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in fact plus experience impact wrestling like never before the following contest is a monster’s ball match introducing first in your resurrection but scimitar but this is not your typical monsters ball match this is for the Knockouts championship Shane has been involved in this strange rivalry with rosemary it’s come to this couldn’t have come to anything else monsters balls between these two I don’t think so I think rosemary did everything she could try to get inside the head didn’t work and this is the result rebirth indeed came to five-time knockouts champion Madison Rayne joining us here at commentary for this Knockouts championship match to set her she is the TA [Applause] representing defective [Music] colors herself the demon assassin talks often about when referring to her like there’s a great early hour much like shorty [Music] [Music] [Applause] strategy because Madison Lane you’re exactly right this match does favor rosemary and chain do it and deliver that big dive Oh this rivalry has been so intense [Applause] [Laughter] [Music] Jade doesn’t attach if you remember she told rosemary you’re sick in your twisted but so am i you just haven’t seen it yet and that can be dangerous or do you think that change fit rosemary wings every week it’s hard to think that anybody could match that level but if I’m Venus uh no J refers to herself as the war queen and that’s exactly what she sucked into here they call each other my red in my view on social media and now you can see rosemary has introduced the weapons of monsters ball and who will utilize these weapons first who’s worked dr. bull in this environment rosemary I don’t know in this element jade is such an unknown and like I said that could be just as dangerous she’s been able to watch rosemary in an arena like this one doesn’t know always g’d is gonna bring thunder is shot with a kendo stick off the back of the forward knockouts champion shade remember it was rosemary who issued the challenge cover and a kick-out at two gee you guys stink and poked my eye open the floor to you as well do you think that rosemary sort of got chin in the environment that she wants something we all know that it plays to the environment it’ll take off that cover hooks the inside leg I got it getting Jade into this environment we know that favors rolls man’s BC and have witnessed us for a change tried to get it up and up but Rose bear was able to turn it around and what I like about what rosemary has done she went to the weapons and she continues to use those very weapons to keep the bad we know what’s inside this and Madison you brought up a great point earlier that rosemary has been under the tutelage of the monster of this close what’s inside that black bag I can’t believe that I’m witnessing a knockout monster balls match I can’t believe that I’m Sid Rowse Mary Mitchell do stacks into this matchup here we go what is rosemary have in mind insider what is rosemary gonna do Janey trying to counter got the edge of our seats here Jane is gonna have to tap into her b-flat Jane is gonna have to go to wicked place if she wants to beat rosemary and survive in this environment as she talked about JP the unknown of this type of that she looks pretty comfortable right now [Applause] [Music] – rosemary right now – rosemary with a laugh and a Samuel [Applause] James said I could be just a sick and twisted as you are you haven’t seen again we’ve seen the cards that rosemary has jade was old that’s showing her cards to anyone and now she has brought the level of twisted and sadistic miss to rosemary you know we look at home every boy and you see what she just did with the trash the trash can and rosemary this is why Impact Wrestling is so great we got the greatest wrestlers the greatest knockouts and you’re gonna witness some complete utterly craziness right now in this Buster balls man I should have you ever seen two knockouts put it on the line the way these two are right now [Applause] J knockouts champion to kick out I mean that Detective Oh rosemary was a knockout championship and you know what were you talking about prepare when you talk about training sometimes a deepness is a great office and we just saw that Jade was able to counter that his attack and then she was able to capitalize what a match here knockouts monsters ball for all of our great fans so we got to remind our fans in the UK and Ireland to check out the total access TNA wrestling app it’s available online and on mobile for 99 pounds a month new weekly episodes available immediately on the app as they premier [Applause] go to impact wrestling comm for more details rosemary with the table now in the ring a snap suplex on Jake folks over goes for the cover kick-out what is shaking the eyes of rosemary it almost looks like there’s in every opponent that she’s ever had given code if she was able to get into the minds of them and break them down a little bit mentally before the match and shouldn’t get to do that with day the specialty of a base the board with barbed wire has been to the ring by rosemary there’s no way wired for rosemary closes away with others comes here at ringside after what we just saw what the state have in mind now Jade’s gonna try to trap Kingsbury disproving right now [Applause] rosemary in a little bit of shock right now because rosemary couldn’t have had a better teacher a better trainer better rate watch this if you can one more time Jane with a springboard boat salt Oh spelling you will never see anything like this [Applause] and it’s all coming on counts championship here tonight at Genesis Jay now going back to the table that she brought inside the six-sided ring she clearly has a plan with this she’s wondering what do I have to do to beat rosemary I haven’t gotten that not one time in this match from Jade it really feel like she just heard me and she didn’t show I think Oh Jay likes this matchup because she’s been able to dish out the punishment and make rosemary pay trying to put rosemary away once and for all rosemary on the table inside this exciting ring chain above the top rope on 4:50 away right now [Music] [Music] [Applause] these two knockouts have a lot of hatred for one another and they’re shown in here you have to hand it to rosemary right now everything that jade was putting us through in this match no other woman would be standing let alone liming here we go rosemary she countered Jade rosemary she’s got Jada perched up on the top rope shoulders down and rosemary is able to retain Knockouts championship but I’m gonna say this over the past six or seven months women’s wrestling has been taken to a new level no matter where you watch on what particular night hall-of-famer she’s trying to change [Music] [Music] J you know both of those hot guys came out here to do and Madison you know how emotional area can be at times when you’ve been pummeled and you just come up [Music] you know they’d have been getting training and tutelage from mentor sorter back inside the Rings ovince and turn around Luxan already injured Jo Kim can’t see rosemary couldn’t be happier about what she’s done here tonight I impact [Music]

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