Ricochet & Ali vs. The Hardy Boyz: Action Figure Showdown

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[MUSIC] Welcome to another incredible edition
of Action Figure Showdown presented by Ringside Collectables. And have we got amazing
action on tap tonight. The tag team titles are on the line
in a TLC match with four of the most outrageous athletes
our industry has ever seen. [MUSIC] WWE resident superhero
Ricochet has arrived. Take just a second to admire
the removable entrance gear and incredible tattoo detail on Ricochet
because once the bell rings, the action is gonna be fast and furious. If you can dream it up,
Ricochet can pull it off. An incredible athlete, the likes of
which we may have never seen before. [MUSIC] An amazing athlete like Ricochet when
choosing a partner took everything into consideration and
couldn’t have picked a better ally. [MUSIC] It is the man who strives to be
the light in the darkness of WWE, Ali complete removable entrance gear and
mask, making his way down the Raw
entrance stage pop up. This is gonna blow your mind for sure. Four of the most incredible athletes
the business has ever seen vying for the right to be WWE Tag Team Champions. [MUSIC] Rising from the fire,
harkening back to their days as members of the brood, Matt and
Jeff making their way to battle. Complete with removable fabric tee shirts,
those beautiful classic tag team titles,
unique hair, removable necklaces. This is a great throwback from one of the
greatest tag teams ever in this business. [MUSIC] The time for admiration is over,
it is about to get ugly. One of these teams must climb the ladder
and retrieve the Tag Team Titles that are being lifted to the heavens
before our very eyes. [APPLAUSE]
>>Get ready for a human demolition derby.>>[SOUND] Not gonna be a lot
of style points in this one, don’t expect a technical masterpiece. These four men willing to do whatever
it takes to climb the ladder and grasp the Tag Team Championships
high above the ring. Jeff Hardy finds himself on the outside
of the ring which is far from safe when you’re dealing with Ali and Ricochet.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Side effect connects stopping Ricochet dead in his tracks. Ali looking to introduce the first
ladder of the matchup and Matt puts a halt to Ali’s plans. [APPLAUSE]
>>This thing is getting ugly in a hurry.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Good God! Ricochet connects, Matt Hardy in trouble,
Ali looking to join the party. Bang! Ricochet standing strong.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Look out! Face first goes Matt Hardy. Ali could be looking for the old 5-4! Inverted splash, nobody home. Both teams looking for
any sort of advantage, whisper in the wind from Jeff Hardy. Reversal, wow what unique offense
taking down both Hardys is Ricochet. Round and round we go,
down goes Matt Hardy.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Nasty collision with the ladder in the corner. Poetry in motion, nobody home.>>Ricochet misses
the standing shooting star. Twist of fate. This one could be over soon? Uh-oh, Ali looking to introduce
a little lumber to the match up. Matt and Jeff,
two of the innovators of the TLC match. Jeff Hardy from way up top. My god, no no no no no.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Are you kidding me? Ricochet just sniped Hardy out of mid-air.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Ali all alone, looking to make the long climb. Can Matt Hardy stop Ali from
reaching the tag title? Yes he does. Uh-oh you know when the Hardy’s start
taking their shirts off the end is near. [APPLAUSE]
>>Matt Hardy reaching Ali. My God! On to the ladder to the floor. Jeff Hardy hastily trying to
figure out a way to stop Ali from grabbing the Tag Team Championships.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>This is gonna be it, no way Hardy gets up from that. Ricochet from the top, 630. No. Ricochet sent to the outside Matt Hardy
now with a window of opportunity. Jeff joining his brother Matt,
RIcochet a non-factor. Don’t be fooled by the smile
on Ali’s face, he is in pain. As are the Hardys crashing
all the way to the floor.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>It is like a car crash in the center of
the ring, bodies strewn everywhere.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>What is Ricochet thinking?>>No. No!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Unbelievable! I wouldn’t believe if it I
hadn’t seen it with my own eyes! So innovative, such high risk,
such high reward. But now, can Ali make the climb? Ricochet rooting Ali on. Rung by rung. Inverted hurricanrana from Ali. Matt Hardy’s down. Ricochet and Jeff fighting on the outside.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>This doesn’t bode well for Ricochet, but Ali making the climb
to the top of the ladder. The title’s within his fingertips! Swanton crash and burn.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Now Hardy from nowhere, Ali sent crashing. Matt Hardy is all alone. Will the Hardys retain? [SOUND] Yes! Matt and Jeff Hardy do the impossible. What a hard fought battle by both teams,
all four men throwing caution to the wind, sacrificing their own bodies,
their well beings. Taking all of the risks
they could dream up for the honor of being WWE Tag Team Champions! What a match, what a spectacle but
in the end just as Ali had destiny in his fingertips,
Matt Hardy stopped the plan. The brood Matt and Jeff Hardy retain the WWE Tag Team Championships
unbelievable. And don’t miss your opportunity to get
your hands on the Elite Series Ricochet and Ali figures with
removable entrance gear. As well as the exclusive
Brood Hardy 2 Pack, with unique faces and alternate hands. The Ultimate Ladder and
Table Playset, the Raw and SmackDown Pop-Up Stages,
a pop-up live crowd, available from Ringside Collectibles and

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