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welcome to the Shreveport connection with Tommy this videos on your wrong results and your giving remove it results as well but and there’s a fourth of September return you have 2019 and you got no sector between page birthdays Jason Jordan turned 31 poorer hardcore champion Steve Blackman 356 then Japanese they didn’t Jay note our video on September 28th birthday Jeannie cheers more 1989 29th birthday Stacey the cat Carter turn her birthday 1970 Yoshihiro Tajiri 1970 China’s real and that’s in it in XT she was born 1985 September 30th christoph von erich 1969 st. changes Michele 1978 hey Ronnie our birthday Charlie he’s more 1993 a new official Jimmy Twitter account at Debbie beads above had tweeted out a video from the recent edition of TV hosts ever met who has signed with W me to work as an on-air personality the tree came after it was recently revealed that yogi be filed to trademark the tibia means the bump name for a new show you can see original report on the account at the Mac video I did not get the link the morning talk show style series will premiere Wednesday October 2nd cauliflower I only could announce that Rick boggler passed away at the age of 49 on September 20th Martha who is known well known as the fake razor ramon and as big titan in frontier martial-arts wrestling partner passed away at the age of 49 and also a big tighten in FM give you several Russell took your social media comment on his passing aw world champion Chris Jericho right on Instagram sorry to hear about the passing of my old friend at Titan Rick tightened on Rick today Rick was a constant opponent and friend from the first month I moved to Calgary in 1990 all the way until we and a storm Wrestling Academy worked for hashtag war in Japan in 1995 he ended up in a WB ads a fake razor razor alone and then became a motivational speaker he was a funny guy who did great impressions and a little and a literal giant inner ring well I saw him before hey fuck closet right gig in Calgary a few years ago and it was great to reconnect and catch up 49 is wait wait your young fans away but I’ll always remember his big smile and drinking hashtag ku-ku-ku-ku be with he and doctor dr. Lutzer while singing karaoke in Japan god bless you Rick Dave your board Smith treat it sad to hear the news about Rick Bonner okay Rick tightened big tighten Razor Ramon to passing away lapolt oh we’re taking while running is you Rick a few years back at Senior Center I’ll post that for you right here and unfortunately was the last time I saw Rick but we had a good talk about Japan rip Rick whatever you see have you saw the blue meanie wrote about a monitor during an easy W I’ll show sad you’re here about the passing of Rick monger / rip Titan great a funny guy from the time I met him in easy give you some remember him as fake razor ramon that kid came out of him doing it on the ECW house show he popped Nicole Godspeed Rick impact knockout champion chairback retreated so sad you worked at the gold gym when I did my first fitness competition always so happy and positive we’re smack you’re moving to Fox this week the show has been removed from Hulu users will now need to subscribe to Hulu live to watch the show which starts at $44.99 per month is that price guess what ain’t doing it it was Smackdown ending its run on the USA Network last week Alfred Canora posted an article looking at some Jewish ship stats for the blue brand during its run on Tuesday nights there was no units back yet alive viewer just declined 16% during its three-year run he had averaged two point four seven five million viewers in 2016 and finished with 2,073 2.0 73 million through September 2019 there was also noted a Smackdown live current median viewership more than doubles that of boxes current 8 p.m. Friday khutba previously report preview reported box and dish are currently involved in a dispute and the network is currently not airing audition or thing yeah baby is calling on fans who subscribe to dish in sling to help get the Fox channels back on reliant lot on the line up or to find another provider or Dish Network has the Fox assuming in this view isn’t resolved by Friday dishes thing users can try to locate locate the website called low-caste calm or through the low caste on Android bio Genie IRS and wroking it is only available in certain markets however those being New York Philadelphia Boston dude II see the place where eight you don’t well it’s not done this week Baltimore Chicago Houston down to Sioux Falls Denver Rapid City Los Angeles and San Francisco be nearly episode 1 172 call bringing the clear cleaner back can be found in Italy the night scene season of WB Chun divas was originally scheduled to premiere this Wednesday but as it’s moved to Tuesday October 1st my birthday at 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time on eat bran de Rossi joins in at Natalia Naomi and I inject for a new season which also includes returning cast members Carmela and newcomers on YouTube Nikki Bella Brie Bella will make guest appearances in series as well which should be fine at this link looks like you have every NXT champion Hannah Cole may be suffering from illegitimate inner injury so stay tuned if he appears on your seat in his chambers your match the leader of the United speed arrow was originally scheduled to wrestle on the cart and extreme road trip live event tour of the Midwest but was pulled from the ring according to game Meltzer of at 4 WL online calm Cole has been wearing a chance on his right wrist at times it hasn’t wrestled in a few weeks according to the report P he did do in ring ankle with Matt rule on Wednesdays in GM sewed cold and I wrestle a match Thursday’s an extreme live event from Des Moines Iowa as the main event saw if she North America champion runner shown retain over feet dude he also did not wrestle at Friday’s an extreme event from Independence Missouri the main events all doom and the street profits defeat Shawn with NXT champion shallow Ronnie and Bobby fish we all know if Cole was backstage for the charge but he didn’t I fear riddle vs. call so kind of hurt this man’s identity upset on the USA Network when he tied a little line as no return Thursday W issued another post in a key injury report I know Nina calls every picture other but the right arm during the run in with riddle it was also noted at Cole was sent sent to the emergency room eight for the attack but he was still scheduled to defend the town this coming week these new and exceed injury reports are mainly for the story lines but there have been mixes of legitimate injuries such as the stitches that Connery’s needed after last week’s dark late dark match lost at Damien priest bill up and here is a injury report uh with Matt Kemp three featuring the announcement of cold could we see the feed Bray Wyatt Papa Fox’s hit show mask since signature what would be a while across for merchants blacktrunk your trainer this week then choose the appearance on the popular reality singing competition series he wrote wait cheers he’s the mask at baking Jason design me for at mass singer Fox season super neato why attack Jason in the treat but works for the horror film can’t Tom Savini and his Tom Savini studios along with the input from lightens up Baker and his team or responsible for White’s new gimmick