the top mmm production writer guys yeah then interview he was asked are you gonna apologize and Brock kind of says or bran says I don’t know maybe if he’s cool maybe mmm-hmm but if he comes into my ring and disrespects what I do that Erin’s hands next a Brock Kofi Cain Velasquez recap from Smackdown followed by a really good Rey Mysterio interview this usually doing great work on the male segment of the freaking night man god this was so good mm-hmm whenever he busts out some espanol talks about me familia and then when you know we all call him Cain Velasquez guy inna I love that oh man this was so good so yeah he talked about Dominic’s not doing too good he got brutalized by Brock Lesnar but and then he really he did it he did a better job selling Cain Velasquez Velasquez better than Cain did coming out on Smackdown yeah he really put him over big-time yeah you said so I was sitting in the the hotel I’m sorry about the hospital with Dominic and in walks tommix Godfather mm-hmm Kane yeah and he says who can I turn to essentially to avenge this beatdown other than my family mm-hmm and yeah he totally put over Kane yeah I’m saying like the two-time UFC heavyweight champion the man who beat Brock and the only man this planet that Brock Lesnar fears yeah it was good stuff yeah he’s been delivering some awesome promos of Layton this is probably the best of the bunch yeah this is whenever man whenever whenever they get Dominic involved in a Rey Mysterio angle it’s gonna be good mm-hmm who can forget the custody on a pole ladder match epic stuff man it was actually really good though like when you go back and actually look at that stuff it set it is obviously very silly but holy crap those guys took it so seriously and it added so much to it was good stuff yep Vicky was getting all involved in stuff I was terrific yep next 8 another AOP promo this one was awesome just like all the other ones yeah this is good man the writing on this you’re so solid yeah they talk about the same kind of stuff we grew up far away but we had similar stories and this one had more to do with you know when you’re trying to feed your family you have to fight the other person for it you have to scrap for sometimes you have to take what’s theirs because yeah I wanted essentially or not yeah we’re not content with just feeding our families we want to take away from your family yeah that’s rough man yeah man Rudo after that the OC taken on lucha house-party obvious mismatch here well was a fun match lucha house party got plenty offense and not surprisingly the Aussies picked up the win mm-hmm yeah yeah this is just we gotta we gotta remind these people that it’s not like the OC from like six months ago I mean it’s still kind it seems like it is but I mean he just lost two war Raiders twice yeah finish saw AJ pinning kalisto a phenomenal forearm after match gallows and they’re certainly out Graham at a leak with magic killer and then they start taking the boots to lincei AJ says art come over here give him stops clash I’m him Stiles class so he sits in the top rope cals and there’s a bring him over he gets its claws off the second round yeah not gonna be on first rope but it’s not gonna be on the top rope either I think the second rope is good ground yeah yeah let’s do that it’s not too scary not too scary but it’s kind of scary a little bit scary a little bit scary keep your hater yeah next miss TV with guess Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair yeah and then Miz was hyping up the giraffe saying you guys can end up on different brands or on the same brand yeah I don’t know what brand to get in and they’re like talking trash to each other that’s like yeah Becky said to Charlotte hey you carrying the belt that I made famous I made important john said but I made you famous I swerved you yeah I made you famous I’m but I’m the professional here yeah well cuz but and then he was talking about the championship choker champions okay yeah yeah Becky was like I’ve got a score to settle with osku and Charlotte was like I’m a professional yeah they both stood up and held the belts up and then Oscar and Kyrie think about the rant and talked about to trash and Japanese it was wondering did you read reading as a translation I did not Kimbra who but one of them said I’m gonna I think kick the shit out of you she cursed yeah yes I love it it’s great oh I hope whoever said that was Kyrie see that’ll be great man I bet it was great they were they were they were speaking Japanese laughing yeah yeah it was great I’m like Becky was up there like they show him Becky as like you know she’s like a polite smile on her face like oh you’re saying something but I don’t know what it is yes it doesn’t mean probably but I got said to sit here and take it exactly