Ryback: Why I said “F You” to WWE, will he wrestle again?, AEW, thoughts on Vince McMahon

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but if you remember I release them and wish them the best in their future endeavors in an online video because they were trying to fire me they wanted me to get cleared I didn’t get cleared until the day my contract ran up so that they could not publicly say they fired me because that is what they usually will try to do to a talent do I do I look super small sitting do I look super big yeah I mean it’s it’s hard to not make you look big you’re pretty big guy yourself I’m not the big guy though but you are a big guy not the but a I’ll be a big guy and you can be the better happy with that Chris so I’m in Las Vegas obviously for double or nothing I know that you live here so I knew we had to make this interview happen you actually drove to the strip and came to us first I do and I don’t like to go out Chris but uh this is a very special occasion I got all dressed up for you you did and also like I mentioned to outdo Hill Ziggler and my good friend Dolph Ziggler and who has done many interviews with you I believe yeah so many interviews I feel very underdressed though that was what I was going for well you’ve succeeded I don’t get to wear suits very often I’m typically wearing my feed me more nutrition gym clothes and attire everywhere I go so much so that a guy that did some work at my house he knew me from the gym and he got from wrestling never but he you know he knew me from right yeah just a big guy from the gym yeah that silly guy he did some work for my podcast room and I think it’s great a guy like you of your caliber you just you just wear everyday regular clothes but all he’s ever seen me I was at the gym and I’m was I supposed to wear and right so I throw in a suit here get some pictures for Instagram later and our for the IG for the gram maybe I can get one or two year million followers to follow me you never know and your Instagram is it’s a very interesting place I’ve changed my whole outlook on social media Chris I’ve realized that I’m a very positive guy but I get very I get angry at times and I was looking at I was focusing on the negatives a little too much which is very easy to do sure and I realize Gary Vaynerchuk I’m big I love Gary Vee and he had reached out years ago to me and he just said keep doing what you’re doing and I was on a plane true story and this is after my book came out and I’d left Debbie w/e and I go you with me and he was no he goes you’re on your way and I didn’t at the time really understand it but huge compliment coming from a guy like Horace who I’ve been able to reach out to but I realized I have this we have millions of people worldwide that that know me and follow me that like me and I was focusing on the the minority that don’t and Gary’s always always putting out social media it’s the greatest thing ever the greatest thing ever and it is but I was looking at it of all these negatives and I just something just finally I woke up and it clicked and that was just like how can I motivate enrich or enable somebody today and I started using social media and in a positive light and feeling a million times better about it rather than going on there and feeling bad and was making me feel good yeah and that just was recent and I’ve been much more active in my engagement shot up and because it went it tanked for a little bit yeah and that was my fault because it was my outlook on social media so just little things like that man it’s game changer so it’s great to be able to go on there and interact with my fans now do an Instagram lives everyday doing my morning cardio my hour-and-a-half cardio trying to get back in shape here and it’s trying to get back in shape if you’ve seen anything that Rybak’s posted on Instagram your your ripped at almost 300 pounds it is is I’m haven’t but and it’s I’m very thankful because it’s it’s been a journey here and and I left WWE and my health took a turn for the worse and it was bad when I was there and one specifically happened so on that end I so I was hurt when I was there and and again there’s a lot of good a lot of good there and stuff but I always try to just tell the truth and everything that’s gone on and my last two years there I started getting really bad back pain shoulder pain and I was given cortisone in my shoulder joint regularly unfortunately I was told that I’d be alright I believe that I have to take the blame on that I believed it and it ate away all my cartilage in my shoulder joint all of it not just some of it all of it so essentially getting full-blown arthritis in my shoulder so was dealing with that and I started noticing that my last year really really bad in my back I had a real bad pains in my back and I was given toward almost for the last probably year consistently which is a page covers up a lot of pain and a lot of people use it there and I was told it safe and and it is I guess relatively harmless as far as not using it long-term or anything of that nature but it was covering up a lot of my pain and towards the end there and I’ve talked about this I wanted to let my contract run out and I was threatened I was told they’re gonna jab me out pull me off TV and fire me that was just straight-up exactly what I was told after being there my entire life I just said nope and who is