Relive “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s unreal return to Madison Square Garden: WWE Now

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Cathy Kelly here for WWE Now. And this past Monday night on
Raw in Madison Square Garden, superstars got stunned,
beers were chugged, and everyone was loving
Stone Cold Steve Austin’s return. That is, except for AJ Styles.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Stunner again in the Garden.>>Stone Cold tweeted about
how good it felt to be back. And Steve, we felt the exact same. And it wasn’t just the WWE Universe
screaming Hell Yeah, a lot of WWE superstars were reveling
in Stone Cold Stone Cold’s appearance. [SOUND] Seth Rollins has opened
up a can of whoop ass on any and all recent challenger for
his Universal Championship. So it’s only natural that he posted a pic
drinking a can of beer a la Stone Cold. The Viking Raiders’ Erik tweeted
the celebratory photo of the team cheersing after their huge win. And there wasn’t one person in Madison
Square Garden having a better night than Cedric Alexander, not only getting
the pin over AJ Styles in Raw’s massive main event, but also getting the nod
from one of his idols, Steve Austin. You’d think the gift of his
presence would be enough, but Steve didn’t show up to
Madison Square Garden empty handed. He even brought along this framed picture
of Motorhead as a present for Triple H. Austin noting the significance and
history that this gift represents. And speaking of gifts, they keep on giving
while we all thought Stone Cold tapped in as much as he possibly could to
his return to Monday Night Raw. He kept going after the show went off air, hitting AJ with a Stunner
to end the night.>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] It is with the hell yeah, if you’re
feeling Stone Cold Steve Austin’s return to Monday Night Raw and of course,
stick with us at WWE digital for more updates on your favorite superstars.

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