Rey Mysterio on Cain Velasquez Brock Lesnar WWE RAW 7 October 2019 HD

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done how’s Dominic doing Charlie first off I’d like the dank yeah moral support from my former WWE Superstars and the double universe as you know last week my son Dominic was brutalized by Brock Lesnar something like that will shake anymore to their core put it away I’ve never been prouder he took like a man after that this visible scars oh you saw his emotional ones take longer he’s now all rested and up with the task well like you said being brutalized by the Beast can really shake anyone to there for so how are you feeling a week later after us Paul Heyman would put it your victimized by the Beast Jordan men and women become parents we vowed to love and protect them I was pee so bad I had to watch Brock Lesnar myself and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it I truly felt helpless I felt like I let myself down myself but I left my family down then I’m sitting it’s a complex bedside at the hospital time us a champion naturally that brought less years get with it but he told us some very abruptly there’s someone that’s got out there what happened to power famine where’s the Lamia it’s Velasquez [Music]

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