it that delivers that motto how specifically was the one that delivered that and I’d had meetings with Hunter and Vince already many times at that point I was just unhappy I wanted just I wanted just to get away and once that was the tone that came back in me it was I’m not you’re not ruining this and I left went and got MRIs done I needed was told so imagine being I think I was 34 just turning 35 and I was told I needed a five disc back fusion my L one two three four and five and I needed a full-blown shoulder replacement like you’re 80 years old I got 80 years old yeah so and so in my mind when I left I got my ear nose fixed I could never breathe through my nose I could never hear out of my left ear from a ruptured eardrum my first year in wrestling and a broken nose my first year so I was just I wanted to get my health in line and I thought my back and shoulder would have healed on their own it went the opposite way where I could wake up in the morning I’d fall to my knees and it was like what is going on I finally because his wrestlers and every wrestler knows this you’re kind of afraid to go get an MRI and different things because you don’t really want to know how hurt you are yeah which is something I think is a pro wrestler I think you should get it done every once or twice a year on things that are injured because these injuries are going to show back up later in life and we’ve seen it with the older wrestlers and it was something man it uh it was scary and I luckily with all of this I was I was do I go get my back fused and get my shoulder replaced because I was in tremendous pain and I didn’t want to get addicted to pain pills I didn’t I’ve never gone that route and I didn’t know what to do so I might my chiropractor god bless him he just said you know there’s this guy and doing stem cells and he’s done some of the UFC guys and it’s a Nevada spine clinic I made an appointment went down he happened to actually be a wrestling fan which was pretty cool and all that and I’m pretty much been a test subject for him I’ve had more stem-cell procedures than he knows that has been done on anyone I’ve had 11 procedures so far Wow four on my back seven on my shoulder I got two more in the summer in July but I’m nearly almost all better so as if it was a percentage how much of a percent are you healed so I would say now as of recently in doing different rehab work I would say I think I’m probably I’m over 80% okay I would say 80 to 85 percent do you want to get back into the room absolutely and I think it’s sowing I’m very happy with what I’m doing now and I never I never wanted to leave wrestling I left in my prime and it was not not it wasn’t something I wanted to do yeah but something inside of me was screaming to get out and luckily identify if I would have stayed there and they told me probably another six months the back I might disc I caught it just in time that if I would have not got it when I did they wanted have been able to regrow my disc so I was getting I had atrophy all down my right side I had actually all of my arm from the shoulder and I’ve got a glimpse into old age and we live in amazing times and it’s not something this is helped just took over for me where I was like I want to be healthy as much as possible and I’ve always pushed myself extremely hard and I want to once again but now I just see things in a little bit of a different light and yeah I was telling you down there like I look at wrestling now and I view wrestling like fighting that you see these fighters they fight two or three times a year and it’s special and whatnot as I I don’t I don’t want to wrestle five days a week I think I think there’s too much wrestling now with I think wrestlers and I think for protecting your brand and it’s just I’m thankful for everything in the way it’ll work but I just look at it a little differently no ya did in the past and well I was just on your podcast absolutely thank you so much for having me on that show and I think a lot of people might not even know that you have a conversation with the big guy ride but yeah and and I appreciate you coming out I I’m super grateful for the opportunity you’re very open and you speak very honestly there and you just had a an episode last week with Giri from wrestling yeah yeah and you spoke really openly about how the travel in WWE is just ridiculous yeah but that’s what it is and I think there’s some people how they they view it just giving my experience when I was there and what it is and there are a lot of dangers within the guys and being on the road and once you get inside those walls as I said you figure out what it is really quickly and you either sink or swim and you adapt and it’s like wrestlers and I’ve always said this interviews in the past you take great pride actually doing that because it toughen you up but it’s not something you’re thinking about how is this going to affect me down the road when I’m not there anymore and they’re not covering my health insurance because I’ll tell you you’re gonna be the one covering it the way the current system is and it’s a very scary thing and that I just I feel they’re just being honest I’ve been honest from day one yeah and people will respect and love you for it and then there’s another group of people that will hate you for it and they refuse to accept it and that’s fine that’s their choice but then they’re