in a fire five months eight months including your props and puppets the set the masks and the lantern ahead Becker has also helped direct the pond health segments Becker is finding to write three the road truce at Debbie mu Bray Wyatt has the singing voice of an angel with stab wings and that singer Fox this Wednesday’s it have you a dynamite will be the young bucks in Kenya Omega versus the any of your world champion Chris Jericho and two mystery partners aw announced earlier today that Chris Jericho’s partners will be rebuilt on the the countdown show to a negative dynamite at 8:00 p.m. on TNT in the video in a video Jericho call for his partners but both were burnt blurred out although he did look they did look like Santana orange is probably on from Impact Wrestling LAX another thing they would still be going put in that name earlier this month jerk I’ll make sure that he filmed some segments with Santana is following a falling all out hanging spent collection days they will be Jericho’s mystery partners so here’s current lineup for a alw TV debut and page where’s pic4 pop pack formerly known as title rex from WB jon moxley appears on may be tell you runs versus a murmur guevara young bucks a kidney omegam words of the ATW world champion Chris Jericho to miss your furnace probably that’ll be your main event nyla Rose where’s the REO to crown the first ever awm shipping and mjf where’s the brand-new color most of these people are from Impact Wrestling also noted it was a confirmed this week that UFC heavyweight champion kingdom last cast is currently in talks with Jeremy and is also interested in possibly working with a dunya or huge fan bro rising yes yes hedgehogs for the three promotions and champlain the key the key to an opera from genifique would be building to a big showdown with Velasquez present professor for coins here Emma Mayen fangs dot-coms dari Melson Velasquez previously defeated laser to win the UFC headway channel at UFC 21 in 2010 that’s my guess stay tuned for results later on in the show as Bach was on Raw it was knowing about W resources at 37 year old Velasquez would likely under don’t need surgery before he made any long-term commitment to any pro wrestling promotion will ask as your workout GW Performance Center in Orlando last year made his front racing debut for Triple Aim back in August they worked a second match in September then he didn’t report reportedly enjoyed his matches with Triple Eight where he performed as a high flying luchador performing acrobatic moves while wearing a mask every resources also noted it the company is not interested in using roxana on fire would likely watch you present Velasquez a serious fighter one who can be a legitimate rival true lizard and can be found at this link disbelieve that wall run chipping would be able to afford cane if he wanted to make a real career of pro wrestling because they their pay skill it’s much lower than maybe I mean also have less matches it was over to Debbie wants exclusive picture it’s good exclusive with last kiss as they do with their other talents Triple Eight does have a working relationship in the last canteen with a UW executive rights president Cody Rhodes back in August Meltzer noted any potentially he W deal would allow Kane to continue working in Mexico where he is a you start new to at UFC Fame Velasquez remains under control under contract to UFC for several more fights here’s your OC deal get allow him for the due to play matches very similar to bronze lizard but UFC would not allow Cain to do easy physical for pro wrestling revolution event coming up this coming weekend PWR is a company that helped train Cain noted earlier is fine how Cain’s function years field and was asked if they run but aw ordinary appeal to him he said hey it seems to me beyond the past that he’s more interested in I love them both Kane’s head away he never gave me I think obviously you got me into power else they’ve had your biggest stars come from there there’s the most watched wrestling in the United States for sure I love the back the back stories and the drama but they’re wrestling to me I like more the lucious stuff I like to ask let us ISM and we do see some and give me a beat but as far as wrestling goes it’s not my favorite organization just as far as the wrestling I think yeah you Libya is doing some great stuff I like your talent that they brought in they have a mix of lucha which I think it’s pretty cool and something fans are really liking these days they do a great job in giving the fans what they want as far as wrestling and I love that they are doing that I like you both for what they are but I love the way you dougie is going the fact that they were going I see big things for them in the future if I can I’d love to do something with them stay tuned for more updates on Cain’s progress infusion a photo of the new Ross it backstage initially that’s revealed on Twitter and you can see the first look I feel like confirming pyro to both wrong way Smackdown confirmed by Kevin Dunn Dunn also commented on Raw it’s exactly reproduction Paul Heyman and Smackdown executive director Eric Bischoff we’re rolling out the coop I’m completely new since openings logos graphics team music for both wallets Matt young next week and WB primary for the first time ever we’re going to have a dedicated writing teams roulade by Paul Heyman at Smackdown led by Eric Bischoff Dunn said Rob Decker director Paul Heyman why don’t you clean slate with a roll announcing so he got their members they viewing this week of course you take bets are on the Sunday night’s main event podcast the new red brand announce team will debut with do men who also debuted last week big Joseph and young female Famer Jerry King Lawler return soon raw newsman team will debut announce team will debut this Friday on Plattsmouth with michael cole slaw Corey graves and Renee young solo three I remember removed from wrong-headed just Matt young well Corey was already on spankin there’s a man reportedly saw Joseph on two of my mom and you like he’s hurt hey but also Benton I thought he was it this guy when wrong without theme team reportedly like Madden’s personality they really wanted him on the team despite the lack of it’s also from last week Lalo revealed in an interview that Haman wanted to put the younger judge of momentum on the wrong team but many a man wanted the men right now announcer put with them which is why they made the call to Lawler there’s a feeling that longer is here for the short term and a Haman and other officials have their eyes on another announcer to eventually replace Lawler in our role was to speculate that it could be not your McGinnis who was currently calling in exceed Ramar over on and off ever met feet but that was just speculation on Idol however a deputy is looking and another announced to take over Lawler’s roll down them down the road regarding the new smackdown team it was known in advance McMahon why Nicola saw let’s back down because it is going to be the new a show for T company there were no issues rich home goods or or bio rataxes butter is known into Philips was just the odd man out Philips will reportedly worked behind the scenes with the company but there’s no word yet on official roles for Philips yeah and or section all ships are the only ship to turn him today revealed that she’s been away