yeah I guess anything back cuz I have no context yeah so Becky called out off asking Kyrie come down the ring brawl breaks out eventually rest separate him come back we’re commercial we have a match mm-hmm yeah and it was good man it was like I said especially the the Becky osku stuff which is really fierce and the Charlotte was really getting into it also I know this is just a really fun man yeah I wonder if they can kind of do a thing if they’re gonna have Becky and Charlotte team up a bit more it was the idea that remember wasn’t when brewed and Dolph first got together they kind of framed their partnership is just two singles guys who are a tag team but they don’t wrestle like a tag team yeah there’s no unity no cohesion between them they more or less go in there and wrestle those two singles guys mm-hmm and don’t worry about working together at cents pass cuz I’m had to zigzag spinebuster thing if that’s to be the case with baking Charlotte but it’s gonna go be on that where when they’re in there they want to show up the other person they want to show know I’m the better of the two yeah yeah because he kind of got a hint of that mm well we’re surely got that tag and the she does cleared house yeah yeah even it’s not necessarily a spoken thing you know commentaries part just the idea that Oh Charlotte in she’s gonna go in there and does layout everybody know Becky gets that tag she’s gonna do the same exact thing yeah at one point Charlotte hits a natural selection on Oscar Oscar rolls out of the ring Kyrie kind of tends doer Charlotte lays him both out with a moonsault Charlotte gets back in the ring goes for some sort of slingshot type thing over the top rope to the outside Oscar hits her at the knee come back from commercial Becky’s in there she’s in control until Kyrie hit her with a back fist or do you like to call it what’s that when you call it back fist mistakenly oh not mistakenly Judas effect yeah somebody else did a Judas fact last night Oh Alistair black he hit a Judas moon yeah he does it back Oba so Kyrie is going the top rope maybe for insane elbow Becky tosses are off follows with a leg drop from the second rope goes to the pin Oscar breaks it up with a kick and then CAI reach this is interesting finish though Kyrie shot blocks Charlotte mm-hmm and then rolls up Becky Becky kicks out and puts Kyrie Amelia disarmer mm-hmm so rather than the ref checking on the potential submission finished the match she goes he goes over in checks on Charlotte yeah on her knee yeah well she’s she’s you know the company is really big on her I understand that you got to make sure that is still happening though you know interesting comes over spits missed Becky’s face mm-hmm allowing Kyrie an opportunity to roll Becky up for the win and then after that Charlotte magically now her knees fine she lays out both osku and Kyrie but then they turned the tables pretty quickly and then Alexa and Nikki come out to make the save and clear the ring I read this on Twitter first time Becky Lynch has been pinned on WBTV in 17 months been a while it has been a while in a while something else man yeah that was uh that was really terrific stuff though after that we had a really good Apollo Cruz interview he said he’s gonna fight his good friend ricochet I like they brought up the fact these two guys are really good friends me too that was good there’s nothing personal just we can get him and improve our lot in the draft yeah especially Apollo Cruz especially yeah in fact I kind of wish that he would have won this ricochet doesn’t need the win right now man he’s hot and everything he does Apollo Cruz really needs a win yeah war Raiders promo or they were like hey we want Tag Titles now yeah yeah they confirmed they’ve been booked for a tag title match yep and then the ricochet interview at gorilla position he confirmed they are friends yeah he’s like he’s one of my best friends mm-hmm it’s nothing personal orders out here to show off what we can do mm-hmm I’d love these guys to be not in a tag team but them in a faction accurate Izawa moose yeah the four of them yeah that’d be great it’ll be amazing I know amazing I want to see people like be friends I know she’ll appeal and showcase the natural chemistry right this group of friends actually has like I feel like at times we get a little bit of that with the OC a little bit yeah but they also have to be like a bit too in character also yeah I know this is a really fun match wasn’t very long yeah no it was fun now it was all like high-flying move for high-flying moves yeah feat of athleticism matching feat of athleticism yeah ricochet excuse me unsurprisingly the ricochet and surprisingly picked up the win with a recoil mm-hmm that’s such a fun move it is if the normal is a single-leg