done it have the experience at the highest level so and that that’s from everything I do I just put it all out there and I’ve always accepted people will love you I hate you I want them to at least hate me for being me unfortunately there’s a lot of fans out there that will hear you sang negative things and go oh he’s just jaded cuz he doesn’t work there anything yeah yeah absolutely and you hear they he’s bitter he’s angry got fired not true I walked away and it was by choice and things I’m speaking up for the people there because I want wrestling to be better yeah and I’m excited we got AAW here and I’m very very happy for Cody and everybody involved in that and they have a huge advantage with rests and wrestling right now because they’re starting fresh and they could do it right and they could do wrestling better than WWE now are they going to come in and take over right away not right away but if they put out a great product and they take care of the wrestlers every pro wrestler will want to go wrestle there one particular quote in your last podcast was that you were surprised more wrestlers didn’t die on the road like driving 45 minutes sleep or whatever it happens to be when you go to these new cities you’re basically on your own to find a rental car find a hotel when you’re working for W yeah absolutely and you have to that’s something that’s why younger guys you got a it’s they told a Steve Curren always told us in Florida Championship Wrestling you’re not just a pro wrestler he’s it because you’re a professional traveler he was you got to be a professional he’s like it’s like a rock star lifestyle on top of you got to be you got to be capable of finding gyms in every every city that you go to finding good food on the road to take care of yourself being sociable with people and just being approachable at different times when you don’t want to be and then you got to be a pro wrestler on top of all that yeah and it’s just you have to have nerves of steel it is not there there’s not a job in the world like it but it’s it’s up to you to take care of all that stuff and not a lot of people understand that it’s not it’s not just show up to the building and take a flight out of there it’s your driving late at night and there is there was somebody that who are you to talk about the travel and been there my entire adult life and I’ve seen it and I’ve been I’ve been on 45 minutes of sleep doing media on a Tuesday for Smackdown or a Monday coming in and in driving to the next town and my head bobbing up and down and whatnot in in trying to drink a coffee pulling over on the side of the road and semi trucks are driving by the cars it happens to the guys all the time we’ve talked about it it’s amazing that nothing has happened in just the situations that you’re put in all the time and that’s what it is everybody knows what it is and what not but it’s just telling a very realistic side of what pro wrestlers go through would the solution be to treat this like an NHL NFL MLB team where everyone rides the bus everybody stays in the same hotel yes that’s so that’s a tough thing because like I always love the freedom of it in all seriousness I love being able to listen to audiobooks driving by myself all the time and yeah again in all the European Tour’s you’re kind of all you’re around each other so much as it is yeah so you enjoy when you’re able to kind of get away for those brief periods at least I enjoyed that because I enjoyed being around everyone when you’re there for the most part but I don’t know if busing is the answer because there again so those there’s there’s an offseason and that stuff there’s no offseason and wrestling and it’s a very tedious lifestyle and I don’t know if that’s the answer either yeah or it’s is there do you have drivers for everybody I don’t know yeah there’s there’s definitely a better way I know that much you know it’s a finding a happy medium from what wrestlers want and and what’s good overall what is your last official match as of right now my last match I’ve had was last so that was you know this happened by it was a blessing actually everything and I’ll tell you about my dog Sophie how what life works out in really weird ways it was an appearance in Michigan where I was supposed to I sign for nine shows and nine indicia nine you know you have four it was a contract to do nine shows for him and they did one show they brought in a bunch of names I wasn’t even wrestling on the show I wasn’t advertised it was a surprise appearance at the end come out and hit a spinebuster meat hook and shell shock somebody and build up for the other eight shows well they didn’t draw very well and they had bad I think they had like six or seven different names there and then the guy the other eight shows didn’t happen so that my last appearance was last year and I don’t know if it’s been about eight months now was that though it wasn’t even a regular match it wouldn’t the one before that was a couple weeks before that it was probably I’d have to go back but it was it was later last year and whatnot but my dog Sophie is uh randomly she’s three and a half years old when she was two little after two she got diagnosed with disc disease in her back and I’m going through all my stuff yeah I always say like dogs take on their owners and she’s broke her back four times in the last 16 17 months what kind of dog a