Ring Gear Remix, Ep. 22: Joey Janela

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hi welcome to ring gear remix it is the show where we take a wrestler and make them into the same wrestler but different an elevated version usually better sometimes worse sometimes worse which is also great doesn’t matter I’m Arial italic I’m lady Baraka I’m I’m gonna get White Castle after this oh that sounds disgusting gross anyway as you know we’re gonna take a wrestler talk about their current character their current look and then talk about how we would redesign that if we ran the zoo today it’s Joey janela a Jersey legend Jill um he’s uh what do we know about him I know that he’s a from Jersey he parties yeah says bad boy Joy janella bad boy he’s a bad boy he has some very like cute glasses can’t in quotes he’s got he has like a um I’m just literally scrolling through Google right now he has like I ate like a look at this picture of him though a young Joey Jenelle yeah what well weird no he looks like he hates wherever he’s at before I just got lots of beat up probably both he’s he’s um he’s on the dough your side for a wrestler which is not a judgment thing it’s just a fact he’s fun-loving he’s yeah he’s up he’s up party he’s a party boy he also like I did not know this until fairly recently is actually really good at the real wrestling part of wrestling huh I assume because I had only ever seen him in like goofy deathmatch and that he could not really do the other stuff no he’s pretty good he seems his character and persona seem very joke oriented yeah and he can I saw him at Chikara and he fought Holly wicked and they did like a real technical match and I was like whoa okay that’s a good detail to know for the redesign yes we want a we don’t have to but there’s an option yeah to push him more serious and the the other thing that he is known for which i think is cool in general is that he gives people who normally would not get like a second look at in wrestling like big tries like he gave Effie a really big break oh he gave Justin Thomas the double amputee like big positions and his leagues and shows before almost very almost come on our show once really really wasn’t useful sir oh sure once a long time ago I had no recollection again maybe well we’d love to have it we’re using to have a reverse secret where we think in the past he might have been an option no this is actually the secret this is a the back in time secret old roommate came over today uh my friend Sarah and she was like we’re just talking about things and she’s like that’s secret and I was like I know and she got it and I was like what felt very seen house marmalade mommy’s doing great unrelated is Sarah Sarah was the one who took mark yeah marmalade is a cat that I used to have that was adopted from an employer former employer of both of motor area italic and accident report but you know what he liked Sarah better so he went and lived with her and he’s doing right that’s good uh everyone I hope that you’re here for marmalade updates because they’re the most important thing that we do and I’m just watch JJ’s asleep right now because he gets super jealous this is just the animal corner there’s actually no wrestling in our podcast if you’re going to talk about pets that you’ve not met we could tweet pictures of the pets though pets you’ve not met wet area I tell every – every pet is a blessing well that sounds like you were being ironic but you actually just meant it no I love and I literally love the the goose on untitled tell me about the goose game we’ll get to Joey we’re gonna get to Joe Joe and you have the intro that we just talked about her so goose has a very Joey Gela energy actually he has like a very sassy waddle he walked me as he walks with some sass and he just wants to cause mischief and mayhem I look if Joey janela were to be a video game character confident he would be this goose what if he was the goose jo janela the goose and just goose people the I actually love yet even being the goose like a sec I don’t hate that Brigham goose geese are violent these are mean is the game fun though well back to the game sorry yes question mark I don’t know that I’m actually making any progress at all but I just like the goose so much that it doesn’t even matter interesting anyway Joey janela um no I just found out about video games you can play the dog from duck hunt and Smash Brothers yeah yeah yeah we’re gonna get around about that oh that was a really dark those anti dog that was like Oh course noise who Oliver horse lady Jim Carrey from in living color Joey janella I will say Joey I’m pretty sure you’ll want our good friend design I mean his car in New Jersey pants with Jersey on the butthole oh great and I think they’re really cool I got to see them up I didn’t person I was like others like all kinds of interesting details on this that I would not have noticed on television yeah the