Ronda Rousey remembers the loss of her father: Total Divas, Oct. 8, 2019

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You want music?>>Yeah.>>You ready?>>Ready. [MUSIC]>>[LAUGH]
>>Babe.>>What? [LAUGH]
>>I want one.>>You’ll get one.>>I want one.>>You’ll get one. [LAUGH] You’ll get more than one. Is that what she just said?>>[LAUGH] No, just Trav says that.>>It’s so funny. [CROSSTALK]
>>Yeah! [SOUND]
>>Hey, daddy, what’s going on? I’m just trying to figure out,
some place that I fit in WrestleMania, I just can’t bear the thought of going
to WrestleMania and not doing anything, like not after this year that I’ve had. I told TJ I’m like,
I fought too hard to get here. I fought too hard. From my dad got in the way,
to l never took any time off, because I was, no,
I’m fighting for my spot, and then just to come to work and like I’m
not even have anything, just literally be told that I’m not needed,
>>It’s not that you’re not needed in general, it’s that, you need to put your
time and attention on yourself, I mean, wrestling is months and months, and months
away, who knows it’s going to happen. So many things changed last minute.>>Last week I was, Nadia, I promise you
you’ll get a Wrestlemania moment, but I just know where it fits, you know?>>I know.>>Okay.
I’ll let you eat. I’m sorry to interrupt your food,
and I’ll let.>>No. No.>>Okay. I’ll talk to you in a little bit.>>Okay.>>Bye, Ronda.>>I worry about it a little bit though. She kinda reminds me of
my mom a little bit. After my dad died, she just worked us up. [MUSIC] Unfortunately, at eight years old,
we lost my dad. [MUSIC] He broke his back. And I was never able to heal from it. What I really needed was something, I needed a welcome distraction and
an outlet. So I started doing judo, and by the time I
was 16, I already made the Olympic team.>>It’s weird, that all of our
fathers actually have passed away. Everybody handles things differently. They all go through grief differently. And at one point, you wanna let them deal with it how
they’re I wanna deal with it, but at another point, as a friend, you wanna
be able to step in and say something.>>I know I’ve made a lifelong friend and I just wanna be here to help him get
through this and losing my dad, myself, I definitely understand, but
you can’t just pretend it didn’t happen.

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