Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar – WWE Highlights 11 October 2019 Replay

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the Challenger Roman reigns you via pinfall submission or escape from the Kate it from Brockton Roman it’s for the universal championship and it’s a rematch of a brutal battle and WrestleMania it’s all about the universal championship blister yet another f5 I got my ass kicked last night to be honest I still really don’t even know what happened yesterday but I do know this Brock Lesnar is one hell of a businessman the most decorated athlete in combat sports history [Music] word got out he was going back to the USC and then WWE release bad news for anyone who wants to be Universal champion and once again I’m gonna face Brock Lesnar but it’s not going down like you did at WrestleMania because this time we’re gonna be in a steel cage that’s exactly and gentlemen there is the steel cage that will surround the Ring you win this match tonight via pinfall submission or escape over the top of the cage where both feet hit the floor or through the door where both feet will hit the floor for the first time in over three years the World Championship will be defended inside a steel cage tonight at the greatest Royal Rumble King Abdullah sports city stadium we know what these two men have done to each other in the past and there is the big dog [Applause] we’ve heard from both what they are willing to do to one another inside of this menacing steel cage for the right to call themselves Universal champion who will survive for I would ask you a question because we discussed this a bit last week on Monday Night Raw when Booker T filled in for the coach is tonight a must-win situation for Roman reigns I believe so yes I believe it it’s as close to must-win as it can possibly be in sports entertainment Roman reigns has carried this place on his back for so long was the vote of the person brought to new contract to decide it’s your very well he may be mr. advance that it has cursed that notwithstanding Roman reigns still accepted this trip into the Lions Den [Applause] well Roman reigns possesses all of those quality but he’s not dealing with a man tonight only one word is needed to describe this man peace [Applause] there’s a plethora of others it would be appropriate conqueror celebrated Universal champion it is maybe the most important evening Brock Lesnar has never thank you and a steel cage as Paul Heyman calls him the cages the Octagon let the third meeting between these men WrestleMania 31 the following contest is a steel cage match well I tell me you tell me we Universal Championship Rover and his opponent wouldn’t a common [Applause] Lester rains round three inside a cage tonight Roman reigns good enough to conquer the Conqueror Roman reigns is on Brock’s turf inside of a cage Lesnar cage fighting experience where he’s most comfortable and what’s interesting about this quarry is Roman reigns has not taken his eyes off Brock Lesnar since laser walked through the curtain out on the stage minutes ago you know what though I I agree with you Cole but much of the same WrestleMania this is the same look the same focused Romans brought welcome aboard Jenna a familiar feeling for Roman reigns on the receiving end of those German suplexes two German suplexes right out of the box any great team throughout history inevitably someone always has your number Brock Lesnar has Roman reigns number period so if this is about to Lesnar a fourth German suplex ticked off tonight Corey I think he’s got something to prove he gave five f5 to Roman reigns before he put him away with a 6-1 at WrestleMania plus he’s got this brand new contract he’s on top of the world Lesnar willing to do tonight at five to raise four German suplexes one f5 shock and awe to start this match and it could be on the verge of ending the night off for Lesnar Roman reigns has got to be shell-shocked he doesn’t know what hit him pajetta a familiar feeling for Roman reigns Brock with Roman up yet again is Lesnar willing to do tonight to raise rates though avoided [Applause] [Music] to his knees in the corner rates for a third faster puck down again and the big dog measuring the champion is it his moment can range rally can he retaliate range hanging out of the cage pink hanging out of the cage able to escape to the top rope wait where’s maiya stay pure Roman reigns they’re gonna go over the top to win the championship another leg over and the Beast scaling the steel leg has a grip on that chest protector of Roman reigns got to track it back in a promo just drops to the floor he’s the universal champions it along with both men top rope oh god this is elbow dropping reigns and now Brock Lesnar looks like he they try to escape this is a frightening scene here as they’re scaling that cage unless there’s an athlete like we’ve never seen but he doesn’t look too comfortable up there kori Brock does not look that chuckle of scaling to the height of the top of the cage and that allows Roman reigns to recover a grab and hold at least for the moment Lester’s legs as they’re trying to hang on for dear life I like punching at the hamstrings at the Beast incarnate not a bad strategy head for Sanada now practice up top reigns is called the power of words earth-shaking powerbomb but Lesnar already back up to all fours just impressive how quick Lesnar got up from that powerbomb look at Samoa Joe looking on make a Samoa Joe bow battle Roman reigns a week from this Sunday at backlash in Newark New Jersey on the Tildy Tildy Network but will it be for the universal championship it all depends on the elbow if reigns keeps this up it could well be all reigns can afford to do is Center his focus on his current opponent that is the Beast lesser a can pounce off the cage a second time by range and reigns now effectively using the cage as a weapon not just to contain competitors but to hurt your opponent like reigns is doing here remember Lesnar asked for universal championship that all depends on the rage keeps this