from ring due to issues in her inner life know me knows who recently recently lost a family member and she has also been dealing with with health issues of her own she promised fans that she will be back when the time is right I face some time some trying times in the past three months losing a loved one so dear to me rock me to the core is handling my old health issues I wasn’t aware of force me to slow down and reevaluate I want my loving fans to know that I’m okay and we’ll be back when the time is right you only remain a member of the rib brand roster July for drawing main event matches in June in July but she hasn’t patty real few since earlier in the summer stay tuned for more of J’s on earth hands cheerfully told to talk of a Wednesday night war with aew he reiterated comments on how in exceed Hezbollah Wednesday’s the challenge ratings for last Wednesday on the USA Network no competition as of yet Jim I said it doesn’t matter if a yeah hang the show all the same night as in a sheet and he’s not concerned with them displeasure respected they’ve held just a handful of shows he did say that the hey Jerry shows have been great but they’re one-off shows it’s a it’s a funny thing I’ll hear anybody going the going the Tuesday night sitcom Wars or office off the chart he said they just Jenner of entertainment in a way to say that there there there’s this for for so first of all for me it comes down to putting on the best show and I’ve been saying this over and over since day one we’ve been on Wednesdays on the network since day one I thought about trying to make each show better than one before trying to raise house to another level trying to make this fun the best part you can be well embracing it it’s different from raw ham from Smackdown and everything else that’s out there you cheated on when we got this opportunity on us ain’t there was an opportunity to stand at the starting line of a marathon which I measured it in the long haul I’m interested in what this company has done for 50 years with that they’ve done for 30 years with raw then they’ve done for 20 years what Smackdown which is what the company goes better than anybody else on the planet weekend weekend last sports entertainment and doing what we do and it doesn’t matter what’s out there there’s competition that we’ve don’t be dealt with for years you look back and say a brief period with Gemma CW but competition we’ve dealt with for years is the inner belt major league baseball large-scale sporting events its political debates it’s everything that is out there and that what what we deal with so my goal let’s and put on the best show possible for every single week and we’ll see what the future begin brings because right now it has a bunch of speculation over chewie programming that hasn’t even started yet and there’s no track record for success long-term of a to our weekly lab event in any way shape or form let’s uh play for them also asked if he gets perks about comments made by people with hey you have you mainly the recent comments made by ewz vice president can you imagine there’s no D Omega said if there was just one promotion the NXT chants would be working the dark matches to his main event the also he also saying he only had two well-known talents well Libya has real stars it doesn’t matter to me I’m not sure if you’re aware social media and that landscape it’s a barely negative place as your last if you’re going to get Danskin and redid yourself to get angry about stuff that people say it’s gonna be a rough life there’s a statement about opinions over years I’ve heard everybody is entitled to their own opinions through buying the title to put if you think you tagged on the front of their name and think that’s cool thing whatever it’s all good bring your back home if that’s how you want to look at it bring your best show I’ll bring my best shoes we’re all good and the winners are the pants and they’ll choose what they want to watch and how well he finally got something right I do agree with that it doesn’t matter to me your blaze it it really doesn’t and if I my interest and my interest is the best show possible we finish off by saying I’m going to take the challenge mustard that we have I’m gonna take the in-ring path that she has that I would put up against anything in the world bar none and I’m going to put on the best show possible every single week for two hours my competition is everything else now but the truth is for our fans I just want to deliver the best part then I can’t do them that’s as far as it goes why can’t my know that or the person buying last week’s episode on TV had one hour of show and then the second hour it was on the network nobody gets to see it how do you apologize my daughter we go a while right now who let the dog go pick out your tricks he has in pressing Inc was a change Portobello Club after party after NJPW fighting spirit unleashed in Philadelphia fans annotated the bullet club party in April got a secret invite to the after-party kicked off with Tom baton by having the entire barks of a hundred fifty fans and rats are saying happy birthday QJ aj doe other talents mingling and check your photos with the fans included game genau jy Kenta chase Owens Chuck Cheng Aloha as the reporter spelled it I think it’s fun to toggle over this and Robert Walker roll Express all over very fan fans really taking lots of photos and singing signing autographs all also of note former WB referee Keith Kevin kita was energetic the helped organize the event Keenan also known as the right read the ball didn’t parties final deletion from teeing from impact rising end of a announced their new name for weekly shop power and I’ll show you the logo will begin on October 8 at 6:05 p.m. at stream on the NWA Facebook and YouTube promotion also unveiled at the new NWA Women’s World Championship which is currently held by Allen CK and you can see in the photos think I’ve got some photos change villages in the centre of the title hey now – Shep Shep Mills mildew Burke once once more years ago Kony’s rank and achievement chief brand officer / aw brainy roads and in the WB also made her an offer to say what she felt as though her goal did in alignment WB hand it over she known how the company attempted to scare us a couple interesting my pretty projecting the idea that their financials would be in jeopardy if they resign they made an offer brandy said I say thank you so much I really appreciate you wanting to keep me here but it’s just not in my heart I’m not going to be able to do what I want to do here and he said well then this is what we’re we’re going to do we’re going to go ahead pay you through the entity into your contract you see real quick that money is going to go fast they were trying to scare us thank God we didn’t listen Koni recovery they revealed that former gaby of universe champion capitalism was the person that first introduced him to the young bucks always believed that the Bucks were two of the best examples of supercars that promote themselves what else had a ring well I guess Tony didn’t watch impact wrestling very long they’ve been there for quite a long time and even wrestles against the Hardy Boys they also dress like the Hardy Boys when they made their in-ring they’ve used even in WB change how beginning then they’re famous for their super kick party I’m a big organizer and