little french bulldog so if you follow on the Instagram of people they could see I got Sophie a little guy and which I named him a nickname yeah big guy yeah and no so I love if you know me I love dogs more than even she became my number one priority along with the feeding and more nutrition the podcast and luckily and with investing I work from home and I’m okay these are all the jobs that arrived on social media as a job it’s a very very serious yeah and she I did not want to put her down but they’ve never seen a dog break their back four times and this it was all under a year that she broke her back essentially and four times they’re just over a year and she was fully paralyzed the first two times so she could never play a run again because she has three more discs still susceptible to being broken and she’s the happiest most loving dog I’ve ever had so I’m very fortunate to be able to take care of her but uh it’s been tough I had to cancel some appearances and I’ve not travelled for a bit because I can’t I don’t have anything to do with her I can’t I have to carry her up and down stairs every every day I have to take her out on a leash I have little guy I can’t have play with her they listened to me and I have to control them I’m very scared I can’t take her to a boarding because with other dogs she’s and this has happened already like another dog came around her and she freaked out and she broke her back again so I’m in a very kind of tough position with it I’m just enjoying my time with her as much as I can yeah I’m hoping I’m praying that she’s gonna be cool and but I need to figure out down the road when I am traveling a little more again how I’m gonna the fix on this but it’s a tough situation but she’s the best I know you were sending some tweets out to people in aw basically saying hey I’m ready to go if you want to hire me have you heard anything back from them no so I haven’t said that I did not that that might be I maybe took some liberties there okay I I congratulated them huh as a pro wrestling fan that I’m happy for pro wrestling and for pro wrestlers I I can be on it I don’t know if I’m ever gonna wrestle another day in my life and I would be I don’t know well I don’t know what the future holds I feel better than I’ve felt in a long time if the right opportunity comes along I need and I said all along I need to be I need to be able to be better than I was that when I left I need to come back and better share I need to come back a better wrestler and and I believe I’m close to being able to do that so with a they’re gonna do two more stem cells in July and they’re gonna they got a new process I think with exosomes they hook you up to an IV and why they do the procedure and it helps with healing even further and like this is a job in itself every day I do rehab stuff with like softballs on lacrosse balls and in all these different shoulder exercises that are on top of my training and it’s been a very mentally if you would ask me like two years ago missus and I tell people this is why I didn’t sign with anybody or anything I couldn’t physically cut it I knew in Independence gave me enough I shouldn’t even have done the independence when I left and my doctor told me not to money was great for two years and I took full advantage of it because as you know when you start a supplement company and do other business ventures it takes a lot of capital to get that going and I bet on myself I didn’t take a loan I used all my own money because I’m so confident what I’m doing and I want to hold myself accountable that if this fails it failed because of me yeah and it failed and it’s my money and I don’t want to I don’t want to lose anyone else’s money so and it holds me accountable but we’re getting close and I said I told you down there I said if I I would like to give it to the end of the year and see see how I feel because I don’t want to what I don’t want to happen is I don’t want to come back and come back and be in the same position I was in yeah but granted that was from the backpack stunner doing that move the the past bumps the compression is what caused my I know was just talking about that he said it was a blessing in disguise that they ban the piledriver yeah because he didn’t have to bump on his ass and that’s if you look at Hogan with all his hips and back problems in so Austin lost on a stunner the the backpack stunner is all the guys weight on my back and I would be the one that took the whole blow landing so they wouldn’t have to take it on it and William Regal told me my when I was skip Sheffield he said he was you’re gonna destroy yourself doing that and I go he goes he goes I would pick a different finisher which I ended up doing but then as I came back I started doing it on like live events and you don’t feel anything while you’re doing it yeah and then I just knit I didn’t put it together for a while then finally I just realized though I wonder if this is what’s doing it so I didn’t do it as much but the damage had been done so because I guys it’s the discs were completely worn out and getting the nerve and the pain and waking up and I sympathized with people with back pain and lay it was it puts you it’s really hard to be positive when you’re hurting all the time too but you are a very positive person I am and I but I also will acknowledge negativity and use it at times with the anger and