codebreaker yeah I know it’s great but he’s so like light mm-hmm like when Jericho does it it’s like you know he’s somebody’s throwing a big ol heavy anchor on somebody yeah ricochet he like climbs he like jumps up and like scales him puts their big I love it yeah looks great yeah he’s amazing he gets the win and after that we had a very brief Seth Fein hell on the celery cap yeah I was very quick and then everybody on Twitter is like dude buried in the shoe which they totally they totally did I came from Twitter let’s link Twitter yeah and then yeah I was confirmed on Rudolf versus war Raiders for Tag Titles and then we had a Tyson Fury interview restarting about apologizing and stuff yeah in the middle the ring then Bron comes to the ring interrupts the interview so as I first I was just having fun with you and then I saw that look in your eye like you wanted to throw down so I threw dolphin to you because of that mm-hmm yeah and if you were step foot in my ring Tyson I’ll literally eat you for lunch cannibalism confirm yeah yeah oh he was wearing your Christmas man he was I loved it yeah and then Tyson says no if I got in here I would knock you out mm-hmm and then bran says well we don’t end matches here at the ten count you know you guys get up sooner or something slow dumb ten count just like your last fight with Wilder and then Tyson counters well I’m the heavyweight champion was the last time you want a heavyweight title ooh that got brown fuming yeah man they start fighting the security that was circling the ring comes in tries to break him up can’t tries to break him up can’t tries to break him up can’t mmm Tyson’s like punching people left and right well he wouldn’t come close to punching anybody well some of those look pretty good some of those look pretty good got blown work there was well there was one that I noticed was like oh my god that guy actually just get hit he was getting pretty close to some of those guys they were doing a good job selling it well they’re doing a good job selling but someone like he was doing this yeah well you know he’s learning I know I was watching it I was watching it so like my my living room is all cleared out right now somebody have any inches like you know out of commission for right now till tomorrow but I was watching on I was in my office packing a bunch of those fifth anniversary shirts and I had like my iPad up so it was really small view so from that point of view it looked great all right so they have bran kind of held up by security at ringside Tyson’s in the ring eventually Tyson does the punch and clears the ring bought and bran clears out security ringside back in the ring they start to fight again kind of locker room comes out separates them and it’s a thing where they separate them for a bit they go at it separated for a bit go at it separate for a bit go out eventually bran is escorted back stage he does a guerrilla interview and he’s hype he’s like Tyson is a real tough son of a bitch but he’s gonna get these hands are you gonna apologize to him no no in fact he storms back off yeah towards the ring again brawl broken up more minutes to fill I know brawl broken up yeah who’s this mr. mcfluffster in chat makes a good point I mean I might not be into this feud or whatever I might not care about it but he makes me but he says Tyson was a great talker didn’t stumble his words like mo that athlete I know he did he was very natural very comfortable yeah he was very calming he’s known for being a big talking guy and you know so you want to answer some questions would you like to look at the television first from Polk says my birthday friend owes can I get a shout-out happy birthday happy birthday to you Christian womble did sac new say anything about the riots Sunday night there was no riot didn’t happen no white riots make news Abraham Aquino was there live what he chuckled the day said no Wyatt riots Abraham was there live really felt like the be show yeah I kind of felt like the be show watching it yeah my god I mean they got the big celebrity thing going on in the main event yeah so that makes it feel a little bit less like the B show John Williams fury should have pushed D Vaughn and told him get a table works every time yeah that’s cool see and Yvonne out there that was was Brian Jankowski says confession the invasion angle wasn’t that bad I’ll contraire Brian it was pretty bad Zack Hughes says love the thumbnail guys wall has pretty good one justin is sick says am I the only one that wants to see Bailey in the Firefly funhouse would be dope haven’t considered it be interesting I could be interesting Shana throw up today I’m officially down 115-pound oh thank you for always giving me entertainment awkward life for the gym these last few years gratulations