planner Cody’s head so I had I bet I’ve been in Dublin in WAV a rush like everyone’s here like hey what does the world look like I shaved the chunk of my money and about home and so what I want to make sure I can keep it what does it look like out there that Kevin was the only one who said I’ll introduce you to two young bucks there’s a residence of having marketing themselves outside of the company me and Brandi were totally fearless in that moment it was crazy and more detail than this leak of the interview here she is a learning experience for several versus one day you could be learning new ways to improve your writing other days or coaching your coaching writing talent wrestling isn’t the only thing one has to learn as they are behind the scenes there are they are behind the scenes opportunities as well Chester greens have my WB in 2018 passive practicing her culinary skills trick your trailer to talk about the new opportunity while also looking to add a new name on your belt combat area is one of the hardest yet most rewarding things I’ve begun and there may be a cheat I love texting myself in this and this is something completely new to me maybe soon now announce me he has one half of the tag team champs and competative extraordinaire then just oh just recently last week Mickie James they join the now announce team morning it shows basically wrestling a möbius star Tom Lawlor didn’t make it to a media event according to you email yet while it was scheduled for media venture who wrote and OWS returned to Dallas with a monavie of zero hour but league officials blamed the low show on miscommunication female w0 our will be on January 11 2020 and murder that’s a night SportsCenter mlw fusion weekly observe can be bound with 77 can be found Miss Lee yes I don’t late also noted Hall she’s a premiere episode from pigs will see the debut of a new red brand now see do do men because urban wlb Hall of Famer Jerry the King Lawler new backstage report on wall for now see and you see this link of Sarah silent talking Lee with the King Lincoln do backstage at the chocolate shake resorts arena ahead of tonight’s big show please get down well I got run-ins for miles we hope y’all get a laugh out of it not getting you help from a brother removing them from the show not very good to get here in the studio the colonel house holds well after uh Rahl going off your air table for 3 episode on the WB network and you might get a preview like this link here where’s the general manager special edition featuring Vicki girl Smackdown executive Richard rickshaw a Hall of Famer korangal only one previous up go manager Eric Bischoff a minute the rocks if you’re trading this afternoon and cover today he will be it’s Friday expand out from Fox premier from a loss headers which also have other which is also this back down swing its anniversary special and here’s a announcement from rock which recharge TV finally the Rock has come back to lay it that’s back down on the hanging and kids Megan Fox premiered this are excited from here adds even more Hollywood’s out as a facet of Fury’s presence Tom’s a shawl headliner announced on Twitter that he’d be returning or Friday Night Smackdown in Los Angeles this Friday most electrifying man and all of entertainment has providing countless Smackdown memories it looks add another chapter in Wood Ranch Fox debut tune in to catch the people’s champion and the host of other Jamie Hall of Famers starting with Fox’s blue carpet special at 7:30 Eastern Time this Friday October the 4th so are they actually airing at 6:30 central time within the WBA they can impact each starting new TV desert fee it was also only thing Wario’s from pro wrestling organization joins in on the fun Miller Corrigan’s national wrestling eyes NWA announced a weekly TV TV show I think I already told you about that power so I’ll show you another picture of that can be found on Facebook so I guess it’ll be on facebook live and YouTube channel previously announced that the NWA will be hosting their percent savings from September 30th and I’ll show rehearsed in a little which I’ll give that in a separate video Corrigan discusses leave our innovative produce their own programming especially in today’s wrestling scene Lana can finally be returning to TV tonight taking on more on lands the WV recently brought Rousseff back here all but there was no sign or mission of Lana pressing Observer Newsletter reporting that Lana wasn’t brought back we said because WP officials have other ideas for her character no word yet on what Debbie abs plan for Lana but they do want to use their use her in the storylines well I think they did mention something about that last week as a Rousseff was asked about we’re done you just didn’t say anything Lana laughs appear on WBTV April 20 turn on the shake-up smackdown episode last coat Kabhi and russell an attorney file for the women sent by the royal thanks for racing observer a new zone Pop’s me on raw whore to keep the story ongoing poverty of eat easy evident in WCW saw samu annoy this cat you undergo a liver transplant infant Pennsylvania samu revealed in October 2018 he was battling stage 4 liver cancer this son Lance annoyed tweeted tonight and also on Facebook please share or retweet as my dad is scheduled to undergo under undergo today for the transplant on Monday help me help him reach the goal thank you I’ve done a head go fun yeah I do have to go from me it gets leaked thanks Ramona w score Bauer also trained thoughts and prayers are with a noise a new who is undergoing a liver transplant momentarily one of the kindest toughest the best man I’ve ever met no funny link is again in this link every take the following match affirm from pigs from this for this week’s main event episode mojo Riley defeating no way Jose no chance for you to be an easy three America while they team the team Canada but I don’t think about no not Kim Canada Eric Young from Canada we’re got where HTC is actually from but we just talked impact hygiene live from talking shake Resort arena in Phoenix Arizona fireworks go off and power goes off as well because pyro its flowers but there’s a reporter on this said that big Josie vocalist John join in by Hall of Famer Jerry the King Lawler Indiamen neoman cantaloup kind of has the dreadlocks like look at you you say huh you say and this is your new announcing roll announcing go write your ring out ring this area for pot I call roll well five minutes into the show myself and I was always brought lizard chairing the house down with Rey Mysterio and his son it has to go over tonight’s loaded lineup for the season premiere we say ray son Tommy sitting there ringside rainy takes a mic bitches him how he will face universe Kevin saffron’s later he pointed to a son and says he owes his son this heart is a reason he’s here tonight raises the wind is for Dominic tonight and he’s going to bring home the tunnel music and rock salt comes from pleasure with payment per load up on stage before the beast walk suturing pants movies laser and ain’t hit ring Heyman going through his grand introduction but rage stations Mike back rain goes to speak something in Spanish but lesser Carranza Johnson middle ring with really big air pop the boos get louder from the ground lesser scoops rain up for another f-bomb Dominic looks on resurrections ring if Sarah’s on Mike down