then I take a breath and I very hulk-like yeah smash something and then once I smash something I’m back to being doing my meditation and being at peace I feel like maybe with you wearing the suit you know with all the business ventures maybe people were all just attracted people but maybe you’re looking to get into politics no no no see in a way that will leave that to Dolph Ziggler oh yeah okay oh and Rhino two rhinos you know running for office as well I just believe in just doing my thing and putting out a good message and trying to help people like I said and highlight like Tony Robbins I like Tony Robbins what he just helps people he’s himself he’s done well for himself Gary Vaynerchuk not Tony Robbins but he’s Gary Vaynerchuk he says you all the time but I love him I love you Gary and that’s it that’s I’m kind of a blend of all that I feel so I just and for me and that’s what I’ve just with social media in my podcast I was like I’m just gonna be me and I took my best advice for people just be yourself and people will love you or hate you but at least they will love or hate you for you being you and not being fake are you keeping up with Debbie WB’s current product I do I still watch they have not cancelled my network subscription I’m sure that’s by design keep me watching and I keep track of my my friends and everybody up there a lot of people I care about there believe it or not like well that’s a wrestling fan and I’m with you on this one it feels like this might be the perfect time for AEW to debut because WWE is just kind of giving us the same stuff yes it’s so again they’re running it like a business the they’re putting out a lot of product and I’ve said this on the podcast time and time again be and this was what part of my issue with my ankle stuff I’ve talked about but how they book talent and whatnot is in those creative meetings if the directive of the meetings was we sit down and we have all these Superstars and we have a TV shown if the directive and the mindset was how are we gonna make superstars today how are we gonna make these guys worth more money than they’re getting then this week next week than they are this week next month and they are this month if that was the minds that they had and they used to have it at one point for the most part if that was the mindset they were wrestling would be in a completely different place right now but instead it’s how can we control guys how can we take away momentum who could we use that we could use in a top slot but maybe not let get that over and it’s that’s just the way that the company runs its business and that’s their choice and they’re allowed to do that and they’re very successful at it like I think my financials at that point they are they are but from a pro-wrestling standpoint in creating superstars that is it’s not good for the fans and it’s not good for the pro wrestlers pro wrestlers don’t make as much money as they should and in the fans don’t get the product that they should and it is it’s not it’s not that hard it’s not rocket science it’s not hard to go out and make super stars braun strowman’s red hot make braun strowman even hotter how hard is that it’s not hard Rousseff is hot how do you make Rousseff hotter figure it out that’s the question you got to ask rather then let’s just have them lose every pay-per-view so that’s their choice and that’s what they’re allowed to do now Cody aew everybody there they’re allowed to come in and do it their way so what was your reaction when you heard CM Punk’s comments about UI Colts podcast I didn’t say I didn’t I’ve still not listened to the entire thing I don’t need to Colt came up to me and apologized at an independent show years ago said he was deeply sorry for even being a part of that and whatnot and I’ve always said you know Punk I’m happy that he went on and did his thing and tried you know whether he won or lost that he took a chance in bet on himself I commend that it’s one steroid guy completely false that’s an insecurity of his because he has a physique and I like Phil he has a great work ethic and he was a great pro wrestler but that’s just jealousy and insecurity straight up so you’re saying you’re completely clean completely clean I’m completely against steroid use so the fact that he even has to that part of his argument on that and second there was personal issues with that we always got along up until that whole thing when money comes into play I always tell people in this I got along with everybody in Pro Wrestling everybody except for two people and who are the top people the two top people CM Punk and John Cena they’ll get along with Cena no neither of those into so and it is when I admire everything they’ve done with their lives but people have to look at it and it is a it’s very political and I’m okay not getting along with those two guys it doesn’t I do not lose any sleep over it so well John Cena is a very nice man to me I know John’s very nice to a lot of people yeah but when money comes into play and I just there’s situations and stories and I’ve talked about it people change and whatnot and you’re not you’re not in competition with them so and that sometimes can bring out the worst in people in that environment so is that what hurt your push because you were clearly on pace to be the check can’t tell you I honestly only WWE could tell you that and I always tell people