sure that’s terrific I got a hit up Sean and get some pointers Nixie says this was my first I was Nicolas Combs I think said this is my first three-hour raw in years and I was exhausted I’ll also be at Smackdown this week so Nick isn’t stopping man he says I can get you guys some shirts if you want to sweet friendos will too sweet to you Nick thanks for the offer just go have fun man don’t worry about us go have fun we met him yeah yes yeah terrific guy real terrific fella suplex Casey are Bobby and rusev gonna be the smash bros I came in they’re gonna they’re all gonna come together on this exactly DKC returns Rey gonna top seen in the going into raw math now get up there the promo Department man hand promos so heartfelt it’s great whenever you say familia you got me you got me hooked check for six to Jack to justice for Kofi by the way new episode thrilling thrilling basketball game on my slow Wolfpack youtube NBA 2k channel check it out the link is on my twitter @ MF Steve here it’s really terrific I agree though justice for Kofi buzzer-beater maybe at the end I mean it’s kind of the title isn’t see how many subs again on that channel now oh man 1116 oh man I was 1200 terrific and that’s the goal I want for you Steve 1207 man it’s great let’s see here we’re on the patreon right now for $1 you can have your questions posted and may be answered on the patreon 30 time European champion Dwayne knicks raw was pretty asked tonight but besides that since the draft is coming up where do you like to see ricochet land on the a show smackdown juh Majan him imagine his uh excuse me the entrance I did gave him they’d give him with that rock all the ways or so man be great lightning – aka Billy was that the most filler episode of Raw that’s ever felt nah man dude come on you know I no one can say anything about Raw these days given where we were at the turn of the year the the Christmas and New Year’s I was a granted though they’re all they’re always crap mm-hmm but where we were around that time those two or three months or whatever things were it was filler episode after Phil episode after filler episode it was literally just three hours of boring yeah back in November December January February was awful you know it’s not good so look what might not be great but was it great no no but let’s not forget where we came from yeah James Rodriguez what happened after it will Ashley turn off the lights and mana and him get it on while a whole camera crew watched yeah dude yeah yeah yeah they got it thing you know they they are in their paycheck that day mm-hmm Wolf Pack for life who will be making the on-screen picks for the draft Bischoff Bischoff and Heyman its destiny and Vince one guy from each Network that doesn’t know anything about wrestling I don’t think that so last time they did it sure I was thinking about this too last I what would you prefer so in 2016 there is no authority figures calling out the names was there was their podium set up on the top of the stage with whom Shane and stuff oh that’s Vince put them each in charge you’re right about that yeah I would think it’d just be commentary this time yeah what would you prefer that or Heyman Bischoff commentary i’d prefer Heyman bishop I want Bischoff anywhere near my television screen look man there’s a big strong boy where do what do you think the rousseff storyline is heading to what’s the answer Steve I already said this man triple threat lot of my wives sex show a lot of smashing yeah Thomas Dunnigan did it feel like creative just gave up for tonight to rob very bad time and you have such a poor pay-per-view after all the wrestling has his first week at dynamite and a Hell in a Cell is poor reception felt like it killed a lot of steam in morale after watching tonight it definitely lessened this seem like a lot of potential enthusiasm because I’ll say it like I didn’t have a problem I was huge on the ending of Hell and somebody have a prom with it anyways I understood I think hopefully the story they’re trying to tell I’m eager to see where it goes but if had gone the way that I think a lot of fans wanted to braid won that title there have been a lot of talk done in Arad last night positively yeah sure yeah as opposed a lot of negative talks oh yeah people already people were ready they were willing and anxious to be down on Raw last night yeah and I understand it I get it like you know you’re you’ve got whatever you want to call it negative momentum you’ve got negative energy going into the show people aren’t gonna be you know they’re gonna be way less inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt and be open-minded about the show so you know I think that’s where it’s coming from let’s see here in the discord the businessman Maddie says heard you