tough thing about Joey janella is that his specific thing is um very well communicated through his nog he is a he’s a Jersey party boy and I don’t know how much like you know that because you know you’ve watched him it says it knows t-shirt it says it on this stuff but I don’t like I think there are ways it could be clearer communicated to non like yeah like something I was thinking a lot about what the NXT debut on TV is like what does someone who tunes into this who’s never seen any of these characters before because now it’s on television which will be happening with aw like what will they understand about this term yeah from looking at the outfit and what Joey doesn’t read like other than the literal Jersey on his but yeah he doesn’t read like New Jersey party boy right from the first look like you get that after you’re told that but you have to like be able to understand like a drag race oh yeah oh you have to understand what like the book immediately um I guess if I were oh you the dogs are wrestling not wrestling but rustling around is that okay yeah they’re fine um if I were if you hear just clacking around though it’s it’s JJ’s comb changing has a comb we don’t call it the cone of shame I understand that is a common name for this cone but he’s very sensitive about it so we call it I forgot what we call but it’s not the cone of shame anymore it’s like yeah JJ speaks fluent English the cone of pride he knows the concept of shame the kkona that he absolutely does so if I were to be Jersey or about Jay I know we just juice here like a I guess like a denim would be appropriate for him I look at wait are we keeping him in Jersey well he’s just like you know yes that’s part of the carrot I like I like the character a lot I think that we could communicate him with like just like shitty jeans and like a cutoff t-shirt to like he’s Bruce Springsteen Jersey yeah that’s not where I was going with it I like bro Jersey we already have a full denim situation in AAW with orange Cassidy that is true I this is a very different denim yeah like I want like a mom Jean almost I was thinking like those like dark like oh you know what it has to be I’m putting it together it has to be full like Christian Audigier though bro like that she what was it called what was it called it was uh what was the brand I have to Google this real quick a pardon me I don’t know or talk yes you will when when we got the brand name I’m excited about it was very Paris Hilton in it was very popular in the mid 2000 yeah lots of embellishments like bad classical tattoo designs done with rhinestones it was so I remember I were not afflicted at winters I’m probably saying his name ed hardy party Christian Audigier Audigier my Luger I got a Gurkha loser did stuff for ed hardy there we had I want Melrose in LA there was a store dedicated to this it was so popular yeah that’s hysterical that should be the love all right and that communicates like fun party trash yeah he’d have to turn up the arrogance a little bit more like the holes in the denim if there are holes or a very tailored hole yeah they are not just like maniacally ripped but there’s also like shitty Panther drawings done yeah some of this stuff used is still going for hundreds of dollars yeah it was expensive but it was expensive why I worked at Buffalo Exchange at the time when it was and we would get it in and we all hated it but we’re like people buy it don’t buy all of it because yes and we were in Southern California – at the time so and I could just picture him doing like a shitty photoshoot like next to like a shitty muscle car in like full and like it’s still very Jersey it’s not kind of like Jersey Couture ed hardy with like a trucker hat well so ed hardy originally was a tattoo artist right right so that’s something to note all right so that’s so it’s those four people who wear it are not people necessarily that’s your tattoo yeah you’re right they might have like a tribal tattoo on their phone yeah yeah or a lower back textile lower back tattoo yeah okay so he has those jeans yeah and like a denim jacket with the same shitty tattoo designs I mean yeah there’s hoodies available – yeah yeah yeah you can cut the sleeves off those hoodie yeah yeah yeah yeah you can still wrestle in sneakers yep did you see any of these pictures no you you know what ed hardy looks like yeah but I want to see these because you go to these pictures up and then just put the phone down I was wondering I thought maybe you didn’t find them no I was like gagging oh you’re just person we were just too busy gagging okay well I I want to be in on the reference okay yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah no I’ve seen oh I know exactly what all this is yes yes yeah they’re that great I still like the idea of him in a shirt that is cut off the choices midriff cuz I love that you can wear yeah besting yeah love that for him he’s always got to be