I was is I played every role to a tee that I was asked to me whether win or lose I went out there I was believable and I think it’s a testament to everything a lot of people think I should have won the WWE title yeah so I think it’s a testament to how I played every role and everything every talent there they only do you can only do what they tell you to go out and do so it’s people that say oh you lost the big one or this the big ones that’s I won I played the role it’s like you don’t say an actor because he gets killed in the scene that he lost he was a loser and so pro wrestling is the exact same thing as far as that goes but it’s just portrayed a little differently so like how you were obviously on the path to win the title what changed I don’t know I think in everything the momentum everything was there yeah and we had lightning in a bottle and it was I’m very thankful for the fans during that period and the reactions and the talent that from the local talent to all the WWE Superstars it was a really cool about one year period with all of that but it was like I said it was showing up every week and oh god what are we gonna do this week to take the momentum away and and that is what happened but and I’ve talked about it with my ankle injury boom and having to get attorneys before I ever came back is right back I was fired before I ever after Nexus they sent me to a doctor that that botched the entire surgery they thought I would never be able to wrestle again because I I have permanent nerve damage from it and they fired me and I had to get attorneys and keep my job and threatened them back and it ended up finally got an opportunity to come back and I butted heads with him a little bit and they brought me back and I told them straight up I told John Laurinaitis I said you put me back on TV and one year I’ll be the biggest superstar you have and then I could honestly say and I was right up there and that one year from the time that phone call took place and unfortunately though I always I feel knowing things that I know that they always held that against me and in along with their mindset of people not getting too big anyways unless they want you to get to a certain level so but all I could say I played every role to a tee as to me and that’s all anyone can do well people don’t realize that you have like such a business mind and an entrepreneurial one it’s actually kind of what led to your firing like you were counting the gate and the money and figuring like where’s where’s my money like why is this not know so I never was fired no I walked away from WWE or religious yeah yet nobody wasn’t even you leaving yeah okay just my contract expired I did not resign with them and so that was another thing and I think people need to understand this and this WWE puts out false information on people to try to get them to hurt their brand especially with when people leaving tell them tell them you and they leave yeah they’re not happy about that and I think in terms of my apologies ya know it was so my and I could tell you the exact situation that happened with that I told them you take me off your TV and I left I walked out of st. Louis and I went home they tried to stop my pay and they weren’t gonna pay me why I wrote out my contract so I went on injury pay and got my ear nose fixed and they paid me all the way up until my contract expired on August 8th I believe and if you remember I released them and wish them the best in their future endeavors in an online video because they were trying to fire me they wanted me to get cleared I didn’t get cleared until the day my contract ran up so that they could not publicly say they fired me because that is what they usually will try to do to a talent to make them look bad in the situation but you guys didn’t get me so when you were in the ring who came up with the you yelling stupid at people I don’t know whether I just just I just say things oh it was great that was a adults like that a lot actually believe it or not and our kids parents would come up to me and hit their head and do this stupid and I like it when you do that and I don’t know why but I do and yeah just in the ring one I don’t know if it was like a local talent I don’t know if they messed up on something and I just I would just act and react that was always uh down in Florida Championship Wrestling act and react and I think that makes the best pro wrestlers that’s just good life advice – yeah seriously anymore was just I just screamed it and I’d said it years ago when I was down and out working at smoky bones and that the cooks would always make me food and I would always they’d always called me feeding me more because they would they would cook and I’d always see and as I’m gonna use that and I would say it in the restaurant and it just came out one day and and then was like we have something with that and then it caught on and then if correct me if I’m wrong they asked you to stop using it once you were really really over yeah they actually so I was the number two merchandise seller at the time and they were gonna turn me heel laughter and that was the other thing that the Mark Henry deal falling on my face which was that was probably the toughest out of all of it that one really really made no sense at all because I was going from that and I knew we knew I was going on – John Cena after that so you just this is