up it could this this was the beast request capitalized but Roman I think realizes he’s going to have to hit another way to get the job done unless you’re looking to make it back to his feet range stock poised ready to go he’s got Lester in his sights reigns is ready Roman reigns knows he’s not dealing with any mortal man he’s dealing with the Beast incarnate the universal championship is on the line Roman knows it doesn’t take just several good shots to take down Brock Lesnar you need several great shots and even then that might not be enough to Speers from rain once again looking at take Brock out using the roads from could it be reigns moment reigns is trying to put an exclamation point at what point is doubt creep into the mind of the big dog three of your best shots three dead-on Spears to Brock Lesnar and the Beast has survived I think Roman reigns understands that and Roman I did he just call for the door to be open he did Roman call for the championships on the line it’s about the title anyway to survive and reigns having to take Brock out using the ropes from o Hanuman a third spear trying to make his way through the door dispatch Haven Rock rocks go rage at each other’s shoulders cover on the Challenger hook to the leg here kick-out by Roman at payment pays dividends what’s the point of having an advocate if they don’t pay dividends but you saw the look of disbelief on the face of the champion and all one another assist by Paul Heyman all perfectly legal not bad enough you got a deal with Brock Lesnar you got to worry about Heyman on the outside steel chair into the ring again no disqualifications completely legal but that just shows you the desperate times perhaps for the champion Cory could be desperation it could be enjoyment because in the smirk on Lesnar’s face he’s about to savor every second for the Beast you guys tell me now if Brock Lesnar looks concerned no I didn’t say Brock [Applause] the scorecard looks like this for German suplexes two f5s four spears and these two competitors are still fighting the difference-maker could be the item that Roman reigns has in his hands right now a steel chair because he gets to inflicting so many times a chair shot echoed throughout the stadium all right I know I can assign names right now Lester doesn’t hesitate to use a chair Roman reigns doesn’t either reigns has the freedom to fire at will and boy is he ever cuz he gets to it for Roman reigns to get to this point rage Superman watch Brock’s down again Lesnar’s still moving and Roman reigns realizes it there is no winning there is no escaping this cage as long as there’s breath in the beasts lungs I have no other choice keep the pig Roman reigns realizes the officials decision here both bet have hit the floor but I believe Brock [Applause] the cage and still but tell me you tell me we Universal champion rah no the rules are the rules by Coco you have to like it you just have to accept that Roman reigns is going to be beside himself understandably so but the facts are Brock Lesnar’s feet they contact with the floor before rolling Brock Lesnar is still your reigning defending undisputed Universal heavyweight champion on the shotgun ahh I’m an absolute shot but let’s see us one more time let’s in Roman reigns have a champ on the rope he made it close in Italy but absolute shot but let’s see this one more time let’s get Roman reigns have a chance is down apparently Brock Lesnar’s back cops down at the officials ruling all that’s what the official rules whether or not Brock Lesnar is still the universal champion take about four years four years that Roman reigns has tried to stake this burden known as Brock Lesnar and once again Roman rapists and I’ll tell you what if I’m Roman reigns there’s some controversy I think it’s a guarantee is Roman reigns recovers and Stu’s over this match that’s certainly gonna be one of the primary thoughts definitely a judgment call but I got said it could be a one the equal to speed situation Brock Lesnar’s back indisputable II was out of the cage first his body hit the ground first I don’t think anybody’s disputing Corian rot is the universal champion after the ruling by the official and what was a punishing ruling max here tonight again we kept score there were a poor German suplexes to live in a Roman reign to f5 poor while I guess down five Spears County the one that ended this matchup Spectre worse for wear rains were the body of Brock Lesnar that will make contact [Music] and the frustration continues to build and continue to mountain for Roman reigns at WrestleMania unless they’re retained and again here tonight at the greatest Royal Rumble Brock Lesnar is still your WWE Universal Champion it’s got to be incredibly frustrating for Roman reigns frustrating heartbreaking yet a harsh reality the Beast incarnate is still the universal champion okay controversy reigning supreme here tonight in Jeddah Saudi Arabia nonetheless Brock Lesnar Roman reigns edible battle Brock is still the champion as we now look ahead to the world’s largest road the world’s largest row level that just on the quick tweet from Sunday the backlash pay-per-view that co-branded Newark New Jersey no rest for the weary for Roman reigns in Samoa Joe please and Joe renew a fierce and bitter rivalry a week from Sunday rage Superman parts box down again range though avoided face cuz he gets to inflict punishment quarter rates for a third Leicester Stadium alright to the side oh and we’re gonna see the shades right now Rob Lester doesn’t hesitate to usage though this is about to Lesnar a fourth german suplex reigns though avoided to his knees in the corner range though avoided the Power Man first on his current opponent that is the Beast Lester again bounced off the universal championship that all depends on the if rage keeps this up at page as a weapon not just to contain competitors but to hurt here intense look at his face let this be the one for over this this was the beasts request Roman reigns realizes [Applause]

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