Dominic six-pack down in his seat leather grabs his right ray Sun and manhandled him over the barrier lesser than grab Dominic again their brands him back into the ring post then drop them along revoir hey wheeler shot Nick tries to calm leather not much going on that well lesson launches dominant your ring is we see fans looking on chalk roma crowd everybody’s quiet whether a man handle Dominic again it’s ray watches from the man officials are rushing down from the back is lesser drops rain when another letter a file then he goes to leave but he comes back to deliver a big suplex right and a big suplex to a son as Heyman screams and just stop resurrections ring again that Haven continues pleading with him but vishal-shekhar a and his son as they trying to recover reverie tryna back leather up the ramp but he’s coming back to the ring he unloads on one producer it softer way on him leather kicks another out of the ring perhaps they’re feeling pleasure then man handles right again and kicks him out a ring along with his son reservations around the ring he’ll mixed reaction now mostly booze plant a whole pack laser he takes his shirt off and laughs and crowd loves or raises his arms in the crowd in the air as boos get even louder we should rain down on the outside checking her son who was still laid out lesser marches up the ramp into the back we got a commercial coming back for the rank was he brought what brought Lester did you write in a son Vic says it was borderline criminal and he thinks that the police may have been called we see how paramedics checked on Dominic during the break and took him away on stretchers Ray was an aside repeatedly apologizing big says Brock was saying am executing every chippy Kobe keys and Ronnie’s Tala match on the SmackDown Fox premiere my guest and I spoke about earlier chain Velasquez centre-back chalk your bank’s first election bunch was up next we’re going to ring the first time such watch it makes my chrome doesn’t bring these directions will attack you champion the looks and blisters out let’s get some fireworks for our edges before the match can begin be together runs out comes wrong with me Shannon Becky Lynch the man gets also get some fireworks and they smoke during her address let’s Georgia announces for commentary during the mansions banks sara del bell rings then they go out dessert this turns around on in the corner it works banks over breasts charges but get censored apron and then knocks up good sign knocked off third for bank signs a corner and talk trash to Becky Becky stands on top of you now steam but now sit your table and yells back that’s a failure as a pants pop which raises the time here as banks continue taunting her phone the ring the screen splits into three bottle three boxes every good going to a quick break they plug for Gears or Gears of War 5 with Batista back from the shore break banks traps listen Haven but bliss blocks a shot banks offer lens you’re still standing up on your national banks brings best back until the green part you count banks keeps us all and we hear sirens it sounds like someone may be interfering that people stand up in the crowd but they don’t go to the back they say in the match it’s just you that you’re the ambulance in the back this ends up turning right turning it around and sending banks vice versa ginger buckles let’s mount offense for the series will close on us now and he keeps control until bank charges with a big knee to the job for two count we’re set counters the Bronx banks a few times but banks locks the shot goes down but please for breath to take it easy she calls for swagger champion Bailey and and it’s just sucking dressed in to get defending win action Frank let’s walk down the ramp area the the announce table or not at ringside they are up on the air as soon as you come out from the bank on the ramp mentions or rings and they start brawling they take you to Matt and back up banks for treating runs through the crowd is Lynch looks on phone rings Becky takes the mic the talk trash warning banks that she won’t leave the cell sunny until she’s done with her this goes on and says banks main personal but she won’t make it people hello Phil on Sunday she says punishment will be will come around the honey moon shots Mike and hear music hits as a fan pop trying to contact at Ric Flair and the whole cheer will be on Miz TV while we’re talking about Ray Mysterio versus Tedros Bing up in here for tonight still to come a new fire fire funhouse episode for Bray Wyatt royalty champion salamat gee Thomas Avery versus Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler we got a ring out first comes Rock taking Jimmy’s Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler heads and ring together doesn’t go back to mercial back to the right announcers plug the rock being on Friday Smackdown from 4 o’clock superior trying to Khrushchev backstage we look but look at last week’s fire fight how segments and how the fiend Bray Wyatt Akbar something during the show and we’re Seth Rollins made of it Caruso welcome to Rollins backstage wall doesn’t want to be be rude but he has to interrupt all he could think about was what Brock Lesnar did to Rey Mysterio and a son well as his leather cross the line you’re not supposed to cross wall of the dress a hell of a cell it says he will survive prevail I walk out as heroes heaven after the fight with the beam but tonight it’s the season premiere and Bray is in no condition to compete while it says Rey has a tunnel shot waiting for him when he gets better that’s a promise Huang’s goes on and says he promises fans H our matches before tonight and this is a chance for someone to step up wall doesn’t care who he faces he’s going to burn it down we go back to ring outcomes hey Regina Ruiz owners to Tucker that’s rude nigger look on rude does formal introductions before the match my chrome dress Jay Cohen Tucker going to start going back and forth Tucker job seeker with a pair of shoulders sugar goes on ik connects that was a big dropkick for a two-count chuckle if cigarette in the Air Force you flex with holder Tucker 1002 tags and takes the supersuit legs over keeping Ziggler high in there Otis finally drops nigger with a suplex much closer to camp rude comes in but owners ends up running they’re both over took her tank back in and they both hit suplex on the champions at the same time took her owners with more offense as they clear a Santa for a pop let’s go to commercial back for the rain the champions take over rube mounts off that sucker Walters you mentioned a bear on the outside rube brings it back in for a true count won’t Tucker cigarette tags in and ends up hitting neck Michael Tucker for a two-count I think okay Tucker granted now as old tries to rally fans for come back Ziggler tank takes Tucker back down and keeps him grounded will witness the mission rule comes back and Tucker looks through turning around but rude catches him but it was fine but where to go look you’re taking back in for it’s a double teaming to keep Tucker grounded Ziegler talk trash and sapsucker around telling him chocolate box the Dropkick in Launceston Ziggler into the corner face-first into the ring post oh it’s much more tag oh he’s a rude check in the same town owes and unloads and also splashes Ziggler and a quarter oh gee put another big Sam chigger rude