why I tell people if you just look at the history you can clearly see there’s something going on with momentum and stuff but Vince this came directly from Vince I actually took away the feed me more because I didn’t want feed me more to be affiliated with me with what they were doing Vince came up and said we’re taking away all your merchandise which makes no sense because you’re gonna be a heel you’re not gonna sell merchandise this was just their way of destroying everything Folio hmm and then I said I go will take away feed me more – if you’re gonna do that and so they took it away and that was it for the time being on that until I came back what was your last official w/e match kalisto payback I believe in Chicago where I mocked CM Punk the pre showstopper belt so which they were furious over and Kevin Dunn was in John cones ear the entire time and I just told him I go tell him to go them and that was I left I didn’t talk to anyone went and I think mean Ziegler Witten got wings at Hooters the best the best yeah I go to st. Louis and I saw the the booking for the day and they were gonna start because I hadn’t signed the new contract they gave me so the games had already started and I just I’m done and I just i sat there for a bit and I thought it through fully and that already was close to it was just kind of just waiting yeah and I can this is it and then went and said what I had to say and they said you want to go talk to Vince and I said I never want to talk to him again and I left yeah I guess the most important question though is what flavor of wings I always go the hot-hot-hot oh yeah I’m a KC barbecue guy if I’m doing a Buffalo Wild Wings oh I like parmesan garlic okay I honestly can’t believe that someone like you eats wings yeah I don’t not a lot anymore though I have low fat diet for the most part but if I’m gonna have a cheat I’m a good pizza and wings man you can’t you can’t beat that that’s pretty much what’s running through my blood at all times how do you stay in shape feed more nutrition that’s it yeah no it’s uh we talked about this a bit on your podcast I’m like something green a protein and a carb for every meal yeah and then I figure if I’m eating five ish six just times a day if I have pizza once or twice a week it’s fine yeah cuz I’ve eaten 42 meals that week who cares if two of them are pizza yeah I know you’re eating and you’re you’re on a completely different diet than that yeah it’s uh it’s constant work but when you’re I’ve actually I I’ve tried it was intermittent fasting for a long time was doing 18 or 20 hour fast everyday only eating in a four-hour window so I was a fraud feed me more was literally feed me laugh feed me less and no it was its it ended up actually slowing my metabolism down because it I need a certain level of calories I probably need between 4 and 5 thousand calories a day for how active I am I burn anywhere from keeping track I burn anywhere from 2 to 3,000 calories easily a day Wow so I’d actually was going on my metabolism it slowed down doing that and it’s it’s starting to kick back up now and I’m starting to finally like I had to adjust I haven’t been able to squat deadlift I just started last week doing all this again doing a lot of machine workouts over the last two years because I had to work around my injuries and allow myself to heal and whatnot but I tell people it’s really mentally I knew I stopped doing like my box in my jujitsu my boy tie the things I was physically going even when I left WWE really pushing myself and I just said I have to stop all of this and it was the toughest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life as far as shutting down and not knowing because I knew if I did it I might be able to go for another year maybe and kind of ride through the pain it was like but I was like I’m gonna be I’m gonna be on a wheelchair after this if I keep this up and so I had to take this I had to let go of the competitive just driving me yeah and just look from within and just focus on my business stuff focus on my dogs and in life because otherwise there was gonna be no future in wrestling or just being active in the quality of your life and it was it was tough man it was a really tough thing well I know you’re a really positive person you put out a lot of positive messages are you okay holding this animosity against punk Cena and Vince so no those guys I don’t give them any thought okay you asked a question I’m gonna just answer honestly I don’t go home and like have a dart board of buggin CM Punk and John Cena invincible that I actually just rod McMahon Vince’s brother just messaged me yesterday and had it we were going back and forth he bought my supplements Thank You rod and just I don’t think he was asking me about a few things and and he said all Vince always spoke highly of you I’m not gonna I don’t don’t bash it into him it’s his brother and then whatnot but like I don’t lose any sleep over I’m just I’m so confident I believe I wish more wrestlers I just say how I feel and I’m confident if Vince called me and Todd wanted to talk to me I would talk to him okay but I would honestly I’ve always just been direct and I believe that is the best way to be not be a fraud and not say one thing if you ask me about my thoughts on them I’m gonna tell you my thoughts and I wish them the best they’ve done great for themselves and I want nothing