wanted a long microphone yeah we’re we’re gonna use that for we’re gonna use that for the draft yeah yeah that’s a terrific-looking Bob Barker mic that’s a great-looking mic Cody Mouse is there’s no Retta he says you were quoting there’s no wrestling tonight you’re forgetting about NWA yes right I think yeah show that airs tonight it could be I got a beauty editor unfortunately see here Adam Darwin so when is Kyrie getting her raw women’s title match she pinned Becky it’s true which is how Charlotte got her match at Hell in a Cell yeah that’s a good question good question quixotic ax forced in a while I noticed there was a lot of talk on Raw about quote unquote brand supremacy and they actually didn’t shy away from talking about USA versus Fox and who would get the better superstars do you think that there could ever come a time where both networks are generally fighting or bidding on which wrestlers they will get no not that directly now Brand X patron champion Shawn McMahon says this is your brand X champion new king of dog style I was wondering since I be brought back the live sex celebration another famous in-ring non wrestling action do you want back to sweet and a hearty handshake entering non wrestling in action well sometimes they’ve had like weddings inside the ring that’s what I really don’t want to see back no I care about that more festivals of friendship I want a good one that’s a really good one okay Lord zipper says less of a question more of a comment but I was there a hell and so on the main event looked amazing I love the red glow total horror movie vibe and while I do not I do not agree with the decision it was really cool to see in person well that’s a that’s definitely an opinion that’s not in the majority yeah that’s cool though you see the Rob server had that extended Twitter thread and got a lot of traction I’m about to finish the Hell in a Cell I did not see that yeah yeah okay I’ll check it out yeah and then apparently after raw the fiend attack Cesaro last night that happened I think I was on there calm hmm let’s see here but says Alistair black recently did a podcast where he explains that he wants to fight so someone can take him out of his misery he did a podcasting character that’s interesting I was weird I don’t see here Jimmy Thomas’s what are you watching tonight AE W dark or NWA their aim W darkness good man they’ve got some good bitches sorry excuse me you’ve got like was it Darby Alan versus uh oh man it was it was like it’s a terrific little lineup taking oh yeah yeah yeah isn’t I think Darby Alan’s taking on Jimmy havoc on Wednesday that’s on Wednesday to determine I think number one tangent yeah let’s see here AE W all a lead role elite wrestling yeah the lineup for the the aw dark looked really good that’s weird why would it not be here let’s try aw dark oh here we go yeah Darby Ellen versus Chima oh that’s right that’s awesome that’s gonna be good SCU versus Jurassic Express lucha brothers versus in helico and Jack Evans no then four eight-man tag oh oh eh okay okay so them against private party investment and then teza tag-team match yeah Britt Baker and Ali versus Penelope Ford and beat Priestley that’s a that’s a good match she’s a real good match and yes all the matches man it’s good stuff yeah it’s good stuff it’s good stuff anyways devil cos he says Cody already gave away the results of the Darby Allen eyes alakay that’s a matter who wins that’s a good match I want to see him in that’s all about process not results yeah exactly I mean I could probably guess who’s gonna win but said he literally tweeted out the winner well Cody’s got a lot going on yeah man yeah so anyway again it’s all about seeing the action not necessarily the the winner yeah for sure at least that’s my my mindset for overrun today we’re gonna do a frame-by-frame look at the 2k 20 my career trailer mmm that’s what we’re gonna do today all right we’re gonna discuss this this thievery this theft okay I have aa Gates have knowledge trailer yet so this doesn’t be something else then yeah fair enough anyways thanks everybody for tuning in we appreciate it you guys can check out that episode of over run that bonus episode youtube channel members click the join button if you want to join up and then and catch all that bonus stuff and then of course over on the patreon $5 a month mm-hmm gets you access to all of our bonus content thanks everybody for tuning in we appreciate till next time we’ll talk to oh wait one more Aalto fans were already mad before Hell in a Cell they moved everyone who purchased Road J left side of the ramp over to the wall wow they were ready to go already Sacramentans yeah ready to go we’re gonna throw down watch guys later bye

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