rocks Otis buddy just takes this the shanks and won’t it Hulk’s up in his own way oh excuse for rude and tosses him over his head for pop back body drop oh this goes for the caterpillar bro Ziggy run in spend zinger around the SAMS him bones flashes rude in the corner as he also goes down fans Papa those does a caterpillar dropping elbows on buzz opponents brew science Alamo move and Otis runs into boots brew comes off off the top but odors catches them Tucker in for a big double-team but Ziggler hits a zigzag on Tucker Dennis if we get Jody’s cigarette rude turn things around Ziggler superkick sucker and room follows up with his glory any change to Tucker for the pin to retain the timeless action Durant’s rude rude cigarette treat up the ramp where your child is a music plays Soto come second AJ defends against Cedric Alexander we see Ric Flair Hogan and Jimmy Hart walking backstage by commercial back from right the houses plug what still to go this week total reliever season for season 9 premiere on Tuesday pinky on USA Network this Wednesday smackdown Fox Romero with rock any others on Friday Debbie Ellis health pay-per-view on Sunday we go back to the ring outcomes Amir’s for another bus edition his TV mayor stopped for the sage as Faro range on above him midsection Mike welcomes everyone to miss TV he says it’s not to Rey Mysterio in the Sun which get some boots on the fans miss makes is how his second daughter was recently born Bears fans pop and he adds that there is no telling what he would do if someone put their hands on his kids like Ron Lex I did miss moves on the heights of tonight’s big edition of Miss TV miss gets a bigger introduction for his guests now it comes home every player nature nature boy hits ring against medicine box and props Mears Heights up his next guest and out comes the Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan and one mouthful himself hoaxer in the mouth with South get the crowd riled up some more miss jumps with Hartman red would refer to him as it’s urgent third legend in the ring Flair jokes that he had to hear Hogan’s busy for 30 years any side of it hooker responds with a woo back at Flair there says we had to hear those for longer but we love it Clara tells miss do not change the subject there seems to be a little bit of an awkward kitchen there man you for fire signs mayor says everyone take a seat he has holder what it’s like to look across the ring and synchronize your boy hope you talked about being back over all the back of metal in Phoenix fans pumped big-time hoager puts flair over the comments are being back in the ring with greatness miss translator player ends up standing back up saying no one could touch him in the ring especially Hogan player says he has an equal he had on equal in the spirit circle and that includes Hogan tonight oh it’s hands up chance it sounds like Flair just wants to take one more run that’s pythons fans Pappas Flair’s hands up and takes his jacket off their ass Hogan if he wants one more shot tear bounces off the ropes as Hogan dozen you give me a response poker tries to call player down say there not spring chickens anymore pandu one more one more match champ Holger says that doesn’t mean that they chant and another page sooner legacy Clara says he’s dreamed of getting a patient with as many zeros as Hogan Mears announces the five versus five matches and crown jewel well let me tell you first Halloween date in Saudi Arabia chief Hogan where’s the team player player Hogan will be the coaches Hogan introduces his team captain and out comes near horse Jimmy Seth Rollins Rollins ring-toss flair with Hogan by side player introduces his team captain and outcomes Randy Orton important says he needs Rollins undivided attention so he needs wallets to remove his hand his head whoo-haw his button Horton Reve it reveals that they will announce their partners over the next few weeks Orton challenges Rollins to a captain versus Captain match then wildest hips they start clearing clearing the ring for the Miz TV set it as was all in black chef Oliver strange Orton we see the crew removing the apron cover and everything else from Missy V instead of going to commercial before the match can begin music ends outcomes chinkara King King bear and covering the constipated King courted the Orton take advantage of Jackson who drops Rollins corporate hits ring and now Rollins would win a scepter from behind cover adorned double team Rollins out music hits and outcomes Rousseff to mate save rusev unloads on Orton and Carbonite as fans cheer Mon brew said box RKO and now the big monster King Bruce have a more kick big kicks in – King : now Wallace in porting over to marriage the ground pork comes back over and stumbles around the raise that area man Chapel Rousseff as he stands hall with Rollins in the ring Middle American music starts up as Rollins and rusev join Hogan in the heart on the stage we see footage of Dominic being put into the ambulance earlier after bottle isn’t destroyed he had fought over stereo silicone segment Chevron’s will still defend his title by commercial backward right Charlie Caruso south through sever the back secret I raised him for stepping up to be on Team Hogan at crown jewel then yes we’re LAN is rusev just stares off and doesn’t say anything Caruso says let’s not focus on Lana let’s talk about rusev chance what he hopes to accomplish rusev says he’s not here to talk about his this problems at home but he’s here to talk about Seth Rollins problems Network he goes on about how he was the only one to make the same four walls tonight but he got double team rusev knows Rollins College Allah owes him a debt and he’s here to click rusev challenges Rollins were your horse to tell the match and then walked off I know this Wednesday’s energy episode a Friday smack yelling Fox Fox premiere Briggs leads us to a new video from a common brother Dawson’s rain they both go go on about planets living it loving it bringing it biking race versus Luke Gallows are calling the club we go back to ring out cuz the Eric and Eve are the Viking raiders back in Marshall back for the break rusev versus Rollins is confirmed for later Luke gallon cart and ring ring starts tearing down the Vikings gala starts off in a new bar as they go away and it comes in but so does there any double-team healed Eric we’re nice to Anderson sitting in the corner Eve all with a double team and a big knee to the gut Sanderson you want with a running needs to the end while Anderson it down covering for do you count you are takes Anderson back down by his arm and keeps them there anything gets the opening and tags in galas anymore cats can’t save them and gallows and capitalizes by taking into the corner for strikes gentles unloads on the corner of knock Seymour down Gallants keeps Ivar down there’s Eric watches for egg B bar fights back on recorder but galas hits him with a big big knee knees now galas doesn’t boot to the head and a big yellow job for you kill gallons keeps you are grounded now and his intention tags in any TT we’ve our Eric it’s a tag there it goes and it was engine in my ring they aren’t going to be right hand to John Madison yellows looks up looks on to come in but Eric makes him back down Anderson change of anything trying to capitalize off the instruction but Eric he said with a big needs to job Eric’s a