showing a little butt crack just yes right now that’s an important character detail I exist in the present and would have to be carried forward oh so he’s got some low-rise to them yeah from them oh yeah yeah the bootcut grow already whatever and harder ash live well there’s nothing like motorcycle ish type of influence there to like motorcycle culture so like very bootcut but when pay-per-views come out you could wear more of a leather pant with the shitty mm-hmm your lotta is gonna have so much fun with this yeah yeah well I have to make sure we wanted we should get her as a guest yes I like deep keep his hair long and big and gross I think that we’re totally it’s oddly everything look at us not cutting peoples hair no you don’t have to you don’t have to hair is important to people’s identities it is yeah a shave mine do it it’s it’s option because you know what it does it grows back that’s it so if you don’t yes I’m a little scared it won’t hair is biologically a thing that grows out of you define very thin welder this wig that I’m wearing right now on this podcast America’s in full drag right now a semi obviously I’m wearing a wrassle t-shirt party world oh I’m gonna fully beaded gown yeah I look better than I’ve ever Santa’s best for the podcast I mean I go I can barely stand this wig is so tall Jesus it’s AI mean Italy I didn’t even notice you know when you live in New York you need to remember to look up sometimes you’re gonna see the top of someone’s wig well that is but if you look down you’re gonna see my gross toes and rats but also generally some cute graffiti and dogs and dogs so your look up look down look around Georgian Ella I look up look down look around so Genoa I next time you would ask to someone an ounce of him oh my god I that should be the how they they get him in the ring what is happening look up look down look around joy to NOLA he would be like what does that mean it’s basically welcome to the stage Joey janela it’s it’s a I don’t know if that really fits with this character but I’m not gonna say no I think it does hey listen you can see you’re wearing like that you wanna be looked at look you could be a ring announcer one day me yeah maybe I’m a life is long you never know just something and so if that happens just keep that in your back pocket is the thing that you can say about him so we’re gonna drop things on the ground right now do I risk my a big chunky bracelet I’m wearing right now it just fell off him selves are a nice damp brunch uh we’re recording this on a Sunday you will hear it on a Thursday welcome to tomorrow and and and you might be listening to it next week or tomorrow or yesterday I don’t know but uh it’s Sunday and today at brunch I was wearing ring and I’ve been known to do this a few times where my jewelry will just fly off of my body and today a ring flew off and nearly missed uh nearly a nearly missed that means it didn’t hit him right yes nearly missed this gentleman at the bar very thankful and it just landed clinked on the bar there you have it oh yeah I made a hand gesture once and just bully shot my bracelet into this poor woman’s chest I shot one when we were at that their bar that were all closed down I shot one from the stage yep to the back of the restaurant to the front yeah just and could it like I would have reeled somebody or broken a window I was it didn’t almost hit them didn’t actually hit the mirror light up I don’t know I’m here anyway we’ve remade Joey janela wait why shouldn’t it work yeah we were not straight-to-dvd and someone’s like shoe came off or something and just clocked like decked a woman in the head you know what you know here’s the thing maybe you had gone by that point I leave a show early I’m old yeah um you said something earlier that reminded me of something I wanted to say that now I’m reminded to say it the details of his panties that he’s currently wearing no we’re back on topic you’re back on topic um believe it or not we are back and so what I want to say is if you don’t go to live shows you can’t see these things having the true you gotta go to a live show and you gotta go you gotta go not only spend money on WWE or aw or whatever go to an indie show you’re gonna see some things you’re gonna see somebody that’s gonna be real big someday it’s shrimp maybe not me maybe not Ariel maybe not axe to report probably accident report but definitely JJ my dog JJ’s are really good right Joey janella JJ oh hey action stands for Jason jr. my shoot name is Jason uh-oh she’s just putting it all out there they know that some of them are friends with me on my Facebook page and I just haven’t bothered a and it’s on my Instagram Darian no it’s just since Jason is a K Jason Ellen Harris I don’t know because I’m an actor too alright we’re done everyone enjoy Wow tomorrow up down look all around Joe janella thank you for listening

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