but the best but in that environment when we were competing I did not like it that’s and that’s and we that’s just the the truth of the situation what exactly is a Rybak because that’s now your that’s not your hand it’s my name yeah and I’m not Ryan anymore it’s a silverback and Ryan born Ryan and the first nickname silverback yeah and when you drink a whole bottle of Burnett’s vodka louisville kentucky chris and maybe have a little grizzly chewing tobacco and your lip and terminator to comes on Ryback is created so your license says Ryback where everything says ride back full blown it’s the valet girl I just went down in valeted the red devil and she looks at me she goes what’s your name I go Ryback Reem she goes what she so it’s it had to be done though for the time first trademark for everything for legal for legal reasons yeah use it to on independence and I’m the the proud owner or feed me more in the big guy in dietary supplements and entertainment clothing and soon to be Ryback so it is a really really cool thing and then maybe down the road I’ll change my name back to Ryan once all that’s all squared up so it sounds like even if you don’t go back into the ring you’ve got things pretty figured out right now you’re doing really well we live in a day and age Chris we’re with social media we could do and be whatever we want and all you have to do is apply yourself and try and that’s when I told you social media is a job I had to stop the fact I had to tell myself this I might not ever wrestle again even though I’m positive I’m going to wrestle again I had to tell myself that so that I would focus on these other things because if I kept just how do my head I’m gonna be a pro wrestler I can go back and the money is gonna be there I had to know I have to create new revenue streams and I have to take advantage of what we have now and back ten years ago 15 years ago 20 years ago this technology wasn’t available to us and now we can literally do and be anything we want and even there’s no filter there’s no I could put content out and people are gonna tell me if they like it or not it’s a direct and so and if they don’t like it okay I got to figure out what they do like and it’s like I told you the the social media and I kinda I took the wrong approach for a while because I didn’t care and I was selling and I was like I’m just gonna put my out there and I’m not gonna I don’t want to deal with the negativity and I didn’t look at it I had a puttin out everything for me and it was the it was a really tough lesson to learn I was a that I was not engaging with people that actually liked me and so that was a really it was something that just changed everything in my mindset but yeah this day and age I just tell people just ask yourself what you want to do and do it so but pro wrestling’s always gonna be there it’s it’s not going to do that is honestly that is great advice yeah I appreciate your time thank you for making this happen conversation with the big guy feed me more nutrition available on feed me more calm and Amazon podcast conversation with a big guy on iTunes Google Play and any other podcast platforms it’s awesome right back thank you very much buddy it’s a large hand you know it’s kind of ironic that his podcast is called conversation with the big guy because that right there was a conversation with the big guy thank you for taking the time to watch it if you don’t already please click Subscribe like this video comment below and let me know what you thought of our conversation with the big guy and you know it’s kind of unfair to call him just the big guy because when you’re in the presence of Ryback he’s more than just a big guy he is a very exceptionally large human being he’s also very open very honest about everything I mean great to hear him sharing his thoughts about just the world of wrestling in general and his experience in WWE and I’m really grateful that he came to us for that interview we were obviously in Vegas for double or nothing and he lives in Vegas but he came to the strip and I think when you live in Las Vegas the Las Vegas Strip is the last place that you want to go but he travelled to US Valley at his car did the whole thing came into our hotel room and did the interview and if that background for that interview looks familiar guess the same place we did the interview with TJ P which I will link up to right here if you haven’t had a chance to check that out so very interesting to hear ryback’s thoughts about everything I’m really glad he’s getting close to being a hundred percent healthy if you follow him on Instagram in between his hilarious meme video that he posts he’s been posting some recent videos of him back in the gym and dude as a beast I mean I think it goes without saying when you’re a guy that big but dude is a beast in the gym and if he does get back to being healthier when he gets back to being healthy enough it’d be great to see him back in the ring although I like that he sounds like he’s okay if he never wrestles again he’s okay with everything that he has going on feed me more nutrition’s doing great conversation with the big guys doing great and he’s also doing some trading of stocks as well so I’m glad his entrepreneurial mindset is kicking in and just a great conversation with the big guy thanks for checking it out

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