knowledge as a roll to the floor roasted sinfoni out sounds we going commercial back from right leo she hits the double-team neckbreaker on air for two count by gallows Eric planks flight up for now my gallows rocks him there calls for a Chang and gets it ivar and anything running the same town the war runs wild hits across body on the mat the bar misses the charge in the corner but he comes right back was in time leave our lands the cart will and drops Dallas as he runs in he Bart a bear attacked in there’s anything for you bark hitting a big clothes on gallons break spit up gallons boots Eric got a ring he runs into an uppercut from Anderson here doesn’t see the tag and lots of engines in it to send them out with ring Dallas comes back in you know unloads on Eric playing him as a metal ring or another from another two-count gallows chokes frustration gallons pushing them through the air to the side and rocks ebar as he runs in be mark juxta caught a gallon stones islands each out of the ring taking anything down before Eric Sam scallops B bar follows up with a big splash from the top covering gallons for the pin anyway blanket Brandon’s won the match after match leave our fans Hall as immediate flags we got a commercial chili come segment Alexander vs. house Bruce Edwards runs and more Charlie said talking about Ray Mysterio and his son leaving wrong in an ambulance Warrior cheers learn that they will not be tonight Charlie says Bollinger and Paul Hemann are still here and they won’t talk to her just by heaven she mentions that did the actions ring criminal and that’s why we’re offering services ro interrupts his all ask who cares he’s him and he didn’t see easing criminal he mocks material and diming it goes to me a threat but ricochet appears work as a stands up for Mysterio their words originated challenge ourselves also match ricochets says he will be waiting in the ring and then we’ll talk Brazil versus all that makes him come back for a trick say comes back out for a pop this is all without next bell rings the Ricochet Amelia runs anyway kicks checking Cesaro down for one count so I’m missing to close down but dr. her Quran so jobs everywhere children catching them in midair Zardo goes on hits an elbow to check ricochet down ricochet senses are over top rope to the floor reset runs the ropes and eats out taking says Arabic yelling for pop bruschetta breezes are back into ring and comes off the top again but Cesaro catches them so with a backbreaker for a two-count so keeps control and Johnson ricocheting with another big big over cut this time looks for one count ricochet goes on and goes to mount offense but so though she catches them in midair the Middle’s ring now part two of your raw and dark match starts now after match okay finishing the match without ricochet bring your sister back in ring comes off the topic it’s all O’Connor so there’s a back breaker for to count keeps control and rocks rookies over a little bit never got this time one count we’re just goes on monster mountain office but since our case it’s midair Johnson the sampler an attempt they trade shots in the middle ring now though charging with mrs. in the corner hitting the ring toe ring post shoulder first so it takes a kick box of riding her car on ricochet counters it goes on with a west coast pop paying homage to Rey Mysterio hit and sit down this is all for a pin anyway after the max ricochet celebrates its a solid means price we got to replace silico second new Firefly on one house episode Thank You Myrtle back for the write this out for the new Firefly clone house episode from Bray Wyatt and his public friends priming rarely passes away and white causes him to design Abigail the rich and others talk about how they’re scared of what will happen at hell is ill Wyatt tells him to calm down because it’s okay to be scared because there’s nothing like hell of a cell he goes on about how damaging they all the cell is mentally physically Wyatt said said for always will be locked inside the cell with him the fiend white goes on it says he will always protect his place and us Wyatt also believes he will come back no matter what what Rollins won’t be so fortunate white heads had a very bad feeling that he could not wait to hurt you why it says he’s going to find him to tell him to be nice to Rollins just kidding let him in white tells everyone goodbye that’s it for a second us-china match second Alexander Wurz AJ sells we go back to ring outcomes US Champion AJ sells hey James or hits rain and poses music hits and now next comes central is an informal ring actor lexapro micro bell rings and a je goes right for Cedric taking over to the corner anything control until Cedric take them down with the kid senator goes behind it takes a gel with a one-count major fights back drop drop Cedric for a pennant you more back and forth check you with a junkie check it at age eight out of the ring out safety runs roads and AJ meets him and you’re even rocking him with horror je vais back keep your toe no check a little corner and AJ kitchens Sedgwick in the air chopping him over top Thank You launches himself over top rope attack centric gallon for once again we’re going to commercial back for a check your pipes back in dropping AJ on his face AJ charge until the Clark but runs into knees gently more offense a neutral I neuralyzer AJ tracks or mount offense will the series of shanks for Cedric counters and jot them down for another close from Cal Center can’t believe it AJ box a lumbar check and fans do doing me chances anyway train holds ok spike Cedric into the man with an inverted DDT for a closed room count AJ has that has a Styles Clash blocks agent Rock said you’re gonna pour on from the apron maybe a springboard in but says it goes under the algorithm center comes back with a big Michinoku camera for close you count fans rally for most superstars sounds box Hendrick with it it hits the German suit breaks AJ keeps him locked locked in plans him face-first into the man poured another close pan Jim they they tangle some more and going back and forth with a range and you’re going for the low margin again but AJ catching them with sounds nice put a pin to retain max rankings a sense all celebrates for the tunnel in the air is going to replace Charlie come Rousseff versus Rollins would entitle the line back stage Ramon chance for and Angelo dolphins three profits when are they going to be in action live this frenzy on USA Network for their agency they say there are still in exceed they go on and talk about taking the XE tanking towns back to the spirit of error but that’s Wednesday but tonight it’s all about the season premiere overall they go on – tonight’s raw as we go back to come back to the arena lady Evans worse in the Italian was up next we’re going to wring out first kind of lazy Evans announces go over Hill the cell card we go to my solos fan Evans hits ring back with right Natalya was out Chavis tear each other down and bell ring the bell hits and he like Emma Johnson town first from the shoulder there was taunts the child they lock up again and Evans fights Natalya off st. yards in the corner which I Johnson shot in the corner and Sam’s Evans the giant runs her over and drop kicks her Evans fights in front apron and takes the tire back down it was yangshin Achaia on the ring sending her head first into sales tips it was like laughs and brings it back into the ring for a two count every stance Italians head into the mat for a few times they able to keep the tire grounded in the middle ring now as a referee one’s hurt Natalya gets launched into the corner and goes back down everybody John’s booting into her for a quick pick in the Evans keeps the chair and it was another submission well taking more talking more trash Natalya finally fires up now Sammy heavens by her arm Natalya trying to mount office but Evans Nelson swinging neckbreaker Evans keeps sure it goes to the corner but don’t hang up first pulls off Evans runs into a big right hand and more strikes from another quarter Natalya turns around the corner and low loads were strikes Natalya with a big closeout for to account giant goes for charger but Evans kicked her away Natalya unloads which rights Evans would rake to the high as well referee there’s a strike it Evans goes on troll to tell you using headphones Heights gets a pin action rat to every sense halogen music plays Natalia quickly gets up to her feet whatever drops over the winter ones right that makes her exit and talk more trash Jarrod come segment Brock Lesnar Paul Heyman will address the accents from earlier vacuum running back from great big judge of looks on John Cena’s new partnership with fit offs which he announced on Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier in the day to help veterans we’re gonna look back at what Brock Lesnar did to Rey Mysterio and son Dominic from earlier cherish I was backstage trying to get word from rock legend King comes out then says she doesn’t get you interview the Beast hey many myths legends actions were reckless earlier and he apologizes right raise family but don’t blame him blame him Hema says to divine man Superman and other officials for allowing him to the book laser on raw seeds of a rare Hema says laser is in fight mode he goes on about how laser is legitimate tough guy and no one else in sports can do anything cure payment goes on about what lesser will do to Japanese shipping company keys in the Friday’s back down Fox career the I pleasure up some more that says he will be the deputy shipping after Friday Charlie backs area where Maria Kanellis chicken biryani like spam Maria and asked about rate about Rousseff recently getting him off Maria can’t believe Charlie was asking about Rick said because he is not the father of her baby and plus he is enough to worry about what his issues at home Maria walked office how she runs up taking the mic shares word for Becky Lynch and says she’s not manga notes metered banks goes on and talked about how she will make her tap out at Hill as hello Sunday Bank says no man will win her match we see a white limousine pulling up backstage to Mexico area rock commercial and I fell asleep at this point after seeing a limo back back from break announcer plug Friday smackdown Fox premiere you ever watch a title match roots at Boar’s Head Rollins we’re going to rain $4.99 tonight’s main event I always come true chef us the US Champion Universal Champion Seth Rollins was up but without next Monday got it wrong here they got us Kevin when you write champion is a big ain’t it we get formal ring introduction from my chrome again bell rings and he go at it we see Randy Orton the King Carmen watching from the stage representing team player against team hope hoping Rousseff and Rollins brother Tim man match the crown jewel more back and forth between the two while the unloads with shanks is a goon the rules have caches Rawlinson may move a man handles him while he lives up on the outside trying to recover Robertson pouring a faint flash on the screen if you go back you’re merging with Wallens on the outside back with rape Rollins ends up hitting a blockbuster I woke up that point roots have a voluntary more shots wallet unloads and hits it’s foolish thing waiting bell ring blue set boxing suplexes but Rollins counters Rollins up dumps rousseff over the top rope to the floor while the runs Road support without dad sitting rusev into the barrier Rollins runs Rhodes and again hits another dive into the barrier violence brings rusev back in the ring and it goes up top Rollins with a crossbody but bruce n ros through guru chef can’t pick him up and while all Rosenberger over over for to count rousseff comes right back when you kick to the face Lucetta powers up and drop for islands with a big-sized them we see Orton corporate watching from the stage again Rousseff waits for Anzhi get back up let’s pan your dueling chants we set of girls from the monster King but violence Ducks enrolls him for to count ones with with a superkick they train counters in Rowlett hits Bachmann arrow in the middle of a ring for another two-count bans pompous Rollins looks to put roots in the linked walls really kicked it again rusev avoids they stomp it sends Rollins countered Aven Wallens rocks Rousseff we’re in an elbow wild springboard in and rusev catches them when he came music and rock song comes my blankie making his where Georgia or a mixed reaction Rousseff and Rollins look on phone ring why she meant motions from the porter towel around his waist as Orton and Carmen watch on the stage lastly Moises for something from the back but it’s not appearing why does music hits it out loud she comes running lastly on the stage Richard looks on from the front of ring and he’s diving watch me hug her and she smiles they look back at rusev in the ring then turned to regenerate kiss Bruce edifice furious Lana and Lansing make up some more on the stage as she wraps her leg around rusev stares at them as a kiss continues the lights aren’t going down in the arena Rousseff is in the ring while this is only outside the paint brain waves here Tex walls and brings that with the mallet was all white brains Rollins down reporting the lights flash again and or horror sound fate now all we hear is whites left echoing in the arena the final wall goes before hell hell goes up here at that point dark main event after a Monday trial season premiere from the Talking Stick resort a raid on your Phoenix so Universal Champion Seth Rollins retained you tell it over to being Bray Wyatt the match featured Rollins delivering several stumps but they wouldn’t bring bring Wyatt down the centre stare down the middle ring whitening disappeared brought the lights without the lights came back on white was going wrong I looked around and then close the show to sing the fuck fans home happy there’s picture before the lights went out legislate the beam and Rollins will headline Sunday’s the hell is help pay-per-view inside the inside the cell’ this week strong ended with Wyatt taking Rollins and Ruiz had with the bell McCall during the rusev the wrongs main event white returned after Rousseff was distracted by a returning lana bobby lashley who were kissing each other on the stage photos the videos more of the clean we return again at that link speaking of ranking of Lana Lang she took to Twitter after all they’re commenting on on the make-out session which you save watch for the ring an avid watcher wrote mom tastes like some very weak emoji and that concludes my results for aspect for all and every move it thank you give these out to all of you we all know just call me brother scissors

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